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my beloved child I come to you with

Words of

Love comfort and

encouragement in the midst of life’s

challenges and

uncertainties I want you to know that I

am always by your side guiding you

protecting you and filling you with my

peace no matter what you may be facing

remember that I am with you

walking beside you every step of the

way when you feel overwhelmed by the

weight of the world turn to me and find

refuge in my

presence I am the rock upon which you

can lean the shelter in the storm and

the source of unwavering

strength trust in me and I will give you

the courage to face whatever lies ahead

with confidence and Grace know that I

have a plan and a purpose for your

life one filled with hope abundance and

blessings beyond measure even in the

darkest of times I am working all things

together for your good trust in my

Divine wisdom and

timing and watch as Miracles unfold

before your

eyes as you journey through life

remember to seek me in all things

let your heart be open to my guidance

your mind attuned to my voice and your

spirit receptive to my

love in me you will find all that you

need to thrive and

flourish for I am the source of all

goodness and

Grace may my peace which surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and mind

in Christ Jesus rest in the Assurance of

my unfailing

love knowing that I am always with you

now and forever

more amen may this message be a Beacon

of Hope in your life guiding you toward

blessings and peace share its light with

others and together let’s seow seeds of

love and

compassion subscribe for more Divine

guidance and share to multiply the joy

remember you are cherished beyond

measure with love from



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