I Will Restore Your Finances | God Message Today | God’s Message now

my beloved child I am here to restore

all that you hold dear your finances

your soul your mind and your

heart I see the burdens Weighing on your

shoulders and I promise to ease your

load the Gates of Heaven are open wide

ready to pour abundant blessings upon

you understand this deeply do not follow

the ways of those with corrupted Souls

who chase empty riches and criticize the

less Fortune it your faith affirms my

presence and your heart confirms the

truth of my words if you accept my word

and my will and place me first in your

life I will shower you with Abundant

Blessings when you extend your helping

hand to those in need indeed I will

bless those with pure hearts those who

rise each day with a sincere desire to

grow and progress Guided by honesty and

hard work do not forget these words let

them echo in your mind

daily this message is meant for you my

dear child I desire prosperity for you

in every aspect of your life just as

your soul

prospers if you believe in my power to

transform you take a step forward now I

am extending my arms to show you the way

in my hands I hold your

Liberation your life can change through

faith not your strength but by trusting

in my love for you and my Limitless

power if you continue to believe you

deserve the misfortunes that have

befallen you if you doubt my words and

seek the counsel of those who do not

have your best interests at heart you

will remain stagnant and

enslaved I want to set you free but your

adversaries so doubt in your

heart change your way of thinking

surrender that struggling mind come with

confidence I will not judge you come

tomorrow you will hear my word and your

soul will grow stronger we will journey

together towards your freedom one step

at a time I want you to experience my

love which will transform your heart and

mind I love your family and you love me

I will grant you Victory and

protection the choice is yours now where

will you turn

do not flee aimlessly thinking it will

solve your problems listen to my

guidance run into my loving arms here

you will find safety and

peace in this world you may face

adversity but trust that I have

conquered the enemy disease fear and

wickedness I am your lord your friend


God when you walk I am always by your

side even if you don’t see it countless

victories have been achieved with my

help in your daily

life consider this there are no limits

for you if you put your faith into

action I have gifted you with my love

freedom peace joy and

security but these gifts are not meant

for you to sit idle fearing everything

and missing the opportunities I have

already given you rise and reach out

your hand seize the blessings I have

prepared for you they are yours to share

with those you

love your spirit is stirred by my words

a flame reignites long-forgotten dreams


desires move forward a life filled with

excitement joy and rediscovered emotions

awaits you I will Infuse you with such

strength that you will feel the energy

of your youth once

more your spirit will be revitalized

your mind rejuvenated and your your

entire being

transformed I am making all things

new I command you to rise to be

courageous and to

persevere when you feel you can no

longer bear it it is time to take that

leap of faith needed for

Triumph from my Throne flows a river of

Living Water to quench your thirst and

provide strength I want you to live to

be happy and to fulfill the purpose I

have for you

no excuses for you are not old not

finished and never defeated stand up

it’s time to Triumph trust in me

everything will turn out well you await

good news and it will come soon my power

manifests in those who sincerely and

simply believe in me miracles happen

when you entrust your heart to me and

have unwavering Faith banishing doubts

from your mind and words speak my word

with faith and

Proclaim I can do all things through

Christ who strengthens me and I will

never be

defeated I want your heart to swell with

a Divine Sensation that will remain with

you reminding you of my promises when

faced with

adversity I command you to listen to me

with all your heart each morning when


approach I desire your well-being and

foresee a future filled with Harmony and

prosperity for you

I desire no negative emotions in your

family no quarrels or divisions in your

home there are countless wonders I can

perform in your tender and innocent

heart and this is how I wish for you to


always you will witness your enemies and

false friends those who mock you and

consider themselves wise but falter

daily falling before

you they may think themselves

intelligent yet they are despised they

may believe themselves wealthy and

secure but they dwell in a deep pit of

spiritual misery filled with hate and

envy you will always have my blessing

and though you may encounter opposition

wherever you go do not

fear they boast of what they lack and

pretend to be what they are not they may

appear perfect on the outside but inside

they are full of sin you are my child

and no one and nothing can stand against

you for I am your Defender You are not

alone you’re not trusting in a god of

your own creation I am a living and

mighty God real and

Majestic my love is true and I have

already shown you all that I can do for

you do not be distressed do not cry and

do not succumb to despair due to threats

and lies I am with you I I will deliver

you from the attacks of evil from danger

from scarcity from death and from

decease accept my word receive my

blessing declare your belief in me

whenever you come to ask for something

come with confidence show me your faith

your gratitude is the most beautiful

offering you can bring me this moment we

share is the most precious thing that

can happen today so do not approach with

fear for I will not reject

you your sins have been forgiven and

paid for with My Precious Blood there’s

no need to feel ashamed in my

presence even when you were distant and

didn’t think of me I had mercy on you I

sent thousands of angels to rescue you

from the clutches of the evil one to

clear obstacles from your path and to

bring you back to me you will come again

tomorrow you will bring me good news you

will share the Miracles you have

gradually discovered you will speak of

the changes and beautiful things

happening in your life you will reaffirm

your loyalty and I will listen with

great joy I brought you here again to

transform your

life you will not seek to fill the void

in your heart with those who only wish

to exploit your

vulnerabilities I am healing this wound

this emptiness within you I am restoring

your weary soul so you can live with

vitality and

confidence you are now in a genuine and

true relationship with me seek me daily

fill yourself with my peace and nothing

and no one will ever deceive you again

Embrace this true happiness through

faith and even if you cannot see or feel

it yet continue with joy pursuing what

you desire Until the End receive this

happiness through faith I believe you

already comprehend

you are not a product of chance you are

my child My Chosen One and you know it

well I have shown you countless signs

already it would be a grave sin to be

indifferent to my word and reject the

Miracles I intend to manifest in your

family and within

you sometimes you hesitate before an


barrier I will bless you and nothing and

no one can hinder me I have sent forth

my word to be fulfilled in your life and

that word shall not return to me void it

will bring forth abundant fruits and

miracles victories and

joys I will unveil something marvelous

to you and once you grasp it you will

never be able to stay away from this


love I want you to feel my love immerse

yourself in the river of my spirit and

be filled and content with this


I know you believe and have faith you

display it every

day you awaken with enthusiasm because

you recognize my love for you and my

constant presence but I see that you

expend great effort in your daily tasks

and despite your profound Faith you

claim to be busy and neglect spending

time with

me your soul is slowly accumulating

worries and fears that I had already

removed with without drinking from the

living water I offer in prayer your

heart is drying

up you may not sense it now you may feel

well and strong due to your faith but I

caution you to be vigilant over time you

may wander if you lose that sacred

yearning for my Divine

Touch please understand that I desire

your company your presence in quiet

communion seek me and I will restore the

peace security and Truth within your

your heart that you need as you immerse

yourself in my love you will no longer

seek fulfillment from others with my

guidance you will be guarded against

deception and

exploitation you are my cherished child

and I am here to heal your pain to

restore your soul to bring you peace and

to remind you of the true love that

flows from

Heaven trust in my unconditional love

for I am always always with you ready to

embrace you and fill your life with

blessings beyond

measure my beloved child I ask for a few

moments of your precious time promise me

that you will listen for what I wish to

bestow upon you is of utmost

importance you see you have faith within

you a spark of divine

potential but now I urge you to open

your heart and invite my Holy Spirit in

through this sacred Union I will grant

you a gift of divine power that will

elevate your faith to perform Miracles

greater and more wondrous than anything

you’ve ever

known over two Millennia ago I made a

promise to you a promise that you would

perform even greater

Miracles if you do not fully grasp it

yet that’s perfectly fine there’s no

need for you to strive for these

Miracles with your own strength

this divine power is a gift one that you

shall receive on bended knee in prayer

with a heart ready to surrender

everything for

love but heed my words dear child for I

cannot bestow this beautiful gift upon a

prideful Spirit a spirit that seeks

approval and Applause from vain

individuals I am searching for a humble

and repentant heart one that

acknowledges its mistakes and seeks to

serve me with sincerity and dedication

without craving recognition from others

without seeking human titles Awards or

trophies and without making packs with

those who disguise themselves as angels

of light to deceive my

people my gaze falls upon you for I have

found in you a heart ready to be molded

so come now walk with me step with bare

feet on the shore of this River feel how

this pure and clear water touches your

skin tingling your

senses walk slowly let it wash over you

and immerse

yourself allow the river to wet your

head cleansing your mind of all thoughts

of defeat and

impurity Surrender Your Heart to me and

you shall receive power when my Holy

Spirit envelops your entire being your

family your life your way of thinking

and your way of

being everything shall be

transformed I shall Grant you

Supernatural strength to conquer your

fears my blessings shall Grace your home

and an array of beautiful and wondrous

blessings shall

unfold the words you hear every day they

are planted deep within your soul

growing and

strengthening the fruit of your prayers

is on its way and a Bountiful Harvest


you your happiness shall be boundless

your mouth fill with laughter and your

heart resonating with praise

therefore do not be disheartened by the

challenges that occasionally cross your

path know this my word does not return

to me empty it brings about numerous

changes in your spirit your finances

your family and your life nothing shall

remain the same the flame that had been

dimming shall be

reignited even your physical body shall

be infused with Renewed Energy

I am gifting you a new life and I

implore you to believe it to not dwell

on the

past my Holy Spirit resides within you

and you are a new creation the old has


away prepare yourself with renewed Vigor

to reap the Abundant Harvest that

awaits remember your life in this world

is borrowed time is fleeting yet you

have a long journey ahead I share this

with you so you do not squander your

hours cling steadfastly to the faith

that resides within your soul take a

piece of paper inscribe upon it your

dreams your prayer requests and your

beautiful desires and bring them to me


morning approach each day with

unwavering faith and

enthusiasm be vigilant for you shall

witness the doors I shall open for

you persist my child do not

falter you must

endure great changes are already in

motion in the lives of those you hold

dear I am healing your finances and

orchestrating events to restore Harmony

to your

home every day I speak to you with this

Divine word nurturing your soul and

filling it with wisdom seek out

good-hearted Souls who reflect my peace

and love who love me as deeply as you do

and are unafraid to proclaim the mighty

name of Jesus let their lips refrain

from slander and lies and let their

actions radiate my

goodness for where two or three Gather

in my name I am present I rejoice when

my children unite in

harmony it is there that my power

descends and my Supernatural presence

pours forth healing and life a time of

Miracles is Dawning upon

you release all your tension my child

find Solace within yourself pay heed to

your surroundings and you shall begin to

discern the onset of a new season filled

with Abundant

Blessings I yearn to heal you to dispel

the sadness and depression that weigh

upon your soul I shall liberate your

mind from oppression come into my

presence let your emotions flow freely

weep if you must release those trapped

emotions and make space for the truth

you shall be well your circumstances

will change I shall alleviate your pain

and your life will brim with joy I love

you deeply and I implore you demonstrate

Your Surrender and Faith by allowing me

to remove all that impedes your

happiness let my will be done your plans

dreams future and projects have all been

touched by my divine

power I am leading you toward a better

life but I beseech you to believe it and

not dwell on the

past deep within your soul you yearn for

my love I recall when you had unwavering

faith in me as a child you recited my

word with devotion and sang my promises

etched upon your heart do you remember

God is love you cried out with joy God

is good you declared with fervor yet as

you grew you entered an era of


ments those you cherished failed you

shattering your spirit those who

professed love inflicted great

pain much time has elapsed but here we

are today I extend an invitation for you

to return to me to banish the sorrow

that plagues you I shall Place

individuals in your life who will extend

their hands in support each day I shall

come early shrouding you in my love know

this I love you immeasurably

and I want you to feel it

today here is my promise you shall find

immense happiness even when it remains

unseen I am filling your heart with

Faith and Hope you require my presence

within your

soul when you feel that circumstances

spiral out of control in this very

moment I shall Grant you peace and

serenity embrace the Tranquility I

offer I am showcasing My Love by ful

fulfilling my promise and guiding you to

victory after Victory to the place of


blessing Heaven and Earth May fade away

but my word remains

unaltered my promises endure the

Covenant of Salvation I forged with you

shall come to fruition even if

adversaries attempt to thwart

it tell me now do you truly believe and

are you willing to accept the changes I

shall bring into your life forgive those

who have caused caused you pain even if

others refuse to forgive

you pray for them I too wish to bless

them and you shall be the instrument to

extend Aid in their time of need you are

living in a period filled with

challenges and I have selected you to be

a beacon of blessings my child I am your

Fortress your rock your

strength though thousands May falter by

your side and tens of thousands on your

right hand no harm shall befall you

unless I decree it believe it for it is

true even amidst trying and painful

moments when you feel you can no longer

continue you shall rise joy and strength

shall fill







being the days of Sorrow Shall Pass

prepare yourself for for the Cascade of

blessings the downpour of goodness that

shall envelop your life you require a

miracle and it shall arrive soon you

have come to the right place and your

attitude is

commendable as you Retreat to your room

in silence and

secrecy offering your worship and laying

your soul at my feet pouring out your

pain and needs I take great pleasure in

witnessing your faith and trust

at times you cannot share your burdens

with anyone only you and I are privy to


struggles you bear this weight on your

shoulders but I am here to assist

you you have sought me wholeheartedly

and I shall never withhold my

response you require my outstretched

hand to free you from the shackles of

your afflictions the confusion That

clouds your mind and the anxiety that

grips your heart heart you thirst for my

power hunger for peace and Tranquility

to close your eyes at night and awaken

to the dawn with

joy this my child is my response to your

yearning hold tightly to the faith that

sustains you the promise I have bestowed

upon you I am your Advocate your

Defender I am your Shepherd your

provider I am your God your

protector I am your friend and together

we shall rejoice when the blessings

you’ve awaited knock upon your door I

pledge to you that you shall receive

them I guarantee it many things shall

change allow my promises to occupy your

thoughts to heal you and to renew your

mindset alter your response when

obstacles arise remember that I shall

never abandon you even in the midst of

daunting trials you can clasp my hand

for You Are Not Alone you are not

forsaken you hold great worth in my eyes

you are my cherished child I reiterate

this so you shall never

forget recall my promises they are good

tangible potent and true my Covenant is

unbreakable my commitment

Eternal I shall forever be with you

abundant harvests shall be yours to reap

raise your gaze and take courage do not

succumb to fear or

discouragement embrace your blessings

with love and humility many refuse them


unworthy they believe themselves

unprepared and they let blessings slip

through their grasp only to lament later

that I did not heed their

pleas through my precious blood I have

loved you forgiven your sins and

recognized your sincere

Faith you have learned to take my word

word seriously a word that transforms

and liberates you my love has deemed you

worthy do not condemn yourself for the

past do not be concerned with the

opinions of others when your heavenly

father has already pardoned you if you

have sought forgiveness and others have

refused to Grant it if you have already

paid the price for the pain you’ve

caused and yet people still accuse you

entrust them to me

I shall handle them with

Justice you must press forward even if

they are friends or kin you are

advancing toward the future while they

shall remain mired in their

failures when given the opportunity to

distance themselves from






they opted to ignore me and follow

foolish paths they turned their backs on

me to appease others thus they remain

blind to your

journey should you you persist in

associating with these negative

influences they shall burden you with

guilt and remorse for the past impeding


progress I do not desire such an

outcome I want you to maintain your

faith regardless of others opinions

visit my presence daily do not overlook

this crucial rendevu between us here I

shall eagerly await

you so my beloved Child come to me let

your heart open to receive the strength

the power the love and the blessings I

am eager to bestow upon

you trust in my unwavering love for I

your creator your heavenly father am

here for you and I shall never forsake

you together we shall walk this path

hand in hand as you Journey towards a

brighter more blessed




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