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IT CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER DAY – JESUS | Gods message today |God blessings message

my precious child you are embarking on a journey that only the bravest Souls dare to

undertake I have chosen you deliberately and with great purpose to accomplish

something truly extraordinary with each step you take I

am right beside you Illuminating the path ahead and guiding you through the trials and tribulations that may come

your way together we will surmount every obstacle

conquer every Challenge and emerge Victorious never lose heart for you are

destined for greatness Your Existence is no mere coincidence I have inscribed your name

in the pages of Destiny since time immemorial my love for you knows no bounds and has been unwavering from the

very beginning I eagerly anticipated the moment when you would perceive my Guiding Light and begin to ponder

questions that had never before crossed your mind especially during Your Darkest Hours you may have wondered where I was

in your moments of pain and sorrow let me assure you my child that I possess the power to mend your broken

heart and erase the shadows of your past my love is an all-consuming force

that has already absolved you of your transgressions and now I long to help you release the burdens of those painful

memories dwelling on the past will only serve to reopen old w wounds and intensify your suffering instead focus

on the present moment for you are alive and thriving and a myriad of blessings

await you on the horizon your dreams will come to fruition your goals will be

achieved and your family will once again bask in the warmth of happiness you will

regain the strength and vitality that once coursed through your veins set your

sights on the future where the seeds of prosperity are taking root and miracles are unfolding

prepare yourself for an exhilarating new chapter in your life’s story your heart is primed and ready to embark on

thrilling new adventures and experience the profound joy that comes from fulfilling your true purpose let go of

the wounds of yesterday for they have been healed and your mistakes have been forgiven you are no longer beholden to

the burdens of the past if there are those who refuse to accept or forgive you it is time to surround yourself with

individuals who recognize your inherent worth I will not tolerate anyone who

disrespects the grace and Liberation that my spirit bestows upon you you

should never remain in any situation that diminishes your spirit or causes you

shame heed my words alone and protect the freedom that I have granted you from those who would twist my teachings to

exert control over you you are a free being so break free from any

circumstances that feel like a prison your children also require protection

leave behind the toxic environments and you will be grateful for this admonition today you will witness the

depths of my love and the immeasurable value I place upon

you however if you choose to remain in the company of those who mistreat you

remember that change cannot occur without your willingness to distance yourself from such

situations take respons ability for your own well-being you are a wise and

accountable individual as long as you remain trapped in a destructive cycle of pain and

degradation your life and your family will continue to suffer you are undeserving of such torment you are my

beloved child and I have paid the ultimate price for your transgressions with my own

lifeblood what more can I possibly do for you ask and I shall grant you your

heart’s desires call upon me and I will respond with Miracles that surpass your

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