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God’s Precious Message: MY PEACE CALMS YOU | God Message Today | God Say

God message today my child this message

is a special gift just for you I’ve

chosen this moment to reach out because

there’s something vital I need to share

within this video lies a sign a miracle

mint for your eyes only please give it

your attention let’s embark on this

journey together listen closely for my

words are here to guide Inspire enlight

your path forward God said says my

dearest child I Am With You Always as

you begin your day your week your

journey through life know that you are

never alone my presence surrounds you

and folds you and goes before you I have

seen your struggles heard your cries and

felt your pains I am here to tell you

that everything is handled believe in

that truth my child your challenges your

worries the mountains you feel you

cannot climb I have already scaled them

for you the victory is yours claim it

with a joyful heart and a peaceful mind

walk in confidence knowing that the

battles you face are already won there

is no need to fear for my love casts out

all fear I know the world can be a harsh

place I see how easily discouragement

can come how quickly others can try to

pull you down but remember you are mine

and you are not of this world you are

meant to rise above it to soar on wings

like eagles to run and not grow weary to

walk and not be faint hold fast to this

promise and let it carry you through the

toughest of days let your life be a

testament to your trust in me show the

world what it means to live not by sight

but by faith faith in my goodness faith

in my Mercy Faith In My Endless Love For

You in times of Darkness let my light

shine through you open your heart wide

not just to me but to those around you

let your words your actions your very

life be a Beacon of Hope and a source of

comfort my child you are my vessel

through you I desire to show compassion

to offer healing to extend love each day

presents a new opportunity to make a

difference to touch a life to reflect my

grace Embrace these opportunities with

open arms be bold be courageous be

loving and in all things remember I love

you more deeply than you can ever

comprehend my love is not conditional

not fleeting not limited it is eternal

unwavering and

all-encompassing Rest In This Love let

it fill you up until it overflows and

Spills out into the world around you for

when my children Walk In Love they truly

walk in my ways so today and every day

step forward with the assurance that all

is well the victory is yours the path is

made clear and my glory is your rear

guard you are my beloved in whom I am

well pleased walk with your head held

high Your Heart full of my love and your

spirit empowered by my strength the

world needs your light and I am counting

on you to shine brightly my beloved as

you shine brightly in this world

remember that your journey is not just

about reaching a destination but about

nurturing and growing along the way each

step you take is part of a larger plan

meticulously crafted with infinite

wisdom and boundless love Embrace each

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