JESUS:- “This Unforgivable Mistake Of Yours is Making GOD Furious”| God Miracles | Lord Helps Ep~764

the almighty has vested upon you

the greatest gift of all

The Gift of Life


but there is a secret

a hidden treasure

that can be unlocked with just nine

minutes of your time

would you like to give him just nine

minutes of your time right now

this video has found its way to you for

a very specific and Urgent reason

to lead you down a path of Miracles and

Abundant Blessings



if you turn away from this message

if you fail to watch until the very end

the almighty may not take kindly to your


he may get furious with you

so stay till the end and you will

witness wonderful miracles in your life

type yes a man to claim your Miracles

right now

now please answer this question

have you ever felt like you don’t quite

fit in with the crowd

maybe you are not as outgoing or

adventurous as your friends

or perhaps you have a passion or Talent

that others don’t seem to understand or


it’s easy to feel like

we need to change whoa to fit in with

society’s expectations


God has a different plan for each of us

he warns us to be authentically


in a world that constantly tells us to

base someone else

to look a certain way

to have certain possessions

God’s message is clear

he loves us just the way we are

he created us uniquely

with our own set of talents strengths

weaknesses and quirks

and he wants us to use those qualities

to serve him

and others

the biggest mistake that we often do and

are unaware of is to compare ourselves

with others and this one action is

enough to make God Furious if not

stopped in time

comparing ourselves to others is a trap

that many of us fall into


we see what other people have or what

they can do

and we feel inadequate or inferior

we may even Envy them

and wish we could be more like them

this kind of thinking goes against

everything that God wants for us

he created each of us with a unique


and a unique path to follow

when we compare answers to others

we are essentially telling God

that we don’t trust his plan for our


God’s love for us is unconditional but

that doesn’t mean that he is always

happy with our choices when we fall into

the Trap of comparison

we are not living up to our full

potential we are not using the gifts and

talents that God has given us to our

full potential and our best ability and

this could make God angry

it’s not that God is looking to punish


or make our lives difficult


he wants us to be happy and fulfilled

but he knows that the only way we can

achieve that

is by being true to ourselves

and living in alignment with his plan

when we try to be someone else

or live up to someone else’s


we are going against that plan

and that can lead to frustration

disappointment and even anger


it’s easy to get caught up in comparing

ourselves to others

but when we focus on being

who God created us to be

we can find peace and fulfillment

we don’t have to pretend to be someone

else to be loved or accepted

God loves us unconditionally

flaws and all

but if you want to avoid making God

Furious with this one mistake focus on

being true to yourself however it’s not

easy to be true to yourself especially

when we live in a world that constantly

tell us

to be something else

but when we stay true to Who We Are

we are honoring God’s plan for our lives

and that’s something that can bring us

peace and joy beyond measure

so embrace your unique qualities and


and use them to serve others and glorify


don’t worry about what other people are

doing or what they have

because when we embrace our truesels we

can also Inspire others to do the same

by living out a purpose and using our

unique gifts to serve God we can make a

positive impact in the world around us

we don’t have to be a carbon copy of

anyone else to make a difference

now if you think you are the kind of

person to compare yourself with others

stop comparing right now

and start trusting that

whatever God has made you

whatever he wants you to be

is the only thing of your path and

purposes that you need to fulfill

doing so will let you see many wonderful

and curious miracles of god

in your life

make sure you don’t make God Furious

with your awful behavior and repeated

violations of his word

because he wants to hug you and his

kingdom with love

now let’s pray

Heavenly Father we come before you today

in all of your love and grace

we thank you for creating us uniquely

with our own set of talents strengths

weaknesses and quirks

we praise you for the beauty and

diversity of your creation

and we ask for your guidance as we

strive to be our authentic selves


we know that you are a god of love and


but we also know that there are

consequences for our actions

so we ask that you help us to see the

seriousness of comparing ourselves to


and to take steps to avoid this

destructive Behavior we pray that we may

never do anything that would make you


but that we may always seek to honor and

glorify your name in Jesus glorious name


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