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I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU THIS YET | Gods message today

my beloved I come to you in your time of need I hear your prayers I see your

suffering and I am here to help guide you to a better path for too long you

have endured hardship pain and despair you have faced cruelty and Injustice

when all you sought was love you have been made to feel small and worthless by those unable to see

your true value but no more I tell you now you are precious you are so very

precious to me I cherish you deeply just as you are flaws and all you are

Beloved the burdens you carry have become too heavy too much for one person

alone so lay down those burdens if only for a moment and let me lift you up let

my strong arms envelope you and give you respit Let My Words soothe your weary

Soul you need not suffer silently in solitude anymore unburden yourself to me

without fear of judgment or reproach speak your mind bear your heart voice

your dreams I am here I am listening and I understand better than you know for too

long you have dwelled in the past ruminating on all that has hurt you you

have been traversing the desert without realizing an oasis lies just ahead I am

your Oasis cool calm lifegiving

I am the bomm to your wounds and the peace for your restless mind With Me the

Way Forward shall not burn so hot against your feet the stones shall not cut so deep my presence by your side

will sustain you and if you stumble I shall catch you when you are ready we will walk on

together to better days I promise you first drink deeply of my Living Waters

to cleanse mind body and soul be still and know my love let it flow through and

around you endless without condition you need not earn my

affections they have always been yours you are worthy simply because I say you

are worthy my judgment is the only one that matters there are hard truths we must

discuss in time difficult changes coming I cannot Shield you from but for now

rest in the certainty that you are safe here with me no one can touch you no one can make you feel less than whole

without your consent here now you are only love when you are ready we will

talk of trust yours has been shaken too many times people have let you down or

caused you direct harm even those closest have wounded you deeply intentionally or

not I understand the impulse to guard your heart to trust no one but a life

lived in fear and isolation loses mean meaning we must rebuild what was broken

when the time comes this shall be our work for today do not worry about

material things lost or gained do not measure your worth in money possessions

or status symbols do not think you must grasp and cling to what the world says

matters none of it is real none of it lasts but my love is real and

everlasting I am all the security you need need with me you shall never be in

true want together we will cultivate the good in your life and nourish your spirit I have blessed you abundantly

with talents and Gifts unique to you we will discover them together and find

beautiful ways for them to Blossom be proud of who you are you have such

wondrous contributions still to make I see now that words alone cannot soothe

the depths of your pain and repair the Damage Done we shall speak again tomorrow when you

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