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I Am Listening Lean On ME | Gods message today | God’s message Now for me today |

my child I speak to you today directly

from my

heart I know the struggles you face and

the burdens you

carry I see your pain and I long to

bring you

peace do not be afraid for I am with you

I will never leave you nor forsake you

my plans for you are good to give you a

future filled with

hope I know the desires of your heart

and I wish to Grant you the longings of

your soul trust in me Lean on Me cast

all your cares upon me for I care for


deeply the storms of life will come but

do not fear for I will be your shelter

in the time of storm I will be your rock

and your foundation when all else is

shaken around you I will lift you up and

carry you through the Deep

Waters you need not struggle alone call

upon me and I will answer you and show

you Great and Mighty things

there is healing in my hands there is

power in my name I wish to restore and

make new what has been damaged and

broken I long to Breathe new life into

your weary soul I can mend your broken

heart and bind up your

wounds I can wipe away every tear and

erase all pain let go of the past do not

dwell on former things I am doing a new

thing in your life even now can you not

perceive it walk with me into this new

day I have gifted you the path ahead is

bright with hope and Rich with

purpose your future is not defined by

your past your identity is not

determined by the names others have

called you or the leav you have believed

you are my beloved Shield Chosen and

cherish it I Delight in you you bring me

joy never doubt my love for you it has

no limits it has no end my love is

perfect complete unconditional and

everlasting I loved you before you were

born I will love you long after this

world has passed away there’s nothing

you can do to make me love you more

there is nothing you can do to make me

love you less my love does not depend on

you it flows from who I am rest secure

in my love let it surround you and seep

into every fiber of your being you are

safe In My Embrace you are home in my

arms this is where you belong this is

where you will find wholeness do not

search for fulfillment in the things of

this world they will always leave you

empty only I can satisfy the deepest

longings of your

soul come drink deeply from The Well of

Life find your joy in me

alone I know at times you feel weak

weary and inadequate for the challenges


face but my strength is made perfect in

your weakness when you have nothing left

to give then you will learn to draw on

my power provision and

sufficiency I am your Source I am your

supply my resources are

unlimited my abundance never runs

dry There Is No Lack in me I wish to

pour out my blessing upon you in such

measure that you will not have room

enough to receive it never doubt that I

am able put no limits on what I can do

through me and my might at work in you

you can do all things even Mountains

will move at your command exercise your

faith believe my promises walk in

obedience to my commands and you will

see my hand at work on your

behalf understand there will be

opposition position in this life

difficulties will arise Sorrows will

come but do not despair do not lose hope

I have overcome the world and all its

troubles I hold the keys to life and

death I have power over all forces seen


unseen nothing takes me by

surprise cast aside doubt and cynicism

set your Gaze on me alone rise above

your circumstances look from my

perspective the view is so much better

from up here see as I see with eyes of

Faith believe as I believe with a

steadfast hope and walk as I walk in

steps of

love if you stumble along the way do not

be dismayed my mercies are fresh and new

every morning I will pick you up dust

you off and help you start again I

believe in you I am proud of you you are

making making progress even when you

cannot see it hold fast to me let us

journey together towards the promises

ahead the road Rises to meet us I am

pleased when you bring your burdens and

cares to me I welcome your questions

your honest

searchings come boldly before my throne

of grace and find the answers you seek

my wisdom knows no bounds my

understanding is beyond measure if lacks

Insight they need only ask of me and I

will give it generously without

reproach never stop pursuing growth

never cease your quest for deeper

understanding but in all your learning

never forget that I am the source of all

wisdom and knowledge true meaning in

life is found only in relationship with

me I am always with you in your darkest

Valley I am there in your deepest

despair I am there when you feel lost

and alone I am there when no one else

understands I

understand every detail of your life is

before my

eyes I am intimately acquainted with all

your ways I know you better than you


yourself before you utter a word I know

what you will

say my hedge of protection surrounds you

always you never leave my thoughts

you bring me joy when you come to me in

prayer with Thanksgiving and

praise do not wait for some special

season there is power in Daily communion


me there are Mysteries revealed in

prayer that can be unlock no other

way never feel unworthy to approach my

Throne because of what my son has done

you may now come boldly into my presence

without hesitation


I Delight to hear your voice I’m eager

for our time together speak to me

honestly hold nothing back unload every

burden every fear every doubt every

longing deep within your

soul I understand better than anyone the

struggles you grapple with you will find

no condemnation here only

compassion I know your weaknesses and I

love you still all I ask is that you

open your heart fully to me trust me

with your innermost Secrets darkest

thoughts deepest

shame my love casts out all fear my

grace covers every sin my Mercy washes

you whiter than snow bring me your

dreams your hopes your

aspirations I wish to be part of all


tomorrows include me in your

plans together we will create something


allow me to guide your steps into the

future allow me to shape your life for

my glory as you align your will with

mine you will find it the most

fulfilling life

imaginable for this brings me joy and

you satisfaction Without

End you need not worry about those who

have hurt you trust me to deal justly

with every person in my perfect way and

time I see all sides of every

story I know the thoughts and motives of

every heart nothing escapes my notice in

the end my judgment is true and


altogether Focus your energy instead on

Rising above return good for evil

overcome hatred with love you have no

idea what I can do with a heart fully

surrendered to me you have not yet

glimpsed the ways I can use you to

change the world around you but yield

yourself fully into my hands allow me

complete control of your life and you

will be amazed at what I have planned

stay close by my side take hold of my

strength believe in my promises and

watch what I will

do difficult days will come this is

inevitable while you dwell on this Earth

but never lose

perspective your life here is but a mist

a passing Shadow your true home lies

ahead prepared and waiting for you in

eternity life here is fleeting eternity

endures forever keep an eternal mindset

invest in that which lasts store up for

yourself Treasures in Heaven not on this

Earth where they rot and

Decay build upon the rock that cannot be

shaken set your affections on things

above not on the the temporary things

below the trials you face today are

producing in you a glory yet to be

revealed the Affliction you suffer now

is but a light and momentary trouble

compared to the Eternal weight of Glory

to be

revealed so do not lose heart do not

grow weary do not give up your

deliverance is near the dawn will break

and the shadows will flee away I am

coming soon to make all things new

until then take heart my child even now

I am doing a great work in you press on

keep believing continue trusting in me

our journey together is not in vain much

fruit will be borne through your life my

name will be glorified through you stay

strong my mighty hand is upon you my

guardian angel surround you you are safe

in my love so rest in me my child

find peace in my presence let me wrap

you in my comfort refresh you with my

Living Water Be Still In This Moment and

know that I am God I will be exalted

over this Earth Justice will be served

in due

time all will be made right my kingdom

will come and my will done on this Earth

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