I Will Heal Your Body Now | Powerful Healing Scriptures | Most Powerful Healing Prayers

hello and welcome whether you’re in the

midst of a physical ailment emotional

struggle or some other situation that

requires healing these scriptures are a

good place to find Solace strength and

hope we’ve pulled together powerful

healing scriptures from the Bible to

help assist you on your road to recovery

the Bible is filled with Miracles and

wise words related to Healing from

making the blind see to curing leprosy

God works magic through his hands and

the hands of his Believers for his

faithful followers to be reminded of all

of the good things God can do read

through these uplifting scriptures about

healing they are separated into

categories to help you find exactly what

you’re looking for healing scriptures

for the sick emotional healing

scriptures short bible verses on healing

Bible verses for healing and strength

and praise for God’s healing use these

script in your daily prayers when asking

God to work his healing magic in your

life and the lives of those around you

use these scriptures as a form of Hope

through tough times to remind yourself

that you are always in God’s hands or

use these scriptures to conjure up

strength when you feel pested by

whatever is troubling you one acts

with loud shrieks unclean spirits came

out of of many people and many who were

paralyzed or crippled were healed though

the healing Journey may be difficult it

is worth it for the positive results two


Pablo’s father was bedridden sick

with a fever and denty Paul went to see

him and prayed he placed his hand on him

and healed him once this happened the

rest of the sick on the island came to

him and were healed Miracles don’t just

come from God himself he enacts Miracles

through the hands of his faithful

followers Exodus

the Lord said if you are careful

to obey the Lord your God do what God

thinks is Right pay attention to his

Commandments and keep all of his

regulations then I won’t bring on you

any of the diseases that I brought on

the Egyptians I am the Lord who heals

you if you look to God you will find he

is always there to answer you if you

have faith in his power he will guide

and protect you from any troubles that

may plague you James – if any of

you are sick they should call for the

Elders of the church and the elders

should pray over them anointing them

with oil in the name of the Lord Prayer

that comes from faith will heal the sick

for the Lord will restore them to health

and if they have sinned they will be

forgiven even those who have sinned can

rely on the Lord to guide them to heal

in times of hardship and sickness


now when Jesus had come down from

the mountain large crowds followed him a

man with a skin disease came kneeled

before him and said Lord if you want you

can make me clean Jesus reached out his

hand and touched him saying

I do want to become clean instantly his

skin disease was cleansed no one is

beyond the grace of God John

dear friend I’m praying that all is well

with you and that you enjoy good health

in the same way that you prosper

spiritually a pure soul is one that not

only wishes Wellness on himself but on

others Matthew Jesus went home

with Peter and saw Peter’s mother-in-law

lying in bed with a fever he touched her

hand and the fever left her then she got

up and served them gratitude and service

to others flow naturally from God’s

healing touch Psalm have mercy on

me Lord because I’m frail Heal Me Lord

because my bones are shaking in Terror

God God hears you at your most fearful

do not hesitate to reach out in your

moment of greatest need nine Kings

turn around say to Hezekiah my people’s

leader this is what the Lord the god of

your ancestor David says I have heard

your prayer and have seen your tears so

now I’m going to heal you days from

now you will be able to go up to the

Lord’s Temple God has helped heal the

faithful since the beginning Matthew

but so you will know that the human

one has Authority on the earth to

forgive sins he said to the man who was

paralyzed get up take your CT and go

home the man got up and went home no

ailment is beyond God’s help paralysis

of the body paralysis of the Soul all

are subject to the cleansing power of

the Holy Spirit


then your light will break out like

the Dawn and you will be healed quickly

your own righteousness will walk before

you and the Lord’s Glory will be your

real guard the light of the holy spirit

is always inside of you though it may

Flicker and dim at times it still Burns

inside of you ready to Roar at any

moment acts even large number

numbers of persons from towns around

Jerusalem would gather bringing the sick

and those harassed by unclean spirits

everyone was healed everyone has

something to gain by turning to the Lord

in illness while he may not cure or stop

an ailment he will provide in other ways


I have seen their ways but I will

heal them I will guide them and reward

them with comfort

and for those who mourn I will create

reason for praise utter prosperity to

those far and near and I will heal them

says the Lord the Lord heals from All

Things even deep despair like loss soon

your morning will again turn into praise

for him as he guides you through tough

times Jeremiah

but now I will heal and mend them I

will make them whole and bless bless

them with an abundance of peace and

security he will always protect you


so they cried out to the Lord in

their distress and God saved them from

their desperate circumstances God gave

the order and healed them he rescued

them from their pit let them thank the

Lord for his faithful love and his

wondrous works for all people all you

need is a little prayer and he will be

there Psalm

whenever you cry out to me I’ll

answer I’ll be with you in troubling

times I’ll save you and glorify you I’ll

fill you full with old age I’ll show you

my salvation when your heart is under

Strife call upon the Lord through prayer

and he will answer you he will guide you

to Salvation and to happier times


peace I leave with you my peace I

give you I give to you not as the world

gives don’t be troubled or afraid the

gift of peace is greater than any riches

can bring have faith that the Lord will

guide you toward a peaceful future

Matthew – come to me all you who

are struggling hard and carrying heavy

loads and I will give you rest

put on my yoke and learn from me I’m

gentle and humble and you will find rest

for yourselves my yoke is easy to bear

and my burden is light rest your we

Souls with the Lord and He will grant

you peace of mind body and soul in the

harshest days God is your savior and

will cradle your pain away with his love


demons also came out of many people

they scream screamed you are God’s son

but he spoke harshly to them and

wouldn’t allow them to speak because

they recognized that he was the Christ

even the most debilitating and alarming

illnesses fall within the Healing Hands

of God Malachi but the son of

righteousness will rise on those

revering my name healing will be in its

wings so that you will go forth and jump

about like cows in the This Tall Healing

Begins With a spirit of reverence open

your heart to God and soon you will be

leaping for Joy numbers so Moses

cried to the Lord God please heal her

just as God’s greatest followers did the

Lord encourages you to turn to him in

times of need Proverbs

pleasant words are flowing honey

sweet to The Taste and healing to the

bones kindness begets kindness meaning

if you are a nice positive person to be

around you will benefit just as much as

those around you God takes care of those

who lead virtuous lives Proverbs

one who stays stubborn after many

Corrections will be suddenly broken

Beyond healing when God and life try to

teach you lessons take heed

making the same mistakes over and over

again will not lead to Healing trust

that God will guide you where you need

to go and give you the Boost that you

need so long as you listen Jeremiah

I will restore your health and I

will heal your wounds declares the Lord

the Lord will always be there to bring

you back from any loss of Hope or faith


God heals the Brokenhearted and

bandages their wounds no matter how

heart broken you may feel the pieces

will come back together you will heal

give it time Psalm Lord my God I

cried out to you for help and you healed

me you just need to ask for help and it

will be provided seek and you shall find


my body and my heart fail but God

is my heart’s Rock and my share forever

remind yourself that you are never a

failure you can always pick yourself

back up and move forward Isaiah

he is giving power to the tired

and Reviving The exhausted you are never

alone for God always walks alongside you

you he gives you strength when your mind

and body can’t think of going on and he

will deliver unto you the power you need

to get through challenging times


a joyful heart helps healing but a

broken Spirit dries up the bones healing

starts with a positive mindset growth

cannot come from a spiritless heart

Jeremiah Heal Me Lord and I’ll be

healed save me and I’ll be saved for you

are my heart’s desire healing goes hand

in hand with Thanksgiving and praise God

rewards a grateful heart to

Chronicles If my people who belong

to me will humbly pray seek my face and

turn from their Wicked Ways then I will

hear from Heaven forgive their sin and

heal their land

God will reward true utter devotion with

unconditional love and healing acts

stretch out your hand to bring

healing and enable signs and wonders to

be performed through the name of Jesus

your holy servant though not every hand

holds the power to heal all hands can

support and guide which is a miracle in

its own way Matthew

Jesus answered woman you have

great faith it will be just as you wish

and right then her daughter was healed

before healing comes Faith You Must

Believe in the power and ability to mend

before healing can occur Hosea

come let’s return to the Lord for it is

he who has injured us and will heal us

he has struck us down but he will bind

us up for every tough card God deals you

in life he will be waiting to lift you

back up again he only creates challenges

to better his Believers Corinthians

no temptation has seized you that

isn’t common for people but God is

faithful he won’t allow you to be

tempted beyond your abilities instead

with the Temptation God will also Supply

a way out so that you will be able to

endure it

whatever your feelings they are

perfectly normal you are not the first

person to cope with your struggle and

you definitely won’t be the last be

patient with yourself and trust that the

Lord would not put an obstacle in your

path if you could not overcome it

Luke when Jesus heard this he

responded Don’t Be Afraid just keep

trusting and she will be healed have

faith in the Lord your God for but he

will watch over you and heal you in

times of physical and emotional pain

Psalm the Lord who makes the blind

see the Lord who straightens up those

who are bent low the Lord who loves the

righteous through God many miracles can

occur Isaiah

don’t fear because I am with you

don’t be afraid for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will surely help you I

will hold you with my righteous strong

hand have faith that the Lord your God

is always near for even through the

trials and tribulations of life you

never walk alone Matthew

then a woman who had been bleeding

for years came up behind Jesus and

touched the Hem of His clothes she

thought if I only touch his robe I’ll be

healed when Jesus turned and saw her he

said be encouraged daughter your faith

has healed you and the woman was healed

from that time on any brush with the

Holy if accompanied by faith May produce

miraculous results Matthew

when he came into the house the Blind

Men approached him Jesus said to them do

you believe I can do this yes Lord they

replied then Jesus touched their eyes

and said it will happen for you just as

you have believed their eyes were opened

then Jesus sternly warned them make sure

nobody knows about this in the inspiring

words of Amazing Grace I once was blind

but now I see acts his name

itself has made this man strong that is

because of faith in jesus’ name God has

strengthened this man whom you see and

know the faith that comes through Jesus

gave him complete Health right before

your eyes there is a certain strength

one can only gain from believing in the

Holy Trinity it calms the mind envelops

the heart and provides confidence in all

Endeavors job fire he injures but he

binds up he strikes but his hands heal

there is always a greater purpose to

God’s ways he sees a picture we do not

that is why we must trust his actions

are for a reason Galatians

though my poor health burdened you you

didn’t look down on me or reject me but

you welcomed me as if I were an angel

from God or as if I were Christ Jesus

while healing is one form of a miracle

UND divided support is another to have

someone there by your side helping

without judgment or contempt is a gift

in itself Peter he carried in

his own body on the cross the sins we

committed he did this so that we might

live in righteousness having nothing to

do with sin by his wounds you were

healed we must always remember the

original sacrifice that enabled us to

live though life can be painful and

messy at times it is a gift we must

always be thankful for Isaiah

the Lord most high is the one who

gives life to every heart who gives life

to the spirit look he indeed exchanged

my bitterness for wholeness you yourself

have spared my whole being from the pit

of Destruction because you have cast all

my sins behind your back sometimes to

heal you have to go through difficult

parts of life but there’s always a light

at the end of the tunnel Psalm

to let my whole being bless the Lord

and never forget all his Good Deeds how

God forgives all your sins heals all

your sickness even though God will test

you in life his Good Deeds always

outweigh the bad he is always there to

forgive and heal you Exodus

if you Worship the Lord your God

the Lord will bless your bread and your

water I’ll take sickness away from you

the Lord gives back to those who believe

in his goodness Mark

wherever he went Villages cities or

farming communities they would place the

sick in the marketplaces and beg him to

allow them to touch even the Hem of of

his clothing everyone who touched him

was healed the Lord’s healing Grace is

available to all who approach with a

faithful heart Revelations

he will wipe away every tear from

their eyes death will be no more there

will be no mourning crying or pain

anymore for the former things have

passed away struggles are essential to

the soul but the Lord will always watch

over you Like a Shepherd over his flock

he will support you in trying times

Luke the whole crowd wanted to

touch him because power was going out

from him and he was healing everyone

though your prayers may not always be

answered never doubt the power of Jesus

thank for watching

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