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Jesus Says Stop Worrying & Talk To Him With This Powerful Miracle Prayer Now For Everyday Miracles


lord jesus

i come before you today with an open


and a clear mind i ask thee

lord that in every way my life deserves

a miracle

perform your wonders in jesus name

i come to you today with faith and i

believe you are able to do more than i

ever imagined

i want to walk by faith and not by sight

lord please perform your wonders in my


i know you can do the impossible in my

life and i am trusting

in your promises thank you for being a

god who sees and knows

our every need i invite you lord

to work in every situation and


that i am facing in my life

let your miraculous power manifest

in my life intervene in

every situation o lord

heavenly father if i have committed any


or i have purposed any evil in my heart

that is blocking me from experiencing

your miracle

i ask for your forgiveness create in me

a new clean heart and renew the right


within me i recognize that every time

you choose to perform a miracle in my


daily you always show and remind me

of your constant love in my life

if evil in the spiritual realm is

hindering miracles from manifesting in

my life

i pray for a divine breakthrough in

jesus name

thank you for your miraculous

interventions in my life

daily amen


heavenly father you are my strength

and all power belongs to you

i pray for good health and an abundance

of prosperity give me

a strong and vigorous body

and a strong resistance against illness

i trust in you to receive new strength

and soar high like an eagle

bless me with a strong immune system

so that i have a powerful defense


bacteria and viral infections

i ask for prosperity from my body

lord please grant me many more years of


a sound mind strength to my muscles

and excellent agility the healthier i

am the more thoroughly i can do your


i thank you lord that when i pay

attention to your words

and keep them within my heart they bring

health to my whole body

heavenly father you are my strength

and my song grant me energy for my body

and mind

bless my body with the power and

vitality i need

to accomplish all that you have set

before me to do

and grant my mind focus to think clearly

and quickly


be my stronghold father

let your angels encamp around me

and protect me from any injury from

falls or

accidents i pray lord

that you will bless me with a good sense

of balance

a good awareness so that i operate well

in the environment around me

i make this special prayer so that you

keep me healthy

all the time in jesus name i pray



heavenly father i come to you today

sinking your blessings in my life daily

release your blessings in my life each

and every passing day

i magnify your name for you will always

bless those who love you

be gracious unto me lord and let your

face shine brightly upon me

jehovah jireh you are my provider you

are the source

of all blessings your word

declares that you my god will meet all

my needs

according to the riches of your glory in

christ jesus

bless me abundantly every day of my life

i pray against the plans of the

adversary to steal my joy

blessings and peace i declare that

i will remain uplifted for there is no

one who can lift my soul

as you do bestow many blessings upon my


i decree that everything i do or touch

shall flourish favor me lord in the eyes

of my destiny helpers

bless me physically spiritually and


replace every lost honor the enemy has

stolen from me lord

i pray for multiplication father


the works of my hand i pray father lord

that you will look down from above and

reign out your heavenly blessings

upon my life make me a channel

of your blessings a channel through whom

your love

peace and joy flow out from you

through me to others guide my feet to


where i can go and be a blessing

may my speech be seasoned with salt so

that i may speak the truth

in love i pray father that you will

increase in my life

so that the blessings you pour through

me to others

may draw each other closer into your


you are indeed a good god grant me the

grace to remain your humble servant

to receive your blessings all the days

of my life

in jesus name i pray amen


heavenly father i am in your presence


seeking your help psalm

verses to

says that i lift up my eyes to the


where does my help come from

my help comes from the lord

the maker of heaven and earth

help me father lord with all fullness

and tenderness of your love in every


of struggle and distress

i lift my eyes to you god

for you are my help

i pray father for your help to make the

right decisions

for my life arise lord

and give me victory over my enemies let

all those who hate and seek my downfall

be put to shame you are my

real help in moments of need


the scriptures make me understand that

you have the heart of man and

kings in your hands and you

direct them like the flow of waters

i pray lord that you touch the heart

of my destiny helpers to bring a miracle

into my life

i pray with all my heart and soul

for help with every financial situation

release prosperity into my life

increase me financially

open your windows of heaven and shower

your blessings upon me

i am thankful for hearing my cry

and helping me out of every situation

in jesus name i pray



father lord i come before you today just

as i

am i need your miracles in every

situation i am facing today

give me the strength to withstand and

overcome them lord

i cast my entire situation into your


believing that you are the only one who

can rescue me

intervene miraculously father lord

i pray lord that you silence every

situation that seems

impossible let miracles flow

into every dead situation i commit

my whole existence into your hands

restore everything that needs to be

restored lord

and heal everything that needs healing

i look to you in hope and in faith

i surrender my life to you perform


in my life let the world see your

miraculous hands

upon my life

i believe in your word that you are

capable of turning

everything around for my good display

your power

and your glory by performing wonders in

my life

take away everything that has burdened

my heart

and threatened to destroy my peace

make me an evidence of your unfailing


and wonders so that the world will see

your goodness

and your faithfulness in jesus name i




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