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Let Go of All Worries | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now

[Music] my beloved child your problem has a solution you have placed your situation

in my hands and I shall take care of it I did not fail you before and I will not

fail you today so fear not you are not walking this path alone and you are not

facing adversity and isolation stand firm in your faith even when you do not

feel my presence believe in my promise remember that I told you I would be with

you day and night I do it not because you are perfect but because I love you

believe this and do not flee when conflicts arise if you stand strong I will make

your enemies fall before you and all threats that come to discourage you will be in vain none of them can defeat you

have patience walk with faith and persist your life and your family are in

the safest place they can be within my hands protected and sheltered I watch

over you provide for you and heal you be wise and prudent cherish your health

your peace and your blessings my child give me your heart

and fix your Gaze on the path I lead you on do not deviate do not look back look

forward you can see me for my arms are open even in the desert yes even in the

desert I emphasize it once more you said Lord if you truly love me show

me here I am speaking to your spirit caressing your soul and healing your

past wounds in you new dreams and joys for tomorrow shall arise ensuring a

future of good peace joy and prosperity remember that there are

sacred promises in my word to which you can cling when everything seems to crumble there are situations that may

dishearten you but my promises will give you reasons to fight to conquer to

rejoice and to be filled with courage and energy so you do not feel

alone always know that I am with you you have my support in both good and bad

times tell me that you believe I love you deeply never forget that my presence

is with you my power accompanies you everywhere if you close your eyes and

desire to hear me you will feel my presence I have always been here if you

do not Shield your face from the blows of the wind the air that once hurt you

will become your breath my power is transformative and can turn any problem into a

blessing therefore when you are most wounded and battered do not look down

lift your face and face what comes use your faith as a sword break

the shackles that drain your spirit and rise raise your arms and Proclaim to the winds that you will never be

defeated because after all who are you you are a child of the Eternal and in

your heart resides the glory of the omnipotent God so Stand Tall for you are

called to fight without faltering to defeat armies to overcome every

adversity not for Applause fame or vain riches I am calling you to confront the

world with the power I bestow upon you to establish my kingdom on Earth to

bring blessing and Life to all you love and to many more you have yet to meet in

eternity when they thank you for not giving up for introducing them to God

and for granting them eternal life remember you are called to rise now I

will bless you abundantly multiply your reach and take you across the world to

do my work if you accept my call tell me that you will walk in faith without doubt

seek me at dawn just as the sun rises and fills you with the light of day my

glory will shine upon you illuminating your life Darkness will fade and your

heart will be filled with my truth your soul will be flooded with strength and sadness will no longer

exist in your mind I want you to recommit to prayer to seek me to set

aside distractions and to surrender your thoughts and decisions to me you are facing serious problems and

difficult situations there are moments when you do not know what to do so I repeat it I

affirm it I command it walk in faith everything is possible for those who

believe in me for those who know I am real and truly exist for those who have

decided to trust me with all their might despite the problems they encounter on their Journey those who know I love them

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