I Will Never Leave You | God Message Today | God Message for me Today |

my beloved child I am Christ in you the

very essence of your existence the

source of your hope and the radiance

that surrounds you as I speak these

words may they caress your soul and

soothe your weary heart hear me not from

distant Heights but from the sacred

depths of your being where my spirit

dances in Eternal communion with yours

know this dear one you are never alone

the hand that crafted the cosmos and

cradled the universe is the same hand

that reaches out to you in the darkest

of nights and the brightest of

days this connection is not a fleeting

touch it is a firm and unwavering

promise that I am with you within you a

part of

you my presence a radiant light shines

within you dispelling the Shadows both

with within and

without come let us sit together in the

silence as you do the profound reality

of my life coursing through your veins

becomes clearer can you sense it the

beat of my heart synchronizes with yours

birthing the joy of the Lord your


strength I the god of Hope lavish upon

you an abundance of joy and peace as you

trust in me so much that hope over flows

Within You by the power of the Holy

Spirit you my beloved are the canvas

upon which I choose to display the

Magnificent richness of this Divine

mystery to the

world let the Nations Marvel for Christ

in you is the beacon of Glory a

testament to my love and

omnipotence you bear this treasure

within you a vessel of divine presence a

Covenant of Grace Illuminating the the

path for others I speak to you with a

heart overflowing with love and

understanding I implore you to hold fast

to your faith and nurture patience

within your

soul do not let concerns about the

uncertain future consume your thoughts

nor pursue fleeting and Hollow desires

that bring only

discontent release anything that

obstructs our connection lay down those

burdens so that I may shower you with my


blessings draw away from those who do

not share your faith and persist in your

prayers for in those moments you draw

nearer to

me place your trust in my Divine timing

and do not lose hope for I have Abundant

Blessings in store for you the

challenges you face today will soon be

Distant Memories cling to your patience

fear not and never forget that I am

Forever by your side

understand that I am fully aware of your

needs the burdens that weigh upon your

heart the anxiety that grips you when

your finances falter and the fear that


brings yet I urge you to open your heart

to my promises heed my guidance and

immerse yourself in my

presence in due time I will Usher peace

and serenity into your life my blessings

will rain down upon you for trusting in

me remember remember I am a god of

Miracles and boundless power I shall not

only bless and heal you but extend my

grace to your family your children and


parents trust in my timing and cling to


patience refrain from seeking shortcuts

for they may lead you away from me and


destruction never cease to pray and

continue to delve into my

word this will shield you from the

Allure of false Doctrine

and prevent you from becoming ens snared

by worldly

possessions always remember that what

the world offers is transient but what I

provide is eternal and a Wellspring of

everlasting blessings in your

life continue to have faith in my

promises for everything will unfold at

its appointed

time I am never tardy and I never forget

I am a God who deeply cares for your

needs ever ready to to extend my grace

and love to

you embrace the words of Isaiah for they

are as true today as when they were


spoken I the Lord have called you in

righteousness I will take hold of your

hand feel my grip on your life guiding

protecting and using you as a light to

the Nations a harbinger of Hope a

testimony to my unfaltering love when

sorrow knocks at your door remember the

words of Nehemiah do not grieve for the

joy of the Lord is your

strength This Joy is not of this world

it cannot be dimmed by life’s trials it

is a joy that Wells up from the Eternal

Springs of my spirit within you

sustaining you through all

circumstances therefore May the god of

your hope so abundantly fill you with

all joy and peace in believing that by

the power of the Holy Spirit you may

abound and overflow with hope

this is not merely a wish it is your

inheritance your reality in

me your Journey of Faith ushers in this

hope a hope that overflows touching

every facet of your life and spilling

into the lives of

others now let me beseech you dear one

rise beloved stand firm in this hope let

the Assurance of my presence in you be

your Shield against despair your Bull

workk against doubt

trust in me not as a distant deity but

as the intimate God dwelling within you

whose love is as near as your next

breath let your life become a Living

testament to the power of Hope in your

words in your deeds in the silent

testimony of your faith be a beacon of

the hope that resides solely in me for I

am in you and you are in me forever

intertwined forever one you deserve the

best and I speak not of material riches

but of my

love it is the purest and most Exquisite

love and it already envelops you it

surrounds you sustaining you in every

moment it is this wondrous love that

ignites the spark of determination

burning in your heart what a beautiful

sensation is blooming within you

granting you the strength to face any

trial without fear with unwavering

confidence and resolve

seek my word my promises and my

will you sit beside me in the Heavenly

Realms encircled by countless

blessings but to receive them you must

believe at this very moment you may not

fully comprehend or anticipate them but

I am real and certain more tangible than

the air you breathe more radiant and

pure than the sunlight that bathes your

days I have been I am am and I will

forever be at your side in the early

morning in the evening at all

hours I never Tire or Slumber I am ever

attentive to every plea from your heart

reaching my throne in Earnest

supplication learn of my grace it is an

eternal gift bestowed upon you out of

love not because you Merit it or because

you are

flawless when I say you deserve the best

it is because because you already

possess it you need not win a thousand

battles or endure countless trials to

Merit greater

blessings in my kingdom battles are won

through faith and blessings are received

with gratitude and

humility the talents and gifts I have

bestowed upon you are not meant for

self-promotion seeking Applause or

admiration but rather for acts of

genuine kindness and

humility those who truly know me live it

out demonstrating through their pure and


actions they do not seek titles or fame

nor do they pursue worldly recognition


accolades if you wish to enter my

Supernatural Kingdom you must guard your

soul against

Pride if you acknowledge that I have

granted you greater gifts and blessings

it is so that you may walk in humility

extending your hand with a sincere

desire to Aid those in

need when you do so with a pure heart

you will witness an abundance of

Miracles I have vested you with my

authority you can tread upon conflicts

conquer formidable challenges and no

harm shall befall you you can rise and

move toward victory for your victory has

already been

secured Advance with faith and


confidence guard your lips against words

that displease me rid your life of

unwarranted bitterness and

resentment replace those memories and

regrets with fresh dreams and

aspirations allow my healing forgiveness

to envelop you wholly permitting me to

transform your past into a promising

future I am igniting a flame within your

soul that will illuminate all those

around you especially those whom you


dear observe how their countenances

change when they gaze upon upon you the

radiance emanating from your eyes is the

potent anointing of my Holy Spirit a

gift bestowed upon you out of Grace and

love yet it is your duty to nourish

yourself with my word to seek me in

prayer and as you immerse yourself in

this spiritual realm you will find an

increasing desire to seek me more in

dreams I shall reveal my will to you

utilize this precious gift with great

responsibility I am permitting you to

taste a glimpse of Heaven not to

Proclaim it loudly here is what I ask of

you walk in humility treat others with

dignity as you would wish to be

treated be a genuine and compassionate

friend each time you treat a person with

kindness and gentleness I shall seow a

new Supernatural seed in your soul one

that will flourish and bring forth

Miracles healing and strength

observe how beautiful and harmonious it

is for your family your friends your

brethren and you to dwell in unity


me my Holy Spirit does not linger

indefinitely in places where I am

rejected where strife and Discord

persist it saddens me to hear some

profess their love for me only to speak

ill of others with the same lips often

without full knowledge of what they are

saying they continually rehearse the

negative Tales they hear about others

yet when it comes to speaking well of

someone they remain

silent no goodness can flow from a

parched soul from a Wellspring devoid of

water and snared in the dust of

negativity permit me to perform Mighty

wonders in your life but respond with

faith and gentleness patience and

humility all always hold positive

thoughts of others with a genuine desire

to use your gifts to bestow greater

blessings you deserve the best for the

best is already

yours I love you that is the truth and

this Sacred Love no one can snatch away

from you have faith and rest In My

Embrace I hold dominion over your life

fear not for I am your guardian your

protector I watch over you ceaselessly

each day as you awaken I Stand By Your

Side longing for you to feel my presence

as you open your

eyes in those initial moments of your

day do not let your thoughts wander to


concerns come listen to my

words hear how my spirit speaks to you I

am declaring to you that everything is

under my control and you must have faith

in me do not fear the challenges that

may arise for with me by your side

nothing and no one can harm

you many of the concerns that weigh

heavily on your mind today will be

resolved more swiftly than you expect at

the perfect time all the answers you

seek will be revealed to you as you pray

for as you do I am mapping out your path

and Penning your story nothing escapes

my wisdom and my

will the blessings you have asked of me

I am opening that door for which you

have fervently prayed

PR I am strengthening your faith and I

am here to lift you up guiding you

toward a new life a fresh start where

everything will be

different do not concern yourself with

the opinions of others hold your head

high and lead your life with faith and

dignity envious individuals may always

speak ill poisoned by the Venom within

their hearts but only my perception of

you should

matter I believe you are a remarkable

soul with a heart that is pure and

sincere keep my words in your thoughts

and when people assail you come and take

refuge in my

love I have been with you throughout

every battle you have

faced I am aware of each fall each

defeat each Victory and all your

hardships but now is the time for

Triumph for the elevation of your life

to new

heights leave behind the old old battles

and step into a fresh era of Victory and

renewal this is the moment when I will

transform your life and a new story

shall begin for you permit me to guide

you along a path of blessings and wisdom

I bestow upon you my love and my peace

that your soul and mind may find

Tranquility accept it fully only I can

lead you out of your troubles only only

I can assist you in this turmoil you are

enduring should you open the doors of

your heart to me you shall witness

miraculous occurrences and find

solutions to your

predicament you have done well to come

to me when you need me most what I

desire is for you to seek me not only on

this occasion but to place me first in

your heart to love me with all your

might with your soul with your

mind I long to hold the preeminent place

in your

thoughts make a decision today a

commitment to me for life you will see

how my presence in your heart brings

about a potent and transformative

change you have sensed it for a while

the notion that something is missing in

your life an emptiness waiting to be

filled invite me to take residence in

your heart and you will witness


changing many who have wronged you will

return with remorse seeking your

forgiveness many closed doors will swing

open and those who once rejected you

will now hold you in high esteem I shall

bless you with new and cherished

friendships I will eradicate sadness and

loneliness from your life I want you to

feel the truth of my

words my words possess the power to

alter your circumstances for your good

even in the face of unexpected

challenges do not be haunted or

disheartened by unforeseen

obstacles do not be disheartened if

someone speaks ill of you or if you feel

wounded do not shed tears over

misunderstandings pay no heed to

criticisms and insults from your

adversaries those who Envy you and

constantly seek to wound your spirit

Desiring your downfall for I hold you in

my hands and I shall Shield you from

their malevolent attack

arise each day with my words upon your

lips you dwell in the shadow of the

almighty your beloved and omnipotent God

you live embraced and sheltered by the

arm of your heavenly

father I stand at the threshold of your

heart gently wrapping on its door will

you grant me entry and allow me to

embrace you with

love I have eagerly awaited this sweet

moment of meeting you please accept my

affection ction with

confidence I have not come to reproach

you for your weaknesses or to cast blame

upon the errors you have made you asked

for forgiveness and I have granted it

when I forgive I also forget your sins

do not burden my memory and your

mistakes have transformed into valuable

lessons I have faith that you will not

stray down the path of error again allow

me to guide you with the light I am

Illuminating within you listen

attentively to my gentle words as I

whisper in your ear pointing you towards

the right path you will Thrive and

blessings will shower upon you this is

the fruit of the wise decision you are


today as you open the doors of your

heart to me I come bearing numerous

blessings and wondrous gifts that I wish

to bestow upon

you I desire to stay by your side

occupying the for most place in your

Abode however I also seek your

obedience my words are soothing to your

soul my Commandments serve as medicine

for your bones and my greatest wish is

to Grant you life without overwhelming

burdens if I ask you to do something it

is for your benefit if I instruct you to

seee certain actions it is to bestow

upon you eternal life I wish to dwell

within your home and I seek the place I


deserve I want your entire family to

recognize who is watching over them and

always remember the source of the

Abundant Blessings they may enjoy do not

forget me and cast me

aside maintain your unwavering faith

that you dwell beneath my protective

Wing there is no need to seek happiness

peace or Joy Elsewhere for in my

presence you possess everything you

require I love you and and you and your

family are in my hands when fear

attempts to consume you when all seems

lost and you believe the Sea of troubles

before you will never part remember that

I am with you safeguarding you you shall

not fail you shall not falter when

despair knocks at your door attempting

to thwart your progress and you are

weary with uncertainty about which path

to take remember that I stand beside you

eager to protect

you I I shall open the doors and remove

the obstacles so that you may

Triumph when pain is present and tears

transform into prayers remember that I

am by your side drying each tear and

transforming it into a new

blessing no one knows your heart better

than I

do I am privy to your desires dreams and

intentions while Others May perceive

your appearance social standing or

limitations i gaze upon your

heart the more you place your trust in

me and commit to my purpose and plan the

greater your wisdom and strength shall

become you are my child and you astonish

me you are my mirror image persistent

entrepreneurial wise and

courageous nothing and no one can impede

your Pursuit when you set your heart on

achieving something this truth is

undeniable you are my child and you

should never doubt it however do not

forget that you are also human you work

tirelessly exerting great effort with

your own strength you become weary and

disheartened during moments of doubt and

despair you have me by your









n I wish to guide you along the right

path ensuring you do not waste time on

frivolous Pursuits I do not want you to

become frustrated and disheartened at

the first obstacle you

encounter you will achieve the good

things you have set in your heart if you

grant me the opportunity to assist you

and Elevate you to a higher

level I am the only one capable of

transforming The Impossible into great

Miracles all you need to know is that I

I watch over you every day and

everything you request in your prayers I

shall deliver in the form of

blessings I desire that you and I become

friends companions on this

journey let us work together as a team

your job is to believe and trust while

mine is to respond and bless protect and

Care strengthen and save know that I

love you and I shall never abandon you

my beloved child how my heart longs to

speak to you intimately and directly to

cradle you in the warmth of my love and

to inspire within you a boundless hope

and unwavering

trust open your heart for I’m here with

you ready to pour forth words that will

guide you on this sacred Journey do you

remember the tale of two disciples on

the road to Emmas they walked shrouded

in sorrow their hearts heavy with

disbelief how it pained me to see their

despair I the very one they had longed

for walked beside them yet they could

not recognize

me how often do I walk beside you dear

one unnoticed in the midst of your

trials and

tribulations they spoke of a prophet

they had hoped would redeem Israel a

prophet who had been

crucified and whose body had been taken

from his

tomb they had been fervent in their hope

yet their belief had

wavered but there on that dusty road

their eyes were open Ed and their hearts


believed their belief did not merely

rest in their minds but was borne deep

within their HS as they listened to my

words and received them let me tell you

child a profound truth belief is not a

mere agreement of the mind with my words

it is a sacred flame ignited within your

heart as you hear my words and act upon

them it is through obedience to my words

that the faith within your heart is

expressed and rapidly

grows there exists no other path to

nurturing Faith within your soul that is

why my servant Paul proclaimed faith

comes from hearing and hearing by the

word of Christ beloved as you believe in

me as the scriptures have foretold

rivers of Living Water shall flow from

the depths of your heart

imagine the abundance of Grace the

spiritual nourishment and the boundless

love that will gush forth from the Wells

Spring of your faith just as the streams

quench The Thirst of the earth your

faith will quench the longing of your

soul and those around you now let me

share with you a story a story of a


seed in the gospel of Matthew I spoke of

the Mustard Seed the tiniest of all

seeds yet that it grows into a mighty

tree providing shelter for the birds of

the air likewise your faith even if it

starts a small as a mustard seed can

grow into a towering Oak of unwavering

trust in

me nurture it water it with my words and

watch it

flourish my precious one I urge you to

delve into the Treasure Trove of my

teachings seek my words with a thirst

for truth and a hunger for

righteousness open your heart wide to

receive receive





for in them you will find the key to

unlocking the door to your deepest

beliefs your faith will swell and surge

carrying you through life storms and

trials let me guide you dear child let

me be your

Shepherd Follow My Lead listen to my

voice and Let My Words take root in your

heart as you do you will not only

believe but you will also bear witness

to the miraculous transformation of your

life in this Divine connection we share

you and I know that I am always here

whispering to your heart nurturing your

faith and pouring forth my

love your trust in me your unwavering

belief is the key that unlocks the door

to the Bountiful blessings I have

prepared for you my child have faith in

me for through that Faith you shall find

the rivers of Living Water and your

heart will overflow with the abund

abundance of my grace and love trust in

me act on my words and together we will

walk the path of everlasting hope and





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