“I Need To Reach You Urgently Please Don’t Skip” |God’s message today।

after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child I come to you

today with an open heart seeking to

impart my wisdom and Truth lean in and

listen for when my spirit moves

powerfully Divine instruction flows

forth as you apply my words to your life

transformation occurs propelling you to

new heights of my

calling there are Realms of Glory you

cannot reach without my authorization

without the stamp of my approval and

sending Grace look around and you see

many in power I have not ordained who

grasp riches and influence apart from me

in my timing their false foundations

will crumble as I establish my righteous

ones in their

place the unjust accumulate wealth for a

season yet it is laid up for the

righteous who walk in my ways those I

have not authorized May temporarily

Prosper but without my presence it is a

hollow sorrowful Prosperity my

authorized ones inherit the true Riches

of an imperishable Kingdom a dazzling

Royal Banquet is prepared with guests

adorned in finery befitting

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one who attempts entry without the

proper credentials is escorted out while

one holding the invitation from the king

is welcome to the high table therefore

Precious Child diligently inquire of me

before accepting any position or

relationship requesting my commission

and assignment where I send you my grace

abundantly attends to equip and prosper

the work but if my gracious hand of

enablement lifts from an Endeavor

relationship or season it signals a time

of transition when my grace departs so

must you without delay follow my spirit

closely never clinging to that from

which I have moved on my movements are

Swift in due season and you must must be

nimble and receptive to change with

me the path of obedience leads to

overflowing blessing and favor as you

walk in tandem with my forward stride at

this very hour I desire to reveal my

heart to you listen intently for my

voice of wisdom resonating within these

words transcending Earthly Origins if

you have ears to hear for my spirit

blows as the wind where it desires

reaching hungry Souls with timely Mana

receive what I have for you this day for

I knew and fashioned you with Divine

Purpose before Earth’s

foundations we’re laid type if you

believe in Jesus no power can disrupt my

destined will for your life child if you

but knew the tender Delight in communing

this way you would cease all other

Pursuits to linger long in my presence

this is our secret place of the most

high where my loving gaze transforms you

ever deeper into my

likeness understand this my child every

Journey you undertake is under my

watchful eye you are not a drift in a

sea of chaos but sailing on a course

charted by my hand in your moments of

Doubt remember my faithfulness I am not

a distant deity but a loving father who

walks beside guide you even in your


valleys The Echoes of your heart do not

go unheard they reverberate in them

chambers of my compassion I am attuned

to every sigh every whispered prayer

every unshed tear seek me in the

Simplicity of your daily life for I am

there weaving a story of Grace in every

detail your life is not a series of

Random events but a carefully

orchestrated narrative where every

chapter has its significance in your

interactions be a vessel of my love

every person you meet is a soul I

cherish deeply your words your actions

can be a bond to the wounded a light in

someone’s Darkness type Amen in the name

of Jesus be mindful for you are my hands

and feet in this world tasked with

spreading the warmth of my love remember

the pursuit of worldly success

is fleeting but the pursuit of a life

lived in my will is

eternal do not be swayed by the

transient Allure of material gain or

societal approval your true worth is

found in me and your real treasure lies

in the legacy of love and kindness you

leave behind my child the future may

seem shrouded in uncertainty but trust

in my unchanging nature I am the Alpha

and Omega the beginning and the end and

my plans for you are filled with hope

and a

future like a tree planted by the rivers

of water your roots will go deep and you

will not be shaken

for in my presence is fullness of joy

and in my right hand are Pleasures

forever more your journey is unique

etched by my loving hand Embrace each

new day as an opportunity to experience

my grace and to reflect my love to the

world how I yearn for my beloved to know

the depths of my love revealed through

my son receive a fresh my lavish

outpouring of Grace today do not focus

on past sins and regrets for my Mercy

rejoices to erase every stain as far as

the East is from the West you are my

workman ship and the apple of my eye

listen for the song I am singing over

you this day a melody of joy and Triumph

type I embrace my power to

affirm there is radical power in

agreeing with my perspective of

your identity that destroys all lies and

strongholds the enemy would seek to

construct in your mind renew your

thinking through immersion in my word of

Truth allow me to remake you through the

inward working of redemption’s power

until my reflection in you is undimmed

by Shadows of this fleeting World

System walk in a heightened awareness of

my spirit’s activity this day through

the hustle of daily life pause

frequently to whisper my name this

practice keeps your focus ascending to

Heavenly Realms and protects you from

entanglement with Earthly cares every

time you lift your heart and mind to me

angle your inner ear to catch my voice

though softly muted amidst sensory

distractions I am always communing

always disclosing

myself Stillness and patient waiting

enhance your Clarity in Discerning my

Impressions within you you can train

yourself to stay receptive to me through

cultivating small spaces of solitude

create these openings in your daily

rhythms by silencing outer voices and

calming the senses for a few moments at

a time as you become Adept in this

spiritual discipline of Listening Prayer

we enjoy sweet Fellowship that infuses

you with overcoming strength for each

day’s challenges and

opportunities during extended times of

focused communion imagine coming to me

in a safe Garden where nothing distracts

our tender exchange see yourself

approaching ing the bench where I am

seated eager for our

meeting the plants and trees release

fragrance as the sunlight filters

through the canopy song birds and

running water provide soothing

background music type I’m abundant to

affirm feel my smile embrace you as I

reach to take your hands in mine we have

all the time eternity allows to share

our hearts this is just a glimpse of the

Life Source I offer you

beloved will you not set aside regular

times to linger long with

me I’m always waiting and longing for

the moments when you’re

seeking heart awakens to my voice my

precious child in my presence until you

connect with my searching eyes conveying

the depths of my affection for you do

not hold back from me but yield fully to

experience the safety and fulfillment


it is only here that your deepest

identity blossoms into maturity apart

from selfish striving in external voices

constantly prescribing who to be I am

interested only in nurturing your true

self my fiery gaze of Love reveals then

Burns away the draw to unveil your

Eternal being precious and free let the

heat of my concentrated presence expose

hidden strongholds where the enemy’s

voice rests

Ates together we will overturn each lie

and replace it with healing truth until

Beauty radiates from your inner Temple

the radiance of our Union then flows as

healing oil and restoring Waters to

other thirsty Souls this is why jealous

devotion and wholehearted partnership

with me must Eclipse all other Earthly

ties any relationship that threatens

sacred Oneness has erected an idol

demanding higher

priority type to show your belief in

Jesus true freedom is found only in me

release every last competing Allegiance

and give me your full and willing trust

take my hand again and again at each new

Crossroad choosing radical abandonment

to my leading every place your foot

Treads shows evidence of this anointed

partnership extending my kingdom in the

earth nothing can oppose you as your

soul awakens and responds to my voice

that Echoes your heart the Harvest

Fields replete with hungry hearts are

visible before you now will you choose

to see with my eyes move at my pace and

flow with my river of Revival power the

past is faded and gone while the present

is fleeting as a

vapor my perspective fills the Horizon

of your vision with purple Sunrise Rays

promising you a day of new beginnings


me take hold of my vision for this

moment beloved for it is pregnant with

Destiny there are appointments ordained

for divine connections and convergences

in your steps today type to manifest

miracles in your

life do not dismiss this day as mundane

or unimportant the invisible realm is

alive all around you poised to burst

forth and intercept natural Realms with

Supernatural breakthrough the vibration

of outrageous hope and expectancy

unveils thin veils separating

atmospheres and grants you access to

Miracle provision Angels stand at

attention awaiting dispatch the moment

your decrees and declarations give voice

to my prophetic promises in Scripture

I will tear down strongholds keeping

regions Bound in darkness and establish

embassies of my kingdom to now occupy

and govern these domains the Earth

groans in eager longing for my mature

Sons and Daughters to take their places

in delegated authority to prepare for my

return in glory that profound unveiling

begins today as you receive the crown of

identity declaring your place in My


the sphere of influence under your

stewardship continues expanding

exponentially no power

can revoke This Global display of

Resurrection Life flowing from my throne

room I call you to discover the fullness

of your identity in this hour will you

answer my summons to receive all that I

am creating you to

be let it be done according to my word

this day in breathless awe and surrender

t Ty yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

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$ my child you are precious in my

eyes I see your struggles and desire to

walk the right path let me assure you

though the way may seem unclear at times

I am with you in spirit for

Focus not on comparing yourself to

others for each journey is unique seek

instead to offer the best of yourself as

an act of devotion what is best differs

for each it is not about riches or

accolades in the world’s

eyes rather strive to grow in wisdom

compassion and righteous action when you

stumble or become complacent see it not

as failure but as an opportunity to

recommit my love is unconditional my

grace knows no bounds if in Earnest you

seek virtue you will surely find it for

I crafted Humanity with conscience and

free will not as puppets but conscious

actors in spreading Justice and

healing you need not grasp for material

things to fill a spiritual void nor see

Life as a

competition for limited

Goods there is abundance in this world I

have made if you cultivate the eyes to

see it be patient with yourself and

others react not in Anger when wronged

but seek the higher path for Darkness

cannot drive out Darkness only light can

do that and you my child are made in my

image you carry that Eternal Light

Within let it illuminate the way the

path requ requires courage and

perseverance but remember you do not


alone I am ever present purging you on

gently nudging you back

on course when needed like and share the

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love Jesus my strength will renew your

spirit when exhausted my peace Will

Comfort you in

distress stay be true to the core values

I inscribed on your heart Integrity

compassion honesty courage if you make

these the Cornerstone you cannot fail so

fear not the winding road ahead be

confident the destination is one of Hope

and joy your efforts matter Your Role is

vital not just for yourself but for

those around you now and generations to

come you are my hands my voice

my spirit made manifest go share my love

which Knows No Limits T so all may

Thrive and so

Unity prevails this is my call my

Covenant to you my precious child I have

such pride in you such excitement for

all the good you will do my

child I have seen your heart and know

the sacrifices you have made for me

from Abel to Abraham David and Solomon

those who were willing to give their

best received favor beyond

measure this has been my way from the

ancient paths to the present

hour those who honor me with their

finest gain access to riches

unsearchable type if you believe in

Jesus my vessel Abraham embarked on an

improbable Journey leaving behind all

that was familiar to pursue my

promises at every altar he built along

the way his generosity established a

memorial before

me whether in the valley of Trials or on

the Mount of testing he refused to

withhold his

best the land the peoples the wealth the

influence all he unlocked flowed from a

posture of surrendered worship before

his God my servant d David also governed

by this

Principle as a youth keeping watch over

his father’s flocks he honed his skill

as a worshipper pouring out songs of

adoration upon the hills of

Judah his liar gave voice to sincere

love for me his dance extoled my saving

help and when the time came for obedient

action he met Goliath on the field of

battle hazarding his life because of his

faith in the Living

God the giant fell that day because

David’s heart had fallen before me in

costly devotion long before his risky

passion was reciprocated and rewarded

bountifully by the hand of his

Lord Solomon David’s wise Heir and

beloved Son followed obediently in his


Footsteps at the outset of his Reign

installed upon on a glittering Throne

inheriting peace and plenty his request

for divine discernment revealed the

posture of his inner

life far from taking my blessings for

granted in the haze of young ambition

Solomon pleaded for Spiritual

understanding to govern justly in the

fear of the

Lord because this cry for capacity

sprang from a willingness to put me in

my ways before personal ease or


I open the treasures of Eternity to him

through Solomon the secrets of time

unfolded from Solomon such Splendor

flowed that no Kingdom before or since

has matched his far-famed wealth and

wonders type Amen in the name of Jesus

wisdom begins in the stance of the heart

bowed low in my

presence this has forever been the way

of those who would walk with

me my eyes range over all the Earth

searching for those whose devotion runs

deeper than the externals of religion


routine the longing gaze of my heart

fastens upon those who embody steady

surrendered commitment to my

purposes I called Abraham my friend as

he unreservedly followed my

voice David uncovered Mysteries and

revelation in the upwelling mode of our


friendship and in return those I bring

close light up their Generations so

brilliantly that Ian later the record of

their lives still stands to inspire if

you would walk with me know that your

fellowship in my sufferings and

surrendered obedience will release far

more Majesty than seeking your own

increase by any other

means the way of the Cross Remains the

path of life losing yourself in me that

you may gain all I have purposed for

eternity the burning quest to know me

love me follow me predates and eclipses

every other

Pursuit and in return for that

consecrated Affinity I remain a shield

surrounding you a friend who sticks

closer than a brother the great rewarder

of those who consider no cost too high

to know the fullness of God

along this costly life-giving journey I

desire companionship with you not

performance our relationship supersedes

the search for external blessings

because in the deepest sense I alone am


enough yet freely I bestow gifts and

goodness wherever I discover whole soul

devotion type I embrace my power to

affirm those who discover the Wells of

Salvation uncovered Treasures lying just

beneath the

surface even in seasons of difficulty in

loss Wells ever flowing spring up from

within those who will not be satisfied

by anything less than more of me receive

overflowing ever replenishing tides of

my glory as their inheritance in the

Kingdom count all LW for the sake of

knowing me through unbroken Fellowship

along the highways of

Holiness for those willing to embark on

this adventure with me my sustaining

Grace fortifies from within while a

table is prepared to Feast upon at this

table the Covenant is renewed empowering

you to pour from overflowing reservoirs

of the spirit towards

others I dearly long to bless only

remain near to me resting beneath the

shadowing wing of the Almighty and watch

as wave after wave of provision prepares

your mouth to testify of me throughout


Earth lose sight of the shoreline behind

launch forth with me as your

focus Venture deep into oceans of

closeness where fears drown under

mounting revelation of my love for

you I will Plum depths and discover

Heights of Glory reserved for those who

consider obedience their only rational

option count the cost pledge yourself to

the quest abandon yourself to my fiery

love and I will ignite the flame of

faith in your heart type I’m abundant to

affirm shake off lesser

affections refuse the Strangling

complications that clutter simpler days

of first

devotion tell me again and again of your

heart’s deepest longing until my name

becomes the hallowed frame surrounding


everything hold nothing back from

absolute abandonment to the miracle

working God flood surrendered Souls with

ever New Waves of miraculous potential

and in Lifted hands dancing feet in

Liberty The Voice proclaiming Eternal

mystery count all joy when flames of

refining love Expose and consume hidden

pockets of

Purity laugh and leap when increasing

revelation of My Affection displaces


constraints consider the time of

challenges as a valuable period for soon

justification will prove and restore you

abundantly lean deep into the

transformational fire of my making and

emerge shining brilliantly reflecting my

image for all to

see for I the master Jeweler affirm that

you are indeed worthy of such Brilliance


more this path of glory to glory is the

way to Transcendence for those who truly


me hear this from the edge of the

heavens my beloved and

blessed your bold obedience and

heartfelt offerings unlock Royal

Privileges and Spark a Revival that will

Touch generations yet to come

this is my declaration filled with a

tender jealousy for all my children do

not hold back anything from the offering

on my holy

altar do not spare any Treasures but

give them out of your Devotion to me

alone spend freely on what draws my

gaze in return I promise an ever

increasing revelation of Christ within

you Rising like Healing Wings to set

this world world on fire with my

love for who but those who are like

fiery Brands snatched from the Flames of

Glory can truly convey my Essence to the

hearts that yearn below type to show

your belief in Jesus endure through

hardships pray with fervor dance with

unrestrained joy before the eyes of the

world for surely I will return for those

who have remained true to their first

and only love

of I have seen the sacrifices you have

made for me going the extra mile when

others would

not like Solomon of old who offered a

thousand burnt offerings at the high

place before asking anything of me you

have given your best out of a heart of

devotion and so I tell you get ready for

the favor you have found with me will

soon invade and overtake your life in

the past you prayed and made decrees

which dispatched Mighty Angel armies to

fulfill my purposes in your

life and behold this day those angels

return having paved the way for

blessings beyond your imaginings to flow

freely into every area of your

existence Rejoice for the wealth of the

wicked is laid up for

you the righteous

one upon your head I pour out rivers of


oil I anoint you as Caleb and Joshua

were Anointed with strength courage and

endurance to possess your Promised Land

my precious

one you have sacrificed much and given

me your

best now

receive type amen if you believe in God

if you’re all set type yes take care of

of yourself type I claim it if you

receive this declaration type yes if

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