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Gods Message Today: You Will Be Blessed If You Don’t Skip This |Powerful Blessings


foreign how often do you think about God

probably not as often as you should

but that’s okay because God has a very

important message for you today

if you heed this message you will be

blessed so don’t skip this video trust

me it’s worth your time

if you listen to what God has to say you

will be blessed beyond measure so don’t

skip it because it could be the best

thing you’ve ever heard let’s get


God says

continue to have faith in yourself and

in the plans God has for your life

don’t be discouraged by the negative

words of others for they are not your

God or your creator

believe in yourself and in what the Lord

has in store for you

God says trust in the Lord and don’t be

swayed by the lies of others

don’t be discouraged by the chaos of

life but instead keep your eyes on Jesus

and his truth he will never disappoint

God is saying to you today

Peter knew that when the Lord commands

nothing is too difficult so he said

because you say so and the impossible

became possible let us also lay down our

Nets and trust that the Lord will


if you watch this video to the end God

will give you something really

surprising today watch this video till

the end in trust in God’s power

God says when the angel brought the

Lord’s message to Mary even though it

seemed impossible she accepted it with

faith and Joy saying I trust in your

word blessed be the Lord Jesus is here

the king of Heaven is here the Bible

says in John to .

in the beginning was the word

and the Word was with God and the Word

was God he is ready to release his word

upon your life

but what will you do at his word

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says it’s time to recognize the

strength and perseverance you have shown

in the face of adversity have faith and

take the necessary steps to make your

successes come to life naaman’s journey

to health was not easy it was a journey

of trust courage and dedication so take

heart and take the plunge the rewards

will be well worth it

God says type yes to affirm


God says to you Elijah’s direction to

Naman to go and wash in the Jordan River

was not just a random suggestion it was

a divinely appointed command through

faith and obedience Naaman found his

healing from an unexpected Source

God says we can trust the God’s

instructions though they may seem

illogical will ultimately lead to our

healing and restoration


God says take a leap of faith and put

your trust in God you won’t be

disappointed when God intervened in the

ancient Israelite situation all he asked

of Moses was his Rod this simple tool

was used to perform incredible Miracles

when God enters your life amazing things

are sure to follow

God wants you to hear this today believe

in yourself and the power of your own

will possession or gift you have the

capability to achieve great things allow

yourself to embrace the potential within

you and you will discover Miracles

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours if you watch

this video to the end

God says Martha’s words to Jesus

demonstrate the power of his timing that

despite the fact that four days had

passed in the eyes of men

he had arrived exactly on time in God’s


when he intervened a new chapter of Hope

and promise began

God says the sorrowful tears of the past

have been replaced by sheer joy as soon

as he arrives the desolate region is

suddenly filled with abundance

the Forgotten and the Overlook become

powerful leaders when the all-powerful

god intervenes timid individuals become

Brave Warriors of strength and courage

God wants you to know this today when

you have put in your greatest effort God

will arrive he will not simply appear he

will become visible it may be sudden

unanticipated and Beyond the natural

don’t attempt to rationalize it allow

the Divine to work its magic

type yes if you need this

God says no matter what difficulty

you’re facing don’t be discouraged

miraculously God is there to help you

out your struggles will be illuminated

by the presence of God through Jesus

name trust that whatever happens is

beyond your understanding but ultimately

for your good

God says when the Lord has completed his

work the evidence of his goodness will

be yours forever

the children of Israel rejoiced in

singing to the almighty and you too

shall sing praises

David Rose up against the giant with

courage and strength and so too shall

you Triumph in the face of adversity


God has a message for you today

the Lord is ever present with you and

now in the name of Jesus believe and

receive the miracle you seek

God says have faith in God’s promises

never let doubt overwhelm you

don’t let despair or frustration take

root in your heart trust that God will

bring his word to pass

don’t give the devil an opportunity to

influence your thoughts

if you agree leave a thank you God



God says let us declare God’s promises

each and every day speak his word with

conviction and watch the enemy Retreat

when you are hit with waves of doubt and

uncertainty arm yourself with a powerful

sword of the spirit and witness the

devil’s defeat Hallelujah


God says you are not reading this by

accident life is an opportunity to rise

and shine with the Lord on your side you

have the potential to be unstoppable

when you choose to follow Jesus you have

taken a step towards a journey of

success and fulfillment

believe in yourself and know that you

have the strength to conquer any

obstacle that comes your way

God says never give up the faith and

equip yourself with the Lord’s

protection you have an ally in Jesus who

knows what it’s like to battle and


now is the time to stand your ground

persevere and keep fighting the good


if you believe it please share the video


God says no matter how many times you

fall never forget that this is not a

knockout with God on your side you have

all the strength you need to keep

fighting and never let your guard down

don’t give your opponents a chance to

take advantage of you but rather stay

determined and never give up


God is saying to you today believe in

yourself and push through you will reach

Victory think about the possibilities go

in a New Direction and keep striving

forward follow my guidance

and you will have a future filled with

joy and abundance


God says

I am confident in God’s loving plan for


when I look up to the sky I am filled

with joy and give thanks for the faith

that I have that he is at work I know

that whatever I ask of him with sincere

belief I can expect to receive

God says believe in yourself and you

will witness the Majesty of the Almighty

with God’s presence a house can become a


there is no limit to what God can do he

can use anyone he desires and speak in

any manner he chooses he has the ability

to travel anywhere and at any time

God says type Amen to receive it


God says to you let us put our faith in

God and trust that he has the best plan

for us no matter how difficult things

may seem be encouraged that God’s plan

is greater good things are still to come

just have patience and trust in the Lord

God says spread love and encouragement

to those in need and stay on the path

that God has chosen for you you never

know what blessings May lie ahead we can

trust that God in his perfect Justice

will always reward those who do what is



God says if you strive to be a good

example setting a positive example for

others you can be sure that God will

recognize and reward your actions he is

fair and just and therefore qualified to

judge the world with perfect


type amen if


finally after watching this amazing

video all the way here I can confidently

say that I’m so blessed and thankful to

have seen it God’s message was so

powerful and encouraging

it’s the reminder we all need from time

to time it was truly a blessing and I’m

so glad that I didn’t skip it

now it’s your turn

tell me in the comments section of this

video what have you learned from God’s

message today

if you take the time to read and reflect

on his words you will be blessed

don’t skip this it’s an opportunity to

grow closer to God and gain insight into

his word he has something special to

share with you so take a few moments to

sit in his presence and be filled with

his love and wisdom take this chance to

learn more about God and how he can help

you in your life I’m confident that you

will find something in his message that

will bring you closer to him and make

your life more meaningful


God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


thank you

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