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God is saying to you today make sure you watch the whole video before we start like and share the

video so that this message reaches more souls in need my beloved child these words of

Solace bring peace to your soul and fortitude to your heart sit beside me let us watch The

Horizon together bathe in the glow of Splendid blessings as you confide your

dreams to me I trust you’ve not forgotten them I recall them

distinctly you were so young then and I delicately painted your aspirations on

your mind’s canvas dreams of Joy adventure and

fulfillment your youth brimmed with happiness But as time passed your smile

dimmed shadowed by the weight of the world I see you and in your struggles

you are not to blame you’ve been burdened with a load not meant for your shoulders the true

fault lies with those who should have been your pillars yet they turned away leaving you a

drift I’ve silently observed as the spark I kindled in you Shone through

your darkest moments revealing an enduring hope you understood that others

rejection wasn’t your destiny something unspoken within urged you

forward you knew you had to persevere surmount your challenges and leave

behind your pain to embark on a journey toward a distant Haven I’ve watched you moved by your

spirit you are not self-centered your aspirations are

noble you seek growth Victory and envision a day when you’ll return to Aid

many you cherish this I’ve always known about you within your heart lies the seed of

Vitality and your essence is cloaked in my Divine spirit all the trials you have endured

have prepared you to reach this point I love you and I believe in

you I know that you can achieve what you set your mind to and you do not give up

easily like and share the video if you have trust in the words of the god

subscribe to the channel if you love Jesus I’ve seen you cry you’ve battled

fear and anxiety but as the night passed the new

light of day illuminated your face and with a new smile you stood

tall this is my daughter this is my son I

exclaimed the angels in the heavens watched attentively and were ready to to lift your arms remove stumbling blocks

and assist you in any way possible to make your dreams come true you call out to me and I

answer I’ve shown you Supernatural Revelations I’ve strengthened

you I’m deeply moved by your courage and I must bless you in a great

way I have no other option I am faithful to my word and I fulfill my

promises you have demonstrated the maturity and seriousness required and

you are ready to ascend to a unique and distinct spiritual level do not compare yourself to others

you need nothing more with what you have now you have your own dreams focus on them and do not

waste time feeling resentful of the success of others whether it is genuine

or false let others live in their dreams but you

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