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I Am Here to Lessen Your Anxiety | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message

my beloved child ease your mind and stop worrying for I’m here to lessen your

anxiety when you let me in pause all your concerns and distractions for a moment and open your heart to embrace my

words I’m right by your side even when those who claim to love you walk away I

remain with you when you face scorn from others and feel isolated I love you deeply offering you

shelter I am your father your protector and your companion it might be hard to believe

that you are loved so deeply with a love beyond what you’ve ever imagined a kindness unlike anything you’ve ever

felt don’t be harsh on yourself thinking your mistakes make you Unworthy of my

love avoid punishing or belittling yourself it only leads to more sorrow

and depression I will lift the spiritual Veil that hinders your vision of me and

transform your heart heart to truly believe approach me for I understand

your weariness and burdens draw close to receive the peace you seek and the rest

you need I don’t want your days to be Laden with heaviness waking up sad and

discouraged My Sacrifice and Resurrection were acts of Love given so you might experience Divine happiness

today any chains that have been holding you back are broken and the barriers to to the

Blessed future I have for you are removed do not look back or seek

approval from those who trapped you in the past choosing to love and follow me

is your decision and I care about your peace and well-being unlike those who

wish to pull you down stand strong be brave and move

confidently towards the new life I am giving you your blessing is on its way

you will see it trust in my promise embrace it with faith and happiness

don’t Linger on your past errors don’t let them bind you look forward your

future awaits I emphasize stop looking back

when you feel weak or tired remember I am your loving father reach out to me I

am here to help you through fear and despair to stand firm against doubts and

uncertainties and to lift you up from sadness and exhaustion always remember I’m with you

forever if you feel lonely remember you’re never truly alone if you feel

like crying let your tears be for Joy because my love surrounds you my care

holds you and my spirit leads you know that whenever you pray and seek

my help I immediately instruct the Heavens to dispatch many angels to support

you I send joy to lighten your heart and banish sorrow wisdom to clear your mind

and solutions for your troubles I place my mighty hand on your

spirit filling you with boundless love and peace during tough times when you

pray Heaven Springs into action so realize how crucial powerful and

impactful each of your prayers is I’m ready to move mountains for you

to help you in your time of need I don’t want to see you my child

overwhelmed by troubles sadness or letdowns I created you to live in the

abundance of all aspects of life and for that you need to give your

heart to me fully and let me take care of you in an unprecedented way my grace

rescues you my Mercy cleanses you and my love leads you to

Triumph be joyful and confident that your life will change starting today

your pain will stay in the past new days are ahead and when they

arrive welcome them Embrace and believe with all your heart I hear you when you

pray and today I’ve issued commands for great blessings to enter your home and transform your life to heal all pain and

sorrow to provide you strength and remove all spiritual weakness today I instill faith and

determination in you so that you may feel fulfilled and accomplished don’t ever feel downhearted

again about anything in your life I Delight in your prayers your faith is

something I cherish it fills me with immense joy to witness you dedicating time and space to

me each morning approaching me with honesty and reverence presenting your

requests praise and Ador your Readiness to seek me brings me

immense happiness your faith is genuine and heartfelt even though various

circumstances have marred your self-perception hear this from me directly today you have a kind

heart indeed you’ve stumbled many times but you always returned to me remorseful

asking for another chance this Fresh Start is precisely what I want to offer you each day whenever you approach me

with faith rest assured I will respond when you pray fully expecting to receive

the blessings you seek they will be yours without a doubt have faith I will act in my time I

know you will wait patiently for the moment to arrive do not despair do not divert your gaze from the blessing to

come my promises are firm and true my word is eternal my power is at work in

your life it is your faith and Dedication that sustain you I need your faith to create more

miracles in your life except the blessings I’m sending your way don’t go back to how things were

when trusting and receiving my gifts seemed so hard when you felt unworthy

and lacked belief it’s good you’ve learned and grown from those

experiences now you understand how your faith help you make key choices protects

your heart from wrong and helps you follow and live out my teachings your faith has sparked many

changes it might feel small to you but even Faith as Tiny as a mustard seed is

immense and wonderful in my eyes you’re seeing changes all around

you your prayers are being answered your heart is getting stronger even bigger

Miracles are waiting in the place I’m guiding you to hold my hand tightly we’re almost

there I’m with you in tough times and in your moments of pain tell me you believe in

me with all your heart close your eyes and sense my presence hear me say my love for you

each day is the deepest truth you’ll know remember what my word tells you if

your father mother family children or friends abandon you despite anything in

any situation the promise of my love is sealed with my own blood

and I will not leave you nor forsake you I will be with you always day and night

I want you to be filled with peace with these words you read and hear I want you to kneel down and surrender your

struggles to me it’s not necessary for you to spend the whole day nervous and

distressed receive my peace now fill yourself with this assurance that your

life and your family are in my hands my firm and eternal promise is to protect

you and prepare for you a future of goodness and

peace things are changing around you but do not be filled with fear I have a plan

that is unfolding and my plan is perfect therefore I tell you do not be

afraid of the things your eyes are seeing I’m bringing the blessing your life needs and I have heard your cry I

always listen to your prayers and even if you can’t see it I’ve surrounded you with

many angels to protect and guide you ensuring you won’t falter I understand

you’re not Flawless and will make mistakes you’re not claiming to be perfect but your humility and honesty

will bring their own rewards don’t worry when it seems others are getting ahead while you’re not the

challenging phase you’re experiencing won’t last the seed of your efforts has been planted and now it’s

growing you’ve listened to to me felt my presence I don’t want your suffering to

persist right now your faith is bringing forth a miracle transforming your

thoughts your soul your heart and your family’s life confirm your belief in me

and get ready to witness the Marvels that await my precious child if things haven’t gone as planned

it doesn’t signify defeat feeling upset or sad when plans fail is natural but

your faith in me will elevate you guiding you back to the path aligned with my grand design for you I’ve

envisioned a brighter future for you in my book one where the promises you’ve clung to become

reality do not let sadness accumulate in your mind do not allow discouragement to

drain your strength you will go far if you trust in

me your family will always be safe protected and happy if you trust in

me they will have the strength to face life’s situations and the wisdom to

avoid and prevent the dangers that lurk every day they will be an example and a

blessing to many in the world there are so many things you can expect when you place your sincere and

complete faith in your heavenly father you can come directly to my

Divine throne and speak directly with me do not fear feel guilty for anything I

want and can forgive your faults you need and desire the power of my blood

that cleanses and saves you as you can see you are very privileged accepted and valued my

promises are real and true I am not lying to you I will never toy with your

feelings if I have told you that you have a secure future despite the situation you are in now it is because

it is true if your plans did not turn out as you had proposed do not be distressed do not

worry just give me your trust and if you are tired of things not going well for you I will

fill your heart with much courage and hope I understand that deep within you

hold strong faith in me yet life’s changes and intense emotions can be

daunting but remember I faced immense trials too so

immense that I sweat blood you can confidently approach my

presence seeking my grace don’t fret things will get better significant

changes are on the horizon for you feel my love and peace enveloping you

today know that I won’t leave you to face these challenges alone you will

prevail today I grant you Triumph for you are dearly loved by me I’m actively

working in your life in your health your job and your family I’m opening remarkable doors that

will alter your current circumstances I am taking care of the issues that concern you working towards

Solutions raise your head and cease your weeping for my profound blessings are on

their way to you and from this day forward you will come to thank me more and more each day for the Miracles

starting to unfold in your life receive me with love into your home and

let everyone in your household respect and seek me I’m changing Hearts I’m

driving away sadness and pain those who are depressed will smile again I’m

cleansing your home of all illness and scarcity filling every dark

corner with my light and salvon only I bring you infinite love

and peace I am protecting your life and the lives of the people you love with my

protective shield I keep them safe under my wings and here they will be secure I will not

let any evil touch them I will guide you along the paths of goodness and love you

will be free from worries doubts and fears I love you I care for you and your

loved ones with sweetness and affection open your heart to the deep love I have

for you spend more time with me perhaps in the calm of nature where I will

refresh your spirit and renew you I’m at work in your life opening New Paths

casting away negativity and clearing obstacles that block your

way I have forgiven your missteps eased your exhaustion and filled you with

bravery believe that everything will work out for you as my angels tirelessly

work work to bless you richly strengthen your faith and praise me wholeheartedly

for you are very precious to me you’ve reached out to me sought my help and I’m

here to respond to meet your needs and to give you my love and comfort for the hurt you

feel do not fear for I see everything in this world I know what happens in your

life and in your family’s lives stand firm in your faith and keep praying

every day I’ll fill you with peace and wisdom as you connect with me honestly and

consistently through recent challenges you’ve learned important lessons and have become more

insightful you’ve seen my involvement in every challenge you faced I’ve been your protector and have kept you from even

greater troubles today I offer you this blessing

and Miracle you have beseeched of me rise now dry your tears and approach the

door for I’m calling you open it and I shall take your hand

guiding you to the realm of prosperity that awaits I am endowing you with a strength

unprecedented blessing you in a manner that shall Elevate you beyond the reach of your

adversaries I shall not allow further humiliation upon you I am opening a new

door of such magnitude that you shall be astonished by the extent of blessings and solutions I bring into your

life you shall weep tears of joy filled with the power my Holy Spirit shall

impart unto you rise wipe away those tears and step forth into the world as a

triumphant conqueror for I have spoken to you clearly and my blessing is upon

you forge ahead on your path keeping your eyes wide open for in the days to

come I shall unveil potent secrets and make you feel the depths of my wondrous love seek me embrace my peace and call

upon me day and night unwavering in your Faith and Hope come to me with firm belief in my

presence trusting that I will answer you for such faith is precious to

me even if things haven’t gone as you hoped trust in me completely again for I

am preparing blessings for you and your family should you feel that you’ve lost

material things reflect deeply for your life is in my care and I wish for your

well-being growth unwavering faith and

fortification I will restore what you think is lost giving it back even more

beautifully than before so don’t fret or cry over what you’re missing now instead focus on

loving me valuing your family doing my will and waiting faithfully for the

blessings that are on their way material things can come and go

don’t let your heart be troubled for you haven’t truly lost anything what was taken from you and the

joys you once had will be returned even more splendidly offer me your heart I want to

give you the peace you seek lay down your burdens and the thoughts that keep you awake at night in my

hands have faith in me your future is secure I hear your nighttime cries

wondering how you’ll get through these tough times I’m telling you today you will overcome through your strong faith

agree with me for your faith in my promises is sufficient for you to walk upon the waters and witness miracles in

your life fear nothing and no one each morning as you rise be filled with

courage and strength you are brave and your faith is ample today I place this gleaming sword

in your hands feel its weight this is my word in which you have placed your trust

use it henceforth when facing challenges for I shall be with you fighting alongside

you I love you to hide your prayers and each time you pray you bring spiritual

blessings upon your family your home and all whom you love I shall lift you from

this deep pit of despair extending my hand for you to grasp do not doubt do not hesitate for I must

Aid you now your great need your profound sadness even from my Throne I

can clearly hear your weeping heart prepare to emerge from the trials you now

face pay no heed to those who Proclaim it impossible let your dreams be

reborn disregard those who seek to dishearten you without aiding your growth embrace my plan and purpose for

your life attune your ears to hear only my voice

your heartfelt prayers filled with patient and hopeful Faith unlock the doors to

Miracles remember those moments when you fa trials thinking defeat was

certain after you prayed the overwhelming challenges vanished giving

way to triumphant success you chose to pray in the face of

Despair and you stood firm in faith do you remember and his is the proof

that I always listen to your prayers my child pay attention to my

words this instant even when all seems engulfed in darkness when you look up

and find no light in the midst of your troubles when you feel too weak to overcome the challenges ahead know that

victory is yours I hear your prayers I observe you even when you silently reach

out for my help feeling devoid of strength today is the day I will lift you so high that your problems won’t be

able to reach you take my hand in this moment and climb with faith every step

of that ladder leading to your Victory your prayer has been heard even

amidst pressure fear anguish and Desperation surrounding you you chose to

trust it is because of your faith in me that today you receive my help and your

story will change forever I will put you in high places where no adversity can touch you I have

the best for you my blessings will reach you and what you think you’ve lost

doesn’t compare to what is to come you may not understand it now but everything

I do has a reason I provide what you truly need for every sad moment you’ve

lived I will bring a thousand moments of joy for every economic difficulty I will

give you a future of divine prosperity for every illness I will

bring healing for every conflict I will provide a solution for every danger I

give you my protection over your life don’t lose heart just have faith in

me understand that I see beyond your immediate View and know precisely what is best for you your prayers and your

aspirations are not unheard I’m aware of them and and I’m preparing something far

grander than you could imagine so don’t be downcast or feel that I am depriving you of anything

instead I’m clearing space for you to receive a magnificent blessing that’s on its way it’s a vast blessing so feel its

approach trust in it and await its arrival with anticipation what I’m about to place in

your life is solely for your benefit a blessing for you and all your loved ones

promise to trust in me assure me of your belief dedicate yourself to seeking me out daily come to me for your blessings

I wish to meet you here each morning keep your faith vibrant you are on the brink of an extraordinary change in your

life affecting your character your mindset and your aspirations to live this new life in

fullness you must remain firm in belief and

Trust don’t don’t be afraid to walk the New Path I will strengthen you and

provide what you need have faith I love you I want you to feel at peace knowing

that your life your present and your future are in my hands if I said you’d be blessed it’s true your blessing is

coming soon open your arms with faith and receive all the good things I’m sending you open your Bible read my

words remember the joy and plans you once had I will bring new Miracles into your

life better and More Beautiful times you won’t have to endure so many

hardships anymore your body will be free of pain and illness false friends will

leave and true friends will return I will surround you with good loyal and

loving people you’ll be filled with new desires to live dream and fulfill my

plan and my will my child listen closely to what I’m saying right now even if everything

around you seems dark and when you look up you can’t see any light given your current struggles even if you feel weak

and doubt your ability to get through this tough time know that victory is

yours I hear your prayers I see you even when your voice is barely a whisper

asking for my help feeling your strength fade away today is the day when I will

lift you so high above your troubles that they won’t be able to reach reach you take my hand now and climb with

steadfast Faith up the steps that lead to your success your prayers have reached me amidst all the stress fear

sadness and despair surrounding you you’ve decided to trust in me and

because of this trust you now have my support today I’m going to change your

life forever I will raise you to Great Heights where no difficulty can touch

you I have something wonderful planned for you my blessings shall reach you and all

that you perceive as lost pales in comparison to what is yet to come you

may not comprehend it now but every action I undertake serves a purpose I

provide you with what you truly need for every sorrowful moment you have endured

I shall bring forth a thousand moments of joy for every economic hardship I

shall bestow upon on you a future of divine prosperity for every ailment I

shall Grant healing for every conflict I shall provide resolution for every

danger I shall offer my protection over your life my hands will hold you keeping you

safe forever under my care affection and love don’t lose hope just trust in me

remember I see beyond your view and know exactly what’s best for you I listen

listen to your prayers and your dreams and what I’ve planned for you is

beyond what you can imagine so don’t be sad or think I’m taking something away from you I’m just

removing what you don’t need anymore to make room for you to receive this enormous blessing I have for you feel it

believe in it and expect it without any doubt because it’s coming soon everything I give you is for your

benefit a blessing for you and your entire family promise to trust me assure me of

your belief and commit to seeking me daily turning to me for my

blessings come each morning I desire to see you here may your faith never waver

may it remain alive you stand on the brink of a marvelous transformation your life your

character your way of thinking and the desires and dreams you Harbor in your

heart all shall be altered by the anointing of my Holy Spirit which I pour

upon you to live this new life in fullness to experience this new life to

the fullest you must remain steadfast in belief and Trust do not fear walking the

New Path I shall strengthen you and provide all that you require I see

beyond what your eyes perceive and I have the best in store for you have

faith for I love you I desire you to feel tranquil your entire life your

present and your future are in my hands if I’ve said you’ll be blessed believe

it because it’s true your blessing is on its way I want you to welcome it with

faith and accept all the good coming your way with open arms every day start with my words in your thoughts fill your

heart with positivity and let go of any fears or doubts

your faith is strong my power is beyond the ordinary your prayers are effective and will bring about the outcomes you

seek there’s no point in focusing on the negatives when you wake up this tough phase will

pass be assured that I will respond to your calls let the light into your home

open your windows call out to me and I will brighten your life with my

presence always remember what I’ve told you push away all forms of Despair don’t

let bitterness or resentment grow in you I don’t want you to Harbor any bad feelings and you shouldn’t either ignore

them don’t talk about them don’t dwell on them turn a deaf ear to any negative

talk you’re not defined by this world’s negativity you’re not and will never be

part of it however do not open the doors of your soul and home to those people

many shall come to burden you with with worries and concerns that neither interest nor benefit you stay focused

remain steadfast in your plans projects dreams and Faith thus you must stand firm and

courageous walking with confidence Resolute and onward a soldier of faith

without fear for my eyes are upon you at times you may perceive only problems

around you but I behold an army of angels that I myself have disp Ed for

your protection listen well focus on the things I say and close your ears to

malicious tongues fill yourself with my word and believe also this today you shall be

greatly blessed filled with my power my love and my peace I love you start a new

day ready again to face the various situations in your life you’ve asked me

how much longer do you have to bear this here’s my answer I will lift this heavy

load off your shoulders so you can enjoy your life once more today I’m asking you to take some

time to sit quietly and open your Bible look back at those words of mine that

once brought joy to your soul remember those times when you had so many plans and dreams when your face

Shone with happiness yes those were good times but

now I’m about to do something new in your life and soon even better and more

wonderful times will come you won’t have to face such hardships anymore your body

will be free from Pain and sickness conflicts within the family will end and true friends will come back to you while

the false ones will leave I’m doing all this for your good I don’t want you to

be hurt again by harmful words I will bring kind loyal and loving people into

your life you will be inspired with new desires to live to dream again and to fulfill my

purpose and my will for you allow me to confide a secret unto thee I too Harbor

dreams and aspirations yet foremost among them is the desire to behold thee

in Eternal Felicity free from the shackles of sorrow and tears so I urge you not to go back to

the people places and situations that caused you so much pain if you don’t

want to continue in the endless cycle of hurt and suffering from before you must

let go of the past completely and look forward to a future filled with joy and

prosperity I’m cutting the ties that connected you to the past now I ask you

to focus on what’s ahead and don’t look back I’ve thrown away your mistakes

forgotten them completely the chains that once held you are gone the words

that hurt you can’t affect you anymore you’re no longer linked to those

who treated you badly I’m with you and will never leave you when you decide to

make significant changes you won’t be on your own I will give you everything you

need remember this have faith in me keep your eyes on what’s ahead that’s how I

want to see you and that’s how I will bless you this is my response to the

query thou posed I compr Rend thy sentiments intimately I am well acquainted with thy heart and not can

thou conceal from me though thou May Endeavor to do so Thou Art aware that

thou canst approach me with confidence at any hour on any day to share thy

circumstances to disclose thy state for I am attuned to thy emotions and thy

needs such has always been the case how could you think you don’t

matter to me when I have SA saved you and given you a new life you know well

that you can’t expect love or understanding from this world but with me you have everything you need to feel

peace to be wrapped in my love and to fill your heart with the strong feeling

that comes from knowing you are truly loved because I do love you and that’s

the truth no matter if you doubt it during hard times I loved you before I

love you now and I will always love you stop trusting those who betray you stop

giving your love to those who don’t value it don’t put those who made you cry

first in your heart they don’t deserve such a spot only I should have that important place in your heart

acknowledge me respect me grant me the reverence owed in thy

life I alone should be thy God thy Lord thy King and none

other permitting another to usurp my rightful place is one of the reasons thou Hast been feeling unwell of

late thou senses something amiss within thee yet struggle to articulate it let

me elucidate there is a void within thy heart that shall only grow larger should

thou reject my love hence thou experiences sadness waking in the night with tears yearning

to feel loved yet seeking it in the wrong place there’s no one in this world

who can love you as deeply as I do come to me and I’ll give you peace

love and rest what are you waiting for will you continue to give your love and Life to those who cause you

pain must you be heard again before you turn back to me with tears even then I

will welcome you because my love is greater than your mistakes and poor choices you don’t have to wait for

hardship to seek me you can come to to me right now I will hold you close and show you

my love come today right at this moment I’m waiting for you

[Music] amen

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