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I’m Your Protector | God Says | God Message Today

[Music] my beloved child listen with all your heart and share your urgent request with

me tell me what you hold in your heart and feel your anxiety fade away as you

hear my words your pain will cease at the sound of my voice I am preparing a

path of love for you it is my will that you walk surrounded by my

blessings I desire that your struggles end and your soul finds peace that your

heart focuses on living joyfully leaving behind sadness and

discouragement at this moment let them vanish forever even if you find yourself

surrounded by conflicts I am with you you will not be defeated those who try

to bring you down will not succeed betrayers who seek to stop you will not

Prevail remember your heart belongs to me keep it filled with my words of Hope

and Faith so that your strength does not Wan do not let sadness or fear take root

in your mind believe in my purpose for you and the Wonders you can achieve if you move

forward with confidence in every step you take do not let thoughts of anger and

discouragement rob you of your strength know that I have all your seemingly insurmountable problems under

control You are not alone I am here to protect and guide you rise and do not

give up be brave and believe in my word and love with all your heart look ahead with

hope do not let anger or negativity control your thoughts trust in me I am

working to resolve your problems it is time to stand up those who believe in me

will receive new strength they will soar on wings like eagles flying high in

faith surrounded by Victory strengthen by my glory life’s problems may come

unexpectedly but those who love me know that my presence surrounds them at all times I will never abandon you this is

why I speak to you daily I want you to come and listen to me and be strengthened do not let negative news

and the words of pessimists fill your mind do not look to the wicked or learn from them do not accept their

invitations or depend on them do not receive their gifts for they come with

hidden intentions be cautious of the false Smiles of wolves I have not raised

those false leaders who boast of Miracles I have placed my Holy Spirit in you to guide you into all truth if you

need wise counsel come to me and my love will fill you I will open your spiritual

eyes to see all the blessings that are to come when you face difficulties do

not seek guidance from those who may devour you you have me and my love is

enough for you you have my support and protection it is better to struggle

alone than to be surrounded by false friends who desire your destruction I am speaking to you

clearly I believe you understand me I am giving you wisdom to think about your

actions and not be swayed by your emotions do not let negative thoughts

imprison your mind do not act on the first thing you think

take a moment and pray come to my word and seek counsel

and you will see how my spirit reveals great things to you that will bring strength and

prosperity my plans for you are better than your own but I also want you to

fulfill those dreams that bring joy to your face I love to see your enthusiasm for

life I commend you for your decision to believe in and trust me

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