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I Come to Offer You Peace | God Says | God Message Today

my dear child today I come to offer you peace and calm I saw your tears

yesterday because of that situation we both know well but I am here to remind

you that I am always watching over you and not a single hair Falls from your head without my

knowing so today I assure you that you will overcome the trial you think you

cannot bear and you will do so victoriously and with your your head held high I am here to ease the burden

on your shoulders first however I will provide the strength you seek and let you

experience my profound love ensuring your spirit remains resilient and your

faith firm open your heart wide allow my words

to flow into you freely and let them transform every aspect of your being I

understand you have fa tough days and felt overwhelmed just open your heart and

welcome my message I will boost your strength and prolong your life I also wish that every morning when

you wake up you feel wrapped in Divine happiness empowered with strength

dispelling your doubts filling you with peace and helping you see the beautiful blessings you will receive

today my goal is to give you the courage to face life bold ly and to trust in my

willingness to bless you fear not I do not ask for your

possessions my love is freely given I do not demand a portion of your earnings to

show you my affection instead give me your gratitude and

loyalty Place me first in your life and home so that my words may fill your

hoose and everyone can hear my voice as I speak of my sweet love give me your

life your heart let your eyes look forward to the paths that lead to

Blessings never turn away from me shun lies and wickedness and I will give you

the best I will surround you with abundance provision health and

strength if you dare to go against the flow and choose not to please this world of falsehood if you open your heart to

my truth I will be your path your peace your Shepherd

your lord my word will always be the light on

your path I will reveal where dangers hide and I will confound your enemies

fear nothing you can do all things for I strengthen you I will bless you and

remind you often so you never forget when troubles arise may your first

reaction be a beautiful emotion born from your sincere faith for your soul

already already feels secure in my protection understand that problems do

not come to destroy you and life’s battles cannot take away your

truth you are a child of God Almighty the creator of the

universe I will never Tire of speaking to you whenever I wish I will touch the

window of your soul even in the early hours whispering in your ears with this

holy voice that resonates with in you you will come thirsty to dive into

this spiritual River drink from Heavenly sources and feast on the Eternal

Word you will never hunger or thirst your soul will be fulfilled and you

won’t need the destructive vices and bad habits of this world to find joy for I

will be your joy the fire burning in your heart driving you forward I will reveal to you what lies

ahead take tell you about the blessings waiting for you and transform your way of thinking and your

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