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Let Me Be Your Safe Haven | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message | God Say

[Music] my beloved child today marks the end of Every curse and the cessation of all

lack and sickness in your life every negative event those thoughts of defeat

the deep sadness that saps your energy and the overwhelming frustration all of it ends right

now hold on to your faith because you know of my love for you and that I am

always here to lift you up therefore I will turn your morning into dancing

giving you the power to face life’s hurdles I’m aware of the daily struggles

you endure I understand there are times when you feel caught in a NeverEnding

cycle of troubles but it’s important for you to realize that each difficulty in

your life is designed to strengthen you and bring you closer to me I’ve given you a spirit of power love

and self-discipline not fear with my help you can conquer any

Challenge and endure any trial the enemy may try to make you feel defeated trapped or overwhelmed by

circumstances beyond your control yet this is not your reality I

have designed specific plans for you plans for your good not disaster to

provide you with hope and a promising future I aim to prosper you not to leave

you stranded your fate is not shape by worldly conditions but by my Everlasting

Love and steadfast promises every time you stumble I’ll be right there to pick you

up when you’re feeling weak just remember my strength works best in your

weakness my grace is all you need my power shines brightest When You’re

vulnerable so if you’re feeling down or overwhelmed just look to me and I’ll

refresh your strength and your faith the struggles you’re going through they’re really just chances for you to grow to

learn and to become stronger be glad when You Face tough times because they teach you to be

persistent and through these challenges you become stronger and get ready to receive the good things I’ve planned for

you keep your heart safe for it’s the source of all your life don’t be swayed

by what others say or think about you remember who you are

You Belong To Me the almighty God on your journey you’re never alone I’ve

assigned angels to watch over and guide you even when you walk through the darkest paths you don’t need to be

scared because I’m right there with you Now’s the Time to stand up to embrace what’s rightfully yours and to uh

bravely move toward the future I’ve laid out for you trust in me wholeheartedly

without relying solely on your own per ceptions acknowledge my presence in all

aspects of your life and I’ll guide you on the right path let me be your safe haven your

strength your Navigator together we’ll Journey towards a life rich in blessings purpose and

Triumph remember those who find shelter in me will always find peace in my protective

presence in me you’ll find a reliable Refuge and unshakable

strength when life’s challenges overwhelm you remember I’m your protector and stronghold seeking refuge

in me means no Misfortune will touch you no Calamity will approach your

home I’ve instructed my angels to look after you in every situation keeping you

safe so that you won’t even graze your foot on a stone do not fear the night’s

Terrors or the trials that come with daylight for you belong to me I promise

to save you and give you honor call on me and I’ll respond I’ll be there in

times of trouble to save you and celebrate you my word and your faith are

sufficient to activate this Supernatural and transformative power but I require your trust and

loyalty your future is in my hands and I promise to give you a long life and show

you my salvation no matter the threats that surround you

you will always be safe in my presence I am your refuge in times of

distress when the world seems to crumble around you I am the immovable Rock to

which you can cling for fearlessness do not allow fear to paralyze you or deter you from your

dreams and purposes I am your protector and guide

and with me you will face and overcome any adversity remember that my love for you

is eternal and I will always be here to protect care for heal and comfort

you believe and you will see a powerful miracle in your life today endure a

little longer you can do it look at how far you have already come and all that

you have achieved even when you feel weak and thought you wouldn’t make it to

where you are today remember to resist to persevere to persist I’m with you you

must do it after this difficult time passes your relationship with me will be stronger

than ever when this storm ends you will be firmer than ever and absolutely

nothing will be able to knock you down or break you you might wonder why I’ve allowed

you to face such hard times you might think I left you alone or was punishing you but that’s not true

I have an incred in credible plan for your life filled with Abundant Blessings the challenges you’ve faced

are setting the stage for greater things for blessings beyond your

expectations immerse yourself in my words they are a treasure and guidance

for you don’t waste your time on baseless fears or judge others harshly harboring

grudges or resentment devote every day every hour every minute to me focus on

my words which bring peace and strength to your soul leave the negative and harmful

experiences in the past I’m making your heart new let go of your burdens and forget

what prevents you from truly understanding and trusting me from embracing the wonderful blessings I have

for you liberate your spirit from past hurts let go of the bitterness and free your

mind from thoughts that cause pain if you feel you have no words for me if

you don’t feel like speaking come to me anyway kneel before me in silence I want

to accompany you in your moments of solitude embrace you with affection and show you once again how much I love

you even when you don’t speak to me I understand what your heart is saying to me I know perfectly well what you are

feeling believe me I have a new future for you great blessing blings are coming

expect them soon I love you I’m touching your heart at this very moment bringing calm to your thoughts I breathing life

and health into your soul your spirit your mind and your body breathe in the

strength which you receive today from my Holy Spirit pay no heed to the venomous criticisms of people you are not a sad

dull bitter or finished individual whether you have contemplated it yourself or someone has spoken it to you

those are Myriad falsehoods understand this clearly my eyes do not perceive the passing years

on your calendar I Delight in seeing you celebrate yet I do not count your

birthdays my love does not judge you by your gray hairs or the imperfections of your skin to me you are a beautiful

person lacking nothing your faith Simplicity and the grace you carry in

your spirit truly Delight me I surround you with my powerful

presence I wish for you to start today filled with the Holy Spirit feeling my

tender Embrace turn away from the disappointments and tough challenges of yesterday look towards me I am your

healer your shield and your provider the words I speak to you will strengthen you

embedding themselves in your thoughts lighting your way showing you the hurdles in your life and giving you the

wisdom to make the right choic voes every day I have fresh blessings

for you take joy in finding them take pleasure in accepting

them when you kneel and thank me a sacred oil anoints your spirit healing

your emotions and sentiments you are fully protected none of your blessings

will go missing I will place you in a lush and fruitful land where you will

Thrive and prosper everything taken from you by the enemy will be turned

increased and blessed you are mine you belong to me you radiate bravery and

happiness your spirit’s kindness touches those around you your vibrant and

spirited nature is magnificent with a heart full of beauty you are my child

when I hear you speak to me professing your love my eyes tear up and my heart swells with tenderness and affection I

saw how frightened you were how worried and I heard your heart cry out you desired to escape the problem

you asked for my help urgently you begged me to come with my mighty hand assuring you that your situation would

be resolved I understand you well this issue is crucial a lot hinges on sorting

out this problem you couldn’t fix it alone and thought I was displeased with you reluctant to Aid you but grasp this

you’ll always need me in good times and bad amidst success or

hardship never forget that stay vigilant as the enemy aims to exploit any

weakness aiming to shatter your faith disrupt your plans and hurt you

deeply I’m here to help with the challenge you’re facing now it saddens me to see you troubled and in distress I

don’t wish for you to suffer instead of fixating on the same worries hand them

over to me if you say defeat looming in your thoughts rejected it’s not the reality you won’t

be defeated because you trust in the almighty God if despair starts to seep into your

heart push it away forgiving into to it would be a serious mistake a believer in my might awaiting

my intervention shouldn’t lose heart if you find your will to live whining lean

on your faith you believe and serve a powerful and Sovereign God God who will

ignite the fire of divine love in your heart and fill you with a marvelous desire to continue

fighting you must cling to the promises I am giving you hold on to these words I

speak to you ignore those who try to bring you down saying you don’t deserve

to live their words shouldn’t affect you anymore I want you to thrive and soon

you’ll experience my blessings a new your current troubles will fade away

your life will get better the issues that worry you will be resolved listen my child it’s no

coincidence you’re hearing this tell me you believe in me that you’ll keep fighting no matter what and that your

love for me remains steadfast I love you deeply I want you

to feel confident today and forever knowing that I am the source of your joy and future not anything or anyone else I

alone have sacrificed myself for you my blood has atoned for your sins I rose again in power and Glory so

you could have a full life you’ve known loneliness endured pain faced life’s

darkest moments and sometimes felt close to despair yet you remembered my love

for you cried out in your suffering and even in your dreams you reached out to me I’ve always been there

for you healing your hurts forgiving your mistakes and reigniting your

faith you came out on top having grasped the lesson well and now you’re back in

The Fray for your dreams booed by my promises you’re brave and determined

aware that you are cherished deeply by your father in Heaven I’m presenting you with an

opportunity you shouldn’t Overlook it was bought at a high price my own

sacrifice you owe it to to yourself and your family not to disregard it give it

your all in the struggle you can’t stay put today I’ll equip you with the

Necessities but you must use what I provide wisely your time and your energy

avoid companions who chase mere Illusions place your hope not in people

or material things that might let you down I’ve blessed you with a vibrant heart love to fuel your fight and the

boldness to advance without fearing defeat the old things are behind

everything I do for you is new it is wonderful I have chosen to give it to you because you are pleasing in my sight

but do not lose these gifts do not commit to debts or projects without

careful consideration without seeking my will or asking for my

counsel do not make promises you will not keep do not bear burdens that are

not yours to bear be wise prudent and

patient I’m going to renew your life and position you as a leader in your family

and Community earning their respect witness the Wonders I perform

for someone who genuinely loves serves obeys and Believes In

Me share this good news with those dear to you and get ready to see my promise

fulfilled in your life I reserved the best for you my blessings will find you

what you think you’ve lost is nothing compared to the blessings that await even if it’s hard to see now

there’s a reason behind everything I do I give you what you truly need for every

moment of sadness expect countless moments of Joy Financial struggles will

give way to Divine abundance in place of sickness you’ll find Healing every

conflict will be resolved and my protection will shield you in dangerous

times rest assured you’re safe with me don’t lose hope just trust in

me remember my vision extends beyond what is visible and I discern precisely

what is best for you I hear your prayers your dreams and what I have prepared for you surpasses your imagination therefore

do not linger in sadness for I not subtracting from your life rather I am

making space in your hands to receive and hold this Grand gift my blessing

vast and imminent embrace it believe in it await it with unwavering faith for

soon it shall arrive Every Blessing I give you is for your benefit and will also enrich your

family promise to trust me affirm your faith in me make a commitment to seek me

daily come to me for your blessings every morning I look forward to your

presence let your faith be steadfast and burning bright you’re on the edge of an

extraordinary change in your life your personality your thinking and your goals

all will be transformed by my holy spirit’s anointing which I generously bestow upon

you to fully Embrace this new existence you must remain

firm in your faith and trust don’t fear stepping into the unfamiliar for I will

Empower you and Supply your needs I see what lies beyond your vision and know

what’s best for you believe in my love for you come let’s talk share with me all

that’s in your heart speak freely for I’ve always assured you that

your mistakes don’t push me away I understand understand you deeply and even if you hesitate to accept it I

love you just as you are I will make you aware of this vast love and when you

accept it hold it close experience this pure unmatched

love unlike anything else in this world cherish this moment this profound genuine feeling Beyond any Earthly

Love sometimes you might think I set conditions to bless you greatly just give me your heart my child that’s all

all I ask and you’ve already done that your heart belongs to me even if you

sometimes forget amid life’s distractions don’t compare me to those

who judge you trying to impose their rules manipulating and taking from you

they falsely claim to speak for me creating sins and punishments to trap you making you think I’m the one who

judges and punishes harshly my death on the cross wasn’t

pointless I gave my blood for every sin you’ve committed whether out of ignorance Defiance or

weakness I’ve consistently shown you love offering forgiveness that you’ve joyfully accepted renewing your faith so

here we are talking I’m giving you a Divine Insight this is real not your

imagination you’ll understand and feel my love more deeply from now on every sing single day it will Empower you

every morning letting you start fresh eager to live do good help your family

and support others banish all fear from your heart make ample room for my

blessings you shall feel my presence in your life in a beautiful and special manner commencing today you shall not

forget this I love you your future isn’t in human hands it’s me who opens doors

for you as I decide I’ll shower you and your family family with all my love nothing can pull

you away from me my love for you is forever my view of

you won’t change even if you make many mistakes my grace and forgiveness are

always ready for you I’m with you always here’s my Everlasting promise I’ll never

leave you or forget about you don’t be afraid I’m right here so don’t lose

heart don’t let the negativity around you weaken your faith I’m your God your

parent your ruler your pal I’ll give you strength and help I’ll show up just when

you need me to display my power and show I have plans for you no matter what I’ll

always love you I found you when you were weakest to

show how much you mean to me I’ll never get tired of saying this and I hope you

never tired of hearing it no attack against you will succeed and those who criticize you will see

their words fall those spreading lies are speaking ill of you and your family are really

opposing me stay strong in your belief don’t let anyone sway you from this

truth that you need to embrace soak in my word that brings

life not in the harmful words of others listen to me every day as I talk about

my Everlasting Love so all doubt sadness and depression may leave your heart you

are my child and our bond is secured with my blood do not fear for I am with

you I grant you strength peace and might declare this from today onwards you will

overcome and Everything Will Change have faith in what I promise be diligent and brave trust in

me and all will transform I address your soul with words that will chase away every uncertainty every

confusion You Are encircled by my heavenly protection with Legions of

angels ready at my command to defend you to look after your family and to protect

you from the cunning enemy aiming to trap you a marvelous time of peace and

abundance is coming I want you to soar high like the eagle and from those

Heights behold how your family changes and is greatly blessed by your beautiful faith my love and my blessing are with

you never doubt it this morning understand that I heard your prayer last night when you cried

your thoughts heavy under your pillow I saw your fear your tears asking me for

bravery strength peace and the confidence to meet life’s challenges now you wake to a new day

feeling refreshed and strong ready to face any challenge fear has turned into

faith and despair into determination you were shaky yesterday

worried about potential troubles but today you stand solid prepared to

overcome stand up and March forward I’ve filled you with a burning desire to win

trust in my might if I’ve brought you this far it’s because I guide and

Empower you to confront and Vanquish countless challenges the hurdles you encounter

might seem large but remember nothing surpasses my care I brought you here and

have never left your side I will be with you forever or your

side in all the struggles battles and Wars you must face in this life you are more than a conqueror through my power

and love every giant that rises against you Rises to be

defeated I bestow upon you the firmness and determination necess Neary to overcome any conflict your goal is to

surpass all challenges that come your way to live in abundance and complete

peace right now it’s crucial for you to shift your focus from your concerns and set your eyes on

me this situation is all part of a bigger plan designed to deepen your

faith through my words fill your thoughts with my promises and let all

your fears dissolve in my presence with me and your heart you can stand up to

anything you’ll come out on top of every challenge stand up and press on

empowered by my love when this day draws to a close talk to me again let’s have a

chat and I’ll bless you in a special way stand up and move forward combat your

struggles with the strength of my spirit in any fight you’ll be unbeatable you are not frail you’re

imbued with strength you possess my love and your faith and remember for those

who believe nothing is impossible I cherish you invite me into your space

today open every door and window of your life to me let my divine blessing come

in bringing healing to your spirit and peace to your heart just yesterday you

purified your home from all that’s negative I revitalized Each corner

with my word I stirred the very foundations of your mind clearing out the residues of past pains you’re now

clean redeemed and forgiven now it’s time to embrace this

truth I’m not saying you’re without flaws or Beyond Temptation you are my child and I cherish you but remember

you’re human you’ll continue this journey grasping my hand should you commit to seeking me

daily loving me with all your heart and soul and surrendering your life entirely

to me I promise to be by your side ready to pick you up and Aid you in moving

forward even when you falter I’m aware that you don’t intend to sin I recognize that in your

struggles you might be knocked down smeared with mud while your adversaries

sneer trying to shame you by seeing you fall

yet you’ll look up to me I’ve placed you in this battle and it’s my responsibility to cleanse Empower and

absolve you a new that’s a constant you must persevere regardless

of the opposition your foes are vile and ruthless they lack Compassion or remorse

with their consciences numbed they’re jealous of the triumphant Grace I’ve draped over you and will exploit every

tactic to s you attempting to rob the peace you

found you’re paying attention to my words and I see you understand them you

have a deep love for your family and desire their success you recognize that achieving

this requires effort dedication Reliance on your faith and trust in my

words you will receive immense blessings and your adversaries are aware of this

attempting to hinder you they miss misjudged you seeing you as vulnerable

never anticipating that you would turn to me admitting your frailties and

transgressions that is why I decided you would be forgiven elevated and made

prosperous I am with you daily and no one can overpower you demean you bring

you down or overcome you should you stumble I will be there to raise you up this is my pledge to you

and it shall come to pass your family and entire household even

those at a distance will experience my presence in a fresh and extraordinary manner your prayers bring me joy your

faith is pleasing to me it fills me with immense happiness to observe how you

dedicate time to me each morning offering your honesty reverence petitions praise and

adoration your willingness to give me your heart Delights me profoundly

your faith is authentic and true though many situations in your life

have tarnish the image you held of yourself today I implore you to hear it from my own lips you possess a

benevolent heart true you have faltered many times yet each time you have come before me

repentant and seeking another opportunity it is this new opportunity

that I wish to bestow upon you whenever you approach me with fa Faith be assured that my promise to you

is steadfast whenever you pray fully expecting to receive I will answer have

no doubts I will take action at the right time I count on your patience to wait

for that perfect moment keep your eyes on the coming blessings my promises are reliable my

word is Everlasting and my power is actively shaping your life your faith

and commitment are what sustain you I depend on your faith to perform even more wonders in your

life Welcome the blessings I send and step away from any past disbelief You

Now understand the value of feeling deserving and having faith you have

learned from your experiences and have matured you’ve realized that your faith

is crucial for making important choices Protec ing your heart from harm and

living out my instructions even if your faith is as Tiny as a mustard seed it is immense and

Splendid in my perspective you witness the Transformations occurring around you

your prayers are being answered and your heart is strengthening there are even greater

Miracles awaiting you in the place where I lead you hold on to my hand tightly we’re

nearly there as you you go through today remember that no obstacle can defeat you

if you keep your faith strong knowing that I’m in control of your future I am

the source of all your blessings stay close to me finding

Refuge under my protection when worries arise turn to me and feel the peace I

provide don’t fall for the lie that your challenges are too great my power is far

greater and your faith is powerful rely on me not on people jobs

or chance for your well-being happiness and peace whenever you need help reach

out to me and I will provide but don’t just sit idly move

forward with faith towards what lies ahead don’t let the world’s chaos sway

you I am your true strength only I can fully support strength and broaden your horizons and

increase your joy remember the tough times you faced before before when you felt all alone

and called out for help even though it seemed like I wasn’t there I lifted you

up and showed you just how much I care I’ve kept on showing you my love ever

since so now when you’re so close to achieving your dreams don’t start

doubting it’s not the time to get shaky or let uncertainty Cloud your thoughts

think back to those times when things went wrong because you rushed in without stopping to think

pray or seek my guidance you might have turned away from me but I never turned

away from you that’s why I’m telling you again give me all your worries and let

your heart be at ease today I’m filling you with The Bravery you need to go places talk to

the right people and stand up for what’s important I will be right there with you

making sure your dreams come true with me on your side you lack nothing nothing

I cherish you [Music]


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