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my dear child before this month is over I plan to show you just how much I care for you

wrapping you in my kindness I will listen to your heartfelt prayers and surprise you by giving more

than you ask for helping you more than you imagine and blessing you beyond your

wildest dreams the Wonders I have in store for you are vast and magnificent don’t let

doubt or fear stop you from receiving the blessings I have for you I forgiven and uplifted you wiping away

your past you’re worthy of Love don’t hold

back from accepting what I’m offering you don’t shy away from the joy and

satisfaction I have ready for you don’t shut yourself off from the happiness or

from receiving the things you’ve sincerely prayed for and truly need I

will bless you giving you freedom and filling your life with happiness and

abundance so you can share these gifts with your family and others I value the

person who gives happily helps the needy and goes out of their way to support the

less fortunate I’ve given you much and will continue to provide more but if you keep

your blessings locked away unused and unshared they will diminish and

disappear true blessings are understood only by those who receive them I give give you seeds to plant Grace to nurture

them intelligence to grow them strength to harvest and wisdom to make them flourish being blessed by your heavenly

father is a joy you wish for but you must be ready to seek me give me your

heart and remove any sense of defeat from your life don’t let anyone convince

you that these Miracles are not for you you are my child I love you deeply no

one can take you away from me yet you battle with doubts that block your joy let go of these negative thoughts

I’ve rescued you and will bless you in my own way without needing anyone’s

approval I love you just as you are even as you aim to get better do not seek

from others what I can provide I am speaking to you I am the

true faithful and eternal God my blessing I have promised you my

word I have declared and I shall fulfill it for I love you

listen to my word remain steadfast until the end here and treasure these wondrous

things I wish to impart to you I am in control no detail escapes

me when troubles arise your emotions stir your mind gravitates toward worry

almost instinctively but from this day forth do not be perturbed it is unnecessary

though it may seem that circumstances defy my plan it is unfolding like a

puzzle everything falling into place all shall be well my blessing shall not

delay it is swiftly approaching don’t be misled by what you

see it’s time to think in new ways don’t be scared of the future my promise is

with you everything will turn out well for those who love me just just like you do

I will lift you up and guide you onto the correct path Just Let Me ease your

worries hear my words and Ponder them as you get ready for rest let my peace my

calm and my heavenly quiet fill your heart focus on the good things in your

life for you have plenty of blessings to make you happy but when problems show up

your attention might drift keep me in your thoughts to prevent this

and when you face tough times look ahead and see a different peaceful future coming your way this is how I want to

see you my dear child keep trying be brave my help is all you

need I love you deeply Embrace and believe it I’ll say it once more I love

you and from this day forth you shall see these words inscribed in the sky and

the clouds the sunlight shall etch them upon your walls as each day begins the

birds shall sing them to you joyfully even in the scent of beautiful flowers

you shall perceive them embrace my words feel their vibrancy as they resonate with your soul

only in my presence can you experience this Divine emotion you now

feel you shall rise from here and as you go about your daily tasks they shall

remain in your heart like a flame burning away unhappiness

insecurity every nerve-wracking fear you and your family are in my hands listen I

shall not leave you alone in this situation you will succeed today I’m

giving you Victory because you are my cherished child I’m actively working in your life in your health in your job and

in your family I’m opening Grand doors that will change your current

circumstances my hands or at work in the issues that matter to you and I am

solving them hold your head high No More Tears for I am bringing you my powerful

blessings from now on you will come to my presence to give thanks more and more

for the Miracles that will start happening in your life invite me into your home with open

arms let everyone in your family honor and seek me I’m transforming Hearts I’m

driving away sorrow and pain those who are downcast will smile once more I’m

purifying your home from any sickness and lack Illuminating every shadowed corner with my light and

salvation only I can give you boundless love and

peace I’m guarding your life and the lives of your loved ones with my protective shield I’m keeping them

secure under my care here you will be safe I won’t let any harm come your way

I will lead you along paths filled with righteousness and love you’ll be liberated from worries doubts and fears

I love you I look after you and your loved ones with great care open up your heart to welcome all

the love I’m offering you spend more time with me in quiet natural spaces where I will feed your soul and refresh

your spirit my Powers at work along your journey opening up opportunities

dispelling negativity and fixing what has gone wrong I’ve cleansed you of your sins and have taken

away all weariness and disheartenment enabling you to grow stronger every day

have faith all will work out for your benefit as my angels are actively

working to bless you immensely strengthen your faith and praise me with passion you are very precious to me

endowed with resilience wisdom and bravery meant to succeed Ed in all you

undertake every challenge you face is just a stepping stone to Victory so don’t give in to

despair even when it feels like everything is falling apart don’t be

afraid I with you defending you and battling by your side until the very end

I am aware of those who seek to undermine your happiness yet their efforts are

futile your bravery enables you to confront any adversity that may come

your way I impart unwavering strength to your arms and bestow upon

you the wisdom necessary to navigate life’s complexities bend your knees and humble

your soul each day before embarking on your journey when faced with battles I go

before you clearing obstacles breaking down barriers and vanquishing your foes

from your path be at peace everything will turn out fine even when you’re

feeling tired I’m here to give you a break to fill you with peace good health

and new energy so you can stand up again refreshed and ready confident in the

victory that’s coming your way my kindness will always be with you

and my love for you is endless my precious child take this gift of love

and New Beginnings knowing that you have what it takes to not just get through this struggle but any challenge you face

I’m turning what seems like your weaknesses into your greatest strengths and resolve I’m lifting from you all

depression and feelings of not being good enough that have held you back I’m

also taking away your anxiety which fills your thoughts with doubt and fear

stealing your rest now is your time to live well your moment to be joyful is

here today I’m holding your hand showing you the strength you have

within which is even greater than you think especially when you’re in my care

I give you the strength to achieve all the wonderful dreams you’ve had you’re being prepared to be a warrior who wins

every battle because my spirit is with you my angels will be by your

side stand up with faith and bravery as Triumph and incredible blessings are on

their way to you you’ve offered your heart to me in all its sincerity and

Faith be assured of my profound love for you I won’t let you stumble today I am

your strength giving you an enduring Spirit to tackle upcoming challenges proceed with

confidence aware that I am with you whether you see me or feel my

presence Proclaim Yourself Strong and victorious in your trials my Divine

Essence will invigorate you providing you with renewed strength patience wisdom Serenity and Clarity of mind I

will recall to your mind the beautiful promises written on your heart scattering those spiritual

foes as my treasur child always feel loved and held In My Embrace yet I also

speak to you as a warrior for you are not a victim or overwhelmed by fear my words are your armor

strengthening your hands to wield your sword effectively in combat securing your

Triumph gone are the days when fear held you back making you hide away now is a

moment of transformation listen to my guidance and recognize your true self a being of deep

love and great courage you do not shy away from your battles like others do you are strong

and distinct you stride forward with determination knowing that with my by

love and power nothing else is required for victory you need not wait for years

months or days to rise with faith and pursue your

happiness today is the day to pay attention to what I’m saying to you I’m reaching out to you encouraging you to

grasp my hand and move forward with Assurance approach those doors for I

will open them step into the new chapter of joy peace abundance and prosperity

that I have prepared for you this is the truth and it will come to pass I am always with you but you must first airam

your belief in me say it out loud write it down I want to hear your affirmation

listen to me completely with true faith and soon your soul will find calm and your heart will be at peace I am always

beside you even during times when you feel stuck or that your life isn’t

advancing while Time Marches On and you may not see progress know that I’m right there

with you waiting for you to acknowledge my plan and my word then you’ll understand that

everything works together for your benefit and nothing is wasted you don’t need to be in turmoil

for me to come to your Aid I’m there in peaceful times too if you feel stuck

just relax stop overanalyzing and enjoy some peace when you’ve tried everything

to find answers and solutions and still can’t make sense of your

struggles remember I’m still with you I will guide you but please give me time

and don’t look in the wrong places don’t ask others or make up reasons and answers hand over your thoughts and

worries to me when things don’t seem to add up you feel frustrated and lost

surrounded by the darkness of worry uncertain about which direction to take

believe in the promise I’ve made to you the certainty of my love why keep fretting I’m looking out for you your

feelings don’t control you and you shouldn’t be held captive by fear I’ve

endowed you with a spirit not of fear but of power love and a sound mind so

you can face and conquer any challenges don’t lean only on your

emotions as there might be times you can’t feel my presence or see me however

your deep Faith lights the way and my holy spirit is Like A Mighty Wind pushing you towards a better place a

place where you will find Freedom and blessings my dear child your feelings

are as deep as your dreams are Splendid and your heart is gentle place your

whole self in my care and Trust in what I have planned for you from now on on

let there be no uncertainty in your mind feel a deep confidence knowing and

believing that I am always with you forever I will never leave

you don’t worry about the challenges within your family do not let anxiety or

sadness take over I am holding them in my hands be at ease for my angels are

stationed around your home my spirit wraps your house in love

my watchful eyes see everything that happens even if situations don’t seem to

meet your hopes be patient for I am in charge of

all today seek comfort in me and trust this I will turn each of your troubles

into something better I will support and strengthen you smile again do not let

fear dwell in your heart be confident I give you the power to endure and

overcome all difficulties you want peace and good health for your family for your home to

be a place of Harmony keep going and look away from the problems instead pray with a humble and

hopeful heart because I see your faith and trust and I will reward it get ready

to be amazed by The Miracles that are coming great blessings will surround

your life and conflicts will vanish peace will envelop your home because my

presence is the foundation of your joy my words create Harmony in your home

in my love you’ll find the strength to face every challenge remember me and make sure your

family doesn’t forget who saved them let them keep their faith and avoid

bitterness understand that life has its ups and downs hold on to forgiveness and

love and don’t let your hearts or Minds keep grudges

narrow-mindedness unfounded accusations or hidden falsehoods watch out for those

who pretend to be friends while envying your blessings I’m with you protecting

you from their schemes your family is precious to me keep praying for them

looking after them set aside time daily for them to come together join hands and

pray in my presence despite the challenges and storms

I’ve blessed you abundantly I’ve always been there for you some people might forget this when they Prosper becoming

arrogant and denying The God Who helped them stay alert to prevent this

arrogance from entering your home remind them every day where their blessings

come [Music] from by steadfastly praying your home

will be protected from harm and the trouble of sickness and lack will disappear for good angels will guard

your house keeping enemies at Bay you desire unity in your family and success

for your children I intend for their lives to show my extraordinary power I

have a unique plan for your family and I will hold them securely in my

care as I generously bless you I seek your hearts and commitment in return my

my word is living and everlasting my pledge to guard and enrich your lives is

unwavering I ask for just a bit of faith for you to place me first in your hearts and to continually seek

me persist in prayer and keep your faith strong get ready to see Miracles amazing

things are going to happen my presence is felt strongly in homes filled with humility and thankfulness I am constant

always with you honoring a promise promise I will never break I’ve gifted you with my Holy Spirit and divine gifts

I will envelop you in love and bless your family members your grateful heart pleases me especially when you wish well

for your loved ones in my presence you’ll find everything necessary Faith courage insight and

patience welcome my love accept my care even in the toughest times I’ve

supported you through past trials and will do so again do not turn away from me when times are hard I’m here again

encouraging you to have faith remember the good times and don’t dwell on the negatives stay focused on

the now stepping wisely toward a new chapter in your life today marks the

beginning of your deliverance the perfect time to give your heart to meuli let go of your burdens and well

come the outpouring of heavenly blessings despite the past struggles you

continue to live a holding fast to your almighty God this year is filled with open doors

and numerous chances laid out before you grab hold of them value them be bold and

look straight ahead finally embrace the peace and joy you’ve been seeking your body will be

revitalized and fully restored every day take time to pray and listen with the spiritual ears I’ve

given you embrace the wisdom I am bestowing upon you I want you to see how truly precious

and important you are to me you are special chosen to receive wonderful blessings so great that you can share

the abundance I give you first with your family and then with others helping them to know

me I’m pleased when you listen carefully follow my teachings trust in my words

and realize how much you mean to me when you wake up up I want you to

feel deeply cherished and throughout your day remember that I love you and I’m right beside you and when the

evening comes even if the day was tough rest easy knowing I am guarding your

sleep and providing you peace let me reiterate I’ve not distanced myself from

you nor abandoned you especially not in your times of Crisis even less so now as

you stand on the brink of Triumph I love you and I want you to feel

tranquil throughout your life knowing that your present and future rest in my

hands when I declare that you will be blessed it is because it is true your

blessing is imminent and will soon arrive I urge you to open your arms with faith and receive with humility all the

goodness I am sending your way I urge you to begin each day with my words in your thoughts let your soul be uplifted

with positive reflection ctions and eliminate fears and anxieties for good

your faith is genuine my power is beyond the ordinary your prayers are effective and

will bring about the outcomes you seek don’t start your day dwelling on the negatives anticipate changes for the

better trust that I will respond to you also let light into your home open your

windows and let the sunlight in call out to me and I will brighten your soul with

my presence keep my teachings in mind and Cast Away all traces of Despair refrain

from harboring bitterness or holding on to resentment I do not wish for such feelings to reside in your heart nor

should you allow them space avoid dwelling on them articulating them or echoing them ignore

the rumors and gossip others might spread you are not defined by their

words in this world you’ll encounter plenty of negativity remember you’re

different and should remain so do not let negative people into your life or

home they may try to unload their problems and anxieties onto you which

neither concern nor benefit you concentrate and stand strong in your

endeavors aspirations dreams and Faith be unwavering and bold moving forward

with the Assurance of a faithful Soldier unafraid though at times you may only

see problems around you I see an army of angels whom I have dispatched for your

protection listen carefully focus on what I tell you and shut your ears to

malicious tongues fill yourself and believe me

today you will be greatly blessed and filled with my power my love and my

peace I love you let my will guide you as you Journey forward focus on your

goals and align with my intentions my plans for you include peace health and prosperity for you and your loved ones

when you ask for something I’m here to provide put me first in all you do

immerse yourself in my teachings dive into this ocean of Hope strength and

confidence I’ll hold your hand on this holy Journey you’ll walk with Assurance

step by step without doubt or fear I always have something greater in store

for you every challenge you face is a chance to show your faith and bravery

when you’re puzzled or troubled turn to my teachings sit quietly and listen my

spirit will visit you bestowing wisdom so you’ll know what to do when times are tough and problems Loom fear no longer

needs a place in your heart you’ll realize there’s an answer for every problem you encounter I’m the C captain of your ship

guiding you to a safe harbor full of blessings even when waves hit hard and wines seem strong enough to make you

fall and sink Don’t Be Afraid just believe stand firm and you’ll stay

afloat any scary news you hear won’t hurt you it has no power over you sail on like a child full of trust looking up

with innocent eyes feeling safe in the arms that hold it in the same way trust

in Imagine The Joy coming your way the peace you’re receiving today the moment

you’ll grasp all the wonderful things you’ve asked from me the skies above and the earth below may vanish but my words

will remain forever they never lose their strength they’re alive eternally

hold on to them whenever you’re scared say them out loud and you’ll sense their power if I

promise something I’ll make it happen if I make it happen it’s because I wish to bless you if I bless you it’s because

you’re my child if you’re mine I’ll never let you go nothing can pull you

away from me you’re always under my care and protection I cherish you deeply and

promise to always be by your side so trust in me be still do not be afraid

when chaos seems to engulf your life when inexplicable negatives swarm around you you it’s best to leave everything in

my care remain calm and trust in me avoid making rash decisions driven by your

pain or confusion which could worsen your situation my teachings have repeatedly assured you that I can

transform adversity into benefit what appears to be against you

will ultimately contribute to your good during an assault or battle when

understanding eludes you when exhaustion cre Creeps in and you feel like giving up and retreating remember you’ve not

come this far only to withdraw you’ve made significant progress don’t risk

your blessings or forsake your position many opportunities have already come your way and many more await

wonderful blessings are on the horizon yet in times of despondency there’s much

you might Overlook hence I urge and remind you

this is not the moment moment for outbursts of frustration or anger maintain your peace and composure see

how deeply I love you and how closely I watch over you especially now in your

time of distress when I come to bring you calm and fill your heart with

peace you need to recognize this grasp it but most importantly believe

it I’m here to embrace you to offer comfort and to guide you out of the

tough spot you’re in trust in me I I will defend you I don’t want you to react in anger towards anyone I will

ensure you emerge triumphantly from all these trials that’s why I urge you to seek me

to pray to embrace the peace I offer and to be still I’ll unveil my plans to you and

Signal the right time I will place in your hands the glowing sword of my mighty

word I will notify you when it’s your time to take action

I will accompany you you will face no defeat that day will indeed arrive but

for now I’m asking you to look for me in prayer await my cue not to worry to

accept my peace and to remain calm amen

you reach out for my Aid knowing I cherish you and my promises stand firm

certainly I will assist you rest with ease approach life with the steadfastness peace and joy that come

from knowing your heavenly father is Forever by your side even in times of

Frailty when you feel you’ve stumbled be assured that even when things don’t go as planned and you Heir my grace is

boundless my Mercy endless I didn’t let you down before I won’t fail you now

when you’re most in need when your heart aches when your spirit weeps wake up each morning fill with

hope listen to my words again to find the strength to face your day trust me

when I say there’s a future filled with peace and joy waiting for you hold on to

my love and life with all your might you need to live to continue to persevere

through challenges focus on the Promises I’ve made to you don’t lose heart when difficulties come don’t give in to

despair when problems surface and remember your courage and my presence

when threats Loom if people scorn you believe with all your heart in my

truth this year is significant for you from the lessons you’ve learned great

spiritual and eternal wealth will emerge I plan to bless and prosper you because

you are dearly chosen reach out to me in prayer humble your heart and earnestly

present your request daily rejoice in being with me and I will fulfill the no

Noble desires deep within you I’m glad you’ve heard these words I understand

you’re taking your life and responsibilities seriously this year hold on to that thought and don’t let it

slip away this moment is yours grasp it for yourself and your loved

ones I promise to bless you in front of others you might seem strong on the outside but I see your heart and feel

your pain it’s okay to cry when you need to my love for you is

steadfast When Storms rage when life gets complicated when unexpected

challenges arise and when others hurt you remember I have always loved you I

love you now and I will keep loving you no matter what this truth is vital for

you to embrace I’ll keep reminding you Whispering my love gently throughout

your day and at night while you sleep each morning as you wake you’ll notice

difference you’ve spent years working hard giving your all dedicating yourself

to people who may not have appreciated your efforts but hear this essential truth continue to love and persevere to

bless those around you because you are dearly loved B the creator of the

universe my love surpasses any affection or acknowledgement you could receive from others despite their failures

Remember My Love Remains s unwavering my love for you is steadfast

and eternal always yours and no one can take it away you matter greatly to me

let that be your Solace when you feel weary believing your strength is depleted and your

efforts seem fruitless remember there’s a splendid reward with

me come kneel and claim it in prayer when you humbly bow before

me you receive strength forg foress and joy your hard work Bears The Incredible

strength that resides in your heart my love uplifting and rejuvenating you

daily with me there’s no need for pretense I see all your feelings find a

quiet place to pray earnestly I listen I love you I soothe your soul and mend

your heart



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