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Gods Message Today Jesus Invites You to Open This Urgently Before Anything Else


is your life going the way you want it


do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut

or like you’re just not living up to

your potential if you’ve ever felt lost

like you didn’t know where your life was

going or what to do next or where to

turn Jesus has a message for you he

wants to invite you into a relationship

with him that will change everything

in this video I’ll share the story of

how I found Jesus and how he changed my

life I’ll also invite you to open your

life to him too

God says my hope lies in you my friend

and I cherish our friendship this

chapter of life is remarkable I eagerly

await your return because the Lord has

chosen for you what others thought

unworthy embrace your uniqueness and

never diminish your amazing potential

what is meant for you will not pass you



God says as the dawn of a new era

approaches there are Limitless

possibilities for growth and renewal

God is saying to you today

when you decide to make a positive

change in your life a miracle will


the universe will align in your favor

and open up new possibilities even in

moments of Rage there will be moments of

grace and favor beyond measure when

darkness looms joy and peace will come

in the morning


God says take heart little one for the

Lord will bless you every day and


he has provided abundantly for you and

will not let you be afraid

have faith and rise up for his grace is

upon you


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God

and watch this video till the end God

will definitely bless you in your life

God says move with Mercy Jesus halted

and said what would you have me do to

which they replied Lord that our eyes be

opened in a moment of Grace Jesus laid

his hands on them

and their site was restored

they followed him with Newfound clarity


God says to you he gazed upon them all

and exclaimed reach out your hand

miraculously it was restored he was

given the world in his hands God is

revealed not in the tumultuous Winds of

life nor in the earthquakes that shake

us nor in the fires that can consume us

but instead in the still gentle voice of


something good will happen to you in the

next nine hours

God says there is nothing more exciting

than your future make the most of the

days ahead of you

God says can you be justly enraged by

this someone who would deceive a friend

and then claim it was only a joke

people who lack a moral compass have no

concept of Justice yet those who abide

by the Lord comprehend it through and


God wants you to hear this today

when life feels heavy remember that you

are held in the arms of your angels

believe that you can always find the

courage to turn things around and have

faith in your ability to rise above

breathe in calmness and trust that your

angels are here to guide and protect you

let go of your worries and know that

life can be full of Wonders


if you watch this video to the end

God says

believe in the magic that is all around

you and in yourself the love you share

with those around you is a blessing that

will bring you comfort encouragement and

peace and will surround you with loving


let me be your companion helping you to

choose Paths of joy and harmony


God says together let us live in Oneness

showing mercy and kindness you are my

beacon of light my companion and

confident and I am deeply devoted to you

this passage is incredible I’ll be

waiting to be reunited with you for God

chooses the things that others overlook

God wants you to know this today don’t

forget the power of your uniqueness

don’t underestimate what your destiny

has in store if you act with kindness

and compassion you will always be

blessed with peace and joy in your home

hard work is the key to success and when

you find true love it is a Priceless

blessing that the Lord bestows upon you

type yes if you need this

God says ultimately it is up to you to

make decisions but the Lord is the

ultimate judge of your heart and true



God says doing what is right and just

brings Joy To The Lord far greater than

any sacrifice

I decided to seek out what truly brings

pleasure and fulfillment and I have

discovered that when we live with

purpose and goodness life is truly


God has a message for you today

I am so proud of you for staying strong

and keeping your faith in me this week

you have shown immense courage and

resilience in the face of adversity you

have persevered and I ensure that your

hard work will pay off I have something

special planned for you and I’m sure you

will love it

if you agree leave a thank you God


God says stay calm have patience and

trust that my timing is perfect believe

in yourself and trust that God has

something great in store for you have

faith that even if things don’t always

go as planned he will provide you with

what you need


God says

victory is yours for the taking so stay

strong and don’t be disheartened God

knows best you were created for a

beautiful reason and you have the

opportunity to shape your life with a

plan of your own

God says you are not reading this by

accident although the devil may try to

lead you down a path of destruction and

unhappiness if you choose to trust in

God’s plan and ask for his guidance he

will be with you every step of the way

and bless you with a life of purpose and


you believe it please share the video

God says choose to follow the path of

God and you will be blessed with the

blessings of Heaven seek the light of

his guidance and he will show you the


stray not into the darkness of the

devil’s plan for it will only bring

sorrow and despair let the light of God

Be Your guide and you will be a Beacon

of Hope and joy in this world

God says type Amen to receive it

God says

when you let God’s love and grace

radiate through you it brings joy and

happiness to those around you God’s

words will not only console you that

will liberate your spirit they will

bring you Serenity in times of turmoil

and optimism in moments of distress

God is saying to you today your strength

lies in his words they are a beacon of

light that will illuminate the path

ahead of you through his wisdom you can

break free of the lies of the enemy and

find peace you are not expected to be


the Lord will be there to guide and

support you every step of the way

God says do not be afraid of your

imperfections and challenges with faith

you can overcome them embrace your faith

and let God Empower you to become the

person he intended don’t let anything or

anyone Define you let God shake you into

someone you can be proud of

type amen if you agree

God says trust in God’s word and never

doubt it

his powerful words will bring you

strength and Assurance in any situation

don’t let the devil use doubt as a

weapon to weaken your faith instead hold

fast to the promises of God and he will

never fail you

God says to you believe in yourself and

never give up

by doing so you will disrupt the schemes

of your adversaries

their ploys to sow distrust in you yet a

man who has faith can achieve anything

with the help of God


God says

believe in yourself and your faith the

Bible tells us that if you have the

tiniest amount of Faith even as small as

a mustard seed you will be able to

accomplish anything Christ knew that it

takes only a spark of Faith to move

mountains so never give up remain

steadfast and hold on to that hope

share this with someone who needs it

God says trust in yourself and faith

will show you the path to success

the devil however will attempt to

dissuade you and Lead You astray with

lies and false promises don’t give in

and stay on the course of greatness

Matthew says immediately Jesus

reached out his hand and caught him

you of little faith he said why did you

doubt you don’t have to shift your gaze

like Peter did it only leads to sinking

and that is what the devil wants doubt

brings about sinking

finally after watching this video till

the end I’m sure you must have felt the

power of the message before anything

else Jesus invites you to open your

heart and accept his invitation with an

open mind it is an urgent call and I

strongly urge you to take the time to

truly understand what he is asking of


finally it is your turn to share what

you’ve learned we all have something to

take away from this video and I’d love

to hear what it is for you

before anything else Jesus invites us to

open up to his message and embrace his

love whether it’s a profound feeling of

peace or a newfound understanding

take the time to truly consider what

Jesus has to offer he has a unique plan

for each of us and a special invitation

that is just waiting to be accepted so

in the comments of this video tell me

what do you learn from the invitation

that Jesus has extended to you

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it



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