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I am Ever by Your Side | God Message Today |

my beloved child demonstrate your

confidence in me by sitting serenely in

my divine presence set aside all that

awaits your attention and dismiss

worries from your mind this sacred

communion fortifies your spirit

preparing you to confront whatever the

day May unveil by waiting with me before

commencing your daily tasks you affirm

the reality of my living Essence this

act of unwavering Faith pausing before

laboring is esteemed in the etherial

realm where your display of trust

weakens the Dominion of Darkness the

most efficacious approach to resist

malevolence is to draw near me type Amen

in the comments if you believe when

action becomes necessary I shall lead

you clearly through the guidance of my

spirit and my word the world’s

intricacies and excessive stimula can

easily disorient you causing you to lose

your sense of direction engaging in

countless needless activities can Drain

Your vitality however you can trust me

to show you which Endeavors require your

attention and which do not this approach

helps you preserve your valuable energy

while also gran granting you ample time

for rest in my presence remember I am

the light that turns your Darkness into

light guiding you towards Everlasting

Joy your faith in me is a Beacon of Hope

to the world and through you others

shall find the path to Salvation in the

Embrace of my love find peace and

strength my Divine Light will never fade

leading you through every challenge

trust in my plan for you and together we

shall overcome all ADV

your life my child is a testament to my

grace and power with a heart full of

gratitude I bless you with my endless

love may you walk confidently knowing

that I am by your side always let my

light shine through you Illuminating the

world with Hope and Faith amen type Amen

in the comments and get blessed today

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