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GOD’S SECRET MESSAGE TO YOU | God Says | god’s message today | God miracles today | God Message

God’s message for you today my child you

are undergoing a profound metamorphosis

evolving into a reflection of my Essence

transitioning from one Realm Of Glory to

another in trust this Monumental task to

my spirit surrender yourself to my

Divine ways wisdom and will amid life’s

adversities refrain from squandering


trials instead thece me to utilize them

in your Evolution towards a greater

semblance of my being engage in a

process of becoming your authentic self

shaped by my transformative touch be

prepared to share in my sufferings thus

sharing in my

magnificence while your challenges may

appear substantial and unending in truth

they are fleeting and weightless when ju

opposed with the Everlasting Splendor

they are procuring for you this warrants

your gratitude during trying times and

your praise during persistent

tribulations such Duality serves a

two-fold purpose your expressions of

gratitude amidst hardship elevate my

glory and your thankfulness propels your

journey from one state of Glory to

another do not hesitate to embrace the

joy I bestow upon you it flows

abundantly as you bask in my presence

through the luminance of My Affection

your transformation progresses moving

You from One Glory to the next the

moments spent in communion with me

unveil the profound dimensions of my

boundless love for

you sometimes the relationship I extend

might seem almost implausibly

benevolent I Infuse you with my very

essence and all that is required is your

acceptance in a world characterized by

ceaseless striving the injunction to

rest and receive may appear deceptively

simple the Nexus between receiving and

believing is intricate your growing

trust in me facilitates the Abundant

reception of both myself and my

blessings cease your endeavors

momentarily and recognize my

Divinity confusion may assail you at

times when circumstances confound reason

and your efforts yielded little such

unwavering trust born of authentic

perplexity Delights me for I perceive


authenticity invite me into your

struggles allowing me to draw near

While others may not comprehend your

plight fully I possess perfect

comprehension find solace in knowing

that you are not alone amidst your

trials I stand with you ceaselessly

watching over you enduring trials can

Drain Your vitality and erode hope

challenging Your Capacity to maintain

faith in me yet I have bestowed upon you

an extraordinary Ally the Holy Spirit a

Wellspring of unfaltering

strength beseech his Aid saying I

entrust you Jesus assist me Holy Spirit

rather than striving to resolve all

predicaments simply Repose in my

presence trusting in the existence of a

path forward though it remains obscured

I shall guide you along this path

despite its occasional roughness in the

face of adversity cleave steadfastly to

me as your soul clings to mine my right

hand shall sustain you every individual

regardless of past actions or perceived

value has the potential for profound

transformation through the continuous

flow of my Limitless affection do not be

disheartened by the confines of

religiosity with its regulations and

verdicts my love necessitates no merit

through Deeds for my compassion

transcends all judgment it is my

benevolence that beckons you to turn to

towards me pause and reflect my children

for I declare that my love shines as a

Beacon of Hope it does not demand

Perfection before extending its Embrace

rather it infolds you in your current

state nurturing change from within just

as a Healer tends to the ailing I extend

my hand to those shattered and a drift

amidst the tumult of this world amidst

the males enveloping this realm

recognize that the solution resides in

my cherished son Jesus Christ he

embodies the remedy for afflictions that

plague Your

Existence comprehend this eternal Verity

my unconditional love wields

unparalleled potency capable of

triumphing over malevolence and

rejuvenating weary

Souls Perfection is not my demand I seek

your heart’s openness and your

willingness to undergo

transformation therefore dispel fear for

my love shall guide you through tempests

Illuminating a path of redemption and

Grace recall my son’s words extoling

Mercy’s victory over judgment and let

your heart brim with unending hope

unfurl your hearts to receive the

Embrace of my love and witness the

Miracles it shall work within you

comfort does not arise solely from rule

adherence but from the profound personal

connection my son

offers Embrace this relationship for it

holds the key to unleashing the potency

of my Love In The Name of Jesus you can

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accept Jesus Christ as your lord and

savior I urge you to receive God’s grace

with an open and repentant heart

discover the Divine solution to your

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assured that we are actively lifting up

each request to God that is in

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the power of prayer to bring Comfort

healing and guidance in accordance with

God’s perfect plan to God be all the

glory May the grace and peace of our our

Lord Jesus Christ be with you God bless

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