God is within her she will not

fail a relationship with God is the most

important relationship you can have your

purpose is so much greater than your

past I will praise him even in the midst

of a storm the things you are praying

for now will be signs of God’s


later what you are so hung up about

right now will not always be a problem

because we serve a God who answers

prayer and comes to our help even if it

takes some time to see his hand at work

God might feel like he’s a million miles

away today but fear not he is closer

than you

think he has been faithful before he

will be faithful

again even if it takes some time God has

a wonderful track record of coming

through prayer for your waiting

season Jesus I know you’ve been faithful


and you will be faithful

again remind me how you have been

faithful to me in the

past I bring toou my current worries and

fears and believe that you will be

faithful and come

through one thing I know for sure is

that God isn’t in heaven thinking hey I

think you should worry about this

tonight or think for a few hours about

the mistakes you’ve made or what about

that thing you said you do but it’s not

done yet no he

saying rest not my child lay it at my

feet and go to sleep I will watch over

you there are great things ahead comment

amen if God has blessed you

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