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God is saying to you

today my beloved child pause amidst the

clamor of this day and meet me in the

Stillness allow your soul to Exhale

releasing the burdens you

carry in this Sacred Space turn your

gaze upon the Abundant Blessings that

surround you blessings that can be so

easily obscured when the Shadows Of Life


large your very existence is a miracle a

sacred gift the breath that fills your

lungs the heart that beats within your

chest These Are Not Mere biological

functions but tangible expressions of my


Grace you are fearfully and wonderfully

made a masterpiece crafted by my own

hands never doubt your worth or purpose

for they are eternally sealed by my

unfailing love for

you as you navigate the twists and turns

of your Earthly Journey remember that

you do not walk

alone my presence envelopes you like a

cloak of light shielding you from the

darkness that seeks to assail

you when the enemy Whispers lies into

your mind attempting to erode your peace

and confidence boldly declare the truth

of who you

are in me you are more than a conqueror

empowered by The Same Spirit that raised

Christ from the dead in moments of worry

or fear when the weight of

responsibility threatens to overwhelm

you anchor your heart to the unshakable

foundation of my

faithfulness I am your provider your

healer your

Defender no force in heaven or on Earth

can snatch you from my mighty

hand trust that I am working all things

together for your good even when the

path ahead seems shrouded in

uncertainty as the dawn of each new day

breaks let your first utterance be one

of gratitude for a thankful heart is a

magnet for my blessings attracting

provision and favor like a flower

attracts the warmth of the

sun when you choose to fix your thoughts

on what is true Noble right pure lovely

and admirable you create an atmosphere

conducive to

Miracles expectancy Rises faith is

ignited and the impossible becomes

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Jesus I Delight in hearing your voice my

child pour out your heart to me without

hesitation or

Reserve speak to me of your hopes and

dreams your fears and

struggles entrust your deepest longings

to my care knowing that I am able to do

immeasurably more than you could ever

ask or

imagine my year is attentive to your

every prayer and my hand is extended to

guide and support

you in a world that often feels chaotic

and unpredictable find rest in the

unchanging nature of my love for

you human affection May waver

relationships May shift like sand

beneath your feet but my devotion to you

remains steadfast and

sure I will never leave you nor forsake

you when others disa point or betray you

run into the shelter of My

Embrace allow my perfect love to mend

your Brokenness and restore your

hope remember my precious one you are

never truly

alone even in your darkest hour when

loneliness threatens to engulf you I am

there I see every tear that

falls I feel every ache within your soul

draw near to me and I will draw near to

you lean into my strength when your own


you my grace is sufficient for you and

my power is made perfect in your

weakness as you step out into the day

ahead do so with boldness and

confidence you are anointed and

appointed for such a time as

this the gift gifts and talents I have

placed within you are not meant to lie

dormant but to be Unleashed for my glory

and the benefit of others type if

you believe in

Jesus refuse to shrink back in fear or

doubt for I have called you by name and

equipped you for every good

work when challenges arise and obstacles

block your path remember that you serve

a God who specializes in the impossible

speak to your mountains with authority

declaring them to be moved in jesus’

name wield the sword of my spirit which

is the word of God against every attack

of the

enemy stand firm in your identity as a

child of the most high knowing that

Victory is already yours in

Christ as you prioritize time in my

presence drinking deeply from the wealth

spring of my love you will find your

spirit refreshed and your perspective

renewed the cares of this world will

fade in comparison to the eternal glory

that awaits

you keep your eyes fixed on the Unseen

realm trusting that your light and

momentary troubles are achieving for you

an eternal glory that far outweighs them

all my beloved child never doubt the

depths of my affection for

you it is a love that surpasses

understanding a love that led me to

sacrifice my only son on your

behalf you are the apple of my eye the

object of my ceaseless

Delight I Rejoice over you with singing

quieting you with my

love in my eyes you are precious honored

and cherished beyond

measure so come to me my child with open

arms and an expectant

heart allow me to Lavish you with the

riches of my grace to fill you with a

joy that cannot be

contained bask in the freedom of my

spirit knowing that nothing can separate

you from my boundless

love I am yours and you are mine now and

forever more type Amen in the name of

Jesus as you carry my word words with

you throughout your day may they ignite

a flame of hope within your

soul may they remind you of your true

identity in purpose anchoring you in the

truth of who I am and who you are in

me you are loved you are chosen you are

destined for

greatness walk in the confidence of that

knowledge and watch as I open doors that

no one can

shut remember my child

I am always with

you I will never leave your side even

when the storms of life rage around

you I will be your anchor when the path

ahead seems dark and

uncertain I will be your Guiding

Light trust in my unfailing love lean

into my infinite wisdom and watch as I

move mountains on your

behalf you are not defined by your past

mistakes mistakes or

failures you are not limited by your

current circumstances or

challenges in me you are a new creation

with a future full of Hope and

promise embrace the Abundant Life I have

called you to knowing that I am able to

do far more than you could ever ask or

imagine so take heart my precious

one though the journey May be difficult

at times I am with you every step of the

way I am your strength when you are weak

your comfort when you are hurting your

peace in the midst of

chaos lean into my love and allow it to

transform you from the inside

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blessings that you are about to receive

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$ as you go about your day may you be

a beacon of light in a world that so

desperately needs it may your words

bring healing your actions bring hope

and your presence bring

joy you are my hands and feet on this

Earth a Living testament to the power of


love so hold fast to my promises my

child stand firm in the truth of who you

are in me and never forget that you are

loved with an everlasting love a love

that knows no

bounds I am with you always fighting for

you and working all things together for


good you are my masterpiece my beloved

child and my heart overflows with love


you rest in that love today and allow it

to fill you with the strength and

courage you need to face whatever lies

ahead I am with you I am for you and I

will never let you

go my beloved child I’m here with you

speaking words of life into your very

being no force in heaven or Earth can

dislodge you from the place of belonging

I have prepared for

you in this moment I’m infusing your

spirit with Pure Radiant

Joy let it permeate every fiber

rejuvenating your strength and

reigniting the fire of passion and

purpose within

you Embrace fully the sacred invitation

I extend to you now an invitation into a

life of breathtaking Beauty and meaning

beyond what you have yet

known inhale deeply of my loving words

and let them nourish your soul

fueling your growth in both wisdom and

compassion type I embrace my power to

affirm with each New Dawn release the

burdens of past pain and regret for

there is no longer any need to languish

in suffering or self

approach immerse yourself in the

cleansing Waters of my forgiveness which

I lavish upon you without reservation

and know with utmost certainty that I am

with you always in the secret sanctuary

of your heart sensing my constant

presence enveloping you in safety and

peace whether you wake or

sleep I am attuned to your every cry and

I need no special phrasing or formulas

only the sincere voice of your heart

calling out to

me in your moments of desperation when

the simple word help is all you can

muster I am there

when you collapse under the crushing

weight of life and anguish is your only

language my hand will lift you

up when the ache within you chokes out I

can’t do this anymore I will be the

strength that carries

you and in the Stillness when I gather

you into my arms cradling your exhausted

Soul against my chest listen for my

gentle whisper speaking precious words

of affirmation and belonging

hear me remind you again and again of

your infinite worth and the fierce

unrelenting love I have for

you you my child have unlimited direct

access to commune with

me with boldness and confidence approach

me and pour out your heart holding


back entrust your deepest needs and

desires to my capable hands for just as

it brings me great joy to hear your

voice so too do I Delight in responding


you I long for you to rest secure upheld

by my unshakable presence in every

circumstance refuse to Grant fear any

foothold you do not wait into the fry

alone I am your ready Ally in every

battle your everpresent help in times of

trouble no matter what

comes know that my ears are always

attentive to you like and share the

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love Jesus so strive with all your might

for the vibrant life and holy purpose I

have placed within

you devote yourself wholeheartedly to

the ones I have entrusted to your

care cherish your loved ones and be

fully present to them generously

investing your time and

attention Embrace each task before you

with diligence and faithfulness avoiding

Petty squabbles and fruitless

conflict turn your mind from the M of

toxic thoughts and instead fix your eyes

on that which is pure and

praiseworthy go through your days with a

heart overflowing with gratitude and


Joy stretch your arms heavenward and let

your life itself be an Anthem of

ceaseless praise under the boundless

blue of the

sky for I am the one who heals every

fractured place within

you I am the Divine remedy for all that

assails your soul your cherished ones

your yet unridden

future I hold them all securely in my

mighty tender

hands as you navigate the path before

you never lose sight of this unshakable

truth when the way grows dark and your

strength falters I will never leave or


you my commitment to you is unbreakable

my devotion

unending the portals of Heaven stand

ready to flood your life with blessings

immeasurable each one fashioned for you


name so abandon yourself to me


staking everything on my unfailing love

and indomitable power across the cosmos

the gears and levers of Destiny are

locking into place shifting and

arranging countless details to cast the

balance irreversibly in your

favor for I have decreed with

unassailable authority that lavish

abundance Divine wisdom Supernatural

increase and tailormade miracles are the

portion I have allocated to you and your

household type I’m abundant to affirm

Your Existence is no Cosmic

accident no random collocation of cells


synapses long before you drew your first

breath I knew you I fashioned you I saw

you I chose you and I have gone ahead of

you meticulously arranging your journey

down to the Last Detail

each Twist and Turn each Mountaintop and

Valley but of all the Staggering wonders

and Marvels I have prepared for you the

most spectacular the most extravagant by

far is my Fierce unwavering love for

you my passionate pursuit of your heart

rages undaunted across oceans of

separation and deserts of

wandering my devotion Burns unchanged by

the passage of time or the weight of sin

and failure for when you drift far from

my side I do not forget

you I do not disown

you I wait with baited breath scanning

The Horizon for your

return your missteps and detours do not

derail my purposes or dampen my

affection they do not provoke my wrath

or trigger my rejection

so reject the poison Whispers that tell


otherwise they are malicious lies from

the enemy of your soul designed to

Shackle you in shame and

despair when you come to me broken

humble undone acknowledging your need

for me I see in you a heart marked by

courage and

sincerity in your raw honesty your

refusal to cloak your struggles in

deception I find tremendous

Delight for naked vulnerability true

repentance born of love for me these are

infinitely more precious to me than a

veneer of hollow piety empty religious

pageantry and self-righteous

grandstanding type to show your

belief in Jesus hold no sway with

me I see straight through to the core of

who you are and I am captain activated

by the beauty I find

there your quiet Spirit the purity of

your heart the gentleness threading

through your very essence these are of

immense value to

me and though the path wins through

Shadows at times though you may stumble

and fall know this your story does not


there for with each new Sunrise comes

fresh hope renewed strength to rise From

the Ashes and soar again so silence the

voices of accusation both within and

without quiet your soul in my presence

and drink deeply of the wisdom and

Revelation I long to pour out to you an

intimate communion with me each

day and as you come to me in raw

humility moldable clay in My Loving

Hands watch in Wonder as I move on your

behalf opening FL Gates of blessing and

favor that will blow your mind and take

your breath

away watch me weave the loom of your

life with strands of stunning color and

wild undomesticated

beauty yet never forget my precious one

my love is not contingent on your

performance my heart is not for sale

requiring that you earn its

beat I am not after your dutiful s

sacrifice your begrudging obedience your

Feats of spiritual

acrobatics what I long for what I ache

for with every fiber of my being is you

all of

you I want your laughter and your tears

your fears and your

dreams I want your attention and your

affection I want your heart every broken

Shard and missing peace

so direct your gaze heavenward and catch

your Reflection In My Eyes of

delight I am with you I am for

you type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

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$ let that Assurance be the firm

ground beneath your feet the unshakable

Bedrock on which you build your days and

no matter how Fierce the battle rages

around you no matter how loud the enemy

Roars remember you have an Unstoppable

Ally fighting alongside

you I the mighty one The Sovereign of

Heaven’s armies am shielding you


you your problems no matter how Tangled

the knot or insurmountable the gods are

no match for my Limitless power and


wisdom the answers you seek the

breakthroughs you long for the Miracles

you await I have already set them in

motion they are on route to you

scheduled to arrive at precisely the

right moment by Royal

Courier so resist the pull to fret and

strive to grasp for control with white

knuckled intensity

instead open your hands to receive the

good gifts I give and trust my heart to

lead you each step of the

way for I am the master author the

consumate Storyteller the Divine

artist and I am crafting your destiny

with flawless precision and exquisite

beauty the road ahead is paved with


promise The Best Is Yet To Come

so Arise My Love shake off the dust of

doubt and drink in the Grandeur of my

vision for you the victories the

triumphs the crazy impossible made real

but the naysayers Fade Into irrelevance

and insignificance for their opinion

carries no weight with

me I alone hold the scales of your

identity your worth your destiny

type to manifest miracles in your

life and my verdict shouted in tones of

Thunder blazoned across galaxies

engraved on your heart is unchanging you

are mine you are magnificent you are the

object of my delight and the target of

my extravagant

affection and nothing you face can

thwart my plans for you nothing that

hell spews forth can sabotage the The

Saga of redemption and

restoration I am unfolding in your life

so steal your spine with fresh courage


grit clothe yourself in Grace drenched

tenacity the enemy has already been

checkmated by love the adversary stands

defeated and disarmed by My Sacrifice on


behalf the cross has cancelled the

accuser’s right to torment you to drag

you through the sewer of Shame and


so let my words of truth and life ring

loud and sink deep dispelling the

darkness and dissolving Every

Lie let my affirmations rewire your

thinking and recalibrate your

mindset when the onslaught of accusation

and condemnation comes flee immediately

into my open arms and hear aresh my

verdict over you I have been with you in

every trial every test every Twist of

plot I have witnessed your secret

struggles your unanswered questions your

Valiant battles and costly

sacrifices I have seen it all and I am

overflowing with pride and pleasure at

the stunning work of art you are

becoming so no more limping no more

cowering no more hanging your head

head it’s time time to rise up and take

hold of the breathtaking Destiny I have

written for

you it’s time to plunge into promise and

walk in the fullness of your Birthright

as my beloved

child type if you believe in Jesus

leave behind the Lesser things the petty

distractions the tarnished substitutes

buying for your attention and

devotion listen for the music of my

spirit inviting you to my fields of

Grace where the Horizon knows no

bounds I am leading you out of the

desert Wasteland of the past and into a

spacious place of unprecedented favor

and fruitfulness I am escorting you

Across the Threshold into a brand new

season a fresh chapter brimming with

possibility and pregnant with

promise you are stepping out of survival

mode and learning to really live in the

radical now of my

presence for I am pouring out my love

and peace in intoxicating fathomless

measure to heal your shattered heart and

settle your spinning

mind the fog of confusion is lifting as

you lean into my presence and allow my

love to permeate every aspect of your

being will you receive this

invitation will you embrace the glory

ious and sometimes terrifying reality of

giving me full access holding nothing

back and allowing my love to work

perfectly within you you must believe me

you must take me at my

word I am not playing games with you nor

am I leading you on with false promises

or deceptive

tactics I embody Integrity the essence

of all truth and my love for you is

steady fast and

unwavering it is a Love That Remains

unshaken by the EB and flow of your

devotion type to manifest miracles

in your life look around you and you’ll

see that the entire world resonates with

the sacrament of my

love all of creation celebrates in a

continuous toast to my passion for

you from mountaintops to bowing trees

from whisper in winds to dancing atams

the universe Delights and rejoices in

celebration yet my favorite Dwelling

Place My Chosen habitation is within the

Chamber of your

heart I have sheltered you under the

shadow of my wings countless times

rescued you from

Peril comforted you in trials and

rejoiced in your

victories your life is not ready random

or meaningless it is a grand Chronicle

of Grace each chapter meticulously

ordained by my sovereign hand to

showcase the Masterpiece of my

love from eternity past I have

envisioned partnering with you filling

you to overflowing with my spirit so

that my glory may be poured out through

your surrendered

Life The Mysteries of the Unseen realm

are about to be unveiled to you with

unprecedent ented clarity as you

continue to immerse yourself in my

presence and allow my love to transform

you completely take care of yourself

type I claim it if you receive this

declaration type yes if you’re ready and

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