I Will BLESS You Gods Message Now God Message Today God Message For You God

my beloved child it fills my heart with joy to see your sincere approach the

softness in your voice as you offer thanks and your eagerness to be in my presence from dawn your visits whether

filled with enthusiasm or hesitance light up my day know this as you open

your heart even in moments of exhaustion choosing to spend time with me I am

right there embracing your spirit believe in my touch let go of the

heaviness that weighs on your soul at the break of day release the Sorrows that shadow your heart I yearn for you

to stand tall brimming with joy your spirit as light as a feather free of any

burdens let your words sing praises not dwell on grievances or idle chatter let

your speech be filled with prayers and worship and when you speak life into those lost in darkness your words are

like a spring blessed with my Divine Touch bringing healing and granting

Heavenly blessings it’s time to start your day filled with tasks ahead you’ve spent

precious moments here with me and you’re already blessed for everything to unfold smoothly step forward with Assurance my

strength is with you my grace accompanies you on every Journey the

blueprint of your path is etched in your heart you know the way many wake up feeling lost

overwhelmed by uncertainty and anxiety unprotected and at the mercy of their emotions because they haven’t discovered

me go and share the news of my presence with your family with friends who drift

aimlessly like lost sheep introduce them to their true

father the shepherd who guides their steps I leave lead them to righteousness

to Peaceful Pastures nourish them with truth and bring peace to their Restless

Spirits even as they Traverse through the darkest valleys they need not fear

for I their Heavenly Father am Forever by their side providing care and

protection you took a little while to renew your commitment to me but here you are today waiting for a great miracle

for your life I assure you you will soon see great blessings but do not hasten

your steps there is time for everything time to run and time to walk days of

struggle time to pray days to contemplate your plans a moment to make the final decision you will work hard so

with tears but when you return you will reap abundance and joy there will be

moments when the Fulfillment of the promised blessing seems delayed but your life will overflow with joy when that

dream you had becomes a reality before your eyes you are already seeing so many

beautiful and great things Miracles but many more blessings are coming and

before receiving them you must rise to another spiritual level open your eyes

wide let your mind be sharp and let your heart sink with The Melody of Heaven

listen closely and fill your being with songs of Love Eternal sing praises hymns

and spiritual melodies gear up to be amazed by wonders beyond this world keep your spirit uplifted in

Joy it’s simple really count your blessings with a grateful heart and watch the

transformation frustration will fade anger will dissolve and anxiety will

disappear you’ll be drenched in Joy a heart brimming with gratitude

praise and adoration hands lifted high in thanks to the heavenly father who saved you knows no sorrow your blessings

aren’t the fruits of your Perfection or Relentless efforts don’t place your

ultimate trust in your abilities alone yes you are bright and yes I will

bring Prosperity your way but never forget the source of all your blessings and the architect of your

success success should not make you prideful as has happened to many who felt invincible and

Flawless they pushed so hard that they fell at their weakest exhausted

believing they were at their strongest your strength is not Eternal nor is your intelligence perfect even in

the simplest things you can make mistakes Only Fools and stubborn people do not know this truth but do not be

like them your blessing your wisdom your skill those gifts with which you were

born and those talents you learned later your abundance your profession the

family around you all come from my Grace and my love I give them to you because I

love you and because of your grateful attitude always receive more help also

from others sincerely and humbly give thanks and I will bless you with wisdom

and Supernatural abundance tell me now with all your faith my God I receive my

blessing with all my gratitude your trials have paved the way for blessings you’ve endured learning

valuable lessons from the hardships faced not as a result of your errors but

because adversities sought to unsettle you much like wind thrashes the

wheat in moments of Despair you scattered your seeds watered by Tears

amid Sorrows yet with eyes of Faith witness the ground quiver as new life Sprouts

forth embed this in your heart this year Heralds a Bountiful Harvest the seeds

presumed lost have sprouted a new promising to yield Bountiful genuine fruits that enhance your spiritual walk

untainted by sorrow free from strife and quandaries I’ve positioned you where

Prosperity is yours for the taking under my guidance as your Shepherd expect provision from me as you

treat others kindly yet place your absolute trust not in man but in my

eternal provision the Wonders and miracles of I’m capable of bringing into your life hinge on your belief if you

hold Faith Consider it Done Yet understand this isn’t about luck magic

or mere words thrown into the air I’m talking about my sacred promise one that

unfailingly unfolds at the perfect moment in alignment with my divine plan

you yearn for change for prosperity for your family to want for nothing for

everyone to ody body compassion wisdom and Truth your heart beats for a profound

shift know that I too wish to transform you my power to alter hearts and Minds

overnight is real and I will act provided you bring forward your faith

you’re on the verge of stepping into new territory a vision you’ll soon witness with your own eyes let go of what’s

behind and step forward in faith embrace the blessings that await the trial is

over your moment has dawned today I promise to unveil extraordinary miracles

in your life and your families ensuring the closed door behind you will no longer cause you any distress speak to

me affirm your thoughts write them down now tell me that you believe in

receiving this word of comfort and accept this holy encouragement that comes from above if one door closes it

is not a reason for despair another enormous door will soon open bringing with it something better

there is a spiritual battle in the Heavenly realm for your life and your faith many enemies oppose your growth

they attack you from outside and harm you from within although you may not see them I

will place individuals with Divine knowledge in your path to Aid you accept their counsel humbly dedicate time to

prayer and much more I will reveal to you you will win this battle all

obstacles you face will be destroyed it is true that I can deliver you in an instant but I need you to

value your faith your talents and your gifts learn that victories are not won

by you alone if you reject my word and renounce your faith the enemy will tear you apart

leaving you stranded you will go far blessing many

your family will also grow in wisdom and humility of heart they will be prospered

in all things but we need to walk together give me your hand you’re ready

to ascend to that spiritual level where the future is decided and lives are

changed so many good and beautiful things are to come while you listen to

me the foundations are being laid for your home to be built on Solid Rock after you let everyone know me and serve

me I will grant each one a gift a talent a profession a desire to study and

prepare think dream beyond what you see beyond what you imagine and even higher

than what you can believe today you and your family are not destined to live in spiritual poverty emotional confusion

battling back and forth chained from debt to debt my child accept what I tell you

start to dream I will increase your faith and help you even more so that you may confidently receive and manage this

blessing that is about to arrive I will change your Affliction into blessing your sadness into strength remove your

pain and heal your heart with my love feel my gentle Embrace right where you

are even amidst your bustling day and the crowd around you spare a moment to

accept this gift of faith let it bring Serenity to your soul and Tranquility to

your mind I grant gr you the strength to quiet the tumultuous feelings within the

news May unsettle you wear you down leaving you feeling empty but listen

once more my child I am with you all is well your life moves forward this too

shall find its end your future is safeguarded by a divine blessing no

adversary with their threats of hardship can diminish your blessings I transform

every challenge into a blessing scarcity into plenty every sickness in your family and home can be cured I possess

the power and it’s my Everlasting wish for you to embrace the Miracles I’ve pledged I am God not a mere mortal I

speak truth my purpose unchanged since the dawn of creation I’ve come to rescue

you offer you eternal life and guide you on the path of righteousness I am the path the truth

your life your answer and your Escape hence with affection I urge you

to hold fast to my promises turn a blind eye to the falsehoods of this world it

warms my heart to see your faith in me ignoring the challenges posed by those seeking to dismay you they want to steal

your peace and fill your mind with anger and confusion with false ideas and

erroneous feelings they want you to make many mistakes in your daily life to fill you with guilt and

ultimately to lead you away from the truth from my love from my

presence so now you know their intentions I know that you love me and will not allow anyone to move you from

the place where you are today surrounded by affection and unparalleled love in

your life you have suffered much loneliness lack of tenderness now I embrace you I console

you with strength and divine encouragement because I love you deeply beloved child you were deeply

frightened I saw your profound worry and heard the palpitations of your heart you

longed to extricate yourself from the predicament beseeching me to assist imploring urgently for my mighty hand to

swiftly intervene and rectify your plight I empathize deeply this matter

holds great significance much hinges upon its resolution and despite your efforts

you found yourself unable to resolve it independently you feared my wrath

assuming I withheld Aid I implore you to comprehend that your Reliance on me is

Perpetual even amidst Prosperity remain vigilant for the adversary seeks to

exploit any lapse to assail your faith thwart your plans and wound your

soul fear not for I shall Aid you in this trial you face today it pain pains

me to witness your sorrow and distress it is not my desire for you to languish

in torment cease ruminating incessantly surrender your thoughts to me should

thoughts of defeat assail you dismiss them for your defeat is inconceivable

having placed your faith in the omnipotent God if despondency threatens to engulf

you bar its entry for one who believes in my power cannot falter

anchored in the expectation of my blessing should the will to live Wayne

grasp tightly to your faith you serve a potent and Sovereign God who shall Kindle the Divine flame of

Love within your heart igniting a fervent desire to persevere cling steadfastly to the

promises I bestow for your adversaries scorn you daily Whispering falsehoods of

Despair and demise disregard their voices I yearn for your

flourishing soon you shall taste feel and receive my blessing once more your

circumstances shall improve the troubles that weigh upon you shall soon

dissipate I beseech you dear child if you have listened thus far it is not by

chance affirm your belief pledge to persevere and vow everlasting

love your future shall be transformed your current plight

ameliorated I shall intervene supernaturally in your life and you shall witness the emergence of a clear

solution to your tribulation do not align yourself with negativity or heed the counsel of those

resigned to spiritual destitution if you hear or read these words it is because I have endowed you

with understanding you are prepared the door shall soon open I am

no figment of imagin ation recall my interventions in times of trouble I have

embraced you lovingly granted you life and despite your tumultuous past your

present has always been enriched allow the fire I have ignited within you to burn brightly the dream I

have planted shall burgeon into a tree yielding shade provision and abundance for you and those you cherish embrace

the life I impart Rejoice for Myriad wonders are forthcoming altering your perspective

profoundly though you have stumbled before I have remained steadfast by your side forgiving lifting you up never

forsaking you new days approach your sadness shall

wne replaced by boundless joy for the impending Miracle you shall witness with

your own eyes You Shall Behold it soon Proclaim your faith and commitment

declare I believe and as always know that I love you great things await you extend your

hand step by step toward peace and happiness swiftness is not requisite but

steadfastness and persistence let your faith remain unwavering and Resolute fix

your gaze upon me and Forge ahead you shall arrive eternity does not elude you

even as weariness May grip your mind and body in the weight you’ve groan no longer tossed by the waves of emotion

you grasp my eagerness to bless your kin to smooth their path for the brave challenges they’ll

face enemies will fall barriers will be broken my promise isn’t of an easy

Journey but I guarantee that faith and courage will stand unshaken stand firm

for your Triumph is certain embrace my Divine assurances they bring healing to your flesh Clarity to your thoughts and

vigor to your spirit my aim is to break the shackles of gloom and doubt clearing

the fog around my truth a grand Miracle awaits today

should you hold fast to my love avoid the path of those lost in despair who

believe in the deceptions of their downfall they pursue Illusions yearning

for wealth status power and Earthly recognition turning away from my

teachings dismissing the essence of my being forgetful of the one who entered

this world to serve and offered up life on a cross but you have opened your heart to

me I desire to work wonders within you cloak your soul in humility rebuff the

advances of the Devourer I shall assist you bestowing upon you greater tranquility and wisdom

so that you do not grow weary of waiting so that neither complaint nor doubt tarnish your lips eroding your faith and

happiness tell me now with all your heart my God I

believe in you I trust in you and with patience I await my blessing I promise

you what you have asked for will come to pass you have always had faith in me

knowing that all your prayers in the name of Jesus shall be answered I must announce to you New

Times abundant rains open Skies and blessings in abundance that shall fill

every corner cor of your life and your home you and your family shall overflow

with peace and happiness all this is achievable for those who can believe in me who hold

fast to my word in their hearts and await the arrival of blessings without faltering or stepping back I only ask

that you realize the importance of remaining steadfast and patient a life takes months to be born a seed Must

Fall on fertile ground be broken and transformed before it can germinate and

grow your blessings too are valuable and Powerful they require time and effort

for everything to align for your benefit I know you understand me and will not be

discouraged you will keep your gaze fixed on the horizon as you walk step by step you will emerge from where you are

now fear not the changes all is for your good I desire for you to be surrounded

by people and resources that Aid in your growth if you walk with me no one can

overcome you accuse you or judge you for I will defend you oh dear one if with

your spiritual eyes you could see the Heavenly hosts encamped around you if you could perceive my Divine Light

illuminating your path and how your enemies fall if you could sense all that is happening around you as the heavens

and earth move always in your favor very soon I will reveal to you in dreams

things so magnificent that you shall taste a morsel of Heaven here on Earth I

can move the entire universe for your blessing that is what I do when I see

sincere Faith like yours which surrenders completely just as you love

me with all the strength of your mind and soul your bold faith is precious to me

and it brings me joy to respond to you each day my message may vary daily but

my Essence never shifts every day may present its own hurdles yet my

unwavering love will always envelop you before you start your day I relish

telling you of my love yet I long to hear it echoed from you I yearn for your

voice say to me dear Jesus I love you too there’s nothing you could request

beyond the reach of my love I’m here to restore your honor and the esteemed place you meant to hold

a richer life awaits you if only you’d offer me your heart and embrace the

healing and pardon my Tender Love extends the promises are set they dwell

within your heart hence if you choose to believe let it be with every fiber of

your being and thought do not be like those who speak of my love but do not

truly believe they pay more heed to the judgments of people and submit to the

punishments and Scorn others wish to impose upon them many wish to subject you to their selfish way of thinking

claiming to love you but intending to rob you imposing impossible rules that

they themselves do not follow they dress in Robes of righteousness and false sanctity claiming to be better than you

and no matter what you do you always end up as the villain the guilty one in the

the eyes of these Wicked individuals you will never have any worth I am calling

you to total freedom go to sleep tonight in peace during the night my holy spirit

will speak to you I will heal your soul and mind I will break all the chains

that still bind you and when you wake in the morning you will be free

forever you will no longer depend on people’s opinions finally you will be

who you truly are my wise and intelligent son or daughter of gentle

character persevering and brave filled with a lively fervent

powerful and strong faith in your darkest times when people wound you with

their words and actions when all seems to fade into Shadow and you find little reason to press on remember you belong

to me and you are called to Greater Heights don’t resign yourself to the

Shadows nursing your wounds in solitude and enduring mockery know this I love

you I am here to uplift you I forgive you I will heal you a brighter future is

within my power to Grant you gifts and talents beyond measure peace joy and

wellness rise claim your rightful place you are royalty shielded Forever by your

all powerful Heavenly Father speak to me declare your trust I believe in you my

cherished father a miracle bearing your name awaits in my grasp ready to resolve

that situation we both know too well even your family will stand in awe those

who doubted and derided you will seek my grace for their misjudgments they overlooked your worth squandering the

chance when they dismissed you I am setting your path towards a brighter sphere elevating you to a spiritual

realm free from conflict and jealousy a place where genuine love

thrives there your gifts and talents will be recognized and nurtured

empowering you to flourish and succeed fear not the prospect of prosperity only

the Twisted Hearts immediately dwell on material wealth I speak to you of provision peace

happiness health and familial Harmony Embrace abundance without debts or

sorrows from where I stand I behold your Miracle vast and resplendant when you

lay eyes upon it you shall acknowledge its worthiness all the sufferings you endured were not in vain your family

shall comprehend that you were not misguided you were right in urging them to trust in the God who loves them so

ardently they shall weep with repentance for having sinned against

me when you prayed for patience and strength and they scoffed deeming it

Folly they shall beg your forgiveness you were chosen for a distinct purpose to be a Beacon of Hope

for your family your community this calling isn’t about accumulating wealth or gaining Fame nor

is it about courting the favor of those who chase after fleeting Applause and empty Praise You are crafted from finer

stuff don’t be tempted by their Hollow rewards instead set your sights on the

higher Realms where my presence Reigns that is where you truly

belong through your steadfast faith and enduring Spirit you will see the promises I have laid before you come to

life Miracles will pass through your hands but expect no recompense from those around you beware the pitfalls of

pursuing material gain and the Adoration of crowds find solace in my enduring love

for I am Forever by your side offering a peace that surpasses all understanding



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