God’s Question to Humanity: Do You Love Me? If yes, Don’t skip this | God Message for You Today


what would you do if God asked you a


and not just any question but the most

important one do you love me

the existence of God

is a question that has baffled Humanity

for centuries

many people have their own theories and

opinions but the one thing that we can

all agree on is that we don’t know for


in this video I’ll share God’s question

to humanity and why it’s so important

that we answer it let’s get started


God says trust in the Lord and his plan

for your life let go of your worries and

know that he is in control God is full

of power and strength and he will use it

to bless you in miraculous ways today is

your day to Rejoice for the Lord is

doing wonderful things in your life

and you will feel This Joy

God says trust in the Lord and He will

show you the way to heaven

he will take your hand and guide you

through life’s paths from the beginning

of time God had a plan for your life

that would bring you Abundant Blessings

and success believe in his plan for you

for it is truly beautiful

God is saying to you today

Jesus Reigns Supreme and he is Sovereign

over all there is no need to worry for

he is in charge of it all

type Amen to catch these vibes

God says as long as you stay true and

honest in your work God will support you

and Stand By Your Side he will give you

the insight to act properly and to come

out Victorious with Abundant Blessings

and his constant companionship in all

your endeavors

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says the Lord will bless those who

love him with prosperity

you have been uniquely favored and held

in great affection you will be

abundantly successful

God says to you spending time with the

Lord reading his word and waiting for

him to speak to us is of utmost

importance every day when we seek his

presence he bestows his blessing upon us

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says

today you may be faced with daunting

tasks but through God’s power and Grace

you will be able to achieve them the

Lord is aware of you and will bless you

with abundance have faith and be

empowered by the knowledge that you can

accomplish anything

God says the Lord has crafted a

magnificent world and takes Delight in

those who have chosen to follow him

true faith and devotion you have become

one of his cherished people and he

smiles upon you with joy

God wants you to hear this today

believing in God and surrendering to his

will is the ultimate Act of Faith and in

return you will be given the name of the

almighty God

you will be known as his beloved child

embracing the Lord’s presence in our

lives is the key to Authentic Living

and leads us to life in Jesus

God says are you ready to receive it


type Amen to receive it


God says the Lord will bring you peace

and be your loving father he will take

charge of your life and provide for you

God will Enlighten you and show you the

beauty of his miraculous Works he will

guide you to follow the path of his plan

for you

God says God’s house is a place of glory

and grace a place where you can draw

closer to the Lord and truly be

Sanctified when you open your heart to

the Lord and accept his love he will

make you blossom into the person you

were always meant to be


God wants you to know this today with

the Lord on your side there is nothing

that can come against you he will be

with you every step of the way guiding

and protecting you all the way to the


God says are you ready

type yes if you are ready

God says the Lord Treasures you for

coming to him for his blessings today

his word is faithful and true and in

Jesus Christ he will fulfill all he has

promised for your life

God says put on the Lord and his light

will shine upon you replace your old

unhealthy habits with a commitment to

live in the light of Jesus and discover

all the goodness and joy that await you

thank you

God has a message for you today

by living our lives in accordance with

God’s teachings we are able to radiate

his light allowing others to gain

insight and understanding our actions

speak louder than words and can be a

Beacon of Hope leading all who witness

them closer to the Lord


God says no matter how you feel or how

far you have strayed God has had a

beautiful plan for your life since

before time began he is ready to meet

you wherever you are and guide you down

the path that is meant just for you

type thank you God if you believe

God says the almighty is full of mercy

and Grace this generous God is with you

bestowing favor and blessings on you

especially at this time when you reach

out to him

when you put your heart into your

actions the Lord will entrust you with

greater tasks knowing that you will

carry them out with all your might

God says you are not reading this by


embrace the strength and courage that

the Lord gives you he is always with you

and his love is unfailing make an effort

to choose the path of Faith relying on

God’s word over that of men

a humble Spirit devoted to God and

serving others is sure to be most

favorably received by him

it’s when we remain steadfast in the

face of adversity God will bring glory

to our lives

we must stay humble and trust in him

believing that his timing is perfect and

he will eventually raise us up

tyke yes if you believe

God says the holy spirit is the bridge

that connects us to communion with god

with the spirit’s Aid we can be free and

experience a closer relationship with

God God May sometimes delay a blessing

for us so that everyone will recognize

that it came from him and not from

anyone else your Miracle is coming just

hold on to him

God is saying to you today no matter

what we do let us do it with all our

might just as in the Bible it is written

that a servant has to serve his master

we too should devote ourselves fully to

serving the lord when we turn to Jesus

he doesn’t let us stay in our current

circumstances he works in Our Hearts

Transforming Our situation into

something better


God says no matter how Bleak your

circumstances may seem if you have faith

in the power of prayer you will be

granted answers

the Lord is always there to listen and

help those who call out to him

watch this video to the end

God will give you something really

surprising today

watch this video till the end and Trust

in God’s power

God says he is capable of showering you

with blessings so great that he will be

overflowing with his goodness you can be

sure to experience the Divine favor of

the Almighty


God says to you trust in the Lord and He

will guide you on your journey his plans

are greater than yours and he will help

you fulfill them take comfort in his

promises and you will experience freedom

and wholeness hold fast to his

faithfulness and he will Vanquish your

anxieties like David in the Bible

God says God’s immense love for you is

unparalleled and he who sacrificed his

life for you will continue to bestow

upon you the greatest gifts God promises

you today that the power you possess is


God says God is ready to do all things

for you God the son adores you deeply

and you are extraordinary individuals in

his eyes

you are of Great Value to the Lord

God says type yes to affirm

God wants you to hear this today the

Divine strength of God is unfathomable

allowing him to do the seemingly

impossible for you his Endless Love will

be with you through thick and thin

providing comfort and security each day

when you commit yourself to Jesus your

family bonds will be unbreakable

God says allow the lord to bless you

with a life of unparalleled Beauty he

pledges to make you thrive like the

Garden of Eden where Perfection reigned

through our kind-hearted Behavior we can

reach out to those far from God

be patient with them and show them the

unconditional love of God that will

transform their lives

finally after watching this incredible

video all the way up to the point where

God asks the ultimate question do you

love Humanity I can confidently say this

if your answer is an emphatic yes don’t

skip ahead take the time to really

consider what this means to you love is

a powerful emotion and understanding it

and its implications in your life can

have a profound effect on your overall


now my friends it is your turn to tell

me in the comments of this video what

you have learned from God’s question to


do you love me if the answer is yes then

I strongly encourage you to take a few

moments to listen to what I have to say

because it could very well change your


God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it





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