I Will Bless You Today | God Message Today | Gods Message Now

[Music] in my profound desire to bless you I assure you of a bounty beyond

measure there is no power that can hinder my will what I have declared shall indeed come to pass in the face of

any challenge remember I am always with you even if it seems otherwise do not

dwell on the intensity of your trials instead listen intently to my

message let it be a bomb to your soul as you hear my voice cherish these moments as you

dedicate a little more time to me I am etching my teachings my intentions and

my commands into your heart I seek not just your attention but your deep faith

in my promises give me your unwavering loyalty and steadfast belief for in you

I place my trust and faith just as you do in me you are a chosen Warrior destined for

a specific purpose do not Str stray from your path remain steadfast irrespective

of the events around you The Whispers you hear or the sights you behold my pledges to you are etched in

time they will not disappoint what is decreed shall come to pass I have made

promises and your eyes will bear witness to their realization I bestow my blessings upon

those with Resolute Spirits those who might waver momentarily but never forsake me for fleeting charms and

deceitful grins I bestow prosperity and strength upon those who stay true to me those who

humbly embrace my cause and adhere to my teachings the challenging moments you

face will soon Fade Away transforming any shame into Victory joy and success

prepare yourself to be a bearer of my values love patience hope and Redemption

for all a new Joy will light up your countenance and you will be wrapped in

Grace in your hands I will place the power to heal wisdom will be your gift sought

after by many for guidance Your Righteous efforts will Thrive every

blessing you receive will grow this is the reward for those who have faith in

me and trust in my ways an everlasting life filled with calm happiness peace

and abundance my angels will keep watch over your dwelling seek out the Miracles in

my teachings read them attentively and absorb their wisdom yet know that with

your own eyes you will witness even more remarkable and profound

events these are new times many fabricate wonders to deceive the unwar

but the Miracles I will work through you will surpass these

move forward with confidence unshaken by hurdles should a vast Mountain block

your way do not fear for it will yield spend no time fretting over adversaries

attacks do not let them claim your time or your thoughts focus on the path I’m

unveiling before you and strengthen yourself in my company for it will bring you immense

benefits you know that you are different and though I love all with eternal love

I have chosen you for greater blessings I know that you shall use what

I bestow upon you wisely and not squander the gifts you receive you shall

work diligently to multiply the riches and talents that will soon knock at your

door I did not choose you to become wealthy and use your riches to Humble others I chose you to surround yourself

with prosperity to guard your heart in humility to Aid your family to feed the

hungry to extend a hand to the poor and to do all you can to bring Comfort to

those in need tell me that you are willing to use my blessings

wisely show me your obedience to my Commandments I yearn to witness your

loyalty and sincerity guard your lips against speaking ill keep your thoughts free

from the filth of this world Shield your eyes from all that is wicked and never

let harmful words Escape your lips refrain from using your hands or

actions to cause harm speak no ill of anyone accuse no

one without knowledge and do not share slander that kills and destroys families when you open your eyes cry out

for my affection in your mind Proclaim aloud that I am your God

your lord and your Shepherd use the smile I gave you so

That Others May witness the powerful work I am performing within you listen to this message once more word by word

understand it grasp it share it live it and feel it these words bring you great blessings

I am inscribing them in your heart accept them for in doing so you

surrender your soul to me and I shall lead you with my marvelous love I shall

lift you out of adversity head held high and hands full all those who threaten

and attack you have placed themselves in grave trouble I myself defend my

children my sword is drawn and I shall confront all who assail you in

battle I want them to see you calm and full of confidence surprise them with your

courageous demeanor your firm steps and your gaze filled with faith they shall

shout they shall shall lie they shall attempt to deceive you and instill fear in you however Stand Tall my arms shall

support you and you shall not fall you shall not be defeated with my

wings I shall cover you day and night in warmth or in cold my love shall always be with you I

have witnessed your steadfast Faith amidst trials and it touches my heart

deeply you’ve stood strong facing life storms with Grace and

dignity now it’s time for you to ascend and embrace the fullness of my

blessings cast aside sorrow leave behind all hurt and banish thoughts of Despair

and desolation from your mind understand as I cherish you you

must also value yourself recognizing your true worth do not let false beliefs

take root in your mind suggesting you are unworthy nor heed those who spread

such lies break free from these chains embrace my Holy Spirit in its entirety I

long to liberate you I urge you to help others who are suffering embrace my love

accept my forgiveness and welcome the love and peace I offer you for my love

for you is profound as you well know even through the darkest nights

your faith has been your Shield you’ve spent many Dawns in reflection wrestling

with many thoughts but each new morning brings renewal in my Divine

Mercy perhaps those who do not love you will attempt once more to assail you but

each day remain in my presence and partake of my word nourish yourself with the Heavenly

honey for I am your God your father your friend your fellow

traveler I wish for you never to Fe feel abandoned only to be continuously filled

with the peace and confidence that comes from knowing how dearly you are loved I

shall administer Justice I have witnessed all your struggles and the tribulations you’ve

endured your adversaries took advantage of you yet you reacted with

Serenity you sought no Revenge nor did you become agitated you maintained your

composure you understand that already rests within my hands and I shall confront those who have harmed you I

will continue to strengthen your heart just as you approach and receive this word that envelops you with love and

imparts wisdom much like the daylight illuminates the fields my presence will

radiate throughout your being in your home and in your work I will grant you greater courage

enabling you to make decisions without fear closing the door to false friends and the

Devourer henceforth place your trust solely in me come and receive this word

that I sow within you every morning with faith and diligence cultivate this

garden and you shall soon witness the sprouting of beautiful plants Exquisite flowers and flourishing trees All Shall

witness the powerful and Supernatural fruits burgeoning in your life no one

shall toy with your emotions nor shall they deceive you for I am endowing you

with my wisdom and spiritual discernment enabling you to listen observe and

decide intelligently you shall not react impulsively to any situation pressured

by people return to my peace the attention surrounding you shall dissipate and all

your adversaries shall depart this year I shall Grant you a time of Joy

Abundant Health and energy see SE this opportunity dedicate time to me every

day dedicate quality time and attention to your family greet them each morning

with a smile do not retire to bed harboring anger towards anyone do not

judge or shout at anyone I shall provide you with the strength to seek calmness

before making important decisions do not attempt to resolve issues when weary and

refrain from bringing workplace troubles into your home a soft response turns away wrath never

react with harsh words or violence I desire to bless you even more

but I urge you to let your daily attitude reflect my power love

gentleness and Holiness I desire that no coarse language be uttered in your home not

even in justest mind your words and let each room be imbued with the essence of

spiritual purity may your home be a Haven of Peace

radiating spiritual Harmony while Perfection May elude you

aim for this ideal importantly ensure that my teachings resonate in every part

of your dwelling beloved you who cherish and trust in me stand firm against the day’s

trials for I have been am and will always be by your side my protection Shields you from

heart foes ensuring your Triumph is complete I promise to restore what has

been unjustly taken from you enhancing the gifts and talents once lost you will be raised to honor adorned

in garments fresh and pure hold these words close my child and embrace them

with hope let them not fade from your memory day or night my voice will guide

you as you step out and as you find rest at night my presence is a constant in

your life feel its empowering Embrace in your pursuit of me with faith

as your offering peace and comfort will be yours this year Abundant Blessings await

you so ready your heart believe for it shall manifest in the name of the Father

the Son and the Holy Spirit walk steadfast in faith casting aside doubt

seek me with the dawn’s first light and as the sun ascends bathing you in

daylight so too shall my glory illuminate your path Darkness will fade

your heart will be anchored in my truth and your spirit strengthened doubt will find no refuge

in your mind I want you to recommit yourself to prayer to seeking me to

setting aside distractions and to surrendering your thoughts and decisions to me you are facing serious problems

and challenging situations moments when you do not know what to do therefore I repeat airm command and

request that you walk in faith everything is possible for those who believe in me who know that I am real

and exist and who have chosen to trust in me with all their might despite the challenges they encounter along the

way those who know that I love them and cling to me even when the enemy attacks and Whispers that I have forsen Aken

them because I want to see them suffer they know that my love is eternal and

unbreakable I have always protected them in faith my dear child I want to guide

your path and watch over you but I ask that you truly believe in me I am your

life your future your strength and your Shield believe that you will receive

those Miracles that you cannot yet see with your eyes you can anticipate what

you you cannot currently behold you may think your faith is small but that is

all I am asking for and that is all you need to continue receiving many

beautiful blessings Have Faith remember my promises come and listen to my word

every day leave your sins behind surrender your life to

me I know that you believe in me and you will continue to walk in faith it will

happen suddenly when you least expect it your heart will leap with joy your

dreams that had died those hopes you had stored away in a drawer and forgotten in your despair they will be

revived your life will be filled with faith once more you had contemplated

giving up you believed you were out of breath and your conflict seemed

insurmountable yet I come today to offer you my love and to bring you many gifts

great joy and greater blessings prepare your mind and heart

because I announce in advance that people you thought were lost will return to your

life you have grown in your faith and now it is time to assist those who are

broken you must be ready for when those doors open and the locks are broken the

chains that held back your blessing will be destroyed everything is possible when you can believe in my word and for me

there are no impossib ities my cherished one prepare yourself for what is coming

is greater than the dreams in your heart family restoration is possible

forgiveness and healing knock at your door you must welcome them those who

once wronged you are now approaching extend to them forgiveness and a second chance withhold Not Your Love from them

I am ready to bless you with a superior job and genuine prosperity bringing into your life individuals who value your

skills and will reward your dedication and talent maintain your faithfulness

and let no falsehood or harsh words pass your lips speak kindly of all and do not

fall prey to the snares of gossip and deceitful Tales stay vigilant against deceivers

aiming to rob you of the Bountiful blessings you are destined to receive I have been guiding you

persistently and now the moment moment has arrived for you to ascend to Greater

Heights immerse yourself deeper in my word and trust in me with unwavering

Faith place not your trust in monetary gains and resist becoming embittered over the loss of material possessions or

employment I have planned something far superior for you offer me your complete

faith and Surrender Your Heart fully the time has now come to embark on a life

filled with the supernatural express your love and belief in me and today witness how I will impact your

life and your families with my love and power know that I love you deeply and

long to enter your home to enact a wondrous transformation I stand at your

threshold calling out to you will you open your heart and home to me allowing

me to infuse your life with something extraordinary powerful and divinely

Supernatural I have seen your struggles and I assure you scarcity will never

plague your home or family I will bless your household with an outpouring of Abundant

Blessings for years you’ve shown unwavering faithfulness through prayer fasting and tears you have consistently

prioritized me in your actions and thoughts now the time has come for you

to harvest the fruits of your devotion I will Infuse your home with abundance Joy

encouragement and Health Trust in my word for I am

committed to fulfilling every promise I have made to you prepare for a profound

transformation let go of past habits of worry and despair along with my blessings come

wisdom strength and the Insight needed to make prudent choices and Steward my

gifts wisely what you receive will not only enrich you but also extend as blessings

to others remain thankful and faithful for I am reshaping your life readying

you for a future brimming with countless opportunities for a long time you swed

seeds of faith in your heart and wherever you went I saw you endure great difficulties and complex

trials yet you never doubted my power never doubted that I was by your side

that’s why you triumphed you believed in me and for that reason I ided you my

grace and mercy have powered down upon you and today with my mighty hand I

shall make all these seeds you’ve planted bear abundant fruit in your life and in the lives of those around

you the time has come to harvest the fruits of your faithfulness for what I shall bring to your home is infinitely

greater than you believe you deserve the best and even more your faith is precious and your

humble and sincere attitude will carry you far prepare yourself for I shall

open new doors introduce you to new places and bring abundance to your home

I love you do not fear your life is in my hands do not heed the bad news do not

open your Soul’s door to the insults of tongues that attack you do not believe

all the things said about you your enemies seek to instill fear to

control your life your destiny and your heart to divert you from the divine plan

designed for you to rob you of the blessings that belong to you so when you receive insults when

they speak ill of you when they seek to slander you hold fast to my love and my

word seek my presence and spend time with me so you can pour out your

heart I I urge you not to let these trials dampen your faith and love for

me I am actively reshaping your environment lifting the burdens that

weighed you down and uprooting the negative emotions that had Anchored In Your Heart obstructing your path you are

reborn your spirit rejuvenated into a life free from depression loneliness

resentment and envy your soul and mind are now brimming with faith optimism

strength and joy your transformation will astonish even your adversaries who will

find themselves perplexed and unable to unsettle or harm you they will witness

how you clung steadfastly to my word your belief in Me growing stronger than

their baseless Scorn the pains that once hurt and wounded you have

dissipated the worries that once shook your faith have vanished Embrace a new day filled with

peace and joy Jo accept and Trust in this change even if it’s not immediately

visible to your eyes deep down you feel the transformation you sense the

difference within you my Supernatural presence is enveloping you showering you with all my

love and affection remember you are not frail you

are fortified with strength you are not a failure you are triumphant you are not vanquished you

have risen empowered by my might now a conqueror affirm with your whole heart

your belief in me I am here to reassure you that you are never alone yesterday’s tears shed over sudden

tribulations are transforming into today’s strength and resilience things did not go well you were betrayed and

abandoned by people you thought loved you they turned their backs on you when you needed them most and you are sad and

I understand but I have come to tell you that your tears your weeping have

reached Heaven my holy Throne where your future is decided where all diseases are

healed where your problems are resolved and where I can console you in your

distress You are not alone I have not abandoned you though those in whom you

trusted have distanced themselves I remain by your side loving you more each

day and it shall always be so you must live with confidence knowing that I am

willing to listen and by the power of my blood you can access my heavenly Throne

directly here with me you can bring your petitions I am willing to listen to you

with patience and love just as a good friend would I do not ask you to stop crying it

is better to weep and let it all out release all that hurts you from your

soul so that I can fill you with my peace but there is something I must warn

you about after your tears come joy and great happiness because the time is come

to bless you you are ready you can now appreciate

what I am giving you all the things you have gone through have been preparing you for this long awaited time it is is

time for the windows of Heaven to open and enormous blessings to rain down upon

you even in the midst of Silence you shall feel my peace and it does not

matter if people leave because I am with you to embrace and comfort your

soul you are growing stronger every day you are getting to know me better

seeking my face and my word to me that means you are loyal wise

and intelligent as you close your eyes today and reflect on my words feel my love

wrapping around and healing you know that you’re never alone my presence

fills your soul with joy Paving the way for your success I’m ready to unlock the

door to magnificent blessings for you but listen to me fully without letting

doubts interrupt your hard one battles haven’t been for nothing the fruits of

your faith and resilience are close at hand I see all you’ve been through and

understand the depths of your heart your quest isn’t for fleeting wealth or fame

you’re fighting a noble fight striving only for what’s necessary to uplift your

loved ones to rise from hardship you care deeply for those you love and I

intend to shower you with blessings my plan is to open the heavens and rain down true blessings filling your life

with the abundance you need freeing from strife and granting you peace believe in

me and take action stand up with resolve and continue your efforts rest when

needed but Rise Again full of vigor work hard be brave approach each day with

unwavering spirit and joy even when things don’t go as planned or when others try to cause you

distress let us persist in our plan on those challenging days as well rise with

fortitude when you face those adversaries offer them a smile be

patient and extend a helping hand if they thirst for water or require Aid do

so judiciously employing your intelligence refrain from revealing your

life or weaknesses lest you furnish them with the means to betray and harm

you show them love but also reveal your character and all that you have learned

from me you shall demonstrate to them do not associate with the malign do

not disclose your plans do not receive listen or partake in slander against

anyone these adversaries shall despair when they realize there is no way to

make you stumble from your path I shall remove them our plan is not yet complete

you shall continue to advance with faith enthusiasm and effort until I decree

otherwise at that moment you shall comprehend so much you shall stand before a colossal

gate and behind it you shall discover marvelous blessings tell me that you believe and

make this commitment to come into my presence daily and commence with this plan this very moment my dear

child you are exceedingly Brave rise with faith for you shall

Triumph you have already given me thanks today for another day of life what do you await it costs you

nothing to part your lips and express your gratitude in your own words I am

well acquainted with your needs even before you voice them just trust in me

and spend a moment in Tranquility seek a moment of silence and Ponder upon all

the reasons for which you can Express gratitude on this day your life your

family your health the air you breathe the sustenance upon your table the roof

over your head my Supernatural protection enveloping your home my

warrior Angels who encamp and stand guard who watch over your dreams and

stand ready for battle there are countless reasons for you to feel blessed you possess so many

beautiful motives to cling to life and you must daily contemplate them so that

your mind is filled with virtuous thoughts and your eyes are always open to witness my goodness in your Pathways

feeling the security that I hold your destiny in my hand I reside in a grateful heart that

acknowledges its need for me that seeks me with Faith and Hope for it knows it

is greatly blessed at times I perceive your worries concerning the events that transpire but

this is natural do not fret over it you bear the burdens of your respons responsibilities

wishing for everything to go well for provision in your home health for your family and for peace and stability to

remain unthreatened yet there are times of darkness when gratitude slips your

mind Whispers of the adversary creep in planting impure thoughts turning worries

into fears surrounding you with lies and escalating fear into panic and

despair I observe and wait for you to to raise your arms in defiance to speak the

words that will send the enemy fleeing be thankful for your life your

family your health and all that you have and are your genuine faith and a Heart

full of gratitude are your armor keeping you strong and resilient in challenging

times as you walk through difficult trials know that I will be right there

with you waiting to hear your voice as you will wake I long to hear your first

utterances of the day words brimming from a soul full of thankfulness gratitude for life for each new day in

the heavens blessings are ready bearing your name trust me wholeheartedly for in

both Heavenly and Earthly Realms circumstances are aligning for your good

I have given the unwavering command for you to receive abundant provision

freedom from debt Supernatural wisdom and blessings specially prepared for

your family and yourself the Divine inheritance that is rightfully yours you are not a product

of chance I loved you before you existed I have prepared many beautiful things for

you the foremost among them is my eternal love I loved you when you were distant I

continued to love you when you returned to me if you think that because you occasionally falter I become angry and

distance myself from you you are mistaken your mistakes do not frighten

me I shall not discard you for your sins you always approach me filled with pain

and repentance speaking the truth I know that you love me and if you

he I understand your heart and your reasons I cherish your

sincerity others wear a mask of perfection and Holiness they come into my presence to accuse those who are

different or do not believe as they do but you are not one of those who

criticize everyone and believe themselves to be righteous your spirit is gentle your demeanor kind your

thoughts pure even when you fall you shall rise with confidence and

Faith let no one judge you for in this world no mortal has the authority to do

so as long as you stand firm in your faith when you come into my presence

each day with a humble heart and a willingness to listen and




n [Music]


learn from me I will bless your efforts abundantly I know that material

possessions are of little concern to you your true desire is for blessings and protection for your family fear not for

I will provide these and much more I am preparing you so when opportunities arise you will confidently step through

the doors as you listen now miraculous events are unfolding in the Supernatural

realm new people and opportunities are entering your life bringing challenges

that will turn into blessings peace and provision through your faith and

patience the greatest of these blessings my unwavering love is already yours

believe in me have faith and find comfort in My Embrace I am in control of your life

there is no need for fear I am protecting you and watching over you at all times feel my presence each morning

as you wake do not be swayed by distractions instead come and listen to

my word let my spirit assure you that I have everything under control and that

you must have faith in me do not fear adversity for with me by your side

nothing and no one can harm you many of the problems that trouble you today will be resolved more swiftly

than you anticipate at the right time all the answers you seek shall arrive as you

pray I am Paving your path scripting your story nothing eludes my wisdom and

Will I Am opening the door to the blessings you’ve fervently requested in

your deepest prayers I am increasing your faith I am

here to uplift and guide you towards a new life a fresh beginning where everything will be

different do not concern yourself with what others think of you hold your head

high and live your life with faith and dignity

envious people will always speak of the poison they carry in their souls but only my thoughts of you should

matter I believe you to be a wonderful individual with a pure and sincere

heart place my words in your mind when people attack you seek refuge in my

love I have been by your side throughout all your battles aware of every fall

every defeat every Victory and every hardship now is the time to Triumph to elevate

your life even higher leave behind the old battles and enter a new era of success and

renewal this is where I transform your life and a new story Begins for you

allow me to guide you along A New Path of blessings and wisdom I give you my

love and peace to soothe your soul and mind as you receive them I will open the

Heavens to fill your hands with blessings I will inscribe my word on your heart so your steps remain

steadfast never stray from this love that envelops you forgive yourself for

your mistakes you are human and you may falter I am a god of Mercy I accept your

repentance and will rescue you even from the deepest Abyss my blessings are far greater than

any material wealth the thing things I have in store for you are more valuable than all the riches this world can offer

if I assure you that I will open the heavens for you accept my promise with faith and reply I believe in

you treat my words with the gravity they deserve for this is no trivial

matter my love for you is evident not hidden my affection for you is clear not

a mystery step outside look up at the sky breathe in in the air feel the warmth of

the sun’s touch these are my gifts to you my way of expressing I love you and

I am always with you countless times I have guarded you

saving you from the brink of death liberating you from darkness and falsehood you began this year with

enthusiasm and aspirations for many noble Endeavors now as you encounter

challenges and trials do not falter keep moving forward your dreams will come to

fruition you have a destiny to fulfill and I wish to demonstrate my love and

power through you I am imbuing you with my holy spirit daily enhancing your

spiritual awareness soon you will perceive Beyond appearances discern

people’s true intentions and gain profound wisdom your intelligence will soar

almost as if by Supernatural means you will impact many lives in a assist them

exhibit my teachings through your actions let others observe the impact of a life lived in belief of my

power open your hands for the immense blessings that await embrace them with

diligence and Faith the heavens are unfolding in your favor at this very

moment however I urge you never to stray from my side declare your love and faith

in me with your heart promising to stay true Until the End dismiss the anxieties that plague

you entrust everything to me I will dispel your fears and

anxieties I will cover you with my love and reveal what I can do in your life

today with my power this day will be different you

will witness a transformation in your surroundings and

[Music] experience




any changes in your life your family and people’s attit udes towards

you you will see how individuals smile when touched by my powerful presence

within you they will feel me and you will witness their surprise as you greet

them with friendship and joy today I’m filling you with abundant wisdom and a

strong determination to fulfill the desires of your heart I know how much you need happiness

that’s why I’m telling you this You Must Believe Me I am attentive to your

feelings and everything that happens to you I want to protect you from further harm strengthen your character and help

you rise with courage so no one can humiliate you change your attitude put a smile on

your face come and pray every day trusting that I will assist you in all

things celebrate This Love that I am giving you when you praise and worship

me my presence surrounds you your worries flee and you are filled with my

spirit celebrate and rejoice despite the problems smile and sing offer your hands

in worship if asked why you are celebrating say it’s because God is with

you many may not understand but that should not concern you my mighty armies

will Aid you in battle when you raise your hands and surrender when you bow your face and your heart yields when you

decide to give me everything that hinders you and when you cling to trust in me you desire to change and I want to

give you a new heart soon you will see how I am covering you with my love



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