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“I Need To Talk To You Right Now!! This Is Very Urgent!!” | God message jesus |

this very

moment as your eyes Trace these words

know that it’s no mere

coincidence each step each breath each

heartbeat of your life is with purpose


intention if sorrow has cast its shadow

upon you draw near to

me allow my love to unfold you my

tenderness to soothe your weary

spirit let kindness be the bomb that

heals your wounds and gentleness The

Whisper that calms your troubled mind

though the tempests of life may rage

remember that no storm endures

forever the dawn of Deliverance is

breaking upon the Horizon of your

soul it’s time to step back from the

chaos to pause and realign yourself with

the Divine destiny that pulses through

your very

being come rest in the sanctuary of My

Embrace let my peace wash over you

cleansing away the residue of worries


fears in my presence Your Heart Will

Find the Joy it craves and your spirit

will dance to the rhythm of redemption

release your your burdens into my care

trusting that I will tend to them with

infinite wisdom and unfailing

love allow yourself to savor this Sacred

Space this Holy Ground where Heaven and


intertwine here in the depths of our

communion you will discover a love that

surpasses all understanding a love that

spans the cosmos and yet dwells within

the very chambers of your heart

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place of perfect acceptance and

unwavering devotion you will find the

affection and attention your soul has

yearned for as you linger in my presence

Feel The Emptiness within you dissipate

replaced by the unshakable truth that

you are never alone you are a cherished

treasure a precious gem in the eyes of

your heavenly

father let this assurance sink deep into

your bones permeating every fiber of

your being anxiety’s grip will loosen as

you begin to perceive the intricate

threads of purpose woven through each

experience each trial and each

Triumph you have weathered storms and

emerged Victorious your spirit forged in

The Crucible of

adversity stay close to me and

understand that my plans for you are

laced with kindness and steeped in

Tranquility I desire not merely your

fleeting happiness but your true

well-being a steadiness of spirit that

embrac the journey remain unshaken by

the E and flow of circumstance my

heart’s longing is to see you flourish

brimming with wisdom and radiant with

anticipation of each New Dawn

I yearn for you to return to this Sacred

Space time and again to drink deep from

the Wellspring of my words and find

refreshment for your

soul you need not wander through life

feeling broken or defeated your days

shrouded in sorrow believing that you

are unloved or that my affection has


you cling to these truths inscribe them

upon the tablet of your heart you are

cherished beyond measure and my love is

the compass that will guide you to the

shores of peace and

steadiness this is the unadulterated

reality the Bedrock upon which you can

build your life today I offer you a joy

that transcends the fleeting pleasures

of Earthly accomplishments or temporary

emotions type if you believe in Jesus

This Joy is a deep abiding presence a

river whose currents run strong and

steady undaunted by the rocks and Rapids

of life’s

challenges it is a joy that cannot be

stolen or diminished an unassailable

Fortress of contentment and

perspective as you receive this gift you

will find it intertwined with wisdom

courage and unshakable Faith the very

tools you need to confront your giant to

stare down your struggles and to emerge

Victorious with this heavensent strength

pulsing through your veins you will find

yourself empowered to withstand any

hardship to Traverse the most Barren of

Landscapes and to stand firm when the

ground Beneath You

Quakes in me you will always find a

refuge from the Raging storms a place of

safety and respit when the world around

you is spinning out of

control I will be the beacon that

pierces through the thickest Darkness

the unshakeable Foundation upon which

you can lean in your most vulnerable

moments and as you navigate the twists

and turns of your journey remember that

every experience both the Mountaintop

moments and The Valleys of Shadow is a

brush stroke in your

life each scar each tear is not a

blemish but a sacred reminder of the

choices you’ve made the strength you’ve

cultivated and the anointing that flows

from my heart to

yours it is in these very trials that

your faith is forged refined in the

furnace of adversity until it shines

like pure

gold amidst the challenges never forget

to embrace your own Worth to Marvel at

Who You Are you are a being of infinite

potential crafted in love and destined


greatness type Amen in the name of Jesus

though the path May wind uphill and the

terrain May grow Rocky know that within

you lies the strength to surmount any

obstacle to scale any

Peak release the burdens of

fear bitterness and uncertainty and

instead cling to the lifelines of hope

faith and love in those moments when you

feel yourself stumbling when the weight

of the world threatens to drag you under

remember that my hand is always extended

ready to lift you up and remind you that

you never fight

alone no matter how dire the

circumstances may seem there is a divine

plan unfolding a purpose woven into

every step of your

journey you are IR placeable cherished

beyond measure and it’s time for you to

step into the fullness of this

truth don’t allow your heart to grow

faint or your spirit to waver for in me

you will find the strength to press

onward to Dare To Dream to believe in

miracles and to build Bridges where

walls once

stood Embrace each day as a gift a

precious opportunity to love without

Reserve to forgive without hesitation

and to radiate joy in a world that so

desperately needs your light you have

the power to be a Beacon of Hope a

Lifeline for those who are drowning in

their own

Darkness From This Moment forward rise

to the challenge I have set before you

step into your true identity as a child

of the most high a beloved son or

daughter of the Creator who spoke the

universe into existence

walk in the confidence that your life is

infused with purpose that your days are

crowned with goodness and

mercy go forth with the faith that burns

within you knowing that I have entrusted

you with a sacred

Mission you are not merely a conqueror

but a humble Warrior armed with a heart

full of faith and a spirit that refuses

to be

quenched stand tall and in the face of

adversity for victory is your

Birthright type yes if you are ready for

the blessings that you are about to

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$ declare your belief with boldness

let it ReSound in your words and echo in


actions shout it from the rooftop

inscribe it upon your heart and let it

be the anthem of your

life believe with every fiber of your

being that I am the god of the

impossible the one who speaks life into

dead places and hope into Broken

Dreams allow my love to wash over you

mending the fractures in your heart and

binding up the wounds of your spirit

release the tension that has held you

captive the worries that have weighed

you down

place your concerns in my capable hands

and watch as they vanish like Mist in

the morning

sun your pain will be transposed into

purpose your scars will become emblems


strength changes on the horizon a new

chapter waiting to be

written allow me to be your guide to

lead you beside Still Waters and restore


soul relinquish the thought thoughts

that torment you the fears that keep you

Shackled worry is a thief that steals

your joy and robs you of the Abundant

Life I have designed for

you instead give me your attention even

if only for a

moment type I embrace my power to affirm

I don’t seek to deplete your time but

rather to multiply it to infuse your

days with purpose and your years with

abundance pour out the Brokenness that

has fractured your

spirit the wounds that have caused your

heart to

bleed confide in me your deepest fears

and watch as they dissolve in the light

of my

love remember that no power in heaven or

on Earth can stand against

me I am the keeper of your soul the very

breath that sustains

you I know the depths of your longing

the ache that throbs within your chest

resist the urge to run to hide to numb


pain your heart is starving for the

nourishment only my grace can provide

and your spirit is desperate for the

wholeness that can only be found in my

presence you have wandered long enough

carrying the weight of the world on your

shoulders it’s time to lay down on your

burdens to immerse yourself in the

rivers of my

love and allow my peace to saturate

every crevice of your

being fear has held you hostage for too

long but today my words come to shatter

those chains and set your spirit

free look around you and see the love

and support that surrounds

you lean into the relationships I have

placed in your life the people who are

willing to walk alongside you to fight

for you and to believe in the beauty of


dreams the future that stretches before

you is saturated with hope and

possibility type I’m abundant to

affirm but remember the Covenant we have

made the promise you whispered in your

darkest hour when you felt the weight of

the world crushing your spirit when you

cried out for the strength to take one


step I heard your plea and I answered

with the power of my

presence I have not abandoned you and I


will I understand the overwhelming

nature of the challenges you face but it

is in these very trials that you will

experience my presence like never

before when the ground Beneath You

Quakes and the sky above you rages I

will be your unshakable Foundation your

shelter in the storm for it is in your

weakness that my strength is made

perfect and it is in your Brokenness

that my light shines

brightest so do not lose heart do not

allow the progress you have made to be

swept away by the tempests of

Life hold fast to the blessings I have

poured out upon you and cling to the

relationships that bring light to your

world even when others have wounded you

even when forgiveness feels like an

impossible feat extend Grace as I have

extended Grace to

You distance yourself from the poison of

bitterness and resentment and choose

instead to walk in the freedom of

forgiveness I know the sting of betrayal

the Searing pain of UND deserve shame

and humiliation but do not allow the

actions of others to rob you of your

peace take the steps necessary to break

free from the chains of unforgiveness

and trust that I will be your

guide your protector and your

provider turn your back on the lure of

darkness and watch as I open doors that

no man can

shut I will be your rear guard your

shield and your everpresent help in

times of

trouble my love for you knows no bounds

and my commitment to your well-being is

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Jesus as you step into this new day

remember that I am walking beside you

empowering you to face whatever lies

ahead your heart is a reflection of my

own overflowing with kindness and


and as you pour out that love I will

multiply it causing it to Ripple across

the lives of those you

touch to those who are hesitant to seek

healing today know that I am the great

physician the one who mends broken

bodies and restores shattered

Souls I am the god of Miracles and no

situation is beyond my

reach my desire is for you to walk in

wholeness to experience the Vitality

that is your

Birthright release your anxieties your

fears and your doubts and allow my peace

to wash over you like a gentle

rain and to those who wonder how they

will provide for their loved ones lean

into the truth that I am your provider

the one who sustains you in every

season nurture your faith and watch as I

prepare a banquet of blessing for you

and your family to those who have mocked

your belief and questioned your devotion

know that I will silence the voices of

doubt and provide for your every

need in your household lack will be

replaced by abundance and scarcity will

be swallowed up by my overwhelming

provision so Stand Tall my child and

face the future with a heart full of

Courage I will be your anchor in the

storm your compass in the wilderness and

your everpresent source of

strength type to show your belief in

Jesus as you fix your eyes on me as you

align your heart with my purposes you

will witness the unfolding of a life

beyond your wildest

dreams you are created for such a time

as this embrace the truth of who you are

and step into the destiny that I have

prepared for

you for in me you will find the love

that never fails the peace that

surpasses all understanding and the joy

that can never be taken from

you so hold fast my beloved and Trust in

the goodness of my plans for I Am With

You Always even to the End of the Age my

beloved child your essence is a

reflection of my eternal love a love

that that transcends the boundaries of

time and

space as you navigate the complex

corridors of Life know that I am always

with you guiding your steps and

illuminating your

path when the burdens of the world weigh

heavily upon your shoulders remember

that my strength is yours to draw

upon I have crafted you with a purpose

endowing you with unique gifts and

abilities that have the power to

transform not only your own life but the

lives of those around

you Embrace these Divine Sparks within

you and let them ignite the Flames of

change in a world that yearns for

light as you face the challenges that

inevitably arise trust in the unwavering

Foundation of my love like the ancient

mountains that stand Resolute Against

The Winds of

time my love for you is

unshakable when the storms of adversity

rage around you find solace in the

knowledge that I am your Refuge your


Fortress in the moments when doubt and

fear threaten to obscure your vision let

my voice be the beacon that guides you

back to

Clarity my words are not mere platitudes

but living truths that have the power to

reshape your

reality embrace embrace them allow them

to take root in the fertile soil of your

heart and watch as they blossom into a

garden of unshakable

Faith type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

and if you believe in Christianity

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$ remember my child that your journey

is not a solitary

one I have surrounded you with Souls

each one a precious thread in The Grand

Design of your

life some may come as challenges others

as blessings but all serve a higher

purpose in your growth and

evolution embrace the lessons they bring

and let the Winds of Change carry you to

new heights of understanding as you walk

the winding Paths of this Earthly

existence know that your ultimate

destination lies Beyond the Veil of the


world your true home is in the Eternal

realm where my love Reigns

Supreme every step you take every breath

you draw is a sacred movement towards

that ultimate

reunion trust in the Perfection of my

plan even when its intricacies elude

your understanding and in the face of

adversity stay rooted in Divine Purpose

remember that my strength is made

perfect in your

weakness it is in The Crucible of trials

that your soul is forged

purified and made ready for the greater

purposes that lie

ahead embrace the fires of

transformation knowing that I Am with

You refining you into a vessel of

unparalleled Beauty and strength when

the world seeks to Define You by its

fleeting standards remember that your

true identity is rooted in me type

to manifest miracles in your life you

are not a product of your past nor are

you defined by the opinions of

others you are crafted in my image

imbued with the Divine Purpose that

transcends the limitations of the

temporal world in the act of forgiveness

you not only release others from the

chains of bitterness but also liberate

yourself to experience the fullness of


love in the pursuit of your dreams and

aspirations trust in the wisdom of my

timing I have planted the seeds of

greatness within you and I will bring

them to fruition in the perfect season

surrender your plans to me and watch as

I unfold a future that surpasses your


imaginings when the voices of doubt and

fear whisper their lies tune your heart

to the frequency of my

truth my words are the anchors that will

hold you steadfast in the storms of

life cling to them meditate upon them

and let them become the very fabric of

your being remember my child that you

are never

alone I am with you in every moment in

every breath in every

heartbeat I am the very life that

animates your being the love that

sustains you and the light that guides


path trust in my presence lean into my

strength and let my love be the compass

that directs your every step as you

journey through this sacred existence

let your life be a Living testament to

the power of my

love type Amen in the name of Jesus let

your words be seasoned with Grace your

actions infused with compassion and your

very presence a reflection of my

Radiance embrace the beauty of your

uniqueness The Wonder of your

individuality you are not meant to

conform to the patterns of this world

but to stand as a Beacon of

Hope a living embodiment of my love let

your light shine forth

unapologetically Illuminating the

darkest corners of the world with the

radiance of my

truth in the moments of doubt and fear

find strength in my presence and let

your life be a testament to the

transformative power of my love love for

in the depths of your being you carry

the essence of my love a love that

transcends all Earthly

measures when the weight of the world

threatens to crush your spirit remember

that my love is the very air you

breathe inhale deeply of its sustaining

power and let it fill every fiber of


being in the atmosphere of my love there

is no room for fear or doubt only an

all-encompassing peace that surpasses

understanding as you navigate the

seasons of your life trust in the

Perfection of my

timing just as the Earth moves through

its cycles of growth and rest so too

will your journey have its own

rhythms embrace the moments of planting

the periods of germination and the times

of harvest knowing that each season

serves a vital purpose in your existence

when the path ahead seems shrouded in

uncertainty remember that I am the light

that illuminates your

steps trust in my guidance even when the

way seems un clear for I have charted a

course for your life that leads to a

destination Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams in the face of challenges and

obstacles let my strength be your

anchor draw upon the reservoir of my

power within you and watch as mountains

crumble and seas part before you for in

the realm of my love there is no

challenge too great no obstacle too

daunting that cannot be over come

through the power of Faith type yes if

you are ready for the blessings that you

are about to receive and if you believe

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$ as you interact with the world

around you let your life be a living

Epistle of my

grace let your words be infused with

kindness your your actions marked by

compassion and your very presence a

testament to the transformative power of


love in a world stared for authenticity

and hope you are called to be a beacon

of light a living embodiment of my heart

remember my child that your worth is not

measured by the standards of this world

but by the immeasurable depths of my

love for

you you are precious in my sight a

treasure of incomparable

value let this truth be the foundation

upon which you build your identity the

Bedrock of your selfworth as you

navigate the complexities of

relationships let my love be the glue

that binds you to

others extend forgiveness freely even to

those who have wronged you and watch as

the power of Grace transforms hearts and

men’s broken

bonds for in the economy of my kingdom

forgiveness is the currency that unlocks

The Riches of

reconciliation in the pursuit of your

passions and purpose trust in the unique

gifts I have bestowed upon

you you are not a random accident you

have been crafted with intention and

Care embrace the fullness of your

potential and let your life be a Living

testament to the creativ ity and wonder

of my love take care of yourself type I

claim it if you receive this declaration

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