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I Hear Your Heart’s Desires | God Message Today | God Message for You Today | God’s Message now

my beloved child I hear your heart’s

desires and I promise you that what you

seek is on its way you are cherished

beyond measure and blessings are coming

to you

swiftly Embrace This Joy and let go of

any despondency that lingers know this

dear one I am not done working in your

life I am with you every step of the way

shaping your journey and molding your

character I am diligently working in the

background performing both small and

grand miracles to pave the path for a


future take this as a sign that I am

always by your side listening to your


prayer my love for you knows no bounds

and I am here to respond provide protect

guide and remove obstacles from your

path any adversary seeking to steal your

blessings in the days ahead will be

thwarted As you move forward in the

coming months do not falter or or fear

what lies ahead I am with you like a

mighty giant your healer your friend


Shepherd I have promised to fill your

life with blessings and I will deliver

the provisions you need will be placed

in your hands and you will give thanks

with a heart overflowing with gratitude

don’t let impatience Cloud your vision

immerse yourself in my word and my will


Prevail despite your struggles your

mistakes and your difficult moments my

plans for you will come to fruition you

are entering a stage of prosperity and

freedom and your unwavering Faith amidst

conflicts has paved the way for even


Miracles I am showering your life with

blessings and I implore you to embrace


fully share these blessings with the

ones you love and never underestimate

anyone judge not by appearances but

value everyone with love remember this

on your journey you will encounter many

people greet them with respect smile

with kindness do not disregard my

counsel for one day you may meet them

again in a time and place you cannot yet

imagine they will remember the

exceptional kindness you showed and the

smiles you share today will become the

keys that open doors for you in the

future people with resources es those in

authority and even those who suffer but

exhibit humility do not reject them

underestimate them or scorn

them if you can help them do so on your

journey you may encounter angels and if

you heed my words and remain attentive

you will be greatly blessed and a

profound Joy will fill your

heart I want you to walk in Victory to

lead others in my word and to accept the

triumph that is rightfully

yours you are a Victor a winner and you

have an omnipotent heavenly father who

hears and answers your prayers thousands

of warrior angels surround you

protecting you at all

times what more do you need to recognize

your true worth and find security in

your soul as a genuine

Champion I chose you before you were

even born placing you in a significant

time and place

place I am eagerly waiting for you to

rise up and commit to your purpose and

Mission the days of my coming are

drawing near so cast aside any doubts

and know that you are not a product of

chance even if you haven’t received the

love of others know that I love you more

than anyone in the

universe I want you to believe in me to

rise with courage and to receive my

blessings so you can share them with joy

every every day when you open your eyes

I will show you the way come into my

presence and I will reveal my plans to

you I will fill you with wisdom helping

you understand the path that has shaped

you into the person you are today if

Envy comes to attack you do not fear if

you ever feel weak or ill call on me for

strength and healing when you become

disheartened remember that I live within

you your body is the temple of of my

Holy Spirit I will never distance myself

from you abandon you or leave you alone

do not let your emotions deceive you I

have been with you always yesterday

today and

forever my love for you remains

unchanged open your eyes wider each day

for I will reveal new ways to

demonstrate my love for you you are

enveloped in a supernatural level of

Grace soon the very things you have


will be in your hands rise up my

champion of faith for I love you good

morning and thank you for listening to

these words they bring you peace listen

to them once more letter by letter feel

my presence beside you I caress your

heart calming it my beloved

one you are never alone and as long as

you stay with me no harm shall befall

you be at peace close close your eyes do

not weep for you will not run out of

breath each time you speak to me you

convey your needs through tears but my

voice heals and comforts you it dispels

your anxiety and my loving Embrace dries

your tears covering you in

Serenity stay a while longer it is not

time for you to

depart I want your soul to leave here

strengthened whether you face Valley of

Shadows or deserts you will feel

surrounded and protected Day and Night

by my eternal love feel it embrace it

believe it my Holy Spirit surrounds you

with affection and guards you from

danger the world may present trials and

tribulations but you are at peace you

trust my word and you know who you are

you possess an unwavering conviction

that you will

overcome today marks the end of many

years of pain I will remove grudges

sadness guilt and regrets from your

heart and these feelings will soon

become Distant

Memories know that you hold immeasurable

worth in my eyes and if you could only

fully grasp it your joy would

overflow I will reveal this conviction

to your heart and no one will ever

discourage you or steal your faith from

you I only ask that you count your

blessings daily give thanks for the air

you breathe for life itself for your

family for friends and for the provision

on your table open your eyes and you

will discover even more blessings around

you be patient and you will soon

recognize seemingly small yet

significant gifts lift your hands to the

sky once more give thanks for the time

and place you find yourself in for every

day brings new reasons to live and

Thrive I have given you the power to

choose whether whether you dwell in

sadness or Embrace happiness do not

allow anyone to seow doubt or steal your

joy your help comes from your Eternal

God and Heavenly assistance will flow

over you like a refreshing waterfall

rejuvenating your body igniting your

mind with enthusiasm and filling your

soul with Divine peace it will fill your

mouth with laughter Grant you New

Visions and unveiled dreams that will

soon become reality

dive into my word come and listen every

day open your Bible immerse yourself in

it my holy spirit will guide you and

reveal the truth pay no heed to those

who may surprise you with grand

Revelations attempting to manipulate

your life with false prophecies or

seeking to control your will with

threats when doubt Creeps in pray and my

Holy Spirit Will Comfort you in all

circumstances an es he will open your

eyes and whisper in your ear that your

heavenly father is your protector and no

one can harm

you speak it aloud and

believe my heavenly father is with me no

enemy has power over me guard your

tongue against speaking ill do not

spread slander or false

news refrain from speaking ill of those

who stand by you with loyalty never

deceive those who employ

you if you have faltered in these

matters come into my

presence I forgive your transgressions I

cleanse your heart seek me in prayer

every morning I long to free your soul

from guilt and

remorse I gave my life as a light and

resurrected so that you could be free

from all mental and spiritual suffering

you are human and in this world your

body soul and mind May grow weary even

my devoted servants who lived holy lives

faced fatigue and made

mistakes however they humbly

acknowledged their sins and returned to

this altar of

forgiveness they Rose to face their

battles and emerged Victorious without

hesitation come to me now if you are

weary if you believe you have stumbled

if you have spoken without thinking if

you have hurt a loved one

unintentionally or if you are in snared

by harmful physical or mental

habits if you truly love me and believe

that I want to help you

come I touch your lips I cleanse your

heart you are

forgiven do not return to the same sins

I am renewing your spirit and motivation

You Will Rise Like A

Champion leave guilt and sorrow

behind if you must remember something

recall the moments of joy your past

victories just as you had faith and

overcame before you will do so

again with this loving Embrace I command

you to face life with faith and

determination I am with you I love you


Champion let me know how much love you

need I am here fill my vessel I can pour

an immense rain of love over your life

on this very

day my love for you is tender sweet

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