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Gods Message Today: Time is Running Out, Don’t Regret Ignoring It | Powerful Blessings


there is a popular saying that time is


but what does that really mean

we are living in the end times God is

warning us that time is running out he

is sending us messages through his word

and through his people if we don’t

listen we will be judged in this video

I’m going to talk about how time is a

precious commodity and how we should use

it wisely I’m also going to talk about a

special message from God that says time

is running out don’t ignore this message

let’s get started


God says believe in the power of your

requests believe that healing Clarity

peace wisdom abundance creativity light

and love are within your reach take

courage and strength in your prayers and

don’t be afraid to ask for more

God says have faith that all you desire

is already on its way to you feel

grateful for the abundance and never

forget to be positive

God is saying to you today today is the

perfect time to open your heart and mind

to New Opportunities and experiences

release any fear and doubt that may be

holding you back and embrace the

beautiful possibilities that await you

God says let go of old and familiar

patterns and surrender to the unknown

there is great power and joy in allowing

the universe to bring you something even

better than before

God says type yes to affirm

God says the power of the Bible is a

force to be reckoned with when you carry

it with you

the devil feels a disturbance in the

force when you open it he is weakened

when he sees you reading it he is unable

to stand

when he sees you living it he is


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says to you even when you share this

message he’d let him share this message

with those around you and celebrate your


God says

we are all accountable to God so let us

be ready to greet him and offer our

gratitude for all of his blessings in

the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours

if you watch this video to the end

God says

your passion for justice and aversion to

evil have distinguished you from your

peers and given you cause to celebrate

God your loving father has gifted you

with the extraordinary privilege of

being Anointed with the oil of joy

God wants you to hear this today

embrace the Lord Jesus Christ and let

him guide you on your journey

anchor yourself in him and let him be

your foundation

strengthen your faith with his teachings

and be filled with an abundance of


foreign God says Jesus a shining Beacon

of Grace and Truth showed us his glory

when he took on the form of a man and

lived Among Us his presence was a

blessing of love and compassion

emanating from the father in all its

Grace and Truth

God says

in order to join in matrimony with

Christ one must confess and repent of

their sins thus opening the door to a

beautiful Divine Union

type yes if you need this

God wants you to know this today it is

both inspiring and challenging to

attempt The Impossible let us strive to

reach for things that only God can make

possible do not be discouraged if prayer

seems too difficult taking medicine is

the same as prayer it is an act of faith

that can lead to Healing


God says exploring the depths of Faith

engaging in thoughtful discourse and

reflecting on Divine prophecies are

always to nurture your spiritual


embrace the teachings of Jesus and have

faith that the special person meant to

be in your life will remain forever

God says No Matter What opposition you

may face Destiny has brought you

together every step of your journey will

be strategically placed in your lives to

bring you closer together believe in the

power of your love and you will overcome

all obstacles

if you agree leave it thank you God


God has a message for you today

your beloved is a champion of love and

their Devotion to you comes from an

honest place they are Smitten by your


and your passionate admiration for them

is undoubtedly reciprocated

God says connect with the Power of Love

within you and the person who deeply

cares for you

this person will be honest and never

want to cause you any pain nor do they

want to see you hurt by anyone else


God says believe in the power of your

love for it will bring great joy and

fulfillment to your life

the angels are here to guide you on your

journey towards Union you are capable of

achieving anything you desire never lose

sight of your dreams and aspirations for

they will lead you to success

if you believe it please share the video

God says you are not reading this by

accident unlock the potential of your

love and light and let it radiate

alongside your beloved no force can keep

us apart you and I were meant to be

together forever

God says cultivate compassion for The

Sinner for we are all imperfect instead

detest his misdeeds and pray for him

that you may be like Christ who had no

animosity for Sinners but interceded for


God says having a virtuous life is not

impossible but it is certainly not a

simple task

those who have achieved it frequently

struggle to maintain it

to truly love like Jesus is to never

condone sin and show Mercy to

unbelievers rather it is to always

resist evil and encourage repentance

God says type Ammon to receive it

God is saying to you today

through the depths of our faith

repentance for sin is not merely a

fleeting emotion but a constant reminder

of our spiritual journey

as Christians we are called to remain in

a state of constant repentance deepening

our understanding of our own

shortcomings and striving to rise above


God says repentance is not a punishment

but a tool of Grace a reminder of the

power of love and mercy

God says have you ever paused to reflect

on the wide variety of blessings God has

bestowed on you perhaps he shielded you

from a future illness or intervened to

prevent a potentially fatal accident

take a moment to be thankful for his

Divine favor


type amen if you agree


God says to you I am so blessed to have

been safeguarded by the Lord countless

times and I can only fathom the moments

of Deliverance that I was unaware of

I am grateful for his unending care even

when I was unaware our God is amazing

and worthy of all praise amen

God says my story is bursting with

beautiful lessons valuable opportunities

and Powerful insights I’m grateful for

the strength to turn it around

the peace I found within and the grace

that has renewed my life

do not hesitate to begin Anew this time

you are armed with the wisdom of



God says no matter how much you may

stumble you are always God’s beloved


he understands your struggles and offers

you unconditional love seek his

forgiveness and Grace when you make

mistakes and you will find Redemption

and prosperity


God wants you to hear this today

if all seems Bleak and uncertain take

courage you may just be the one to like

the way

believe in yourself even in the most

dire of times your faith can bloom and

Blossom Jesus Christ understands your

hardships but he loves you

unconditionally and condemningly


share this with someone who needs it

God says no matter how intimidating the

future may seem God has a much greater

plan for you don’t limit God’s abilities

by expressing your troubles instead

bring them to him and remember that he

is a mighty God

difficult times provide us with a unique

opportunity to confront our mistakes and

grow as people

God says do not view your struggles as a

punishment for they are a gift from the


failure is a fundamental building block

of success every time you stumble and

Rise you are developing the invaluable

trait of resilience your power comes

from how you handle adversity

God wants you to know this today no need

to fret God is always cognizant of your

prayers ever aware of your tears and

never indifferent to your anguish he

listens he perceives and he shall bring

help one fortified by God is Unbreakable

remember life is about taking control

and making the best of what comes your


Comet amen if you agree

finally after watching this video from

God says time is running out don’t

ignore God’s message I can say that we

should always remember to listen to the

messages that God has given us we should

never take these messages lightly and

always strive to follow God’s Will and

guidance in our lives

thank you

it’s your time to share I’m sure you’ve

already taken something important away

from this message God says time is

running out don’t ignore God’s message

what have you learned how has this

message inspired you to make changes in

your life what have you decided to do

differently because of what you heard

perhaps you feel convicted to spend more

time in prayer or to make better use of

your time maybe you’ve decided to reach

out to those in need or to take care of

yourself better whatever it is I’d love

to hear your thoughts and experiences in

the comments section of this video let’s

share and learn from each other

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it



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