I am Your Healer – Powerful Healing Prayer | Daily God Messages and Prayers | Lord Jesus Say

hello and welcome As We Gather in prayer

let us invoke the healing power of our

heavenly father over our bodies and

souls let us release the life of God

into every cell inviting the Holy Ghost

with its power and fire to sweep through

us from head to toe burning away all

that is not meant to be in this time of

illness let us find solace in the

compassion and empathy of Our Lord who

experienced the Brokenness of this world

may his healing touch bring Comfort

peace and restoration to our bodies and

souls with faith in his words of healing

let us speak into our bodies his energy

abundance comfort and Clarity for

nothing is impossible for our God The

Giver of Abundant Life let us claim that

life now in the mighty name of Jesus

asking for physical and spiritual

healing as we pray let us remember the

promise of Isaiah

that by his wounds we are healed we

rebuke every spiritual attack against

our bodies and health trusting in the

Lord’s protection and deliverance with

gratitude and Trust we acknowledge Him

as our greatest healer asking for

strength to overcome sickness and

disease may his Healing Hands rest upon

us restoring us to wholeness and

strength for his service with hearts

full of Hope and expectation let us

declare our our freedom from Pain and

anxiety receiving total healing and

freedom in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

heavenly father I pray for your healing

power over my body I release the life of

God into every cell in my body right now

holy ghost please come with your power

and fire sweep through right now from

head to toe and let your fire burn out

everything that is not supposed to be in

my body thank you Lord for walking this

this Earth and for experiencing the

Brokenness of this world so that you can

meet me in compassion and empathy in

times of sickness and distress bring

healing comfort and peace to my body and

soul root out any unhealthy and abnormal

cells causing pain and sickness in my

body father Lord your words are healthy

I pray that you speak your words of

healing over my body and soul I ask for

physical and spiritual ual healing in

the name of Jesus I speak into my body

your energy abundance comfort and

Clarity nothing is impossible for you

you are the god of Abundant Life I claim

that life right now in the mighty name

of Jesus sanctify everything I do and

guide me towards good health your word

says Lord that the prayer of faith shall

heal the sick I come to you today in

faith asking that you heal me from every

sickness disease and illness in the

midst of my pain and weakness strengthen

my faith that I may be filled with hope

in you Isaiah chapter

says but he was pierced for our

transgressions he was crushed for our

iniquities the punishment that brought

us peace was on him and by his wounds we

are healed thank you Lord for saving me

on the cross I pray against every

spiritual attack against my body and

health in the mighty name of Jesus let

every plan of the enemy to bring

sickness and disease to my body be

destroyed in the powerful name of Jesus

I put my trust in you alone father take

charge over my health Lord that I may

enjoy good health grant me the strength

to overcome all that has become weak in

me Lord may I be filled with the courage

of the Holy Spirit to recover and bear

every physical and emotional difficulty

let your hedge of protection be upon my

life guide me towards Better Health in

you I celebrate and acknowledge you Lord

as my greatest healer thank you Lord for

your Healing Hands over my life in Jesus

name I pray amen father Lord please

grant me the strength to overcome every

sickness and disease in my body let your

healing power take charge of my body and

mind I I am healed in jesus’ Name Lord

let your Healing Hands rest upon me may

your lifegiving powers flow into every

cell of my body and into the depths of

my soul purifying cleansing and

restoring me to wholeness and strength

for the service of your kingdom show me

your mercy and relieve my fears grant me

a quiet mind and an expectant heart as I

await my Healing Touch Me O Lord and

fill me with your light and Hope

I rest in the certainty of your healing

power I pray for your protection against

every evil power that is bringing

sickness to my body deliver me from

their evil plots to destroy my life Lord

I cover my whole being with your

precious blood let me live in good

health and enjoy your Prosperity father

Lord do not let the wicked have control

over my life I come against every evil

implantation in my body I neutralize

their plans with the blood of Jesus I

declare that I am free from every

sickness and disease in jesus’ name I am

an overcomer and a conqueror in Christ

Jesus thank you Lord for healing my

sicknesses and diseases in Jesus mighty

name I pray amen Lord Jesus I come

before you today in need of your healing

hand over my life I believe that in you

all things are possible I pray you to

hold my heart with within yours and

renew my mind body and soul you are The

Giver of infinite joy in life give me

the strength to walk towards the path

you have laid for me give me the wisdom

and Grace to identify those you have

placed around me to help me get better I

need your healing and Grace I need your

restoration forgive me for trying to fix

the situation on my own forgive me for

running all different directions to find

help when true help and healing comes

from you forgive me for not recognizing

how much I need you above everyone and

everything else I ask for your healing

and Grace to cover every piece in my

life thank you that you are able to do

far more than I could ever imagine I

reach out to you and know that you are

restoring and redeeming every place of

difficulty every battle for your greater

glory I claim your healing power over my

friends and family who are heartbroken I

ask that you begin your Mighty work in

their lives surround them with

Supernatural peace and strength and give

them the faith to believe that all

things are possible for you protect us

from Satan’s lies and discouragement and

let your miraculous healing begin I come

to you in complete surrender I am

desperate for you please lift me out of

this pit and show me the way Lord you

said in your word Lord that you heal all

diseases and whoever is in you will not

perish but have everlasting life I ask

that you strengthen me Lord in this time

of illness sustain me oh Lord remove all

sicknesses and evil that R the Earth let

your will be done in my life dear God I

feel wounded betrayed and heartbroken I

wonder sometimes if I can ever fully

recover from the deep heart I feel

inside you are the great healer you

carry all our burdens you light our path

and give us hope you comfort us in our

hour of Darkness help me to remember to

always turn to you when I’m suffering

remind me to submit to your wisdom power

and goodness Lord I know that without

you I can’t do anything you are the king

of the universe and in you everything is

possible in you lies he healing recovery

and growth your word is filled with

stories of miraculous healings you even

raised the dead and brought them back to

life I believe you can do the same today

I release the healing power of God right

now into my body I command healing to

take over my body in the name of Jesus I

command every pain to get out right now

holy spirit let your power come let your

fire fall in jesus’ Name by the the

power of the Holy Ghost I release life

into my body in jesus’ name I command

healing to flow right now in Jesus name

I receive total healing and freedom in

the mighty name of Jesus I declare that

I am free from pain I declare that I am

free from anxiety and weakness I am

healed in Jesus name amen as we conclude

our prayer for healing let us surrender

ourselves fully to the Heavenly father’s

divine grace and Power let us release

any burdens we carry and invite the Holy

Ghost to fill us with his fire and

strength may his healing power sweep

through us from head to toe burning away

all that is not meant to be within us we

thank the Lord for his compassion and

empathy for walking this Earth and

experiencing its Brokenness so that he

may meet us in our times of sickness and

distress with faith in his healing words

let us speak his promises over our

bodies and souls inviting his energy

abundance comfort and Clarity to flow

within us let us trust in his unfailing

love and protection knowing that he is

the source of Abundant Life and

restoration as we claim his healing in

the mighty name of Jesus may we be

filled with hope and courage to overcome

every challenge with gratitude for his

saving grace and mercy we declare

victory over every spiritual attack and

illness trusting in his power to bring

wholeness and strength let us rest in

the certainty of his healing touch

knowing that nothing is impossible for

him as we continue on our journey

towards Better Health may his guiding

hand lead us towards his perfect will

and purpose for our lives in jesus’ name

we pray amen thanks for watching

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