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I Make You This Promise | Gods Message Now

[Music] my dear child pause for a moment and let this

message seep deep into your heart sparking an undeniable Joy your presence

Delights me you’ve reached into the depths of my heart touching it deeply despite the rugged roads you’ve

walked you keep your faith in me Rock Solid no matter what Storms Come so

today I make you this promise I’m going to drench you and your loved ones in

blessings more generous and abundant than you could imagine keep going don’t stop move

forward with determination Don’t Be Afraid keep reaching towards the heavens even when

tiredness makes it tough sit down and talk with me just use your own

words tell me what’s on your mind your plans the deep feelings in your heart

what are you holding on to what emotions are stirring inside you remember you

don’t live on bread alone but on every word that comes from me I’m here to lift you up to nourish you with encouragement

calm and confidence I leave you my peace I give it to you embrace it today when

you feel overwhelmed remember the warmth of my love always with you don’t rely

too much on people they can let you down don’t depend on others for love and

approval yes I made you to love and be loved but the only true Everlasting Love

That Will Never Let You Down is mine it’s always there for you steady and sure don’t give your heart to those who

might leave you don’t trust your future with those who stop loving after

receiving all they want don’t make those who might turn away break your heart or disrupt your

life the most important in your soul you’ve looked for Hope and now it’s here you’ve asked for a way forward and it’s

open before you always remind yourself that you are never alone or without

family even if your closest ones leave the deepest and most beautiful

love my love is always available to you it’s truly wonderful to know and feel that your heavenly father cares for you

deeply I know you need these words I want to help you overcome your struggles

to defeat sadness to keep moving forward without losing faith so you can succeed and

Thrive trust in me as your heavenly father feel free to talk to me to share

your needs because I also want you to see and experience me as a close friend

I reach out to you assuring you that I am always attentive talking with me

brings Comfort to your soul and peace to your mind when you speak speak your

feelings aloud your faith is activated and miracles start to

happen today is the day for you to tell me everything on your mind but also to

listen when I speak to you I’m not here to judge you to scold you or to remind

you of your past mistakes feel my spirit gently whispering in your

ear I tell you that I love you and I wait for you every morning eager for you

to wake up and show your need for me your love for me your words of adoration

and praise reach my Throne as the day begins my presence fills your life your

family and your home with love and protection so remember that when you

face challenges I am ready to help you I will not keep from you the good things

you ask for whatever you request for your benefit I will quickly provide

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