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I Will Grant You Victory | God MessageToday | God Message For You Today

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amen my dear child I want to speak directly ly to your heart to connect

with you on a deep and emotional level I know life can be overwhelming at times

but I want you to know that everything will turn out well no matter how daunting the

situation may seem it is within my grasp and I will grant you

Victory please do not be filled with fear I’m sending you these words to

strengthen your faith I offer you love salvation Grace and forgiveness

I also want you to know that I take responsibility for your troubles I have

already overcome this world’s afflictions and I have ignited a spark of life within your heart which will

grow and flourish each word I speak to you is like a foundation stone fortifying your

life providing shelter and bringing peace and protection to your family don’t be afraid or disheartened

but don’t remain idle either your Soul’s adversary seeks your defeat but you must

rise to the occasion stand up to the battle the forces of Darkness will flee

and blessings that have been withheld will be released I have heard your prayers and

though the forces of Darkness may try to steal from you you have not given up and you have continued to pray with

faith now I urge you not to falter keep tilling the soil rise early

and so do not be discouraged by the sight of others faltering and abandoning

their faith persist in your efforts for in my perfect time you will witness a

Bountiful Harvest treasure this message when you feel downtrodden listen to it

again open your Bible nourish your soul with Psalms and Proverbs and study the

lives of my servants The Heroes of Faith they were imperfect

yet they silenced Lions defeated armies and remained steadfast just as they endured pain and

suffering so must you do not surrender to your adversaries or those who seek to

disrupt your familial Harmony confront them in my holy name

and fight until the end do not submit to emotional turmoil distance yourself from

those who harm you with their words and actions while you committed to supporting them through thick and thin

they have no right to rob you of your future or trample your integrity Stand Tall you possess great

worth and precious dignity protect your loved ones and avoid violence and

malevolence regardless of what others may say those who criticize you do not

lend a hand during your time of conflict so Heed These words and fight for your

freedom do not place your hopes in people who may fail you many promise

eternal love but flee When Storms approach stealing your joy and hope if

you seek Clarity depart from violence for the sake of your children Escape wickedness and fear not for I will

provide all that you need do not follow those who seek to clip your wings preventing you from

soaring I have rescued you to brighten your future healed your soul with my

love and I will pour peace into your heart and anoint you with Supernatural

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