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I Will Never Leave You | God Message Today | God Message for You Today | God Message for me Today

my beloved I am with you this day as I

am every day I see you and I know you

you are my precious child The Treasure

of my heart though storms may rage

around you I remain your shelter and

strength when you walk through deep

Waters I will be there with you you are


alone the burdens you carry feel heavy I

know the losses and Sorrows you have

endured have left fractures in your

spirit Financial hardships have weighed

you down with worry and

anxiety loneliness has crept close in

the dark of night stress fear and

depression have drained you of Hope and

joy the trials of this world have shaken

your faith and

trust my beloved I have seen your tears

shed in

solitude I have heard your unspoken

prayers in moments of Despair when you

felt abandoned and Afraid

I was by your side even when you could

not sense my presence I remained with

you I will never leave or forsake you my


child your value is not defined by your

bank account your worth comes not from

what you have or what you can give you

are loved simply because of who you are

made in my image no amount of money

could ever make you more precious in my

sight your intrinsic value you was given

the moment you were wonderfully

formed when loneliness threatens to

engulf you pour out your heart to me I

am your faithful friend your

comforter my arms are always open wide

to hold you close you are not unseen or

unheard your thoughts are known to me

before you speak them when you need a

listening ear I am attentive when your

heart needs company I am present you are

deeply loved the pressures of obligation

weigh heavily I know anxiety steals your

peace and rest my beloved give your

burdens to me let me lift the strain

from your shoulders in my presence you

will find renewal strength for today

bright Hope For Tomorrow these are my

gifts to you though duties press in I

will give you

rest do not let fear find a home in your


when darkness threatens call on me and

my light will expel every shadow my love

for you conquers all dread remember my

words and Promises in them you will find

truth and comfort stay your mind on me

when uncertainty tries to steal your

peace I am Sovereign over every

circumstance my plans cannot be

shaken when you abide in me fear finds

no place even when depress ression tries

to dim your joy and drain your hope

cling to

me allow me to fill your heart with my

presence and my peace though grief May

linger my joy is your

strength let me lift you up when sorrow

presses down I will give you reasons to

go on even when giving up feels easier

my plans for you are good my purposes on

your behalf filled with promise there

are brighter days ahead hold on to me

beloved and I will carry you into the

light when you feel weary let me be your

strength if you feel feeble my might is

yours when your heart is broken I will

gently mend it if you feel lost and

confused my spirit will guide your path

when you lack I will provide my grace is

sufficient for every need ask and you


receive seek me and you will find more

than you can imagine imagine no good

thing will I withhold from you my

beloved you are The Treasure of my heart

I sing over you I dance over you my love

for you is beyond measure deeper than

the vastest ocean you are my beloved my

own Chosen and

sealed nothing can separate you from my

love no power above or below no one

could love you with the depth I do my

commitment to you is eternal and

unbreakable so take heart my beloved

lift your eyes to me am I not your son

and shield have I not promised to bless

and keep you in my hands you have

nothing to fear no enemy can touch you

without first passing through me I am

your rock I am your Fortress I am your

deliverer put your trust in me my

precious one I am working even now on


behalf my plans for you are good my My

Hope for your future is

bright my beloved child and I know life

has been difficult lately you have faced

challenges that have tested your faith

and shaken your

spirit the burdens of the trials and

tribulations of this world have led you

to question if I’m really here if I

really see your struggles if I really

care I am here I see

you I know you and and I love you my


one I see the tears you have cried alone

in the dark of night I see the weight of

worry and anxiety that hangs over you

like a storm

cloud I see the holes and fractures in

your heart caused by grief and loss you

feel abandoned but I have never left

your side I know the pressures you are

facing the constant concern over

yourself and your loved ones the fear

that there will not be

enough the shame when you cannot give or

do as much as you would

like my child your worth is not defined

by your bank account it comes from

within though money provides Necessary

Things it cannot replace intrinsic value

you are precious simply because you

exist because you are made in my image

no amount of money can add or take away

this god-given worth when you feel

lonely like no one sees or understands I

am here I will listen to you

always when you need to talk pour out

your heart and thoughts to me when you

need a hug my arms are open

wide loneliness may come but it will not

remain I am your comfort your companion

your faithful lifelong

friend I know the stress you carry the

pressures from from work family and

obligations the anxiety over all you

need to do the sense of never being able

to catch your breath or find rest the

sleepless nights give these burdens to

me let me be your place of Peace take

time to be still in my presence Let me

refresh and renew your spirit I will

give you strength for today and bright

Hope For Tomorrow the things of this

world will press in but in me you can

find rest fear may try to wrap its dark

fingers around your heart but I am your

light when you feel afraid call on me my

perfect love casts out all fear take

comfort in my word for it brings truth

and light to Cast Away Shadows of doubt


uncertainty when you abide in me you

have nothing to dread for I am Sovereign

over all things I am mightier than

anything you will ever face have faith

in my power and my

purposes know that I work all things for

your good there is no need to be afraid

with me by your side and when depression

threatens to drain you of Hope and joy

cling to

me let me fill you with my presence and


peace open your heart to receive my

joy a joy that remains and strengthens

you even in the midst of of Sorrow let

me Comfort you in your

pain I will encourage and uplift your

spirit even when you feel like giving up

I will give you reasons to go

on my plans for you are good and my hope

for your life is brighter than any

darkness that suppresses you

now hold on to me let me carry you

through the Shadows to the

light I know the trials you have endured

the opposition that has come against you

the hardships and adversities you have

faced my beloved child these

difficulties cannot defeat you because I

am with you I will equip you I will

strengthen you when you pass through the

waters I will be there you will not be

overcome stay your heart on me trust in

my goodness and Sovereign care if you

feel weak I will be your strength

if you feel weary I will be your rest if

you feel broken I will gently restore

and heal if you feel lost I will be your

guide whatever you need I will provide

seek me first and you will find all you

need in

me I know the deepest desires of your

heart and I long to give you good

gifts do not settle for less than my

best open your hands and receive all I

have for you my blessings are boundless

my grace endless do not limit what I can

do with me nothing is

impossible beloved child you are The

Treasure of my heart I Delight in you it

gives me joy to bless you provide for

you and care for you no one could ever

love you as much as I do my affection is

unconditional my commitment

unwavering you are chosen wanted

accepted so take heart my child lift

your eyes from the struggles of today

and look to me your father Redeemer and

King I am the one who blesses who

provides who cares for you in my hands

you have nothing to fear in my presence

you will find fullness of joy I am your

strength today I am your hope for

tomorrow I am the god who sees know

knows loves and guides you perfectly put

your trust in me my grace is sufficient

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