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Gods Message Today, God Will Surprise You If You Don’t Skip This | Powerful Blessings


I know you’re busy I know you don’t have

time for this

but if you’re feeling down or if you

don’t believe in miracles then this

video is for you

God will surprise you in a good way just

give it a try and see are you ready for

a surprise God will surprise you if you

don’t skip this

you never know what might happen when

you take a chance and put your faith in


this video might change your mind

something amazing is going to happen to

you watch to the end to find out what it



God says trust in yourself and remember

that your thoughts have power I will

always be here to provide you with

gentle guidance so choose to think

positively and watch your dreams become

a reality

God says trust in me and be confident

that I will replace your fears with

courage and strength I will be your

guide and protector when times are tough

I am right here with you always I will

bring peace and comfort to the

Brokenhearted put your faith in me and

know that blessings are on the way

God is saying to you today no matter how

dire the circumstances never doubt that

God has a plan let us trust in his will

have faith in his power and be confident

that our future is in the hands of the

Lord by relying on the Lord we can find

true happiness


say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says

though your journey has been difficult

and you may feel like no one can relate

to your struggles know that I do I

understand the emotions you are going


and I am here to remind you that you are

never truly alone your future is filled

with promise and I am here to support

and encourage you every step of the way

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


watch the whole video without skipping

it then you’ll get a magical surprise so

I will say be a loyal child of God and

watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God says to you no matter how much pain

you may be feeling today I want to give

you the reassurance that tomorrow is a

different day and you have come too far

on your journey to not take something

from it you possess the inner strength

to keep going and make something of


God says believe that there is a purpose

for your journey and that it will lead

you to something greater than what your

current Vision can hold trust that the

obstacles in your path are pushing you

towards a Divine destination have faith

that there is something more than what

your senses can perceive

God says are you ready to receive it

God says no matter what I am always here

for you for I have made you

I give you my strength so that you can

overcome any struggles

this is the time for your pain to be no

more you are strong and capable of

continuing to move forward put away your

worries and doubts

take on any challenge with boldness and


God wants you to hear this today

believing yourself and know that I am

here to help you on your journey

let me be the Beacon of Hope that guides

you forward blessing your decisions and

Illuminating a path to brighter

tomorrows you are strong and capable no

longer bound by the fear that has held

you back for so long

God says now is the time to blaze a new

Trail and make your dreams a reality

you have the power to create a bright

and optimistic future don’t let your

past Define Who You Are

let go of any doubts and limitations and

be open to the new possibilities the

world has to offer

type amen

God says shed the shadows and embrace

the light

now is your time to shine and make the

most of your life believe in yourself

and take the steps necessary to reach

your goals appreciate the blessings

bestowed upon you by the Lord allow him

to light the way and you will find the

strength to move forward


God wants you to know this today

gratitude for all that you have been

given will lead you to success no matter

the situation you find yourself in never

give up hope God is always with you

walking beside you and leading the way

he has something wonderful in store for

you so trust in him and have faith

God says you are so close to achieving

your goals The Best Is Yet To Come let

go of your sorrow and suffering

the future is bright and full of Hope

Good Tidings come your way and A New

Path of joy and abundance awaits you God

is bringing you into a season of divine


God says are you ready

God says

today I declare

I have faith in the Lord’s Divine


trusting that all will come to pass in

favor of me I am ready and open to

receive His blessings of success and




God has a message for you today

I know that The Best Is Yet To Come and

I am eager for the abundance of good

that awaits me all of this I ask in

Jesus name amen God’s potential is

boundless don’t let fear stop you from

achieving your goals you are capable of

more than you think so don’t be

discouraged by your setbacks

God says they are merely opportunities

to learn and grow closer to God

remember even if it isn’t written down

your mission and purpose are still

calling to you don’t be afraid to answer

type yes if you are ready

God says appreciate the journey you have

been on and what you hold dear in your


let go of the need for control and

instead trust that something better is


put your faith in Jesus and know that

your story is far from finished

God says you are not reading this by

accident I call out to all of you I lift

my voice to be heard by all hear my

words I have important truths to share

every thought I express is true my words

are easily understood by the wise and

clear to those with knowledge

the children I nurtured and loved have

broken away from me


God says

but I will never give up hope and remain

strong in my faith that I will be

reunited with them someday come to my

courts in reverence and awe

for who has asked that you should parade

with such Grandeur and Glory

as the words of the prophet Isaiah

proclaimed behold I shall dispatch My

Messenger before you to pave the path

before you

type thank you God if you believe

God says the universe will be a gift

that will bring an abundance of joy and

contentment to your life a person who

fulfills all of your deepest wishes and

desires is bestowed upon you dot and it

will be a blessing of divine Beauty

God is saying to you today

I am aware of the people that came

before and after me and I will always

confidently welcome anyone who comes to

me I do not pass along my own knowledge

but the wisdom of the one you sent me

I am blessed with the gifts of my father

and have been given the power to do

great things in both the Heavenly and

Earthly Realms

God says I am empowered to do anything

because I have descended from the

Heavens to fulfill the will of the

Wonder sent me

the father whom you Revere as your deity

is the one who has granted me Glory

religion May impose restrictions but

Jesus has granted me liberation

type yes if you believe

God says when you look to the heavens in

search of strength know that you will be

blessed with the courage to carry on as

the battle rages around you stay Brave

and Vigilant you may feel like throwing

in the towel but don’t give in with

faith and determination you will be


God says to you thank God for his

guidance and Grace for without them you

would surely fail

listen to my words and allow them to

shape your life heed my advice and you

will prosper Embrace wisdom and she will

be your Shield hold her close and she

will guide you along the path of success


God says type yes to affirm

finally after watching this video to

this point I can confidently say that

God will truly surprise you you’ll be

amazed at the things that he has in

store for you and what he has done for

you just think of all the wonderful

blessings that he has bestowed upon you

and how they have changed your life

finally it is your time we all know that

learning is an essential part of our

lives and tonight God will surprise you

if you don’t skip this opportunity to

learn and grow tell me in the comments

of this video what you have learned from

this experience it could be a new skill

knowledge or understanding that you have

gained or a confirmation of something

you already knew in any case taking the

time to reflect on what we have learned

can help us appreciate our experiences

and look forward to the next one so

don’t to share your thoughts

I can’t wait to hear them

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


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