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I Have Something to Tell You – God Message Today God Message For You Today Gods Message Now

my precious child since before the dawn of creation I held you in my heart in

the vast expanses of Eternity where infinite possibilities shimmered like stars I dreamed of you my love for you

burned brighter than a billion Suns an eternal flame that could never be extinguished in those Timeless moments I

crafted the universe with perfect Precision setting the cosmic rhythms in motion all leading to the moment I would

call you into existence with each breath of life I exhaled into the cosmos I whispered your name an

Anthem of Love echoing across the ages I knew you before you were formed before the first rays of light

pierced the darkness in that primordial void I saw your

soul a brilliant spark of pure potential and I was captivated by its

Radiance you were my masterpiece in the making a tap of infinite Beauty waiting

to be woven from the vast array of souls awaiting their chance to experience the Marvel of

existence I chose you not because you were perfect for Perfection is a journey

not a destination I chose you because I saw the depths of your spirit the boundless

capacity for love courage and growth that resided within you in you I saw the

promise of a life lived with passion purpose and an unwavering commitment to

truth I saw a heart that would beat in rhythm with mine a mind that would seek to understand the mysteries of my

creation and a soul that would shine as a Beacon of Hope in even the darkest of nights I knew the challenges you would

face The Valleys you would Traverse and the mountains you would climb

yet I also knew the strength that lay dormant within you a resilience forged in the fires of adversity tempered by

unwavering faith and fortified by my eternal love each trial you encounter is

a testament to my trust in you for I do not give burdens to those I do not believe can bear them the obstacles in

your path are not punishments but opportunities for growth invitations to

discover the boundless depths of your spirit and the infinite expanse of my grace in your moments of

Triumph I Rejoice for I see the fruit of your labor the blossoming of of your

potential and the realization of my vision for you in your darkest hours I am there a

constant presence Whispering words of encouragement reminding you that you are

never alone and that my love is an eternal Wellspring from which you can draw strength my child I chose you

because you are a reflection of my love a living embodiment of my creativity and a testament to the

boundless possibil abilities that exist within each soul I have lovingly fashioned in you were I see the beauty

of my Creation The Wonder of existence and the promise of a future where love triumphs over

Darkness where hope conquers Despair and where the harmony of my design resonates through every aspect of

your life so walk boldly my child for you are never alone embrace the journey

I have set before you for it is a path paved with my love and guided by my wisdom trust in me for I have chosen you

to be a shining light in this world a Beacon of Hope and a Living testament to

the transformative Power of Love This is why I chose you my beloved

child not because you are perfect but because you are perfectly mine a

masterpiece crafted by my hand a symphony composed by my heart and a

story written by my infant love eternally yours your heavenly

father Precious Child your super thanks ignites our divine Quest tap the button

to stand with us in spreading God’s Timeless message of Truth and Enlightenment in return welcome the

endless blessings cascading from the depths of his unfailing love my beloved

child I see you I know you’ve been waiting a long time for me to move in your life like the man at the pool of

Bethesda who waited years for healing you’ve been hoping praying and believing

for your breakthrough you faced obstacles setbacks and opposition that have tried

to keep you from the destiny I have for you but I want you to know that your season of waiting is over your time has

come I am the god who sees I have seen every tear you’ve cried every

disappointment you’ve faced every time you’ve been overlooked or rejected

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