God’s Message Now: YOU WILL BE SURROUNDED BY ABUNDANCE || God Message For You || Gods Message Today

my beloved child in this month you will be surrounded by abundance and you shall

prosper in all aspects pay heed to this complete message and do not disregard the advice

I offer cling to these words so you awaken each morning in tranquility and serenity

with an invincible spirit and Supernatural peace during this month you will Triumph your

dreams and goals shall come to fruition you will not end this year

empty-handed however make the decision to believe in me place your right hand

upon your heart and give me your commitment to seek me every day no matter what challenges

arise I know you wrestle with discouraging thoughts and that’s why I

address you even as storms may Rage with within your heart anxiety may knock at your door

taunting you and telling you that you will not reach your goals you shall endure you will not heed its voice do

not allow defeat and failure to enter your mind you were born for Triumph fix

your gaze upon those things that are more valuable than material possessions and personal achievements look after

your family ensure their well-being do not allow past disputes to linger in

your home as a new year begins this month discour shall come to

an end if you seek me daily with fervent faith my glory will reign in your home

my Majestic presence will cast out all forces of Darkness that seek to divide

your family and Rob you of Happiness Lean on Me rise and continue on your

path without fear you will conquer all those who oppose your

destiny the trials you face are transient but to receive your Victory

you must confront them without fear you will be unharmed for my spirit

is your shield and my powerful word is your sword keep walking and if you pause let

it be for prayer meditation and rest spend time with me every day for

there are many things I wish to share with you you must understand and believe with

all your heart that you are important your faith is precious and your life is

precious You Must Believe Me and ignore those who have long deprived you of your

significance and value I see you with eyes of love I am

your father and to me you were are and will always be important I will repeat

this to you many times for I want the affection you feel in my words to be

etched in your heart when you open your eyes at dawn may you sense my presence

by your side and may you rejoice in these tender details that make you feel how much I love

you your life will soon be impacted by a miracle so powerful that it will

transform you and your family completely I fulfill my promises and you

have believed in them with faith one day I told you to cry out to me and I would

answer that wondrous response is on its way you’re about to witness it read my

word once more receive my instruction so you may know how to defend yourself and

face your enemies when they come to steal the blessing i bestow upon

you you know there are people who see with anger and envy when they see you prosper they do not like to see you

smile nor do they want your family to to remain United and overflowing with happiness therefore I want you to speak

with me daily and feed on my word fill yourself with wisdom and

prudence and let your senses be alert the past months have been

challenging I agree but your faith has surprised me you faced many problems with courage

defeating all your adversaries thus in this month that begins your heart is not empty it

overflows with love encouragement and motivation in the remaining weeks of

this year you will witness more blessings than you have seen before powerful events will unfold before your

eyes greater than any you have experienced believe in it firmly for it

is true step outside with faith knowing you carry my promise of Victory with you

and may that beautiful smile on your face reflect your attitude courage

Authority and my power this message bestows upon you an

unbreakable strength write with your own hand and tell me that you

believe confirm how my Holy Spirit Embraces you and AIDS you in Rising with

great enthusiasm to walk the path of triumphs and

victories obey my word fulfill my will and proceed with great Valor and Faith

tell me that you receive this word with love that you believe it stand up extend

your hands and receive the marvelous blessings I will grant you this month the storm shall cease the dark clouds

that surrounded you are dissipating I cover you with the power of my blood

your enemies are fleeing in Terror no witchcraft sorcery curse

slander or falsehood sh ever hold power over you I heard you when you cried out in

your despair when your boat was sinking in the waters of fear I have come to

command the Sea and the storms to calm the forces of evil saw you fallen and

decided to exploit your weakness it is true that you made a mistake that opened the door to iniquity

but you forgot something essential you belong to me my hand guards you and will never

release you I love you and I will be with you always I will not change my

opinion I come to Grant you freedom I do fulfill my word please do not say that

you cannot believe me do not hold on to the painful past and do not allow those dark thoughts of

death into your mind I will say it again you belong to

me I am your friend your Advocate and I come come to defend you and present the

evidence for your Liberation you will leave the prison of depression I will uproot the root of

your despair I will anoint you with the oil of Joy I lay my hands upon your thoughts

today and I heal your life rest cry let

it out and tell me everything you are feeling speak aloud or in silence write

it down or let your thoughts flow your suffering ends to today you do not have

to wait until tomorrow right here in your room I embrace you with love and I heal you

with my love this is a miracle you hear my voice your soul is being healed this

is real you are not imagining it now do your part I want to see your faith and

loyalty when you leave your house to face the day I will change your countenance of sadness into one of joy

do not be ashamed for others to see you filled with enthusiasm you will no longer be swayed

by criticisms and I will not allow their negative words to affect you live your

life take care of your family give importance to your spiritual life do not

underestimate this opportunity you will no longer carry those burdens on your shoulders you can now move forward with

agility if you ever grow weary I will lift you up I will hold you if

necessary nothing can stop you now the enemy tried to destroy you with

the chains of the past but I told you you are mine and I came to rescue you

now you have an abundance of life and the power to tread upon the forces of

evil nothing will harm you your home is free your family is healthy quarrels and

contentions will cease I Kindle a light in your home that can cannot be hidden and people from outside will see that my

power Reigns in your home many families you know will also be

touched and healed but I must warn you that many do not understand that you are no longer

the same person they wanted to see defeated they will now witness how I bless you and their anger will

intensify they will curse and weep ignorant fools who think their spells can harm you no evil ritual has power

over those I love let this be clear to you let them jump scream and twist in

hatred if they wish if they repent of their wickedness I will be waiting to

forgive them if they abandon their sin focus on your life I’m opening the

path for you to ascend to a supernatural spiritual level with patience and without haste you will finally live a

clean clean holy life surrounded by Mercy and Grace you will not sin with your tongue

and you will not allow lies or malice into your home the storm has ended give me your

hand and you shall walk on water as I do if attacks come again if you see dark

clouds and approaching tempests do not fear have confidence I will hold you

firmly and nothing will harm you you will never return to the Waters of

Despair the threats of the Devourer will have no power over you I love you feel

calm and secure under my holy protection my promises do not fail my word is true

those blessings you have awaited are coming soon you will receive them I put

them in your hands and all anxiety will vanish forever your anguish and worry will be

be gone you have trusted in my word and from the first time I heard your voice

and your desperate cry I sent you the answer your heart desires many become disheartened because

they expect an immediate response to their prayers everyone must understand that I

take joy in answering but I must make changes in their lives first I need to

add wisdom to their character and put everything in order so that the long- awaited blessing does not become a

burden at times you ask for what you need but I always give you much more I

consider your future and your family I want your blessing to bring not sadness

and tension but only peace and joy I made a covenant with you I write my

Commandments in your heart and mind and I forgive your sins remembering them no

more I remind your soul that in my presence there is Comfort at my altar there is healing

there is Infinite Strength for those who have faith and can wait with patience and without complaints for my promises

to be fulfilled remove bitterness from your heart cast out doubt from your

mind and do not listen to those tongues that mock your faith if at any point you

grow weary and anxiety returns simply cry out to me me and I will grant you

perseverance so you can wait I will give you the gift of patience so your emotions remain steady

and you will receive Prudence to control your tongue ensuring that no foolish words that offend my heart come from

your lips I pour out Abundant Blessings upon your life with love and tenderness

like a parent nurturing their little one with affection I await your gratitude and

hope you never dare to demand anything from me with arrogance and

pride I want you to know that in this world there are many who do not show me the respect I

deserve but fear not for I possess infinite patience and with boundless

love I await them even when they raise their voices

against me playing with the dangerous fire of disbelief I still hold hope in my heart

for their return to me it is indeed a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God and I

urge you to be cautious of those who Rise Against any of my humble followers I understand that life may

bring frustration when things don’t go as planned but remember it has always been

this way my response to you is in direct proportion to your efforts and conflicts

and challenges will inevitably Arise at times envious adversaries May

suddenly challenge you and it may seem like my response is delayed but I

promise you this I will open your spiritual eyes and you will see that the

situation is not as dire as it appears your blessing is right before

you waiting patiently but you must move forward without looking back release any

paralyzing feelings and thoughts if you wish to receive the blessings I have in store for you to be blessed you must

endure tests I want to witness the courage in your heart and your response when your

expectations are not met will you continue to wait with joy in your heart

without complaint or will bitterness consume you wasting your time and effort

as it does to others I desire to see you grow strong

to love me with all your heart and the full strength of your mind

even if my response seems slow and you must wait I want to see that unwavering

spirit I have instilled in you I want to see a character stronger and more

precious than a diamond I want to see your loyalty to me knowing that you will not betray your

convictions for mere gain you will not engage in dishonest acts steal or lie to

escape trouble or hasten the resolution of your problems it is through this path that

true victories are achieved in the spiritual realm and your desired blessings will come to

fruition wait with unwavering faith and do not allow doubts to freeze your

patience pay no heed to the words of foolish people and do not seek the

counsel of unbelieving mockers with love I implore you to cherish these words in

your heart I am faithful and I ask for your loyalty in

return return to me each morning and let these words strengthen your faith and

fill you with peace do not fear for I love you dearly and your blessing is on

the horizon speak these words with your voice write them with your hand beloved

God I await you with all my heart I have determined to bless you when you call to

me I will answer your life will change do not doubt it I give you a new heart

and even those who know you will be amazed prepare to receive help from unexpected sources and be profoundly

grateful for many doors of blessing and New Opportunities will open before you

believe in these words and share them never forget to pray it is not difficult

to talk to me simply close your eyes and say Lord I need you and I will be right

there by your side have faith for this is the truth my presence will never

abandon you unless you mock my grace or discard the blessings I bestow upon you

during these times of great confusion do not allow hatred to enter your heart

refrain from joining the wicked in speaking ill of those who have not harmed you and are not your enemies do

not believe the senseless rumors you see hear or read if someone comes to you with

slander against another do not readily accept their words do not fall easily

into the traps set by the enemy my eyes search for sincere loyal

and faithful Hearts those who love me and respect my laws I’m raising you to uplift others

encourage your family and share these powerful and divine words not to partake

in the sins of others I earnestly request that if you find my word words difficult to

understand due to your concerns take some time and listen to them again absorb all my messages for it is

my will that your heart comprehends this message I have sent to you repeatedly you ask for peace and

tranquility and I will grant them to you however keep my words in your heart and

recall them when the enemy Roars like a lion seeking to devour you and mock your

faith my voice guides you and your spirit receives it my word serves as a lamp to guide

your steps and a light to illuminate your path my Commandments are sweeter than honey providing you with the

strength and courage to rise and conquer any challenge you encounter no enemy shall harm you if you

remain Vigilant and when the wicked come against you do not be afraid for I will

grant you strength simply speaking these words with faith will cause all evildoers to

flee your home will be free from misery scarcity and disease no one shall stand against you

throughout your life as my word is firmly planted in your home safeguarding

your family I wish to ignite your heart open your eyes and awaken your

mind prepare to welcome countless blessings and ideas for it is time to

conquer the land land and reap the fruits of your sacrifice and effort everything you have experienced

will not have been in vain all that you do in your life will work for your good

your family and you will witness great Miracles and you will understand the purpose I have for each of you I say to

you and to all never disrespect anyone regardless of their age stature or

background do not label as impure what I I have already cleansed do not remind

others of their past for I have forgiven all support those you love and Aid in

their growth in this way I will bless you even more as I desire these blessings to

spread to others from your heart will flow rivers

of Living Water bringing Miracles wonders and healings to those you encounter on your path they will find

Hope in your smile and even those who do not follow me will acknowledge my reality and

Truth just as I have shown Mercy to you I will do the same for all those who

turn away from wrongdoing and approach me with sincere Hearts today I shower you with love and

grace I have dispelled the dark clouds of Despair and covered you with the

shadow of my grace step out of your home gaze at the sky raise your arms and

Proclaim to the Four Winds that I am your Shepherd your provider and that you are determined to trust in me forever

Faithfully following these words until the end do it now receive this healing

anointing feel the strength I bestow upon you and do not fear or falter keep

moving forward sharing this word and humbly thanking me in your heart for all the blessings I shower upon on you I

will make you so strong that no one will dare to hurt you so great that no one

can reach you and so humble and wise of heart that many will desire to be like

you today I tell you comfort awaits you I will breathe life into your Fallen

Spirit at any time just speak to me with unwavering faith and I will demonstrate

that I am attentive to your feelings and emotions with a burning fire I will consume the memories that persistently

haunt you reminding you of your past mistakes if you continue to allow them

to control your thoughts I forgive and forget and I urge

you to do the same forgive yourself value the courage

I have instilled in you and treat yourself with kindness do not harm or discourage your

own Spirit by reproaching yourself I am transforming you you are not the same

person as yesterday I Empower you to receive new

blessings and to be so prosperous that you will bless even those who despise

you every day I am doing new things to build you up I want you to do your part

and focus on receiving this word that you hear use your faith do not reject

these blessings simply because you feel un worthy or believe that you will never deserve them

do not fall into the Trap of relying solely on your own efforts for many bust

of self-sufficiency but have never truly succeeded they falsely claim Perfection

belittling the humble and pointing fingers at them do not compare yourself to such

individuals they may flaunt their travels and extravagant Lifestyles but they conceal their debts you are not

weak do not lose heart when you see others flaunting possessions you do not have acquired through dishonest

means do not be deceived by everything your eyes perceive not everything that gleams is gold and not all the images of

people displaying success and happiness are authentic I beseech you once more

cease scrutinizing the lives of others and immerse yourself in my word which

will strengthen you dedicate time to your family and your work dedicate time

to me attend to your health and exercise Prudence never forget the needs of those

around you I bless you so that you may be a blessing to others and as you

remain honest committed to aiding the needy and faithful to your calling I

will indeed bless you abundantly today I speak directly to

your heart I intend to make you a person of unwavering strength so that no one

shall ever dare to cause you pain again you will feel my love every day and all

suffering is now behind you believe in my word receive this beautiful happiness

into your soul from this moment onward what comes your way shall be success and

blessings I have a plan for you and any opposition shall yield to it you have

heard my message there is no longer a reason to gather mere crumbs While

others waste away you have your own blessings and a heavenly father who

Embraces you with love healing you uplifting you prospering you and constantly caring for you those who

caused your stumbles will repent and those who belittled you will learn a lesson they shall never forget for

raising their hand against you I defend those I love and I will

cause all your enemies to flee I am clearing your path of obstacles and

conflicts I am here speaking directly to your heart please seize this moment with me

don’t confine yourself to your room drowning in the past that has slipped away like sand through your

fingers instead cry out to the wind even though it cannot hear you and stop

yearning for the false love of those who scorned and tried to harm you do you love them more than you love

me here by my side you will find life a

happiness you’ve never known and an Exquisite emotion you never

imagined I have a compelling purpose for your life I am Paving a path that leads

to your dreams follow it no need to look back no one in your past loves you as

deeply or desires your well-being as I do I can bless you and guide you embrace

the certainty of being loved and protected by a supernatural God I’m not asking for riches gold

silver or precious stones mean nothing to me what moves my heart is your faith

and sincerity you desire change to live life fully to seize every moment and use your

talents to bless others starting with your family in your heart you wish to

Proclaim to the world that there is love forgiveness salvation a path and

Truth in my presence they will find the strength to rise again and start a

new leave the past behind make this decision for

yourself if you need assistance tell me and I will gladly extend my

hand I will remove all obstacles from your path so do not be disheartened when

you no longer hear the manipulative tongues I gave my life on the cross to Grant you

Freedom you were never meant to live in emotional bondage you will no longer

miss the cries and disdain of false loves I am granting you the spirit of

Love self-control courage and honesty if you must face people from

your past or walk through the fires where you were once burned fear not I am by your

side I will silence the Roaring lions defeat your enemies and Lead You through

the fire unscathed today in my Holy Name you will

confront these conflicts and in my Holy Spirit you will overcome them tell me

with faith that you believe in me activate your faith nurture your soul

with my word and recall all my sacred promises your shield and sword are

Holiness when facing adversity who is with you the most high

God the Almighty mighty king of kings Lord of lords Majestic in power and

authority he grants you the strength to conquer answer me I want to hear you

feel how these words ignite the faith that was once discouraged and rekindles the Flames of your desire to

Triumph listen receive and believe there is no bad habit or vice

you cannot overcome the enemy has no power over you you must believe this for

neither witchcraft nor spells can harm you evil forces May surround you but

they only make empty threats they want you to fear for fear is the only thing that can stop you be

courageous Braveheart I am granting you my authority stand above the conflicts

that seek to steal your happiness today your chains are broken the

discouragement that weighed you down the emotions that battered you the memories that hurt you all these

will end today give me your hand and let us walk together towards success and

blessings come tomorrow listen to me again and I will give you even more

living water from the Eternal rock my holy spirit will always fill you

with my surrounding love and Supernatural presence that will never leave you I will say it once more because I

know that when you hear it you receive joy and peace I love you what concerns

you is already resolved it’s better to entrust me with all your burdens anxiety

and sorrow my Holy Spirit Embraces you and heals you with comfort in your heart

beautiful and Powerful desires to live to stand up and to rise again to

conquer receive my forgiveness now forgive yourself for all the times

your soul faltered and genuinely repent I am not counting your faults and

I will not remind you of your past failures I am erasing all that pain you no longer need you are free and healed

right now in my divine presence you will always receive the answers you need and

the power to conquer all obstacles and enemies no problem or adversary is

powerful enough to steal the happiness I have have prepared for you believe it

even if you cannot see or feel it now when these blessings knock at your door

it will be a wonderful day you will be happy once again like

never before from now on I anoint you with holy oil and my divine power will fill

you more each day your strength will be renewed you will learn my promises know

your purpose and goals clearly and understand where to go and what to do to

fulfill your mission I am confirming that you have already passed through your most

difficult years what lies ahead will be a season of harvest reaping many

blessings and filling your storehouses abundantly in the times that have passed

you experienced suffering Bid Farewell to many who departed

temporarily you thought your days were over but today you can testify to your

Victory there is nothing in your future that can rob you of your blessings you will not be separated from

me for your convictions are now much stronger you have learned from my word

you know me well you understand what is prepared for you and your family

everyone in your household is important and they are all included in my plans I urge you to be strong and

courageous to remind everyone in your home that these blessings do not come by luck or

chance make it clear that these new times are the fruit of your faith repentance and firm decision to turn

away from the past you will never return to your past life everyone in your family can change

some of them just need to seek me a little more when they humble themselves

I will give them the sensitivity to know me not just by hearing but

in a real and tangible way in spirit and in

truth there are others in different households who also need to make important decisions acknowledge their

faults and distance themselves from Bad Company I am sending you to love and

rescue them not to judge or condemn them if you truly love and trust me you must

learn this truth all people can change I offer a new life to those who can win

repent open your heart and give these people you love a chance pray for them

and place them in my hands treat them well and when you see them let me work

in their lives I will not fail you I will reveal many things in your dreams

about your family you will encounter people you haven’t seen in a while on your

journey when they stand before you smile extend your hand and deliver this

message I love you you I want to shape you I know your thoughts and I know you

are discouraged tell them today is the day of salvation not yesterday or tomorrow

today they must open their souls confess their faults and pray wherever they are

pray for them even if it’s a brief prayer bless them with joy you are

sewing a seed of faith in their hearts that will soon germinate and grow into a strong Tall Tree obey me believe me and

learn to live by faith your matters are already resolved you can face life with peace starting

today significant Miracles will begin to happen you will raise your hands high

and praise my Holy Name may you feel great tranquility and receive these

words deep in your soul the time of suffering is ending

sorrow and distress are coming to an end in my might mighty name you will overcome the Affliction that has been

tormenting you you are hearing encouragement and joy filling you

strength and courage come to you early every day filling any void with infinite Joy get used to being happy from now on

and enjoy all the blessings I have already given you listen to me now and

do not leave or ignore my words which are for your well-being I love you and always want

want to shower you with affection and fill you with holy comfort so you feel protected and blessed in the midst of

Trials however because I cherish you in my heart I must share something vital

for the healing of your inner self receive and accept these words I am about to give you if you desire the

doors and windows of Heaven to open for you if you long to cross the bridge to the Divine and Supernatural world you

must remove all complaints and negativity from your heart I deeply

appreciate your faith but do not let the poison of complaint wither your sincere belief do not Harbor negative feelings

or pessimistic thoughts for they can grow and your beautiful Faith Can perish

unexpectedly remove complaints from your lips distance yourself from friends who seow Intrigue doubt and grievances seek

wise friends decide today whether you will believe me or reject the good changes and blessings you will soon

see if you Cast Away complaint choose Faith Embrace hope and reject negativity

beautiful things will occur blessings provision Freedom

healing family Harmony joy in your soul and a Heart full of Happiness are all on

the way all these gifts come to a heart that chooses to

believe be courageous do not waste any more time you cannot afford to forget what I

am telling you do not commit the sin of playing with the grace and mercy you are

receiving feed your soul with my word saturate your heart with the honey from

heaven and receive the advice you are praying for this is the time to put into action

all the valuable lessons you’ve learned I want to remind you of this every morning when you wake up

your heart is attuned to my guidance and if you don’t sense my presence immediately seek me out you know where

to find me I am as close as your faith always within reach through your

prayers your heartfelt desires are important to me if you desire to witness

extraordinary Miracles you know what to do Surrender Your Heart let go of

negativity act justly and UST me with the reing of your life be attentive to my voice for I have

been heralding powerful changes that will soon come to pass the promises I

made to you will be fulfilled your debts will be cleared and you will be provided

with work and strength nothing is impossible for me and during this time

of growing closer to me you’ve come to understand that my word is truth it will

come to fruition it will never fail know this my child I love you deeply embrace

the Assurance of my presence share your doubts and grievances with me stop

striving in your own strength allow me to bless you and reveal the depth of my

love for you I am always with you my holy spirit will fill and guide you do

you believe in me hold on to your faith trials are temporary if you hold my hand and never

let go you will walk through these challenges with confidence and radiate my

authority I want many to know the truth you were never abandoned by your heavenly father some may have denied you

a chance to believe when you shared your struggles While others may have turned away when you made

mistakes yet no one absolutely no one came to comfort you because you had

me with your faith sometimes strong and sometimes wavering you persevered and you will continue to

do so you will not be swept away by the Raging currents you will not sink your

end is not yet I want those tears that fall from your eyes to turn into tears

of joy look ahead to the beautiful future awaiting you your hardships are

coming to an end you are on the brink of Liberation and when you feel free you

will run to me we you will Embrace like a father and child and I will take your

hand once more our journey must continue and even when your feet grow weary the

path ahead is clear this is the moment let us not waste time we must walk together into

the beautiful chapters of your life open the windows of your soul let my light

dispel despair release the fear that filled your heart in times of emptiness I will

will uproot those stubborn memories there’s no space for anyone else you’ve allowed me in and I am here with my own

hand I will inscribe your dreams in the book of Destiny I am the source of life from the

moment I created the universe I had you in mind and the angels in heaven rejoiced at your decision to give me

your heart and place me first in everything Beware of the enemy who prows

like a roaring lion seeking to steal feel your joy replace it with tears and

chain you in solitude I am the way and the truth you have received my Holy Spirit who will

always guide you do not seek guidance from those who do not walk in my light instead do this

and prosper take me seriously give me the time I deserve open your Bible I

will speak to you through Parables revealing what you should avoid sharing testimonies of miracle

and Whispering my Psalms and Proverbs into your soul learn from my servants

who though they stumbled and were weak their faith lifted them up and they believed in my promises they silenced

lions and conquered armies some endured persecution and had

their possessions taken but they did not give up because they knew me and had unwavering faith that my kingdom is not

of this world but of eternal life I am the door through which you must

enter and here in my holy Throne you will find love understanding healing

strength sweetness gentleness wisdom and patience do not seek affirmation and

affection from this harsh World choose to believe in me for I will never fail

you I declare New Beginnings While others lose hope and see their plans

crumble Nations divide wealth fade and opportunities

vanish you will continue dwelling in the shadow of the almighty though a thousand may fall at

your side and , at your right hand harm will not befall you judgment will

not reach you you have a secure place in my heavenly Abode here and now you will continue to

be blessed your table will always be filled and your deepest desires will be

renewed motivating you to work learn and pursue your dreams with all your strength knowing that you have my

assistance even if the world mocks and persecutes you do not

fear when you feel weak and your hope falters listen closely and you will hear

me I will rescue you from conflict and those who wish you harm will flee

remember and Proclaim it loudly your trials are nearing their end I’m

embracing you with love and I want you to feel that these words are More Than Just Words If I say it you can believe

it for I always speak to you with tenderness and Truth what must I do to convince you I

will take your hand and bless you I will express my love to you once again in a

way that you will feel it deeply you will sense the holy fragrance of this Supernatural

affection I am removing your present worries and immersing you in a beautiful

wondrous Eternal holy and healing emotion when you open your eyes tomorrow

you will not be the same this beautiful emotion is called love and if you haven’t felt it before

get used to it for I am filling your heart with joy and life I love you and

this tender emotion will grow with each passing minute your peace will increase

daily your entire being is trans forming the world seeks Peace and Freedom

yearning to escape disappointment and Solitude yet every time I extend my hand

to them they run in the opposite direction rejecting this powerful love that can transform their lives grant

them courage and strength to pursue their dreams and renew their will to

live I planted in them a feeling that tells them they are on the wrong path

they must must return to me to their home and turn away from Evil feed on my

word embrace my Commandments in the world there will only be anguish and

suffering your eternal life Divine peace and infinite happiness are here with me

I can say it again I love you today I will place small beautiful details on

your path sharpen your senses feel receive Perce receive Feel Again

treasure this Sweet Emotion of eternal love that envelops you this is something Supernatural that goes beyond seeing and

hearing it’s an inexplicable emotion that fills you makes you feel like you’re flying above the clouds but it

also transforms you it removes what hinders you and my

power manifests not only in your emotions and feelings the most powerful Miracle is

the transformation of your character and attitude you will no longer be a tree without fruit a flower without fragrance

or a river without water you will no longer suffer from a double mind or a

continuous cycle of mistakes my glory surrounds you and as I

console you I also provide you with wisdom do your part come to me in faith

and prayer with your hands extended and I want to bestow my mighty blessings upon your life

I will continue demonstrating my love to you in many ways as long as you live in

this world you and your family are important to me both on Earth and in heaven my power will manifest restoring

and blessing thousands of families who receive this word every home that loves me will be

illuminated by my divine presence there are situations in your life that you can

only overcome because I am with you do do not accept doubt and discouragement

in your mind do not heed them I will remove all confusion

swirling in your head I will assist you patiently ensuring you do not lose sight of what truly matters to you what people

say or think is not important because your family and you are in my hands I know where I am taking you and

even in times like these I still hold the first place you will love me respect

me pra me and obey me with all the strength of your mind soul and heart my

word must be heard in your home begin your day with a brief sincere prayer I

understand that sometimes you are occupied with important matters but do not let too much time pass before

returning to talk to me I want to guide you and I will when you bring me your

gratitude and faith I will open your eyes revealing the right path that lead to

success I will show you the secrets that threaten your future and I will give you

signs you will hear my voice I will embrace you and your

family together we will navigate through conflicts and

tribulations every morning you will receive the assurance that my Holy Spirit and my Supernatural power are

within you if I am with you you can believe my word and your blessings will

not be lost honor me in everything you do be generous and the doors of heaven

will open to you with abundant wisdom and serenity true Prosperity will rain

down upon you accompanied by riches that bring no sorrow opportunities that allow

you to grow and provide peace will come to you I speak to you of the Wonders that

abound and I am ready to reveal them to you many voices may lay claim to Divine

insights yet their actions bear no fruits of Truth they do not bear witness to my

boundless love remember no mortal possesses ownership of my Divine word do

not trade your future for empty promises if your heart longs for love

patience and wisdom if you seek a deeper connection with me come and I shall

unveil my Divine Purpose for you I I am your guiding path the embodiment of

truth and the source of life itself I am your Shepherd your Redeemer your savior

your healer I am your God and Lord but do not forget I am also your loving

father I am pure love and I desire your freedom your Triumph your growth in

knowledge I do not wish for you to be ens snared by Financial burdens I care

deeply for you your your family every facet of your lives both in the physical

and spiritual Realms I yearn for your mental well-being in my eyes you are as

precious as the apple of my eye what more can I say to convey my

truth it is not solely about understanding I desire for you to feel

my presence to Harbor conviction in your spirit that I am real that I love you

unconditionally despite the trials you faced I have a grand purpose for you that transcends

worldly riches and power Earthly Treasures are fleeting but I offer

Eternal blessings and soon you will witness them firsthand hear my words but let them

penetrate your very being they are meant to mend and fortify you through my grace

you have been forgiven embraced with affection and met with with

understanding do not forget the dreams that once illuminated your room recall

the excitement that filled your heart as you planned and envisioned your future to me it matters not that years

have passed and your hair now Bears the wisdom of age you can still be filled

with the same excitement for your dreams I shall rejuvenate your spirit and

recalibrate your priorities because of your unwavering faith in my word and your Relentless

pursuit of me I shall bless your body with health renew your thoughts and

restore your youth you shall rise walk with joy and move your body with the

Vigor of your youth I shall instill in you a thirst for knowledge and many will

be amazed at your transformation tell me that you believe in me acknowledge my love for you and

recognize my desire for your happiness your family’s Harmony and a future

filled with abon an blessings for I have the ability and I yearn to make it so if

you have heeded my words thus far prepare yourself shake off the dust of

doubt and leave behind the shadows of failure that have Aid your spirit You Are Not Alone your love for

me and your unwavering belief Empower you this is why you and your family

Shall Serve as a testament to to my divine power I shall perform the miracle that

you once thought Impossible The Return of your happiness I shall continue to

arrange events to fulfill my promise to you allow my soothing voice to resonate

deeply within you place your burdens in my hands and unburden your

heart speak your desires and concerns in your prayers and I shall provide

strength and solutions for each of your trials I do not desire to see your soul

Shackled by fear trust in me as you kneel and offer your prayers your

petitions Ascend like doves and reach my heavenly Throne if doubt Whispers that

your prayers are in vain that I have abandoned you and no one listens do not

give in how could I forsake you I vowed never to leave you I reiterate this promise

even if the world abandons you if family turns away if friends drift apart and

all whom you love forget you I remain here ever Vigilant ready to meet your

needs as you read these words may they fill you with Tranquility dispelling

loneliness my love envelops you caressing your soul with my grace I

cherish you more deeply than you can fathom I guide your steps shielding you

from hidden snares your unwavering Faith moves moves me profoundly I admire your steadfast

devotion I see your daily struggles your concerns and your selflessness even when your kindness

remains unacknowledged find solace in resting Your Head Upon My Shoulder inhale deeply and know that

even if all others falter or abandon you you will always find in me love peace

strength and refuge this is because I love you care for you and shall continue to fortify

you in moments of sorrow and doubt you will hear the gentle Whispers of my Holy Spirit rekindling the flame in your

soul dedicate time to me I yearn to speak to you and reveal Wonders that

will strengthen you and your family gather your loved ones clasp

hands seek forgiveness together and pray earnestly to me afterward share all that

I have spoken to you and everything that I will do within you do so if you dare to believe and you

shall witness how I bless gatherings in my name do you desire a heartfelt

embrace come now I long to unfold you and demonstrate my unwavering commitment

to love you I discern your thoughts and needs you cannot hide from me with me you

shall achieve all things apart from me your flame shall dwindle I hear you and I answer you I

desire to help you break free from scarcity to overcome illness I love you and I shall reaffirm

it throughout the day in dreams right here as my words nourish your mind my

spirit purifies your soul each morning as you awaken my glory surrounds you

invigorating you clothing you preparing you for the day’s battles and embracing

you gently filling you with faith and security immerse your mind in holy words

that will fortify you on your journey today you anticipate a miracle I can

provide it now declare your belief let me see a powerful smile on your face eyes

brimming with faith your demeanor Resolute imbued with strength and

power Arise My Champion it is time to conquer none of your prayers prayers

shall go unanswered from the greatest request to the smallest I shall respond

always with the best and most beautiful gifts you and I are ascending to another

level on Earth in your land of blessing you walk by faith not solely Guided by

your physical senses should you encounter troubles do not fear if you suffer losses and pain

do not be dismayed I am here with my might Mighty power defending you as a

loving father would I unfold you with tenderness and love your most potent

weapon is your trust in my word the assurance that your heavenly father

values you and loves you profoundly divinely eternally and

supernaturally there is no greater emotion than feeling so cherished and protected even in the fiercest battles

when the enemy believes he has vanquished you even if you find yourself mired in the

mud you shall rise with tears in your eyes but strengthened by the power of my

holy spirit that fills your heart continue onward you’re doing

admirably keep walking in faith love loyalty hope and sincerity knowing that

challenges await a life of blessings surrounded by my grace and goodness is

in store for you I am delighted that each day you awaken with joy and

determination no longer burdened by memories of the past free from thoughts of loneliness and

sadness I Rejoice that daily you affirm for yourself that my power is real and I

can do even more with you if you persist in your beautiful Faith the most

beautiful offering you can present to me is your heart Your Surrender Your Faith

the Assurance in your soul that my response is secure even if it remains

unseen you shall reach Great Heights and you have access to my holy Throne

whenever you have need I affirm it to you I shall answer you I love you and in

my holy hands I shall protect you as it was is and shall be now declare your

belief amen as our time together in this video comes to an end I extend my heart

for felt gratitude to you for joining me in this journey of faith and

inspiration your presence here is not only appreciated but also cherished I hope that the words shared

and the moments we’ve experienced together have brought light and encouragement to your

path if you found solace strength or inspiration in our time together I

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Discovery once again thank you from the depths of my heart for being here may

you be blessed with peace joy and divine love in all your endeavors until we meet again keep

walking in faith and light my beloved child your request has

been granted open your hands with faith for I am about to bestow upon you the

long awaited blessing receive and embrace this gift I am sending your way your children shall not

know the prisons of suffering and hunger shall not befall them I will shield them from tragedies

and banish diseases from your midst I am nullifying Every curse of Family

Division and eradicating all spirits of marital infidelity my powerful blood covers your

heart your home your life and your family shielding you from from

malevolent forces no harm shall draw near for I am your omnipotent God and I protect those

I love in the palm of my hand I watch over you as my greatest

treasure and no one can snatch you away this is the answer you’ve longed for you

will no longer fear the malevolent enemy at your doorstep your dreams are coming true and

I know you’ve waited patiently and toiled through countless sleepless nights

your faith has been tested but you persisted even when your emotions told

you otherwise I’ve been with you all along supporting you soon Another Blessing

will arrive unexpectedly you didn’t ask for it but I want to give it to you however I must

tell you something this is not the end of your journey you may have reach the

summit of this mountain but I brought you here to see beyond lift your gaze to the vast expans before you it must be

conquered you are one of my finest Warriors and I am placing you at the Forefront of a great battle I am

delighted that you’ve answered my call without excuses you’ve fought passionately for your loved ones and

that has moved my spirit and touched my heart I want to bless you your family

the youth the elderly and the little ones yet to come you are an essential

piece in establishing a generation of Brave individuals who will look up to you as a beacon of strength and

Faith you and your family are mine and my glory and power reside in your

home I will never forsake you a great blessing is on its way and you sense

that something good is about to happen you feel peace but I want you to nourish your heart with my word and not

let doubt erode your faith stay strong for I have the final say I will heal you

of all illnesses rise with courage and Every curse debt and painful memory of the

past will be driven from your life your Liberation is at hand today the chains

break and joy and happiness come abundantly I will perform a powerful

miracle in you praise will fill your mouth and your heart will

overflow you will have all you need even to bless others and help those in need

pray fervently and allow me to touch your body soul and heart with my power open the doors of your soul to me and be

filled with my peace you’ve fought with determination ignoring discouraging words and

criticism from others the day has come for you to achieve Victory and receive provision and prosperity entrust

yourself to me and I will assist you in everything Delight in my presence and I

will grant the desires of your heart call to me and I will answer I want to

show you great and marvelous things I challenge you to believe in me

my promises are written here and you’ve heard countless times that all things are possible for those who believe in me

I want to see your response tell me that you believe but also act rise make the

decision to distance yourself from things and friends that lead you away from me they will not come to your Aid

when you face serious problems material possessions will be of no use if you

lose your faith believe firmly in my promises seek me with your heart in the

morning during the day in the evenings and before sleeping place your requests in my

presence and trust that I will give you the good things for your growth and

edification listen to me well something great powerful and astonishing is about

to happen in your life I love you tell me that you believe and

from this day forward you will witness Miracles and blessings I am your

Shepherd and you lack nothing you have an abundance of love and my help is within your reach through

your prayers I desire that you come to me

every morning to seek me and I will lead you to Green Pastures where you can rest and drink from the Living Waters that

bring tranquility I am filling you with a desire to live

to fight to progress and to never abandon your dreams today believe in my word deep in

your soul that it is possible to overcome all obstacles and

tribulations you will have victory in your situations and you will have peace

despite the negative circumstances that may assail you you can achieve it because I am

giving you you the strength unwavering character and unshakable Faith do not

fear adverse situations that try to Halt you and discourage you in your pursuit of a better future you have opened your

heart to me to be your God and Lord and this is your most important

step the enemy will try to oppose your plans but come to me in prayer before

starting your projects commit everything to me and I will protect you and prosper you in all

good and productive Endeavors you decide to undertake there are many things you did

not do out of fear many dreams you did not attain because you thought you couldn’t achieve them but in this new

day I am giving you the wisdom to organize your life and

priorities I am empowering you to achieve great goals that will astonish even your own family I am here to guide

you to save your soul to clean see you and to fill you with wisdom so that you

never repeat the same mistakes you know well that I will never withhold my love from you I want to

transform your life give you health and prosperity and never abandon

you I will always be by your side to help you have a life filled with great

victories I have told you many times how precious you are to me the more you

persist in loving me obeying me and walking with me the more I will bless

you I am here to extend my hand and lift you out of the deep pit into which the

problems of Life had cast you it’s time for you to stop suffering and walking the path of pain today I

fill you with my love I give you the Deep peace you need to rise and continue walking I give you

the strength to walk in faith and witness many positive changes in your life give

me your feelings of guilt and shame and let your heart be filled with my affection and strength I forgive you

embrace me and come with me to a new life I am rescuing you right now I want

you to feel worthy of my love worthy of my blessings and worthy of all the joy I

am giving you because you are my child you deserve a life of light wisdom and

abundance even in the midst of your worst struggles facing shortages and

persecutions I will be with with you and provide the provision you need fear

nothing your life and your family’s life are in my hands today I offer you the

purest love that exists do you accept it I’m holding you in my hands and I’m

watching over you with love nothing bad will happen to you pay attention you are

going through a difficult time that will soon end your sadness will be replaced

by Showers of happiness in your darkest storms I carry you in my

arms and I will be waiting for you when you feel like crying shed those tears

that you’ve been holding back tell me what you feel I am listening remember

this day that I have loved you with eternal love and you have the power to rise from the pit of Sorrow flooding

your chest with joy only through me will you be happy if

you are currently facing the dark clouds of conflict believe in me and let my

word light your path your enemies may say you will be defeated but my word

comforts you and my lips confirm it do not fear or faint I am with you I am

strengthening your heart removing your anxiety and fear healing your emotions

and filling you with Serenity peace and Supernatural strength believe in me persist and

persevere I am giving you unshakable strength and faith if you want to witness Miracles

and wonders you must continue keep praying keep believing keep fighting

keep persisting and keep persevering I give you unwavering

strength and Faith but if you become discouraged or things don’t go as planned I will always

be there to lift you up my grace and and mercy are

Eternal today as I speak to your heart in a personal and intimate way know that

there are no bounds to my love and forgiveness for you from the very womb of your mother I have known you I am

well aware of the trials and tribulations that will Mark your journey I see your love for me your unwavering

belief in my existence and your determination to seek me even in the face of

negativity that may May surround you you remain steadfast unswayed by threats and lies

from the enemy if you hold the certainty of my love and the reality of my

presence in your heart then also believe that a great blessing awaits you Embrace this eternal truth I am

unchanging never deceitful always the same when I declare my love for you I do

so a thousand times for it is true regardless of the situations you

confront my love for you never wavers while some may struggle to

comprehend this unwavering love preferring falsehoods you will stand strong you will not give up Retreat or

turn back you will not abandon your faith or my promises day by day cling to this

truth your life is precious to me just as it was when I aided you you in the

past I remain your constant support showing my love in countless ways you

can trust that I am always by your side Watching Over You defending you and

caring for you your needs words and prayers are always heard and I command my

ministering angels to act on your behalf I take Delight in your active faith and

how you bring your desires to me some may suggest seeking me only when you have requests but I say to you seek me

with all your heart and I will handle the rest a time will come when you’ll

realize that even before you speak I know your needs well your requests are

not in vain and I rejoice in the beat of your faith you understand that I love

you and will answer you what warms my heart most is your patience when my

response isn’t Swift I value your patience for you’ve learned learn to wait and trust that I will provide what

is true and beneficial in your life take courage for I amold your

entire being with great strength the days of Sorrow will pass

and joy will return to your life and your home you can serve me by sharing

this message to let blessings flow to many Souls today I bless you for your pure

and simple heart because of your faith great and beautiful things are destined

for your life I am here waiting for you come tomorrow share your thoughts

and desires with me bring your plans to my throne for I assure you Abundant

Blessings allow me to relieve you of the heavy burdens you carry do not hold on

to them learn to trust someone who loves you keeps promises and will never fail

you I am here to help support and lift your tired arms when you walked through the valley

of Shadows and tears I walked with you in the desert where you feared for

your life I brought forth water from dry places delivering you from death’s grasp

multiple times do not let your heart be troubled by situations you cannot

comprehend banish doubt and speak with enthusiasm strive and give thanks

[Music] recognize that my love my care is the reason you still

Stand Your Soul Bears deep wounds and at times you struggle to trust anyone or

anything you may even doubt the existence of love feeling that it has eluded you many have appeared as friends

only to seek something from you but know this you are not inherently negative

anger and resentment were not born in your your heart you bear wounds and they

weigh heavily upon you you wake up wearied and discouraged

unable to see the Silver Lining or the beautiful blessings surrounding you I

love you deeply and I yearn to heal you there may be resistance within you an

immediate response that you don’t need my help yet if you could see your soul and

your heart through spiritual eyes you would perceive the Deep w wounds you

conceal healing awaits your soul a fresh start for your heart your character can

transform and I can renew your way of thinking infusing peace and serenity

into your spirit I desire complete healing for you

from head to toe these words are not coincidental they hold

meaning I hold a powerful miracle for your family and you within my

hands I will touch your lips with divine power silencing the words that harm your

spirit and hinder your destiny while malicious individuals have crossed your path remember that I have

chosen you you are unlike others you have witnessed numerous

Miracles heard my Declaration of Love many times I hope you understand this by

now therefore I implore you to recognize that you no longer have time for the

lies and fiery darts your adversary hurls at you believe in my word and the

Wonders I have displayed in your life witnessed by your own

eyes if I have assisted you until this day it’s because I love you deeply and

you hold Great Value to me even if those around you fail to ackowledge your

importance or worth trust fully that you are of immense value to me

your heart will feel it and tears will flow as you realize in this moment while

reading and listening to me the times my voice called out to you how much I have cared for you

protected you and loved you I will continue to care for you guide you and

assist you believe with all your heart that no matter what transpires my love

for you will endure do not lose hope for I am here to

bolster you and provide the strength to resist I grant you the fortitude to move

forward to remain unshaken by afflictions you will not suffer defeat

or shame listen to my words be filled with courage for the days ahead will require

it through your fervent Faith you will witness a supernatural Miracle my word

holds the power to heal your body to bless your family and to provide for all

your needs there will be no lack at your table Joy will fill your home and true

Prosperity will be yours receive my blessings with a humble

heart and remember those who endure difficult times I love you deeply and

desire to see you flourish allow me to heal you completely

renew your spirit and guide you towards a brighter future trust in my unwavering

love for I am here for you always on this special day as we Mark a

year of our connection I want to speak to you directly from the depths of my heart I see your desire to use your

blessings to help others and I encourage you to continue doing

so when you extend your hand to those less fortunate you are embodying the

spirit of love and I promise you that heaven’s gates open wider in response

I long for your home to be filled with an abundance of peace and joy true blessings are found in the

Harmony and stability that Grace your family I want to bless you with health and wisdom ushering in times of Faith

happiness and New Beginnings trust in the brighter future I have in store for all who love me know that I am your ever

present omnipotent God I am by your side watching over you protecting you and

upholding you today and for all eternity I am here to rescue you from

Despair and Infuse your heart with courage feel my love enveloping you for

I want you to not only believe in me but also experience the pure and beautiful sentiment of being loved and protected

by the creator of the universe Revel in the immense peace that each word

brings these words are meant to erase your past and your pain to reveal the

Great Value within you and to unveil the beautiful future that awaits please believe in my love for you

as you face this day with courage and determination know that I will never let

you fall allow me to assist you I see your weariness and your overwhelming

despair I’ve witnessed your Silent Cries for help those moments when you thought you couldn’t go on you’ve asked for

assistance quietly not wanting anyone else to know about your situation but I’ve heard your Whispers

when you felt like you were losing the will to live I’m glad you’ve come to me with the

faith that remains in your heart for there are many things I can do for you in my presence you will find not

only my love but also my power Here In My Embrace you will find safety fear

will not reach you and the world will not harm you I want to shelter you to

forgive save liberate and heal you I have the best plans for you and I

believe in your potential you have every right to be happy to dream and to achieve more I

Empower you to overcome any Challenge and my peace envelops your soul as you hear or read these words that fill you

believe in me accept my love and embrace my help for it is always your best

choice I see beyond what your eyes can perceive and I am preparing delightful

surprises for you beyond what your heart can comprehend I want to see you well

happy strong and eager to face any adversity that may arise allow thoughts

of Victory and Triumph to fill your mind be still do not listen to the voices in

your head that try to frighten you or make you doubt your dreams the enemy May launch many arrows

in your path attempting to divert you from what I have prepared for you but do

not be afraid your enemy may rise menacingly but I am more

powerful that illness May seek to steal your hope but I want to heal you those

family issues that have discouraged and distressed you will soon change as I work marvelous

Miracles so my beloved will you believe in me now or will you die out if you

choose to believe in me you will rise continue to fight fulfill your responsibilities and persevere in your

faith I know you’ve suffered silently crying because of the situation you face

but today I will surround you with my love wipe away your tears and provide you with living

water your body will be filled with health your spirit renewed and your soul

will no longer thirst the enemy May may try to Rise Against you daily attempting

to make you stumble but today you will stand firm because my grace will uphold

you the recent days may have been challenging but this difficulty will come to an end

now always remember I love you and my love will fill every part of your being

removing all fear Look at me now and ask what is

impossible for me just as I calm storms parted seas and

helped many perform Miracles and Feats today I calm the storms within

you I give you the power to walk on the waves of doubt and you will not sink for

I extend my hand and my Mercy AIDS you I am sending my angels to watch over

you as you swim against the current to support your arms and prevent you from sinking a Celestial Army will go before

you assisting you in your battles I have already commanded great blessings

for you and your fears and enemies will be defeated by my power your hour of Victory is

approaching your strength will be renewed will you allow me to continue guiding you I will restore what

rightfully belongs to you I am pleased with your character despite the many

attacks it has endured you have endured pain that you did not deserve yet I will continue to

pour blessings upon you do not worry about those who seek to instill fear in you you are privileged

you are hearing words and Revelations that others have never heard stay steadfast do not be swayed stay focused

always envious people have tried to bring trouble into your life attempting to bring you down and steal from you

they have spoken ill of you but you stand strong you have not lost your faith I am pleased that you have learned

to value what truly matters and to disregard the words and intrigues used

by your enemies to hurt you their jealousy blinds them to the light that

emanates from you my presence in your life disturbs them and my favor in your

home angers them to the point where they cannot sleep while these envious individuals

lose sleep rest assured that you can rest in confidence and Tranquility I will safeguard your life

your family your home and your job I will take care of them I will calm them

and divert their attention to other matters they have realized that no matter what they do they cannot cause

you even the slightest concern their families are in shambles because they rejected my word and my

love I offered them my counsel for their well-being but they cast it aside and

distance themselves from me however you chose CH to follow me recognizing that I

held the solution and the way out for all your problems you devoted yourself to my will

with your whole heart believing my word without doubt you know that not everyone

is like you look around you many could be enjoying my love but their hearts

have hardened things have never gone as they wished and they blame me you are

different now you know that you’re happy and your future do not depend on people

they depend solely on me I want you to continue in this

way each day you will become better stronger to the point where your enemies will come to you asking you to speak

about me a greater blessing awaits you further down the

road maintain your faith and your loyalty I will be with you every day

keep fighting and do not give up I love you I am telling you this with all my heart I love you truly and I do not want

you to suffer any longer I know you are going through such difficult situations that you feel you have no strength

left but you want to appear well on the outside not letting anyone see you

suffering or realize your situation but I know you better than you know

yourself the mirror in front of you only shows what you want to see but I see

your spirit feel your heart and even though you are brave come and talk to me

please what are you waiting for to tell me what you are going through I will collect each of your

tears and lift you from the dust stop doubting and place your burdens on me so

that I may carry them for you you have the blessing of being my child which is

why I have many gifts and wonders ready to enter your life and the lives of your loved ones

powerfully you you will see how your inner self is filled with joy and

happiness as you witness my word being fulfilled in your life I will always be

by your side and my angels will be Guardians guiding your path to watch over and protect you from ill

intentions whenever you wake up in the morning seek me pray and you will see how your day is

blessed I will fill you with my Tender Love so that nothing disturbs you if an

unexpected difficulty arises just talk to me and I will illuminate your path so

that you make the right decision I will provide you with the necessary wisdom and give you signs to

guide you be sure that I have always sought the best for you because you deserve it as long as your heart remains

loyal to me and filled with good intentions ask and it will be given to

you according to my will you are a child of the omnipotent God and I am

Faithfully with you therefore no one can rise against you or harm you with love I take your

hand accompany you in every step you take and open New Paths for

you everything you do in my name will be blessed and you will see abundance and

success in the good things you undertake with me by your side your dreams and projects will

flourish because I your Almighty God am always with

you poverty will not touch your home because my presence covers and keeps the

devouring Spirits cruel illnesses difficulties hatred and resentment at

Bay your family is under the Divine protection of my Holy Spirit I have

given you my promise to remain faithful to you and so it shall be for

eternity remember that your faith must be as strong as a mustard seed the smallest of seeds that grows into the

largest tree you are like that seed and I know you will grow tall my word has

such power that if you were to tell the mountains to move in my name they would

move never doubt me I am the only God who remains faithful no matter what

happens I will never leave you alone and I will love you for

eternity do not forget that I know every part of you what you feel what you think

think and what you will do that’s why I know you deserve all the love I have to give nobody knows you

better because I created you and shaped you in my image and likeness Cast Away all hatred and the

desire for Revenge I invite you to pray for each of those who have caused you harm so that

they may find their way to me their lives are empty and they do not follow

my word or my Commandments but leave them in my hand for I will do my work I will reach their

hearts and make them see the truth I don’t want you to waste time on vain things I want you to focus on me on my

promises on everything I have prepared to give you I have been with you since your

birth and even before that I watched you grow and witnessed everything you had to

endure without a doubt you are strong and I am here to provide you with the necessary strength strength to

continue I ask only that you believe in me and remain firm in your

faith I will completely transform your life [Music]


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