Jesus said – You will lose me if you keep ignoring me । God’s Message today । God says।

today God is talking to

you you deserve a blessing since you’ve

helped so many people and you never ask

for anything in return in fact some

people take advantage of your

generosity you are content to blend in

the background and never seek at

attention yet I will bless you because

this is your

moment if you believe in God please like



you will experience it the bath

must be forged things will become

evident simply trust and believe that it

will happen without obsessing about the

how out and

when have complete trust in the

wonderful things that are coming your

way the greater for is guiding you and

yourself life has a way of coming full

circle there are several methods for it


improve you have to have faith and

unexpected good things occurring to you

unexplained Miracles opportunities that

present themselves and blessings that

come your

way press to get

it God is telling you that you are about

to be blessed with the greatest surprise

of your life right now the reason your

soul needed to gather all that patience

humility and trust is going to reveal

itself to

you you are going to see the unique

unequal Enchantment of a miracle simply

observe nothing will be the same as it

was one day very soon your path is going

to to change for the better along the

way as your soul is about to dive into a

profoundly transformative chapter brace

it you are ready to reap the deepest and

most satisfying rewards from your recent

Improvement pay

attention please enter yes if you

agree you won’t see any more of the


you have already encountered your

addictions and negative behaviors are

being broken God’s favor is emerging in

a fresh

manner it will help you advance God can

do tasks that would have taken you

years to complete in an

instant to confirm this to yourself type

God has decided in your favor is God’s

message for you today nothing and nobody

can reverse that decision he has spoken

blessings and decided how your

circumstance would turn

out Triumph Discovery recovery and

Liberation from you he’s got this the

ultimate Authority is the Lord

everything will unfold in a accordance

with his ideal plan and will for your

life don’t worry at

all you have to have faith in God’s

schedule you may be certain that God is

putting his plan for your life and

action right now by putting everything

in its proper

place long before the issue Rose he was

working in your advantage avoid being


and attempting to Pride doors open avoid

attempting to do anything on your own

the response will materialize precisely

when it

does if you agree type

yes God has bestowed upon us a spirit of

strength love and sound mind rather than

one of dread make sure that fear does

not rule your actions today

when you listen to Fear as a child of

God you’re not just letting it tell you

what you can’t do you’re also letting it

prevent you from carrying out the tasks

that God has given

you when we act in such a way we deviate

from God’s Divine Purpose for our life

since God is not speaking through the

voice of fear may you be blessed and

inspired God’s child that Vision was

right the Assurance help true you are

not insane are you aware of the conflict

around you it demonstrates the potential

it shows that you’re moving in the


direction maybe never stop believing

love one never give up hope very soon

supernat natural doors will be opened

for you from surprising sources and


individuals to confirm this type

amen God won’t give you a task if you

are unable of doing it what God begins

he completes he makes the co eligible

know this if you’re

unsure God will provide you with all the

the tools you need to complete the task

you’ve got

this instead of walking by sight you

must walk by faith continue to

anticipate it continue to believe in it

continue behaving as if it will happen

thinking as though it will happen and

talking about it

occurring strolling as if it were going

to happen give up on your faith you

cannot go where you cannot go on your

own but your faith will take you God is

infinitely capable all he needs is for

your faith to catch

up when you’re ready type

yes God says take a step Be not Afraid

this journey I have planned for you will

be both exuberate and stunning you’re

going to be so much more powerful and

honor me

much never be terrified of people child

I’m on your side nothing that is created

to harm you will ever Thrive I cherish

you you may do that when Jesus tells you

to do not be afraid not because there is

nothing to

fear but rather because you have focused

your love and care on the one who is des

deserving of all of your respect fear

and trust and inherent aspect of The

Human Experience is fear however nobody

wants fear to rule

them furthermore it need not be because

your boss overcame both death and life

he really is who he said he was we ought

to adore

him to confirm type I am ready to shine

one little alteration to your morning

routine May initiate the flow of

Limitless money Happiness joy freedom

and confidence into your

life if you love God please subscribe to


channel the adversary is aware that you

are nearer than before he observes the

actions of your angels

and the Divine favor bestowed upon

you because you’re only a few short

seconds away from your promised spot

he’s attempting to Tire you out child

please take a step back and understand

that the adversary is assaulting you for

a purpose I know it hurts and I know


exhausting why has the temper

temperature been raised because despite

his best efforts the adversary is unable

to Halt God’s massive

Advance please enable me to rest in the

sure knowledge that you are still in

charge even when I can’t feel your calm

additionally because you remain in

charge I am able to greet every day with

gratitude and Delight nothing is too

difficult for you to do nothing is

broken that you are unable to

fix so Lord make it easier for me too

notice what fresh you are doing this

season permit my confidence in you to

grow and my trust in you to grow because

as my knowledge of your Flawless love

develops so does my

trust and there’s no space face for

worry when your love fills me so use

your love to change me so that I might

live as an example of your

incomprehensible peace on behalf of


Amen C I am Sovereign to make a

claim God is asking you to put all of

your confidence in him it’s all coming

together today he knows more about your

pred predicament then you will ever be

able to and he is solving problems in

ways that you are unable

to it is impossible for our father to

fail since he is more than capable of

doing everything thus as long as you

hold on to his grasp and maintain your

trust in his

plan you have reason to believe that all

he has promised to do for your life is

happening may you be blessed and

inspired we are often more likely to

turn away from God rather than put our

confidence in him when we feel like

we’re at our wits end tonight let’s give

him thanks for being a rock in our times


need let us pray that when we are

downtrodden and disheartened Hearts

would be drawn to seek him first just

his name instills Authority and strength

when and certainty has crept

in furthermore we may give him thanks in

advance for promising to never leave us

if we seek Him in times of difficulty

the Lord is a stronghold for the

downtrodden and those who are are aware

of your name Place their confidence in

you because oh Lord you have not

abandoned those who come to

you God want for you to understand that

he is your god of Supernatural events

he’ll range for you to be at the right

place at the right time with the right

people doing the right

things this implies that he can provide

you with work prospects if you’re

seeking for one he has the power to

bring you together with your soulmate if

that is your

wish God spoke to job and at his lowest

point when he was at his most dejected

and didn’t believe things would ever


out God is saying to you what he said to

Job I will fill your mouth with laughter

and your lips with shots of joy

happiness Innovations recovery and

advancement are on the

horizon God is going to make you laugh

uncontrollably you won’t be able to stop

laughing because he’s going to do

something so incredible and thankful

that it will leave you speechless your

sadness will transform into pleasure and

your grieving in into

dancing input yes to

accept if you believe it is finished

reconsider God never stops moving in the

name of Jesus I Proclaim an end is near

something against which you have been

fighting is going to

change something is opening up that has

been blocked God is going to move on

your behalf therefore it’s not

over from the day you were born the

adversary has been attempting to destroy

you it’s because he is aware of your

fate he is aware of your potential for

greatness he has been working extra hard

to attempt to stifle your voice restrict

your talents limit your potential and

prevent you from making your mark since

he knows you’ve been showered with

favor but you have not been stopped by

those forces it’s because someone has

been keeping an eye on you a guardian

and Defender he never goes to bed he is

fending against the powers of evil and

preventing them from snatching your

life enter amen if you think

so God is telling you right now now that

the suffering anguish confusion and

restless nights are about to

cease I am going to throw open the

windows of heaven and shower you with

everything that you have prayed and

waited for wealth good health and

love and when you want to give up

because your heart broken can you come

to my Throne so that we can talk can you

hope in me once more the Lord is

pleading I have so much more I want to

share with you your trust has not been

in vain and you will soon see that I

have it all planned up for your benefit

my favor is now coming my

darling Mark men if you

agree the one who never died is your

Refuge you are constantly covered by his

arms remind yourself today that God has


covered though our circumstances may

seem to be beyond our control at times

God is always in charge and he is

holding you securely may you be blessed


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Channel greetings Lord I come before you

today feeling defeated by my own

anxieties lately I can’t stop worrying

about all the difficulties in my

life holy Lord please grant me peace

please calm me down and I am anxious

when I am upset calm my mind when I am

exhausted please let me rest please give

me your strength and

kindness direct my course and set my

steps help me to put all my confidence

in you and give you control over all my

fears amen have your way and accept all


glory if you’re ready type

yes for morning prayers for Monday

please create a way of if it is meant to

be God I have faith in your plan for me

yes too please God improve me modify my

mindset modify my strategy shift my

thoughts modify my responses in name of

Jesus three please God alleviate my

anxiety men my heart and quiet my

thoughts yes for dear God please keep my

happiness tranquil Clarity of thought

and attention and name of Jesus

yes God is telling you today to be

mindful to raise the vibration in every

room you enter your family friends and

co-workers Lo to you for their cues hold

yourself to a higher standard

daily you you are born with the ability

to be great every day is a fresh

opportunity to create new Concepts set

new objectives and scale New Heights

trust me and let

go you possess greatness inside you and

you have something

unique when you’re ready type I’m

optimistic dear Lord I am very grateful

ful for your immense kindness that has

saved me from the Flames I ask that you

open my heart to empathy for others who

are still lost struggling and having

doubts help me to be a conduit for your

compassion soul that others might

experience your grace witness your love

and find their own Deliverance just as I

have yes in the name of Jesus

God is saying to you right now I saw you

working hard raising your kids and

making sacrifices I know what you didn’t

get I am recording everything that

should have been

yours I observed you following the

treatment plan being positive and

thanking me even when things weren’t

getting better don’t worry there will be

answers and and I will make up the years


lost you are about to receive an

incredible and inexplicable gift I am

making amends and returning everything

that the adversary has taken from you

keep in mind that I have the last word

stay strong and know that I love

you input I am evolving to

validate if it’s all returning

everything you believe to be lost God is

going to replenish mend and restore it’s

just that you’re going through your job

experience don’t give up or curse this


season keep your faith strong and

remember that God Alone knows what is

ahead for you which is why he has

permitted these circumstances to enter

your life God sometimes uses suffering

and loss to reveal his

purposes in order to give life to others

he had to take away certain things there

will be changes or abandonment of some

connections adjustments to employment

and closures of

doors but be aware of this all is part

of God’s plan nothing occurs without his

approval remain focused on God and His

unwavering constancy he will not

withhold anything beneficial from

us however as you go closer to the

Finish Line things will start to make

much more sense and you’ll realize that

God has been guiding you for the whole

time may God continue to bless and


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