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if you hate Jesus then just keep

scrolling but if you love Jesus then

stick around and watch Until the End God

is saying to you today my beloved child

in your moments of weariness remember

that my strength is made perfect in your

weakness lean on me for I am your

steadfast support as you navigate life’s

challenges know that I am with you

guiding your steps with love and wisdom

in me you will will find the courage and

strength you need trust in my unending

love and grace the Lord is coming to

restore to you everything the enemy took

from you your promise your word he’s

restoring it to you double for the

trouble the pause was necessary so the

father could perfect his good gift but

he’s restoring it back to you in this

season recompense restore and reconcile

congratulations God is telling you this

is the time to be blessed you have you

have suffered a lot and God will give

you whatever you want if you take heed

of this lucky message he is the one that

will provide for you protect you and

make sure you are taken care of he will

make sure your needs are met and your

dreams are fulfilled it’s time for you

to be rewarded for all your hard work

and perseverance no matter how

discouraging it may feel understand that

moving with calmness and patience is

your best move you will be blessed with

a breakthrough trust and believe the

Lord says I will guide you along the

best pathway for your life I will advise

you and watch over you Psalm

– repeat after me I’m claiming

as a great year spiritually mentally

physically and financially I know great

things will happen for me my friends and

my family in jesus’ name Amon what

you’re about to discover today is life

changing one minute you’re struggling to

pay bills swamped with money worries and

the next minute you’re attracting money

like steel to a magnet what makes this

lifechanging difference in people’s

lives is called the genetic wealth code

once you activate your life will never

be the same again you can activate your

genetic wealth code here today it’s best

to activate this code now while this

page is still live link Inn comments God

says today trust in me and you will

witness amazing things happening in your

life I will bless you and your family

and bring healing to your pain the

blessings I have planned for you are

beyond what you can imagine type I am

ready to shine to affirm before this

weekend God will bless you with a life

filled with abundance good health

happiness and joy you will become very

rich and money will come to you easily

without much effort from you also in in

you and your family will experience

healing positive changes blessings and

miracles if you watch this video till

the very end know that you are entering

a time of Miracles where you will have

one success after another and

breakthroughs one after another as we

enter this new month may it bring you

many opportunities and an abundance of

good things type Amen to airm if you

want to attract huge money effortlessly

starting today check the link in the

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wealth secrets revealed by a rogue NASA

scientist God Says by the end of this

month you will receive a financial

blessing of $, from unexpected

sources don’t doubt my ability to

provide for you because I am the source

of all wealth and abundance tomorrow I

will give you an amazing blessing that

will remove all your worries your health

will improve and your finances will

increase God is turning your situation

around and blessing you and your family

with a better life he will heal all your

hurts and every setback you’ve

experienced will lead to an incredible

comeback today you will receive the love

healing and abundance you deserve your

entire family will experience healing

Miracles will happen when you need them

in the name of Jesus devote yourself to

worshiping the Lord your God and he will

bless your food and water he will remove

sickness from among you trust in his

guidance for your life he will fix what

needs to be fixed and bring blessings

and peace to you and your loved ones he

will bring you many good things like a

lot of money good health happiness and

deep Joy like never before type if

you trust God and believe in

Christianity when you wake up tomorrow

God promises a life-changing miracle

that will remove all your worries and

multiply by your blessings prepare

yourself for healing and restoration in

your health finances and relationships

type to claim it share this video

with seven people who trust God God says

today dear child your future will be

filled with blessings growth and

progress God will restore your health

relationships and finances your next in

line will be blessed your pain will end

your tears will stop

and closed doors will open because a

great financial Miracle is coming your

way you will receive a lot of blessings

in your finances you will be free from

Financial burdens and it will be your

best year for money so far very soon you

will receive unexpected money from

different sources because God is being

kind to you this weekend holds amazing

blessings for you prepare yourself for a

joyful prosperous and fulfilling life

trust in God’s guidance and you’ll be

guided away from Pain difficulty and

lack towards a life filled with healing

comfort and abundance type to

affirm dear child the money love Health

house and perfect career all of these

blessings are already on their way yours

you just have to claim them and believe

that they are yours in the near future

you will experience moments of great joy

that will wash away any sadness because

God is about to change your life for the

better I am guiding you away from Pain

difficulty and not having enough and

leading you toward a life filled with

healing comfort and abundance your body

mind heart family and relationships will

be restored filled with joy in the name

of Jesus God has revealed that in July

he will give you and your family a

lot of wealth and the protection of his

angels instead of worrying talk to God

and let him know what you need be

grateful for what God has already done

for you always remember God’s timing is

perfect and he knows what’s best for you

keep praying and Trust his plan as he

will open doors that can’t be closed I

am a God who takes care of all your

needs and I’m about to give you many

blessings trust me I’ll protect you you

from those who want to harm you

financially I’ll guide you towards a

life of prosperity and abundance type

if you trust God God says I have

the power to completely change your life

lifting you out of financial struggles

and into wealth and abundance expect an

unlimited flow of abundance as

unexpected blessings love and money come

your way at a fast pace don’t worry

about your finances the money money

you’ve invested and spent will come back

to you many times over I’ll bless you

with so much abundance that it will

overflow creating a prosperous Legacy

for your children and grandchildren to

enjoy the months of July and August are

filled with abundance blessings and

opportunities I’ll bless you and your

family with everything you desire

whether it’s a fulfilling job Financial

abundance a dream car or true love your

life will be filled with wealth good

health and success bringing NeverEnding

joy and satisfaction type Amen to affirm

I am the all powerful God who provides

heals restores and blesses abundantly

when you give everything to me you bring

prosperity to your life on Earth and

store up Treasures in Heaven type

if you believe Lord says while you

sleep tonight I will bring you the

miracle you’ve been praying praying for

it will be so amazing that it will take

away all your worries and give you Joy

and satisfaction I am sending wonderful

things your way like Miracles blessings

and positive changes when you completely

surrender yourself to God’s Authority he

will generously bless you and your

family with a life of abundance I

declare that anyone reading this will

receive peace and Abundant Faith favor

in the name of Jesus you are next in

line to experience A Mir miracle that

will change your life bringing you more

happiness than ever before I will take

you away from Pain struggle and lack to

Healing ease and abundance declare this

confidently today I am receiving the

flow of Love healing and abundance that

I deserve my entire family will

experience healing and miracles will

appear when needed in jesus’ name let’s

pray together heavenly father I have

faith that you will make a way because

you are the God of all possibilities

Expose and Destroy every Spirit of

failure around me and my loved ones in

jesus’ name help me know that you are

with me seeing me hearing me caring for

me and loving me thank you for creating

me you alone deserve all My Worship

father I come to you today asking for

your help Grant my anxious heart

patience and relieve me of life’s

burdens as I I am covered by the blood

of Jesus I ask that every negative

emotion and conflict in my workplace be

replaced with peace thank you Lord for

another day and for everything you have

done in my life thank you for taking

care of my family I Surrender full

control of my life to you and the

upcoming month will be a wonderful time

of Happiness healing and success

bringing Joy wholeness and

accomplishment to your life type thank

you God to affirm God says to you I am

always knocking at the door of your

heart wanting to come into your life and

do amazing things in every aspect if you

fully accept me you will see

extraordinary wonders happen just keep

believing praying and speaking my words

because you are my beloved children who

will encounter unexpected miracles in

your life the challenges you have faced

will turn into impressive comebacks

because I am skilled at turning Darkness

into light trust me and I won’t

disappoint you remember that I am a god

of love and mercy who loves you without

conditions and is always there for you

dear child I will shower you with

countless blessings Bright Smiles

financial success and improved

well-being the Holy Bible says that

whatever you have prayed for believe

that it is already yours and will come

to you when you pray have have faith and

avoid doubt as doubt is like uncertainty

your future is already planned by the

Lord so be grateful for the blessings

you have already received God will lead

you on a beautiful path and you will

walk in Victory Lord Jesus says I hear

your prayers dear one and I am working

miracles in your life I am the god of

the impossible the one who makes a way

even when it seems impossible trust in

my power and you will witness wonders

beyond your wildest dreams your healing

Solutions breakthrough and blessings are

coming to you right now type if you

believe the year is like a

beautiful tapestry woven with Abundant

Blessings it will bring you good health

New Opportunities and an overflow of

abundance that will Amaze you your bank

balance will be filled with Wealth

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams I am a

faithful provider and I will open the

doors of Heaven to pour blessings upon

you at the right time everything you do

will be blessed don’t lose hope my dear

friend even if you feel tired

discouraged or frustrated your

breakthrough is just around the corner

and it will transform your life forever

remember you have a heavenly father who

takes care of you he loves you deeply

and wants the best for you trust him and

have faith that he will keep his

promises to you my child you are a

special creation made with love and

purpose your life is incredibly valuable

and your journey is an important part of

existence prepare yourself to receive

abundance good health and prosperity

with unwavering belief and gratitude you

are my cherished child fearfully and

wonderfully made type

if you needed this God says today

your worth is immeasurable and your

purpose is unique so don’t let fear or

doubt overshadow your path instead

embrace the Inner Strength within you

the same power that raised Jesus Christ

from the dead allow the Holy Spirit to

ignite a fire in your soul propelling

you forward with confidence and courage

I am the god of abundance and I want to

bless you beyond your wildest dreams

amazing things are coming into your life

in great abundance you’ll go from

feeling extremely stressed to incredibly

happy if you watch this video Until the

End you’ll experience good luck and

positive events stay with confidence

today I’m ready to receive love healing

and the abundance I deserve God will

bless me and my family with Limitless

wealth love and peace thank me your

creator for loving you deeply

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