JESUS WILL BE SAD IF YOU SKIP | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

sometimes beautiful happens when you

make the most of what God has given you

the people the work whatever it is God

has given you for this season so often

we neglect what God has put in front of

us and we look around to see what else

is there we are quick to compare what

God has given us to what someone else

has we are quick to scroll on social

media and become envious of what someone

else has all the while we neglect what

God has given us and we forget to be

grateful for the many gifts he has put

in our lives there will always be

something we don’t have there will

always be the next thing there will

always be a season that feels Out Of

Reach on this side of heaven we will

continually be waiting on something we

will have to battle this feeling of what

we have being not enough and that

perhaps God is holding out on us but

nothing except God will be enough to

fully satisfy your deepest longings only

he can give you the joy and peace you’re

looking for only he can give you the

strength that you

need only he can fulfill the god-sized

hole in your heart Peru’s God doesn’t

give us what we think we need so we can

find all that we need in him it is

through our lack on Earth that we see

that he is enough to satisfy our deepest

longings just his presence alone just

himself just his love is all that we

need let us learn to be satisfied with

him and let us learn to see that he and

only he will always be enough in jesus’

name amen

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