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I Empower You | God Says | God MessageToday | Gods Message Now

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amen my dear child I am your God the Fountain of Grace and Mercy that

quenches your thirst for peace and healing in your darkest moments when despair grips your heart know that I am

here reaching out to lift you into the light like the Mighty Eagle I Empower

you mending your wounds and feeding your spirit with my Everlasting words I’ve

unlocked the gates to a realm beyond the ordinary granting you the strength to walk in safety among life’s dangers

unharmed and fearless the message I bring to you today is one of Peace a beacon to dissolve your

uncertainties and calm the storm within my eyes are always on you guarding your

path towards Redemption as the Horizon of the end times brightens I am fully aware of the

battles you face each day Temptations lurk and foes aim to see you fall you

find yourself encircled often pondering who remains true in these times when you

feel abandoned by those you held dear even as kin May drift away in your hour

of need remember you are never alone yet I am here as always my love for you

grows each day do not place all your hopes infallible humans or fleeting material possessions today I come to

reaffirm my eternal commitment as you journey in this world know that I am

with you I absolve your sins pour forth my Holy Spirit upon on you those who

rise against you will stumble they will be judged many will attempt to bring you down but None Shall succeed they will

suffer great shame even contemplate their own demise none can snatch you

from my hand come close to me put your faith in the promises I’ve made just for

you let these words brimming with my compassion reach you listen closely let

your mind be reshaped by my loving guidance ahead of you stretches a path

filled with years to explore achievements to unlock you are called to a special and

magnificent purpose yet remember the support and strength you seek won’t be

found in worldly things or those around you if your heart yearns for true and

enduring blessings for a change that runs deep let this renewal start within

your home I am your unwavering found Foundation you are walking the path

meant for you love me with all your heart make me your first thought I yearn

to be what you treasure most I ask for but moments of your day start here and

trust me once you feel the warmth of my presence you’ll find joy in staying

longer heart bowed in prayer don’t let time slip by unused

draw strength be uplifted and invigorated stand up refreshed to claim

your victories and face any challenge that comes your way you are embraced and

chosen by my sacrifice and victory over death I know you’re not Flawless but I

envelope you in my grace you are not bound to your failures for I have lifted

you from them turn to my word for guidance open your Bible if you seek

wisdom seek counsel from my servants who guide you I will speak to you through

various means you must be attentive I will Aid your success you know well I have never

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