JESUS DIED FOR YOU ! DON'T DESPISE HIM! ????️ god message | god says - online calculators

JESUS DIED FOR YOU ! DON’T DESPISE HIM! ????️ god message | god says

God has said that He wants to renew your strength, heal your wounds and revitalize your hopes.

Through the inspired words shared here, you will experience the infinite love and inexhaustible

grace of the Creator of the universe.

But beware, this message has the power to completely transform the way you see life.

God will touch the deepest areas of your being, bringing healing, forgiveness and a new perspective

to the challenges you face.

So get ready!

God is about to speak directly to your heart.

Let this truth penetrate every fiber of your being.

Allow the words of the Eternal to be like an invigorating balm for your weary soul.

Beloved God, Father of mercy and source of all renewal, we praise You for the gift of

life and for the constant renewal of our hopes and strength.

With each dawn, You offer us a new beginning, a new blank page on which to write our journey

with faith and determination.

Lord, Your greatness is manifested in the small details and in the constant beating

of the heart of creation.

In this world of constant change and uncertainty, it is in you, O Father, that we find the unshakeable

certainty of a love that never abandons us.

You are the perfect Refuge and the Rock that sustains us in times of trial and pain.

Your word is the light that guides our steps, it is the food that strengthens our soul hungry

for justice and truth.

Declare In you, God, I find the strength to face every challenge!

Praise be to the Lord, who does not let us crumble under the weight of adversity, but

who, with infinite kindness, reaches out to us and helps us to rise.

You, who know every tear shed in silence, turn our tears into a dance and our sadness

into a celebration of gratitude.

Because with you, every obstacle is an opportunity to witness your glory and power.

On the spiritual journey that each of us travels, we are not alone, for Your presence surrounds

us like a gentle breeze that refreshes and revitalizes.

Your voice calls us by name, with a love so deep and personal that it is able to break

the chains of fear and insecurity.

In your word we find the promise of renewal, not just of mind and spirit, but of our entire


Comment Lord, your faithfulness renews my faith every day!

O God, who created heaven and earth with a word, Your ability to transform chaos into

order is infinite.

Just as the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we, under Your grace, undergo the spiritual

metamorphosis that renews our hearts and minds.

In this process, we are called to leave behind our old clothes and put on newness of life,

which only comes from you.

Lord, in your wisdom, teach us to love the storms of life, for they bring water to the

dry ground of our hearts.

Just as the dry earth crackles with hope when it receives the rain, our thirsty souls long

for the revitalizing touch of your Spirit.

The rain that falls from heaven does not return to You without first fulfilling its purpose

of nourishing and making grow, and we are the soil where you sow the seed of Your eternal


Declare God, Your wisdom makes my faith flourish!

the transforming power of God’s love is being poured out right now!

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Because the faith you give us, Lord, is not static, but dynamic; it grows, adapts and

overcomes obstacles.

It enables us to look beyond appearances and believe in the impossible, because the impossible

is just a word for men, but for You, Lord, it is just an opportunity to demonstrate Your


And so we praise you, Lord, not only for the glorious hills and valleys, but also for the

deserts and dark nights of the soul, for even in them your morning star shines, announcing

the hope of a new day.

You teach us that every difficulty faced with faith is like a grain of sand transformed

into a most precious pearl.

You can hear the echo of your love for us in the deepest corners of the universe.

You, who map out the cosmos, also draw the path for every human heart.

And it is in this magnificent plan of love that we find ourselves, small in ourselves,

but immense when enveloped in your presence.

Comment In God, every moment is a gift of renewal!

Have you ever felt that you are destined for abundance, but something seems to block your

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