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after some time

you will find yourself feeling that God is around you

watching over you

so don’t ignore these moments

don’t let them go incomplete

your life is on the brink of change

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every word spoken

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god is speaking to you today

hear me my beloved child

hear me as I speak to you

through the whispers of your heart

through the beauty of a sunset

and the stillness of the early morning

I am always with you

guiding you and infusing your life with my eternal hope

let me share with you

the deep wellspring of joy that can sustain

you through all trials and tribulations for in me

you find the strength that undergoes the universe

the peace that surpasses all understanding

and the hope that lights every darkness

always be ready

my child to share this hope that stares within you

it bubbles up like a spring in the desert

surprising even you with its persistence and its power

when others gaze into your eyes

let them see the reflection of my love

when they question your joy

be ready to open your heart

and reveal the source of your life

remember my presence is a treasure within you

a lamp under your feet

and a flame that warms the cold night of someone’s soul

even when you find yourself

weary by the burdens of the day

when each step feels like a march through heavy clay

lift your eyes to me

it is precisely in these moments

when your spirit feels stretched thin

that your words can carry the most weight

in your vulnerability

my strength is perfected

your trials

become the very soil from which hope blossoms

vibrant and vivid

capturing the gaze of those who have become accustomed

only to the grey

judge not who is worthy to hear of this hope

I tell you it is not your role to sift through hearts

as though they were grains of sand

I am the creator of the human heart

the one who formed it from the dust

who knows its complexities and its yearnings

it is I who can call fourth streams in the desert

who can write a message of redemption

on the blank page of a soul

deemed unreadable by the world

so speak of me

of the hope you have

to everyone

for in the kingdom of heaven

there are no poor candidates

only beloved children yet to come home

living in awareness of my presence

my child is like walking through life with a constant

companion who knows every beat of your heart

trust in me your hope

and let that trust be as natural as breathing

it will steady you

as surely as the sunrise follows the night

when the path ahead is obscured by mists of uncertainty

or the climb steepens

steady yourself by

reflecting on the truth of the gospel

it is the rock upon which you can stand

when all around you is shifting sand

take heart and ponder on these truths

I have loved you with an everlasting love

before I formed the mountains I knew you

I have seen your struggles

and I am acquainted with all your ways

in your moments of joy

and in times of sorrow I am there

gaze upon me

your glorious hope

and be filled with a sense of wonder

at the love that spans eternity

this hope is not a fragile thing

my dear one

though it may sometimes feel like it is held together

by mere threads

it is as strong as the most ancient forests

and as resilient as the tides that sculpt the shores

hope rooted in my presence

does not deny the reality of suffering

nor does it ignore the pain that life can bring

instead it looks

suffering in the face

and whispers a truth that has the power to

transform hearts

you are not the end of the story

so I say to you

as Peter once wrote

be prepared to give an answer

for this hope that you carry

it is not a hope built on the transient

on the fleeing whispers of this world

but on the rock solid promises of my word

for I am the same

yesterday today

and forever

the hopes of this world will

fade like the grass of the fields

but my words

my promises

and the hope I offer you will never pass away in Romans

you are reminded that hope does not disappoint

because my love has been poured out into your hearts

this is not a mere trickle

but a deluge

an outpouring

that fills every crevice

every corner

every hidden space

you are immersed in my love

and it is this love that fuels your hope

hope that enables you to face each new day

with courage and joy

in the songs

you find a beautiful invitation

to seek my face

to dwell in my house

all the days of your life

to gaze upon my beauty

this my child

is the essential

preparation for giving an answer to anyone who asks you

for the reason

for the hope you have

for as you dwell in my presence

as you gaze upon my beauty

you will be


your face will reflect my glory

and your words will carry the weight of eternity

so walk in this hope my child

a hope that is an anchor for your soul

firm and secure

it reaches into the very presence

behind the veil where I am

where you will one day

be with me forever

carry this hope out into the world

let it shine through your words

your actions

and the very essence of your being

for you are my messenger of hope

a beacon of light in a world

that so desperately

needs to see the face of my perfect love

be at peace my beloved

for I am with you always

even to the end of the age

and this hope I have placed

within you will never disappoint

it will rise within you

like the dawn

a promise of a new day

a testament to the unshakable love I have for you

share it freely

share it boldly

and watch as it changes the world

one heart at a time

my beloved child

in the quietness of this moment

hear me whisper to you

for it is I

the one who molded the stars

and set the heavens into their glorious expanse

who speaks to your heart

I am the author of life

the creator of all that is seen and unseen

and I have shaped you in my own image

I breathe into your very being

the breath of eternity

I am ever with you

as close as the air that embraces you

as near as the pulse that dances

in your wrist

you dear one

are the bearer of my divine spark

and inheritor of a promise that transcends time

that stretches beyond the mortal coils of this earth

the eternal life I give to you is not just a gift

it is a covenant

a joining of my spirit with yours

that shall never be sundered

you shall never perish

for how can eternity wean

how can the boundless fade

no power and existence

can snatch you from my hand

for my grip is sure

my strength

and failing

consider the lilies of the field

how they grow

they toil not

neither do they spin

and yet I tell you

even Solomon

and all his glory

was not a raid

like one of these

if I so close

the grass of the field

which today is alive

and tomorrow

is cast into the oven

will I not much more

close you oh

you have little faith

trust in my provision

lean into my love

and let your heart not be troubled

in the world

you have tribulation

but be of good cheer

I have overcome the world

you may face trials

face heartaches

that seem to press the very breath from your lungs

but within these trials

lies the making of your faith

the deepening of your soul’s

reliance on me

the gift of eternal life

illuminates your path

a beacon in the darkest night

a comfort in the fiercest storm

it is a light that not only shines

but also warms

a perpetual presence

that chases

away the shadows of despair

do not let the thorns of life deter you

they are but brief transient

the glory that awaits you outshines

every fleeing pain

every temporary loss

it sparkles on the horizon

calling you

beckoning you

to press on

to endure with joy

the vistas of heaven await

filled with a radiance

that dims the sun

humming with a melody

that soothes every

woe and yes

there will be deep waters

you may sometimes feel the waves

lapping at your soul

threatening to overwhelm

but remember this

my precious child

when you pass through the waters

I am with you

and through the rivers

they shall not overflow you

you are not abandoned

never forsaken

my hand is there

for you to grasp

firm and unwavering

hold onto me

clasp onto the security of my love

I have engraved you upon the palms of my hands

your walls are ever before me

know that nothing can separate

you from my love

not tribulation

nor distress

nor persecution

nor famine nor nakedness

nor peril nor sword

for in all these things

you are more than a conqueror

through him

who loved you

let not your heart be troubled

neither let it be afraid

as the mountains

surround Jerusalem

so I surround you

now and forever

the challenges

ahead are but


for you to witness my faithfulness

to experience

the depth of my love

and to grow

in the Grace and knowledge of your Lord and savior

walk with me

not in the shackles of dread

but in the freedom of Grace

embrace the adventure

the divine journey

that is your life in me

your days are not a series of chances

but a tapestry

woven with divine purpose

each thread

each colour

vibrant or dark

has its place

in the masterpiece

I am creating

with your time on earth

so as you navigate

the urban flow of your days

as you climb mountains

and traverse valleys

remember who you are

you are mind

beloved and cherished

you are the joy

set before me

as I endured the cross

despising its shame

you are the reason I proclaim

it is finished

for in my redemption

lies your victory

and in my resurrection your hope

draw near to me

and I will draw

near to you

speak to me

in the quiet places

and I will listen

look for me

in the ordinary

and the mundane

and you will find glimpses of the eternal

I am not a distant deity

but a present father

a relentless lover

a steadfast friend

in your waking

and in your resting

in your laughter

and in your tears I am there

cast all your anxieties on me

for I care for you

with an everlasting love

when the last page of history

turns and time

yields to the age to come

you will step

from glory into

greater glory

you will know

as you have been known

so come take my hand

let us journey together

in my presence

is fullness of joy

and in my right hand

are pleasures


in the embrace of your father

you will find true life

eternal unshakable

unending therefore

do not fear

for I am with you

do not be dismayed

for I am your god

I will strengthen you

and help you

I will uphold

you with my righteous

right hand fear not

for I have redeemed you

I have summoned you by name

you are mine

and this is the heart of the gospel

the essence of the Good News

I give eternal

life to you

and you will never perish

no one will snatch you

out of my hand

lend me your heart

and your ears

for I am here

to fill the

expense of silence

that your worries

cast upon you

just as the Shepherd

knows the meandering

paths that the sheep

cannot discern

so do I comprehend

the intricate

map of your life

you may find yourself

in the shadow of uncertainty

where the next step is hidden

by the mist of life’s complexity

but remember

I am the light

that guides

you in moments

when the ground

beneath you feels

as though it will give way

when you tremble

at the thought

of an unseen

tomorrow reach out

and you will find

my hand already

extended to you

grasp it tightly

and let me lead you

for my hand is steady

and my grip is sure

do not look

to the right

or the left

but straight ahead

where my light is brightest

leading you home

as the stars are fixed

in the heavens

by my command

so are your days numbered

and your path set

you may gaze

upon the stars

and wonder at their purpose

but they follow the order

I have given

since the beginning of time

so it is with you

my child your path

may seem to twist in turn

but there is an order

a divine purpose

to every step you take

even when you cannot see it

when the night

is at its darkest

that is when

the whispers

of doubt grow

the loudest

but listen to my voice instead

for it is then

that I speak

into the depths of your heart

fear not for

I have redeemed you

I have called you

by your name

you are mine

when you pass

through the waters

I will be with you

and through the rivers

they shall not

overflow you

when you walk

through the fire

you shall not be burned

nor shall the flame

scorch you yes

there will be times

when you feel alone

when the silence

around you echoes

louder than assurance

in these moments

remember that

I am closer

than your very breath

in the quiet

in the stillness

I am there you need

only to be still

and know that I am god

I am the one

who has never

left your side

the one who has

seen every tear

that has fallen

from your eyes

speak to me

not in formal platitudes

but as a child

speaks to their father

with openness and trust

pour out your

heart to me

for I am listening

and my ears

inclined to you

the most important


you will ever have

is not with

the powerful

or the influential

but with me

your creator

your father

your friend

do not be disheartened

by the uncertainty of life

for like a tapestry

you see only

the twisted

threads on the

reverse side

while I see

the beautiful

picture that is

being woven

one day you will see

this tapestry

from my perspective

in Marvel and

how every thread

was necessary

how every colour was needed

to complete

the masterpiece

that is your life

I understand that

there are days

when the clouds hang low

and the rain

obscures your vision

but the rain

also brings

life it waters

the parched earth

and causes the hidden

seeds to burst

forth into bloom

so too will the trials

and the storms

in your life

bring growth

and new life

trust in me

for I am the

Master gardener

and I tend to you

with love and care

walk by faith

not by sight

for faith is

the assurance

of things hoped for

the conviction

of things not seen

have faith in my

love for you

faith in my goodness

and faith that

I’m working

all things together

for your good

for those who love me

and are called

according to my purpose

not a single

detail is left to chance

as you hold

onto my hand

remember the promises

I have spoken

over you there

yes and amen

my word is a lamp

to your feet

and a light

to your path

so even when

the path grows dim

my words will guide you

hide them in your heart

for their life

to those who

find them in health

to all their

flesh come now

walk with me

talk with me

and let me lead you

through the

landscapes of your life

with each step

know that you are

never alone

for I am with you always

even to the

end of the age

let my presence

be your comfort

and my word

be your guide

for you are my beloved

and you are

safe with me

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