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I’m Always Here For You | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message | God Say

my dear child listen with your heart and take to heart this deep message I know about your pain and want

to help you will you accept this love I offer which can heal you I see you’re

going through tough times and I’m reaching out to help are you ready to accept the love I have for you being

with me you’ll find Comfort strength and the peace you’re looking for trust in me

let my love wrap around you and lead you to full healing and Lasting Hope I’m

always here for you thinking about the wonderful blessings I’m going to give you blessings that you’ll soon

see listen to what I say to you as I guide you with my words you mustn’t give

up the fight goes on every day there are crucial things in your life you need to

focus on because discouragement doesn’t waste time and shows up early bring

negativity with it but don’t be afraid I’m with you hold on to my hand as we go

through this day together I will talk to you about my promises promises that will

bring about new and amazing miracles in your life don’t be scared don’t lose

courage and don’t look down face everything with faith and confidence because I will visit you

every morning to fill your soul with my holy words please please feel the immense

love with which I speak to you put your hands on your heart and notice how it

beats with joy when you hear my voice your soul has no space for

loneliness or sadness go ahead look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself with faith

repeating the promises I will fulfill for you in this message remind yourself of who you are

you are a child of the almighty God vibrant with life and a wonderful future

awaits you full of dreams to achieve and a zest for living splendidly say goodbye to the depression

that trapped you believe in my words and free your mind from all harmful

Thoughts with the strength of my love I’m removing every bit of the past that

still clings to your mind C and heart your heart should only have space for

this heavenly father who loves and saved you and you need to love me with all your strength I should be your priority

in everything you do and every morning when you wake up remember that I am here

say good morning to me with love because your kind words make me happy I enjoy

hearing your voice and seeing the willingness of your heart and with your praise I will richly bless your life and

your family notice the grace you’ve received the immense love you found feel this

wonderful emotion flowing through you from your head down to your feet like tears of joy rolling down your face and

touching your heart feel my love again just as you did

before stand up shout and open your arms wide to welcome this downpour of Grace

from Heaven accept with an open heart this invitation to be happy in my presence bow your head in prayer and

embrace this new life I’ve lift Ed you from sadness and renewed your strength

I’ve removed your pain and filled you with courage so you can stand out and continue to bless many so I tell you

don’t stop keep going every day be brave and strong because I’ll take care of the

things that seem impossible to you remember real victories aren’t one with weapons or armies but through the

extraordinary power of my Holy Spirit do your part and stir up your

faith don’t overlook this message don’t underestimate what I’m saying sit alone in your room with your Bible and read it

carefully because I’ll keep talking to you until you’re completely sure that

you are loved cared for and gently protected you will succeed in

everything nothing can hurt you even the challenges you face will become blessings because I don’t make mistakes

I know exactly what I’m doing and I love you and your family

I’m getting you ready for something great I want to lift you to this Supernatural level you deserve to live a

Victorious life that’s why I’m here to clear your path and defeat your foes

mightily accept my gift for you are more than a conqueror already it’s not my

desire for you to struggle so much open your heart and embrace the peace I’m

giving you today and tomorrow when you feel my presence by your bed your faith will be refreshed

and your heart filled with hope a fantastic blessing is on its way welcome

it as you’ve earned it your Solid Faith hard work and courage through many

trials have kept fear at Bay you show remarkable strength and

unwavering character only my deep love and gentle care can reach and stir your emotions

deep deeply your spiritual sensitivity is Keen you feel my presence enveloping

you and can identify spiritual foes trying to battle you yet you stand strong against them

not retreating or showing fear like others might what lies ahead for you is

magnificent vast blessings are on their way my love for you has been proven time

and again through tough days harsh moments and nights when I’ve comforted

your heart gently I’ve provided Heavenly consolation and by the next day you were

uplifted stronger and had a Clear Vision of your purpose and wonderful

Destiny your incredible faith is why I’m sending down Abundant Blessings of

spiritual renewal for you and your family now is the time for

healing come close and Lay All Your troubles and any unforgiveness at my

feet it’s time to put aside differences and welcome a wonderful

reconciliation if you’re ready for this blessing let me use you to pour out abundant wisdom strength

in your character and help you understand my word better so you can guide your loved ones some in your

family might not yet be ready to follow me but they’ll start to change when they see how my love and power trans form you

let me work in you don’t be afraid you won’t be embarrassed if someone mocks

you or tries to cause trouble stay kind cuz I’ll step in stop complaining fill

yourself with my wise teachings read my words and let them sink deep into your heart love and respect yourself as I do

show the same patience to your family and everyone else that I have shown to you act now now because those Miracles

you’ve been waiting for are just around the corner those of difficult disposition will change those who have

lost their way shall find the PATH back to your home and when they arrive let

them see you as an Exemplar never fearing to approach you feeling loved

knowing that your Embrace is without reproach or judgment pray for them tenderly without

complaint or condemn ation as prodigal children they will return repentant you will go out to meet

them and they will run into your arms weeping you will receive them with a tender warm embrace removing their

soiled garments and clothing them in love you will forgive their transgressions wholeheartedly even if

you do not agree with their way of life their mistakes or their vices you are not their judge I do not

send you to punish your duty is to love as I have loved you

you have faltered many times yet I have never shamed you I’ve been patient and

forgiving I have given you more than one opportunity and I shall give you more

still for such is my nature my faithfulness is boundless my grace

infinite I forgive you always but you must acknowledge that your mistakes bear

consequences that cause pain therefore be wiser in your

choices know that you are alive and forgiven through my grace and love

because of the patience I show you I’ve never treated you as your mistakes

deserve each morning come and let me fill you with peace and give you the

wisdom you need to rise to a place where you’ll gain your family’s love and

respect you will lead them on my path and soon they will all know me because

you’ve shared my message with love and shown them how deeply I care faithful

servant get ready to step into a time of joy and blessings seeing your whole

family come to recognize me as their God and Lord I want you to know how much I

appreciate you it fills me with joy to see you avoid the traps set by the enemy

my love for you is extraordinary and I truly want to bless you abundantly I’ll

fill your life with peace and happiness for every moment you spend with me each

day let’s make a promise you will feel my love in an extraordinary way and

throughout your day you’ll hear my voice wherever you are feeling the warmth of my words again I love you deeply I’ll

free you from Despair and give you courage I’m revitalizing your spirit

holding you close with my love believe in me

feel this pure and beautiful sentiment of being loved and protected by the creator of the universe and be filled

with immense peace with every word you hear I speak to you with inspiration

that emanates from my heart these words erase your past and

heal your pain they speak to you of the Great Value you possess and the

Beautiful future that awaits you I love you believe it face this day

with with courage and determination for I am with you and I shall never let you

fall let me help you I see your weariness and how

desperate you feel not knowing what to do I want to deliver you from this

situation with my powerful hand I see how your circumstances are

passing the moments you face have you thought that you can bear no more in a

silent cry you have asked me for help not wishing anyone to know of your

plight before others you appeared joyful but I have heard your whispered words

confessing your waning desire to live it pleases me greatly that you have come

before me and with the remaining Faith you hold you can trust that there is

much I can do for you you know this deep within my

presence is filled with my love and power In My Embrace you are safe fear

can’t touch you and the world can’t harm you I want to protect you forgive you

save you set you free and heal you I have only the best plan for you I

see your potential you deserve happiness to dream big to work hard and to achieve

greatness I give you the strength to overcome any barrier let my peace wash over you as

you hear or read these uplifting words trust in me and embrace my love my help

is always here for you the best choice you can make I see more than you can I’m lining

up surprises for you I wish to see you thriving and joyful strong and ready for

any challenges ahead fill your thoughts with visions of success and achievement stay quiet

ignoring those discouraging inner voices trying to instill fear or predict failure the enemy might try to block

your path with obstacles aiming to steer you away from the blessings I’ve laid

out for you fear not for I’m aware that your trials are formidable but I surpass them

your adversary may rise menacingly but my power exceeds theirs though illness seeks to rob you of hope my desire is to

heal you the familial troubles that dishearten and distress you will witness

a wondrous miracle and your circumstances will soon change tell me now will you believe in

me or Harbor doubt if you choose belief you shall rise persist and continue the fight you

will undertake all that is required of you with unwavering faith I know you have suffered and shed tears in solitude

over the challenges you face but today I envelop you with my affection drying

your tears and offering you the Water of Life your body shall be filled with health your spirit

renewed and your soul no longer thirsty though the enemy seeks to assail you

daily and bring you down today you shall stand firm upheld by my

grace the recent days have been arduous but now this difficulty shall come to

its conclusion I love you deeply and will fill you completely with my love chasing

away every fear look towards me now is there anything too hard for me to

do just as I stilled storms split the sea and help many to witness Miracles

and wonders today I still the turmoil within you I Empower You To Tread over

the waves of uncertainty you won’t drown because my hand is outstretched towards you

underpinned by my compassion my angels are sent out to guard you as you make your way against

the tide making sure you’re supported and don’t fall a Heavenly Host is Paving the way

for you engaging in your struggles I have pronounced a wealth of blessings over you do not fear for I have

triumphed over your fears and adversaries with my strength I want you to experience a

wonderful day in my company always remembering that with me by your

side you’re more than Victorious for I am leading your

battles your time of Triumph is approaching know that I aim to

strengthen and Elevate you when you’re downhearted will you let

me you have my word my blessings are on their way to you I cherish you for who

you are my child you’re incredibly precious to me I’ve laid out an

extraordinary plan for you one that will unfold flawlessly I will guide you along the

path of righteousness delivering the miracle you seek and the answers you’ve been waiting for very

soon the things you long for will come to pass if you take time in prayer seeking me earnestly if you seek me in

the morning bending your knees before bed you will realize that many of the answers to your prayers are already

before you if you immerse yourself in my word your

perspective will change your character will transform even those who mistreat

you will begin to change your hope will be refreshed your smile will shine

brighter and the confidence on your face will earn respect you’ve never been a failure and you never will be I give you

life and strength the power to rise above challenges to thrive and find joy

remember I resurrected on the third day and in doing so you too were

lifted Embrace and believe in this Divine strength that will clear the path

through your Troubled Waters allowing you to step firmly towards your future in Rough Waters I’ll be by your

side through Raging Rivers you won’t be swept away walking through Flames won’t

Scorch you I’ve endowed you with the ability to overcome dangers and the enemy force and seing nothing can hurt

you my blessings for you are Relentless I guard you care for you and

love you deeply as I am your father what I’ve planned for you is exclusiv yours

pray with belief when you’re in need reach out to me and I’ll respond with wonderful and unseen things listen to my

words and I’ll keep talking to you telling you about the blessings I have for you and the love I hold for

you yes you’ll face challenges and troubles but remember you belong to me

and I cherish you deeply I’m your Shepherd you won’t be in want recognize

who you are to me you’re chosen dearly loved and

blessed if you’ve just woken up say my name if you went to sleep exhausted and

woke up feeling troubled say my name if your thoughts are clouded with sadness

or feelings of defeat call out to me let your foes witness your courage

in believing in me and standing strong because of your love for me and your unwavering Faith sing it out declare it

your voice is sweet to me call on my name from evening till the break of day

talk to me gently tell me you love me just by uttering my name soothe your

soul and calm your spirit silence all threats make your adversaries

Retreat let sickness fade away let pain Disappear Completely be healed entirely

my power performs wonders in Hearts like yours that joyfully Proclaim my name at

all times Jesus I love you to drive away all evil thoughts speak it aloud Jesus I

trust in you to dispel fear and restore strength and courage do it speak my name

with faith and confidence for it is established that at the name of Jesus every knee

shall bow every tongue confess that I jesus am the king of kings the Lord of

lords my spirit shall fill you and never depart from you when you finally understand that my

Holy Name holds all power all authority and that the entire universe awaits eagerly my return the heavens and the

Earth may pass away but my word shall remain in my hands there are blessings

you’ve never even dreamed of people talk about how powerful the name of Jesus is but now it’s your turn

to say it feel it and see the amazing things that happen when you do I invite you to watch as your dreams

come true and I offer help with kindness mercy and everlasting love all wrapped

in Splendid Grandeur to anyone who comes to me with firm belief every morning speak with

confidence because there’s Holiness in bravery faith and trust hold on to the mighty Holy Name of

Jesus believe in him completely don’t get discouraged for

tough times are just temporary if you hold my hand tightly

you’ll get through these challenges with Grace showing my strength on your face know that you were never abandoned

by your heavenly father even when others doubted you and ignored your troubles you didn’t look to

them for Comfort because you had me with your faith steady or shaky at times you

kept going and you will keep going you won’t be dragged down by overwhelming

forces you won’t give in this isn’t your end let your tears turn into tears of

happiness as you see the wonderful future that’s waiting for you your hard times are fading the problems you’re

dealing with now will soon be solved when you feel free come quickly

to me we will share a fatherly hug and I will take your hand again our journey continues and even if

you stumble The Way Forward is bright the time is perfect let’s not

wait together we’ll start a beautiful new chapter in your life open the

shutters of your soul allow my light to permeate dispelling

despondency let the counsil that once instilled fear Flee for when your emotions and senses are suffused with my

presence every vacant chamber within you shall be filled I shall expel the

tormenting memories for there is no room for them anymore you have welcomed me I

am here with my own hand I shall inscribe in the book of your dreams the

myriad splend Ed plans I have for you I am light I am

life from the Inception of the Universe I had you in mind and alongside me the

celestial Angels awaited this very day today the heavens celebrate as you give

me your heart making me first in everything be alert because there’s an

enemy out there like a roaring lion wanting to take away your happiness and leave you alone and sad remember

remember I’m the way and the truth my holy spirit will always be there to

guide you don’t go out looking for advice from just anyone who might lead you the wrong way listen to what I say

open your Bible and in it I will talk to you sharing wisdom and stories showing

Miracles through others experiences and speaking to you tenderly in songs and wise

sayings learn from those who serve me before who even though they weren’t perfect were

lifted up by their faith in me and truly believed in my promises they shut the mouths of lions defeated their enemies

and stood strong through hard times because they knew me and were completely sure about

my Everlasting Kingdom I don’t offer worldly things but eternal life the strength of being

raised from the dead I am the door you need to go through here here with me you will find

love and understanding healing and bravery kindness and gentleness wisdom

and patience don’t waste time looking for approval and love in this tough World

instead decide to follow me just as you are hold on to your faith in me because

I won’t let you down look new times are coming for you while others lose hope

and see their plans fall apart Nations might be in turmoil when wealth could

vanish and chances might seem to lessen but you’ll be safe under my powerful

protection even if thousands fall around you and countless more near you you

won’t be harmed judgment won’t touch you as your

promis to place in my heavenly home right here you’ll keep receiving

blessings with enough to live on and new dreams Awakening in you be encouraged

for I’m wrapping you in my love making sure these aren’t just words but deep

truths listen carefully and you’ll hear me I’ll rescue you from conflict

scattering those who mean you ill hold on to this and declare it with confidence because your struggles are

almost over feel the comfort of my Embrace for my words aren’t hollow when

I speak you trust for my voice is gentle and true don’t focus on the the problem

ahead but on the strength I’m giving you a strength that surpasses all that’s

ordinary arise go forth with this spirit and these fortitude bestowed upon thee

Thou shalt conquer armies and leap over walls tell me thou Wilt I shall

reiterate it no ill Tiding shall overcome Thee the physician’s

diagnosis shall not dismay thee any threat of familial estrangement shall

not diminish thy Joy your feelings might make you think there’s nothing left to do that upcoming

troubles will overcome you that hurtful words from others will break you that

you won’t bounce back from this hardship and that Joy will forever Stay

Out Of Reach but I’ve brought you to this moment so you can hear my message and be assured that I’m looking out for

you deeply concerned about everything you face I see the numerous negative

influences surrounding you they seem to sense a significant blessing coming your way it’s no

accident that they trouble and distress you now right when you’re close to achieving many of your

dreams don’t be afraid of your enemies thinking they’re strong you are stronger

they try to scare you but you will stand firm they won’t see the wonderful surprise you’re about to reveal I’ve

given you the power to quiet the forces of evil that have crept into the minds

of those against you don’t think you’re alone or without protection refresh your

mind and feed your soul mind and spirit with my teachings and

Commandments I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again be brave and put in

the effort the enemy is testing you with its attacks trying to see who is more

powerful no matter how big your problems seem they can’t harm you because I the

almighty am with you you live under my protection and

Care I’ve cleansed you with my blood and filled you with my Holy

Spirit I’m not just strong I’m all powerful and you are my child made in my

image and likeness this is good news that should fill your soul and lips with praise now

tell me will you truly believe in me my child take a moment to calm down come to

me and share what’s on your heart I fully grasp the pain you’re going through you feel down and your

patience is running thin you’ve tried to help many and have given your love yet

you’ve been let down by others remember I also gave everything for love I was

crucified left alone beaten and hurt so put your trust in

me I understand understand the depth of your pain and when I see you cry I completely get it don’t be afraid to

show me your emotions I won’t judge you I want to listen to you as you talk I’ll

hold you gently and give you my peace to ease your troubled heart under my holy

covering I will wipe away your tears and protect you from the cold sting of

disappointment I will lift your spirits and fill you with my warmth kindling the

flame of my Holy Spirit in your heart feel blessed that in these trying

times your heavenly father who loves you deeply is here to comfort you you don’t

need to seek love and understanding from others beside me you have all you need

it hurts me to see you sometimes forget that no one in this world loves you more than I

do don’t lose the peace I give you so easily ignore the mocking of those who ridicule

you stay calm don’t give in anger or frustration ignore those who hurt you

don’t sink to their level don’t worry the enemy wants you to feel forsaken but

I will handle it come to me and stay in my presence find shelter In My Embrace

when everything seems wrong and you’re battling impatience don’t put all your hope and

trust in people don’t entrust your life love and Future to anyone but

me in the world you will face difficulties but with me you will always

be safe I’ve overcome sorrow and disappointment fill yourself with my

presence and everything will be all right do you believe



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