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God’s Precious Message: STAY CLOSE TO ME | God Message Today

God message today my dear child have you

ever felt lost looking for answers to

Life’s big questions have you ever

searched for a greater purpose a reason

to exist beyond what the eye can see

what I’m about to reveal to you is like

a sacred map revealing the path to a

life full of meaning purpose and

spiritual fulfillment no matter where

you are on your Journey of Faith these

truths will resonate within you like a

welcoming voice guiding you closer to

the loving Embrace of the Creator so

settle back open your heart and allow

these Divine words to envelop you

bringing healing comfort and Lasting

inspiration this is an invitation to

find the inner peace we so long for and

to ReDiscover the hope that moves

mountains God says my beloved child I

see you I see your weariness the weight

on your shoulders and the stress that

clouds your thoughts you feel

overwhelmed as if the Sea of life is

sweeping over you pulling you deeper

into its depths but hear my words this

evening my child for I am here with you

always at your side remember I am your

refuge and strength an everpresent help

in times of trouble do not fear when you

feel the Earth give way beneath you or

when the mountains crumble Into the

Heart of the sea for I am the Lord your

God who takes hold of your right hand

and says to you do not fear I will help

you let me remind you of the promise of

my presence just as I was with Moses so

I am with you I will never leave you nor

forsake you take comfort in knowing that

my love for you is unending and does not

waver based on the circumstances you


in the darkest nights I am your light

and your salvation Whom Shall you fear

tonight I want to reassure you that I

have your back not just now but always I

understand your struggles and the

burdens you carry I feel your pain and I

cry with you but I also have the power

to transform your tears into Joy trust

in me for my plans for you are perfect

they are plans to prosper for you and

not to harm you plans to give you hope

and a future therefore do not be anxious

about anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your requests to God and the

peace of God which transcends all

understanding will guard your hearts and

your minds in Christ Jesus imagine this

every new morning is a Divine gift for

me an opportunity to experience my

mercies which are new every day even in

your trials I am fashioning you into a

vessel of my strength you are being

prepared to soar on wings like eagles

you will run and not grow weary you will

walk and not be faint so hold fast to

the faith you profess for I am faithful

who promised be strong and courageous do

not be terrified

do not be discouraged for I your Lord

will be with you wherever you go my

blessings are on their way to you

reminding you of my eternal commitment

to your well-being remember my child you

are more than a conqueror through him

who loves you the victory is already

yours stand firm in this truth and know

that I am always in your corner

championing your cause and cheering you

on tonight as you close your eyes rest

in the Assurance of My Embrace feel my

peace envelop you let my love overflow

in your heart and wash away your worries

you are mine and I am yours forever my

son so as you face the challenges ahead

remember that I have equipped you with

every good thing you need to persevere

and overcome I have bestowed upon you a

spirit of power love and a sound mind

let this spirit guide you in every

decision every step in every moment of

Doubt never forget that you are not

walking this journey alone I am the

shepherd who leads you beside Still

Waters and restores your soul when you

find yourself in the valley of Shadows

fear no evil for I am with you my rod

and my staff they comfort you I prepare

a table before you in the presence of

your enemies and I anoint your head with

oil your cup overflows as you look to

the days ahead keep your eyes fixed on

me seek first my kingdom and my

righteousness and all these things will

be given to you as well do not worry

about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry

about itself each day has enough trouble

of its own but also enough blessings

enough Grace and enough of my PR

presence embrace your calling my child

you are chosen not forsaken I have

appointed you to go and bear fruit fruit

that will last let your light so shine

before others that they may see your

good deeds and glorify your father in

Heaven remember in every moment of

weakness my power is made perfect when

you are weak then you are strong because

my grace is sufficient for you so let my

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