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I BEG FOR YOUR 1 MINUTE PLEASE | Gods Message Today | God Message For You | God Message

my beloved child I see the weight of

regret that burdens your heart over your

past mistakes you may feel consumed by

guilt shame and a sense of

unworthiness but I want you to know that

I am here to offer you

forgiveness Grace and

Redemption your past does not define you

nor does it determine your future though

you may have stumbled and Fallen I am

here to lift you up and set you on A New

Path of healing and

restoration I understand the pain you

carry from your past

mistakes but I urge you not to dwell on

them instead turn to me and lay your

burdens at my

feet I am the god of Second

Chances and I offer you the opportunity

to start a fresh

let go of the past and embrace the

promise of a new beginning in

me know that I have already forgiven you

for your past

mistakes and I hold no condemnation

against you my love for you is

unconditional and nothing you have done

can ever change that I see your

heart and I know your deepest desires

for Change and growth

trust in my

forgiveness and allow my love to wash

over you like a cleansing Tide washing

away all guilt and

shame remember that your mistakes do not

define you they are simply a part of


journey shaping you into the person you

are meant to

be learn from them but do not let them

hold you

back rise above your past and step into

the bright future I have planned for

you as you move forward let go of regret

and embrace

hope know that I am with you every step

of the way guiding you strengthening you

and filling you with my

peace surrender your past mistakes to me

and let me transform them into

opportunities for growth and Redemption

you are my beloved child and I am proud

of the person you are

becoming dear beloved child let this

message illuminate your path with Hope

Share its gift generously for in giving

you shall receive

abundantly together let’s spread a

ripple of blessings far and

wide subscribe for more Divine wisdom

and share to amplify the love always

remember you are deeply cherished with

infinite love from



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