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I WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY | God message jesus |

son open your heart and allow my words

to reach you in this moment I have

witnessed every smile that lit up your

face and even the tears that fell I have

been present in every instant and in

many moments as I watched you I saw in

your eyes the longings the joys the

uncertainties and the Relentless search

for what truly makes you happy your Joys

often touch the hearts of those around

you in your moments of contentment I saw

my own Joy mirrored in you for when you

are happy my child I Rejoice with you

however I have also witnessed the cloudy

days of your soul when sadness seemed to

grip your heart but even in your

toughest moments I have been by your

side Illuminating the path with the

light of my unconditional love in this

moment I invite you to discover what

truly makes you happy do not cling to

the fleeting illusions of the material

world for true happiness lies in

connection with me in the purpose I have

placed in your heart let my light dispel

the shadows of fear and doubt and allow

your soul to soar freely towards the

horizons of personal and spiritual

fulfillment remember always that you are

unconditionally loved by me and that

nothing in this world can change that

love do not allow yourself to be

imprisoned by the past or the worries of

the future for the present moment is the

only one that truly matters live each

moment fully savoring the sweetness of

life and celebrating the blessings that

surround you be grateful for every

breath for every Every Beat of your

heart for each moment is a precious gift

that cannot be wasted I know you have

faced moments of pain and suffering

caused by the cruel actions and words of

those around you the scars left by these

experiences May weigh on you like chains

preventing you from moving freely

towards your happiness however I want

you to know that you are not alone in

this battle and I am here to help you

free yourself from these negative

energies that bind you to the past the

solution to distance yourself from these

negative infl infuences lies in the

power of forgiveness and compassion

within your heart forgive those who have

caused you pain not for their sake but

for your own by forgiving you free

yourself from the burden of resentment

and make room for healing and

transformation do not allow hatred and

bitterness to poison your soul instead

allow love and compassion to flow freely

through you purifying and elevating you

to new levels of consciousness

furthermore protect yourself from the

negative influences that surround You by

surrounding yourself with love light and

positivity cultivate healthy and

nurturing relationships that inspire you

to be the best version of yourself and

distance yourself from those who drain

your energy and keep you trapped in the

past always remember your inner strength

and the power you have to transform your

reality trust in the power of my grace

and mercy to guide you through the

storms of life and lead you to the

safety of my loving

presence do not allow yourself to be

defined by your past experiences but by

your ability to overcome them and grow

from them you are a Divine being worthy

of love and respect and you deserve to

live a life of Peace joy and

abundance although some people in your

family may have caused disappointments

and wounds know that there are also

special people around you who are true

gifts in your life these kind and

generous Souls offer you comfort in

times of pain support in moments of

weakness and unconditional love at all

times these people are the Angels who

walk by your side gently guiding you

through the storms of life and

celebrating with you on sunny days they

remind you of your own light when you

feel lost in the darkness and encourage

you to keep moving forward even when the

path seems Steep and challenging it is

through the love and support of these

special family members that you find the

strength to move forward motivated and

happy they inspire you to be the best

version of yourself and help you see the

beauty and goodness that exist in the

world around you it is these sacred

connections that bring you closer to me

for where there is true love I am

present honor and cherish these special

people and your family for they make

your journey more meaningful and

inspiring thank them for the

unconditional love and support they

offer you and allow your relationship

with them to be a source of blessings

and gratitude in your life remember

always always that even in the toughest

times you are never alone for you have

my infinite love for you and be grateful

for the presence of your family these

Angels by your side gently guiding you

closer to my heart my beloved child I

ask that you cultivate a deep and

constant connection with me your

heavenly father so you will find true

and pure happiness it is through this

connection that you will find inner

peace genuine joy and the purpose you

long for therefore I en enourage you to

talk to me every day whether it be upon

waking in the morning or before sleeping

for it is in these moments of communion

that you will find strength guidance and

inspiration to face life’s

challenges starting your day in

conversation with me will allow my

Divine Light to illuminate your path

guiding you with wisdom and discernment

in every decision you make as you

surrender to me upon Awakening your

spirit will be renewed and you will

receive the energy needed to face the

challenges that the day may bring

moreover by acknowledging my presence by

your side before sleeping you will allow

my peace to envelop your heart

dispelling all worries and anxieties

that may disturb your sleep talking to

me daily will not only strengthen your

relationship with me but also help you

cultivate a grateful mind and heart by

expressing gratitude for the blessings

that surround you and the challenges

that help you grow you will make room

for more love joy and abundance in your


furthermore by trusting me with your

concerns and desires you will allow my

Divine peace to fill your being freeing

you from the burden of fear and

uncertainty son I ask you once again

please find time every day to talk to me

in prayer meditation or simply in

silence for it is in these moments of

connection that you will find the true

happiness and fulfillment you seek so

much always remember that I am here for

you ready to listen to you love you and

guide you every step of the way remember

the words of the psalmist in Psalm

even if my father and my mother

abandon me the Lord will take me in even

if you are disappointed by those you

expected love and support from know that

I am always with you ready to wipe away

your tears and envelop you with my

eternal love it is time to rise with

renewed determination and embrace life

with enthusiasm and passion for you are

destined for great deeds and a life

filled with

accomplishments stand courageously in

the face of the challenges that await

you for you are stronger than you

imagine and you have within you the

power to shape your destiny move forward

with unwavering faith knowing that I am

with you every step of the way trust in

my guidance and the wisdom of your own

heart wherever you are right now feel

the warmth of My Embrace and the

blessing of my hands upon your head

guiding your thoughts and bringing

happiness to you and your family I will

be sending wonderful blessings into your

life to receive you don’t even need to

speak or ask close your eyes and feel

the love I am sending to you right now

amen if you believe in these words leave

your Amen in the


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