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God’s Promise: Money or Miracle Awaits You in 1 Hour – Prophetic Word & Money Prayer


have you ever heard of the saying God

says anyone who touches this will

receive money or a miracle within an


well in this video I’m going to talk

about what this saying means and how you

can make it work in your life

I’m going to tell you a powerful story

about a man who was promised by God that

he would receive money or a miracle

within one hour of touching the specific

object this is an amazing story of faith

and I hope it will inspire you to have

faith in God for your own Miracles

God says no matter what challenge you

are facing today have faith that I will

always be with you not necessarily in

body or strength but in spirit I will go

first stand beside you and walk behind

you you will never have to face any

situation on your own the Lord Almighty

assures you of his presence

God says have faith in yourself and

never give up on your dreams

you are capable of achieving anything

you set your mind to use your own power

and passion to get there and you will be

rewarded with a divine blessing believe

in yourself take action and keep pushing

forward success is within your reach

God is saying to you today you can trust

in me

I am here to bring renewal and

restoration to your life I will light

the way forward for you

I have done it before and will do it

again although you may be feeling

overwhelmed by your current

circumstances know that there is hope

for a brighter tomorrow

if you believe it please share the video


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God says no matter your current

circumstances I am here for you I will

never forget you or your family I am

sending Solutions your way just keep

going and believe your Miracle is closer

than you think and The Best Is Yet To

Come I understand your struggles

confusion and pain but I am here to help

you through them


God says

witnessing your sorrow I bring you a

blessing for each tear and for every

restless night the pain you’re feeling

will soon be replaced by Divine favor

Solutions and blessings enough of this

stagnant Place get up and move forward

empowered by hope and a bright future

God says to you believe in yourself and

take a leap of faith there is a special

plan for your success waiting for you to

discover it God has heard your prayers

and seen your tears know that anything

is possible with his help from

overcoming financial difficulties to

Healing physical ailments to restoring

broken relationships thank you

God says type Amen to receive it

God says he will make a path for you

this week and you can achieve anything

with faith God has seen your hard work

and by the end of this month your

efforts will be rewarded with

congratulations I have faith in you and

your future it will be filled with

success progress and joy

God says keep believing and trusting

that your best days are ahead you are

about to embark on a New Journey and

will go from Longing To achieving I am

taking your suffering and using it to

fuel your strength taking your worries

and turning them into clarity

and turning your troubles into


I will turn any Misfortune into success


God wants you to hear this today it’s

time for you to shine you are never

alone I’m here to guide and encourage

you let me show you the way my angels

are with you every step of the way take

a deep breath and have faith in yourself

I have great plans in store for you


type Ammon if you agree

God says your future holds possibilities

beyond what you can dream of so keep

believing and stay hopeful

The Best Is Yet To Come

a divine blessing is on its way and you

have loving angels watching over you the

holy spirit will show you the way and

healing is on the horizon no harm will

come to you


God says your financial prosperity will

flourish when you are guided and

protected you will reap the rewards all

of your needs will be fulfilled you’re

on the correct course I am leading you

to remarkable possibilities and

unprecedented success persevere in your

efforts and witness your aspirations

become reality


God wants you to know this today

prepare for New Beginnings open yourself

up to the possibilities of great

potential be ready to receive divine


unexpected Joy is coming your way you

will run into the right person at the

right time your health will be restored

and soon you will have more than enough

to pay off your debts and provide for

your children

share this with someone who needs it

God says the tide is turning in your

favor a new chapter is about to begin

leading you in a direction of Greater

success and abundance

the difficult times you have been

enduring or coming to an end and you

will soon be presented with a multitude

of opportunities and blessings keep the

faith and be patient The Best Is Yet To



God says believe in the power of the

present moment

Miracles are about to occur

may the Lord in heaven replenish the

strength of those who have been waiting

and those who have felt forgotten and

let them know that you are near

restore their trust in the name of Jesus


God has a message for you today as you

read these words know that your soul is

being touched by the voice of God you

weren’t just randomly LED here

God has a purpose for bringing you this

message he is creating a path of Hope

and healing for you right now trust in

him and be filled with strength and


Comet amen if you agree

God says believe in yourself and know

that a unique and wonderful opportunity

awaits you he will meant what is broken

and restore your relationships have

faith and know that a breakthrough is

right around the corner there will be no

danger to you and no sickness in your


God says God will send his angels to

guard you in all places you go be still

and know that I am God Psalm verse

declare today that you won’t stress over

things that are out of your control

people will be people and jobs will be

jobs but one thing is for sure God will

be God let him handle it instead of

worrying about anything Focus your

attention on praying


watch this video to the end God will

give you something really surprising

today watch this video till the end and

Trust in God’s power


God says you are not reading this by

accident let us be ever grateful for all

the Lord has done and ask him for what

we need

for the Philippians today’s reminder is

to have faith instead of fretting he has

the best plan for your life

an effective prayer to say is God may

your will be done

God says let your faith be strong know

that God can and will change your

situation the trials that you face will

toughen you and God will use them to

bring about his good plan trust in the

Lord’s guidance and never forget that he

is with you at all times

type yes to claim this

God says in six months I’m going to be a

new and improved version of myself

spiritually physically mentally and

financially even if I don’t reach my

goals I have faith that God will lead me

to where I need to be

Don’t Be Afraid God has a plan for you

and his power is greater than any

obstacle you may face

God says to you you will be restored and

healed I am here to guide You Back to

Wellness I will be the light that helps

you find your way

I have done this before and I will do it


breakthroughs are coming your way

the trials are over and it’s time for

blessings God will bless you in

unimaginable ways

God says this month will be your best

month of the year just believe in him

type I believe in God to affirm

God says be prepared and thankful

now God has told you Todd that a new

period of success is upon you your hard

work has paid off and your faith has

been rewarded you have won the battle

and you can never give up you have

earned this moment


finally after watching this video all

the way through I can confidently say

that I believe God is saying that anyone

who touches this will receive money or a

miracle within one hour though it may

seem like a stretch I truly believe that

if you have faith and put your trust in

the Lord he will provide for you in some


now it’s your turn

tell me in the comments of this video

what you’ve learned from God’s promise

that anyone who touches this will

receive money or a miracle within an


have you seen a miracle like this in

your own life

do you know someone who has experienced

a miracle in a short period of time what

lessons of Faith have you taken away

from this promise I’m sure there are

many inspiring stories out there and I’m

excited to hear them God says to you if

you’re a true follower of God watch this

video and share it with someone who

needs it


thank you


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