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I’m familiar with all your struggles | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message

my beloved child I know your struggles

well I’ve seen you every time you’ve

pushed through on days you felt weak and

stumbled remember those times filled

with tears and pain so intense that life

seemed too much to

bear I was there holding you giving you

strength to carry on reflect on your

journey no matter how tough or how often

you’ve faced defeat you’ve always come

out stronger

now you stand more resilient leaving

past pains behind you know what you must

do come to me when you’re unsure when

obstacles seem too great or when you’re

too tired to go on remember I love you

deeply your life continues fueled by my

enduring love my spirit strengthens you

and your life is filled with

blessings even now after all you’ve been

through and all you’ve achieved achieved

you might feel

insecure frail or anxious you might

wonder if I’m truly looking out for

you I’m here to remind you about my

unlimited love and tell you to let go of

negative thoughts your life story is

written in my book I promise you success

I your father in Heaven your all

powerful God giving you life and

strength I am your provider with

wonderful plans for your future

future listen to my words open your

heart and let Hope fill you for I will

always bless

you every day doubts and discouragement

will try to break you but my grace and

love will always surround you give

yourself entirely to me for I want to

show you amazing things you haven’t seen

yet I have so many things to reveal and

many dreams to plant in you I’m your

father your protector your deep love

your loyal friend when you pray and talk

with me know that I am close one day I

will dry all your tears and take away

all the pain you felt I’m speaking these

words so you’ll always remember my

promise to you and know how deeply I

care about your happiness fulfillment


blessings believe in me with all your

heart and don’t let doubt fear or

thoughts of losing get to you

if you keep going holding tight to my

words the best things will come your way

quickly and in plenty I love you and

will always be there for you I’m looking

out for you your family your money and

your health I hear every prayer you say

and I will respond to each one following

my plan and timing you’re going to get

more than you ever hop

for I’m making your faith stronger and

giving you the courage to go forward

confidently and

surely come to me with hope and be

filled with my

peace every morning I’ll awaken your

soul to a new chance so you can feel my

love and get to know me better I’m

telling you this so you’ll know and feel

sure that I’ll always support you no

matter what challenges come your way

every day do these things be thankful

for the blessings you have take time to

seek me

earnestly feed your soul with my sacred

words and let my Pro promises make your


strong understand that my love and power

live within you let go of any anger or

frustration you feel toward those who’ve

wronged you I promise the enemy won’t

win over you or make you fall those who

tried to hurt you will realize their

mistakes seeing how they’ve wronged me

and you I’ll handle them so you don’t

need to worry keep moving forward free

from past hurts

new friends will enter your life seeing

your joy and valuing you highly offering

deep affection don’t stress about what’s

ahead I’ll make sure you’re not lonely

today I’m infusing your spirit with new

energy and confirming my love for you

embrace my affection remember I’m always

with you loving you

completely I’m looking after your family

too keep them in your

prayers I’m acting in their lives in

ways you might not see keep praying your

family deeply needs your spiritual

backing I’m with each of them no matter

where they are be at peace for I am

bringing Harmony to your

household the worries and sadness you

face will transform you and your family

will grow

closer I will take away those who spread

rumors and wish you harm but you must

forgive and treat them with

kindness don’t risk respond to their

provocations and soon they won’t bother


anymore you were brought into this world

to show love kindness and be a light by

living this way you’ll Inspire change in

many of your family members you’ll see

them wondering what’s changed in you why

you’re so peaceful and changed they’ll

want what you have eager to grasp why

you’re different

now this is your chance to share that

your God is changing your life and can

do the same for them continue to pray

for your family my

child well you might not have the

ability to alter certain circumstances

or be constantly there for your dear

ones I have the power to intervene

because I cherish them

immensely every person is valuable to me

and I tenderly care for everyone you

hold dear just focus on praying let go

of of any resentment false talk

bitterness and anger trust in me fully

and live knowing that I oversee

everything at the right time hand over

your concerns to me and you’ll see

significant transformations in your

environment should you doubt my ability

to reach someone in your home keep

faith I have the power to change Minds

characters and hearts soon you will see

proof of

this you are my child and I have

wonderful blessings lined up for

you despite the world’s challenges

hurdles and difficulties every day will

bring lovely surprises that show my love

for you filling your life with deep

happiness you are truly blessed and

favored but I see how the enemy tries to

Cloud your spiritual sight and numb you

to the reality of your worth and how

dearly Loved You Are

my love for you isn’t just a story or a

fleeting fantasy today I’m reaching out

to your heart to show you the depth

truth and wonder of my love the choice

is yours to accept or ignore it to trust

or to doubt it would be such a Pity if

you missed out on my love thinking you

don’t deserve it or you’re not good

enough who has made you feel you’re not

valuable look around found at the

universe at all of creation I made it

for you placing you in this world to

enjoy Eternal

happiness the challenges you’re dealing

with now are just

temporary the problems you’re facing

will end but you with your Eternal Soul

will stand strong and

Victorious now ask yourself who is your

heavenly father whose child are you I’m

your true father valuing you more than

the most precious

diamonds no material thing in this

universe can match how much you mean to

me remember this message I give you

today from now on Walk With Dignity

never accepting mistreatment or

humiliation from anyone you have royal

blood in your veins let nothing stand in

your way day by day you’ll grow more

like me progressing from one Victory to

another becoming a mighty conqueror

brimming with wisdom and my love love

listen closely to my words trust in them

follow my guidance and you will never


defeat move forward on your path knowing

you are a child of a king yes challenges

will arise and yes you might stumble but

remember you are forgiven by me the

Divine who then can stand in your way I

am speaking to you reaching out to fill

you with bravery I want to clear away

any negativity in your heart and plant

the truth of your immense immeasurable

value in myid hear this clearly your

fight is worthwhile your endurance is

Meaningful your prayers sleepless nights

your tears steadfastness and struggles

will bear significant rewards and become

a profound

blessing there will be positive changes

in your

family do not Harbor doubts or fall into

despair you will see the proof with your


eyes don’t Tire of doing good even when

your hands are weary and your eyes are

filled with tears the day will come when

everyone will see you returning in

Triumph carrying the splendid results of

your efforts and

hardships you might not grasp it all

right now but deep down you know giving

up isn’t an option your future is in my

care I’m the one who holds your life in

my hands what I ask from you is firm

Faith a bold and unwavering belief in my

promises which you’re hearing and

embracing right

now these promises lay the groundwork

for your blessings forming the

Cornerstone of the many good things that

will enter your life I urge you to seek

me today to immerse yourself in my

spirit to accept all that I’m ready to


you find peace in my presence calm Cal

your spirit organize your thoughts and

channel the strength I give you toward

vital parts of your life your

relationship with me your family your

aspirations and the mission I given

you Let My Words echo in your mind and

be deeply imprinted on your soul and

heart understand that my love for you is

so vast that I won’t let anyone harm you

or allow the blessings I’ve poured upon

you to be

squandered you must never concede to de

feat if in the days to come you feel you

can no longer endure and you believe it

is not worth continuing to fight and

live remember that you are contending

against mere feelings but I have the

final say I will take you by the hand

and prevent you from sinking further I

will rescue you lift you up I love you

immensely let me embrace you calm you

and impart the true love that comes from

Heaven I am well aware of how many times

you have heard how many times people

have disappointed you and how many times

you have told yourself that you no

longer believe in

love they offered you love but it was

tainted with self-interest which isn’t

real love true love should be pure free

of hidden agendas unconditional

surpassing physical and material

limits this genuine love you’ll find

only in me

I’m the one who loves you

unconditionally nothing you do or become

can alter my affection for you I cherish

you just as you are with all your

strengths and

weaknesses every day I’m right there

with you helping you face

challenges shielding you from harm and

eager to bless you I urge you today to

be more Discerning about who you share

your life with to avoid such pain again

embrace my love love and be filled with

my peace assurance and truth right now

I’m laying my powerful hand on your

heart washing away all your

pain let my love wrap around you

renewing and securing you so you won’t

need to look for love

elsewhere when you’re full of my love

and truly connected to me you won’t just

give your heart away out of sadness or

loneliness you won’t try to fill your

heart’s emptiness with people who only

want to take take advantage of you I’m

healing that hurt inside you filling the

empty space in your heart I’m refreshing

your tired Soul so you can live with

energy Direction and

confidence starting now you’ll live in

this real and honest relationship with

me look for me every day soak up my

peace and you won’t be tricked by

anything or anyone

else embrace my real love take take in

my true affection I’m always with you I

won’t let you down you’ve reached out to

me called my name when you were really

struggling and I’m here to comfort you

and give you the answers you’ve been


for it makes me happy that you trust in

me you’ve prayed and knelt to call on me

in every part of your life and that

shows how much you value our

connection though I already knew what

you would ask before your lips parted I

Delight in your prayers for your words

are like sacred incense a pleasing Aroma

that ascends to my Altar and moves my

heart the fact that you possess such

steadfast unwavering faith and that you

know well that I love you and desire to

Aid you soothes your heart because you

shall receive what you

requested you and your family won’t have

to go through such tough times again I’m

going to give you wisdom make you

smarter and help you tell when trouble

is coming before it hits believe move

forward and look for the good things

I’ve got waiting for

you I’ll put the names of some people in

your heart who you need to reach out to

you might not have seen or talked to

them for a while but I’m sending you to

bring them blessings you’re going to be

the answer to their prayers because I’m

like that I bless everyone who believes

in me and truly looks for me I’m opening

a huge door in your life and you’ll need

to stay humble to keep Pride at Bay in

the future open your Bible dive deep

into my words let your faith get

stronger and your confidence solid come

and listen to me every morning pay close

attention value the things I tell you

and keep my promises close to your

heart your prayer uttered on bended knee

holds great power continue to pray thus

my beloved for when you feel you are

touching the ground in reality with such

a beautiful attitude you are touching

the heavens and my hand will be

caressing your head with my love the

entire Heavens Echo Amen to your sincere

prayer now go my child and carry on with

courage through your day my angels

accompany you my love surrounds you I

guard you I love you it is time to move

forward you cannot halt despite all that

occurs around you and all that your eyes

witness I remain with you you must press

onward without looking back or becoming

distracted cling to the progress you’ve

made holding firmly to my

hand you’re aware that even when you go

through tough times and face dangers I’m

right there with you I’m your dad your

maker your pal your guard your shade and

your safe place helping you out brings

me joy I Delight in blessing you and

staying by your side I’ll never take

away my presence or loyalty from you I

get that the news might upset you but

nothing can pull you away from me with

me you’ll find the strength to keep

going to accept and cherish all the good

things I’m going to give you and to make

it to where you’re headed you’ll hear a

lot of things in life that shouldn’t

bother you or steal your peace or sleep

don’t be scared of the challenges that

might come don’t fret over what the


says your life is in my care your

well-being is part of my plan your

future is bright and secure but you

mustn’t let fear stop you in your tracks

so I’m asking you to really listen to

these promises keep them close to your

heart and after hearing me out spend

some extra time with me sharing all your

worries thoughts and

fears I know you’ve slipped up and I’m

here to forgive you to cleanse you with

my mighty blood so you can let go of the

guilt and regrets that slow you down on

your journey I will strengthen you

doubly bless you abundantly and multiply

all your blessings each time you come to

speak with me I will Aid you in

continuing to conquer and Triumph but

remember what I am sending you today you

have many things to accomplish so do not

let anything or anyone stop you do you

understand my message now tell me that

you believe it if you comprehended the

depth of my love for you you would not

endure so many sleepless nights consumed

by worries and scenarios that may never

transpire I understand the genuine and

arduous challenges you presently face

yet recall my

pledges so that fear does not govern

your thoughts cease your excessive

distress and agitation for it is

needless you may lose your way amidst

such turmoil achieving

not thus I implore you surrender your

anxieties and burdens to me without

realizing it your own worries are

consuming you I want to protect you ease

your fears and pain break the chains of

fear and reach out to save you from the

shadows of Doubt keeping you from

getting lost in fear’s deep

pit it’s all to help you truly grasp my

love and the rescue I offer when I gave

up my life on the cross it wasn’t

pointless I rose again with power and

I’m always with you connected through my

blood making our bond

unbreakable the past or any mistakes

I’ve forgiven can’t change that

let go of the secret burden you’re

holding inside throw it into the sea and

don’t go back to pick it up because the

chains that used to hold you are now

shattered if your past is still heavy on

your mind think carefully about who you

trust beating yourself up over past

troubles ignores how much I love and

care for you many see your value but you

might not see the love that’s all around

you in tough times

when you feel alone thinking I’m

punishing you for old mistakes look to

my words and remember I won’t bring up

what I’ve already

forgiven do not dwell in fear or

distress know that I love you my child

and desire to enter your Abode

orchestrating a magnificent

miracle I stand at the threshold

beckoning will you permit me entry to

enact something new wonderful powerful

and Supernatural in your

life I have observed your plight and

will never allow scarcity to besiege

your home or afflict your family I shall

shower your household with blessings for

your steadfastness prayers fasting and

unwavering dedication to

me the moment is close when you will see

the rewards of your

devotion I’m about to fill your home

with plenty happiness bravery and health

keep your heart grounded in my teachings

as I plan to keep every promise made to

you get ready for a big change and stop

clinging to Old worries and

Gloom my blessings also bring wisdom

strength and the insight for wise

choices protecting the gifts I give you

so they can grow and reach others have

faith and trust for I am changing your

life getting you ready for numerous


ahead planted Faith seeds deep within

you for years facing many challenges

without losing trust in me or my

power this unwavering faith has brought

you Victory hold on to this Faith it’s

the path for my grace and mercy to flow

freely into your life I will nurture the

seeds you’ve sown bringing forth a Rich

Harvest in your life and in the lives of

those around

you the time to gather the rewards of

your loyalty is nearly here and what

I’ll bring to your household will exceed

your greatest

dreams you deserve the best and more

your invaluable faith and humble

demeanor will Propel you far prepare

yourself for I shall unlock new doors

leading you to Uncharted territories and

showering abundance upon your home fear

not falter not stray not from the path I

have set for you

persist endure hold fast to all that I

have given you and do not let your eyes

be clouded by doubt or

discouragement the doubts obscure your

spiritual asight but the trails you

currently face pale en compress onto the

Majestic blessings soon to be bestowed

upon you they are real and true and

their Aral is imminent don’t focus on

how hard the road ahead might be or

question what you’re capable of you’re

not a fail or a loser no matter what

others say don’t worry those who are

jealous can’t stop my blessings for you

I’m here to soothe your heart especially

when the next step looks too tough

remember if the sea doesn’t split I can

still make you walk on its Waters Feel

My Love today I’m here to mend the

heartaches that cause fear doubt and

uncertainty stopping you in your

tracks keep trusting in me because what

I’ve got plan for you is wonderful and

Grand you can’t even imagine what’s

coming in the future stop letting the

problems of this world get you down your

life can change dramatically in just a

moment stop thinking about the past let

go of your fears for the

future and enjoy my love and

strength I’m active in your life now

offering a chance for New Beginnings an

opportunity for your story to change

let me shape your future my powerful

hands can transform your life

forever don’t be fooled by what you see

around you those are just Illusions

leading to disappointment and fear

follow my guidance and listen to my

voice instead embrace the Bible reflect

on my words and live by faith trust in

my power because through faith what

seems impossible becomes possible

I bring Comfort I’m here to heal

you I hold your heart and feelings

gently protecting and loving you deeply

except my love the words you hear from

me will ease all sadness you are loved

no matter how much time passes or what

flaws you might have my love for you is

constant and unchanging believe in my

protection seek Refuge In My Embrace for

here within my arms you shall find

Sanctuary fear not for I am with you

always my Holy Spirit inundates you with

love and tenderness affecting a profound

metamorphosis within

you your thoughts speech and beliefs

undergo radical transformation as my

word takes root in your soul fortifying


faith I have witnessed your tears beheld

the despair in your heart as it faltered

swiftly I came to Shield you from harm

when unforeseen trials assailed you and

ungrateful Souls sought to unload their

frustrations upon

you their actions born of ignorance

astonish me they wield the very tongue I

bestowed upon them to wound you raise

the hand I crafted to bring you to

ruin they have strayed far from me

blinded to their own Folly unable to

perceive the magnitude of their folly

they don’t realize there’s a guardian

watching over you fighting your battles

unaware their destined to

lose I will overcome those trying to

harm you and push aside anyone trying to

put you down I’ll make the forces of

evil lurking in the dark see your true

strength they think you’re weak blinded

by their false beliefs not knowing who

they’re really challenging but you

you’re safe with me no danger in this

world can touch you even amid hardships

illnesses talk of wars and Scorn from

those lost in their ways humble and

faithful Hearts like yours will

prevail not by riches or might fame or

Applause but through my spirit living in

you the true essence of life cleanse

your heart strengthen your faith and

walk peacefully on your path for I’m

with you guarding you from unseen


no spell can touch you say these words

out loud hold them close to your heart I

am wrapped in the power of Jesus’s blood

I am

safe my dear child I cherish you come

hear what I have to say take a moment to

learn from me I want to fill each

morning with joy for you to lift the

burdens from your mind to heal the Deep

scars time has left on your soul I will

remove all signs of bitterness and grief

giving you a heart free from past hurts

you won’t lie awake anymore haunted by

old pains the hurt others have caused

you will end every morning may you feel

profoundly loved led by me into the new

chances I give

you this day is one of Victory a day to

conquer all challenges and be

triumphant be encouraged for I have

rescued you purified your spirit in my

presence and forgiven all your

missteps grasp what many

Overlook if I’ve forgiven your sins they

are also forgotten stop living in the

past stuck in sorrow and regret your

future and victory are in me don’t

endlessly chastise yourself for past

mistakes I will give you the power to

overcome and be

victorious remember my saying everything

works out for the best for those who

love me hold my hand believe in my

promises stand up and walk with new

Vigor and bravery I have numerous

blessings waiting for you but to claim

them understand that in the realm of

Plenty there’s no room for sadness or

complaints doubt or

disbelief your faith brings me joy my

presence surrounds you and my spirit

infuses you have faith and see with your

own eyes my promises becoming your

reality I love you


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