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I shall shield and protect you | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message

my dear child I will take care of you and your family and soon you will feel

the Gentle Touch of my love I want to walk with you along a

peaceful path lift the heavy burden of anxiety from your shoulders and remove

the fear that sometimes overwhelms you you will no longer be afraid your

mind will no longer be plagued by distressing thoughts your soul will not

be tor tormented by memories that haunt you at night and sap your will to

live Miracles will happen in your life my will shall be revealed in you for my

word always accomplishes what I intend today I’m here for you to bring change

and transformation open your eyes to the new day and prepare for the incredible

Miracles you will soon see hold my hand tightly as you walk through the valley of loneliness

tell your adversaries that you are not alone for your heavenly father is with

you come I am waiting for you don’t hesitate if you feel that today is the

day to start over start with me walk with me and you will find Joy abundant

and Lasting forever basked in my love say it right it shout it loud that

you love me too I heal you I sustain you I care for you I provide for for you I

love you I comfort you so fear nothing and no one my power strengthens you and

my mighty hand protects you it has always been this way even

when you couldn’t see me when you thought everything was lost and that your troubles would overwhelm you but

look at you now you are still here if you are reading or hearing this it is

because you have faith because you seek success because you want to live and be happy

who said you don’t deserve it don’t waste your time on vain thoughts or

slanderous accusations you are my child you have opened your heart to me you love me and

seek me daily I have named you heir to All Things pure and beautiful kind and

good you will achieve all your dreams that are rooted in truth and

goodness so walk with firm Faith toward what you will achieve and work hard for

them it’s never too late nor are you too old don’t worry if you feel unprepared I

strengthen and prepare those who are willing I call out with my own voice to those who wish to draw close to me and

serve me with love you know you are in this world to do great and significant

things despite any past mistakes or failures that’s why you believe in my

death and Resurrection I am forgiving your sins I am giving you a new chance

to rise and reshape your life I will make you a leader in your home a blessing to your

family I will silence those who have disrespected you and before their eyes I

will publicly show your value in the love I have for you believe in me and accept my love

unconditionally your eternal life your happiness and all your blessings depend

on it never stop telling me you love me and believe in me know that in good

times and bad I will always be with you I love you and that’s why today I bring

you a different message I’ve seen your Lively fervent Dynamic Faith you have grown you know me

better you have learned to trust and wait for the time to receive the blessings I want to

give I am forming an army of courageous individuals who wish to live with

enthusiasm and determination ready to share my love determined to change and be renewed from

head to toe you are one of those chosen Warriors be careful about what you hear

and what you see prioritize my word immerse yourself in my Holy Spirit by

reading listening speaking writing and singing do all that I inspire you to do

in spirit and truth I want you to learn to manage I will bless you greatly but you must

take care of these blessings I will not raise you up only for you to become arrogant or let power go to your

head if you want my blessings to grow keep your heart humble avoid gossip and

slander against anyone never harm those who respect you help you or provide you

with a job that supports you focus on working hard serving others being a

blessing to those around you your family and Beyond I have chosen you to bear

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